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Cherry Ngan's leg injury make wheelchair and crutches necessary.  The production team presents her with a belated birthday cake

Lam Yiu Sing and Ben Yuen agree maintaining the same condition for a long period is not easy
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Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling, Lam Yiu Sing, Ben Yuen Fu Wa, Deon Cheung Chung Chi and Hebe Chan Yuen Ting yesterday worked on the film NGOR YA SI (ME TOO) in Shek Kip Mei. With a leg injury, Ngan Cheuk Ling required a wheelchair and crutches to move around. She received a cake for her belated 30th birthday. She said that lately she has been rehearsing for her mid January play FEEL 100% 2024, with her share of singing and dancing. She would also have to carry a guy upstairs. She injured a ligament in her left foot and meniscus, putting her in pain once in awhile and giving her difficulty to put any weight on it was difficult. "Earlier I had MRI and found out that surgery was not needed. After the New Year I would have to see the doctor again and see how to treat it. I have already updated the condition and the team has been planning. The performance might have changes." She said that the film team also has made accommodations because of her condition, delaying her action scene shoots. Ngan Cheuk Ling earlier had to work on her birthday. After work she rested after celebrating with her family. Her birthday wish was for everyone to be good. Would she like to find a good relationship? She said, "I would wait for everyone to bless me. I haven't been dating, as I am learning to take care of myself and family."

Lam Yiu Sing and Yuen Fu Wa continuously worked on NGOR YA SI for 9 months. They felt that having to maintain the character condition was not easy, especially when Lam Yiu Sing played a rape suspect. Later he would have to shoot rape scenes with four or five women. He admitted that he was nervous. "I both love and hate the character, sometimes when the shoot got rough I wanted to leave it a little. I hope I can get off work earlier on New Year's Eve and go to the countdown with my girlfriend of two years to relax a bit." Yuen Fu Wa aside from making movies would also prepare for his March play CRIME AND PUNISHMENT. During the New Year he would have to read the script and would not dare to think about any entertainment. He thanked his wife for quietly keeping him company and supporting him.


Tony Leung Chiu Wai gives his all for the best result
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Best Actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Carlos Chan Ka Lok and others starred in the Emperor Motion Picture THE GOLDFINGER (GUM SAU JI), which opened two days ago to a single day box office take of HK$ 4.1 million and became the 2023 Christmas and New Year opening box office champion. Its mainland box office also exceeded 100 million yuan RMB. The simultaneous release in Singapore and Malaysia also had passionate response, as in both places it became the 2023 Hong Kong film with the biggest opening box office.

In the film Wai Jai had a Golden Triangle escape scene that required wire work. Because of the explosions, Wai Jai attentively listened to action director Chin Kar Lok before the shoot. During the shoot Wai Jai ignored the messy hair and dirty face, dodging left and right with the briefcase in hand. He even crawled on the ground for the performance. After completing the shoot he could not help but declared, "Very tired!"


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Anita Mui

William So posts a photo of a tight embrace with Anita Mui and calls her final days

At the hospital Alan Tam stood in stunned silence while Eric Tsang broke down

Over 100 Anita Mui fans from everywhere pay their respect to her with a moment of silence then a rendition of DEAR LOVER

Eileen from Shanghai and one of the Anita Mui fan club planner Elsa hope to continue Anita Mui's charitable heart

The Grasshoppers perform BAD GIRL on their U.S. concert, leaving a microphone in the center for their mentor Anita Mui
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Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the late superstar Anita Mui Yim Fong's passing. TVB announced that starting last night for two Saturdays in a row special memorial programs would air, including the Kandi Wong narrated ANITA MUI: FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS and next Saturday's ANITA MUI FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS: BRAZILIAN HEAT WAVE CARNIVAL, for the audience to reminisce Sister Mui's past exciting performance, everyday life and philosophy. The BRAZILIAN HEAT WAVE CARNIVAL would also be the AI restoration version that processed the video and sound from years ago in detail in order to elevate the audience's visual and audio enjoyment.

Sister Mui in 1982 after winning the 1st New Talent Singing contest began to fully enter the music scene. Over the years she has written a lot of history in music. Her ever changing image has already been deeply ingrained into people's minds. In coordination with Sister Mui's ever changing diva image, the show opened with a lot of Sister Mui's classic looks. Something sentimental that Sister Mui said tightly followed. "I wish everyone would remember this person was here, Mui Yim Fong." The program had a lot of Sister Mui's past valuable interview footage, including her taking the audience to visit where she grew up and telling the joy of how the song girl grew up. In addition were countless past exciting performances, including the performance of IN THE LAZER with Roman Tam (Law Man), and WOMEN'S HEART with Sally Yeh (Yip Sin Man), Sandy Lam Yik Lin and Faye Wong.

Sister Mui admitted that the Bad Girl image had a special place in her heart. "However not too many accepted it, because the make up was rather exaggerated, deep purple eye shadow and thick eye brows. Some felt the look was very odd, but I thought to be able to drive a trend was very rare." Sister Mui even joked that the "Flaming Red Lips" busty costume was actually an accident. Her original intention was only to show off her arms. She did not expect everyone's eyes would fall on her chest.

Famous image designer Eddie Lau Pui Kei was a good friend of Sister Mui. 10 years ago he spoke of "two of Sister Mui's most important stage costumes in life". "Actually when she (at her final concert) rose up, everyone's applause and cheer was very important to her because she needed this strength and support. At the time she was actually very tired, so thank you to the audience of the 8 shows and the newspaper's praises and support of her. This love to her was very important." Finally Lau Pui Kei even sentimentally said that in his life, he has done only one image design. That was the ever changing Mui Yim Fong.

Another trademark of Sister Mui were her loyalty and her friends all over. The program edited together her friends Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Anthony Lun Wai Leung, Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King), the Grasshoppers, Patrick Tam Yiu Man and others' opinions of Sister Mui. Cheung Kwok Wing's was the fastest, precise and accurate. "Slutty, pretty, hot, and cool, for Hong Kong she was quite the representative."

The program also had Sister Mui's personal explanation of the "importance of friends". "The year after New Talent was really pretty rough for me, because I just moved out, money wise I couldn't really take care of myself. I couldn't shop for grocery or cook, but my friends were good, getting me grocery and even cooking for me. Once a friend called to ask me to dinner, I said I didn't have enough money. I only had enough to go but not for the return trip." The host was wowed, Sister Mui immediately swore that she was not lying. Because when she first started she had to pay rent and other costs, the expense was enormous. Finally her friend not only treated her to dinner but gave her extra spending money. She said, "Why I like friends so much, because friends influenced me greatly."

The program in the end even visited loyal Sister Mui fans of many years. While getting an understanding of how Sister Mui in life brought beautiful influence on everyone, viewers also witnessed how the fans "passed on the forever legend" of Sister Mui and Sister Mui's selfless love to generation after generation.

So Wai Hong yesterday remembered Mui Yim Fong on the 20th anniversary of her passing on his social media platform, and shared Sister Mui's final moments. So Wing Hong posted, "On the morning of December 25th 03, I stepped into the room, 'Sister Mui, I am here...' That was my last eye contact with you. Half a hour later the medical team began to intubate you, Ms. So (Anita Mui International Fan Club president) began to scripture chants. Marianne (Mui Yim Fong's manager Wong Man Wi) and I knew at this moment finally arrived. Donny (Mui Yim Fong's assistant) again reminded me what the Master advised earlier, at this moment we must whisper by her ears, telling her not to worry about or miss us. We would be great. Go in peace, without any pain any more!" So Wing Hong said that he was reminded not to let Mui Yim Fong see anyone's tears. If anyone truly needed to cry the tears could not fall on her body. Later family and friends arrived, the first were (Eric) Tsang Chi Wai and "Principal" (Alan) Tam Wing Lun. Chi Wai finally succumbed to tears. "Seeing you intubated in bed, Principal stood stunned for awhile, Brother Chi Wai's tears immediately broke out. I pulled Brother Chi Wai to the side, say what you should say once. For those several days outside the room I repeated that once to each friend who went to see you..."

So Wai Hong praised Mui Yim Fong for being truly talented. Her influence in future generations would reach far, far beyond anyone's imagination. He also recalled that on one night in early 2003, Mui Yim Fong told him about her cancer in Happy Valley. "I told her, 'Sister Mui, take good care of yourself, you are our 'spiritual leader'......actually I am not the only one who believes that you are still that generation of people's 'spiritual leader'." Even though Sister Mui passed many years ago, So Wing Hong actually for a long period did not dare to listen to her songs. He said, "Because I definitely would shed tears, in recent years I seem to be able to because I am finally used to it. You are in another space, I still want to thank you for the bowtie you gave me on the night of the New Talent contest. Thank you for bringing me into 'Canton' on Canton Road. Thank you for sleeping on the floor in Suishaya, and analyze what image was with me! Thank you for telling me to wear glasses and teaching me how to draw my eyebrows! And for many, many more that I can't totally remember......we are still living well, don't worry."

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Tony Leung Chiu Wai's acting is so outstanding that he does not play by the rules, almost leaving Charlene Choi unable to follow

Felix Chong has learned a lot from the process of working with Tony Leung Chiu Wai
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"Triple Golden Best Actor" Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin and director Felix Chong Man Keung on New Year's Eve looked forward to 2024. Wai Jai hoped to continue to make new attempts, the more he would work the more work he would have. Ah Sa although in love was "the giving type" like her character in the film, but she would not lose her senses. Her New Year's Wish was for the film to be a big hit, her concerts to be smooth. She even followed up by inviting Wai Jai to attend the show. She stated that she has not "thought about" any love wish.

Looking back in the past year, it could be considered a harvest year for Leung Chiu Wai. Aside from the Venice Film Festival Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement Award, he even became the first "Triple Golden" Best Actor (Hong Kong Film Awards, Golden Horse Awards, Golden Rooster Award). Speaking of 2024, he stated that he hoped to be able to run into more scripts like the Emperor Motion Picture THE GOLDFINGER (GUM SAU JI) and challenged characters that he extremely rarely played. "I wish the New Year could be like this, playing characters I wouldn't normally play; with more new attempts, of course I wish for good health too!"

In the film Ah Sa loved Wai Jai very much, willing to give up everything for him. Was she just as obsessed in real life? She said, "I am the giving type, as for would I sacrifice everything? I am very sensible, I feel no matter what I still have to be myself. I wouldn't be able to ignore everything and focus only on love. (What do you wish for the New Year?) I wish for the movie to be a big hit, the upcoming Twins concerts to be smooth. Good health is also important, very key to perform shows in this month. (What about love?) I haven't thought about it."

Many viewers was curious about how Wai Jai overcame "social phobia" to make movies, ultimately the set had many people. He personally answered, "I always feel the one making the movie isn't me! As soon as I do I would follow the character. (When the cameras stopped rolling would you need to hide?) No, I just don't know how to take along with people I am not familiar with." He also praised his co-star Ah Sa was talented and smart. Ah Sa pointed out that Wai Jai's acting was ever changing during the shoot. She had to stay alert to "follow". "During the shoot I was nervous, but not because I was working with him. I was nervous about my own performance. When I read the script I guessed that he would have 10 ways to perform, but he would always perform a 11th or 12th ones; that's good though, we can have variety." Earlier Wai Jai appeared at the team My Little Airport's concert, many online were surprised. Ah Sa smartly took the opportunity to hard sell her upcoming Twins concert. Wai Jai said, "If I would be in Hong Kong I would watch it!"

In addition, GOLD opened yesterday and as of 7 PM last night its box office has already exceeded HK$ 3.4 million to become the champion of the 2023 Christmas and New Year opening box office.


Summer Chan praises how nice Kelvin Sham is for all the help he gives her
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New comer Summer Chan Chi Huen, the band Dear Jane's member Tim Wong Tin Ngo and director Kelvin Sham Ka Yin, screenwriter Kyle Sham Heung Jik two nights ago appeared at their film DELIVERANCE (YUEN SUN JUI)'s advanced screening. Playing the lead in her first film, Summer stated that she had pressure but was very honored to be working with Ron Ng Cheuk Hei and Simon Yam Tat Wa. She also pointed out that whenever she ran into difficulty and asked director Kelvin for help, he would make suggestions to help her think.

Although Kelvin was directing for the first time, the film has won awards at various international film festivals. He was very grateful to Yam Tat Wa and the late artist Kenneth Tsang Kong for their help. Winning Best Screenplay at the Macau International Film Festival with DELIVERANCE, Kyle said that he would continue to work hard.

[2023.12.31] 2023 METRO HIT AWARDS

Gigi Yim

Gigi Yim, Vincy Chan, Gin Lee win Hit Female Singer Awards

Gin Lee has been rising after joining Emperor

Releasing 5 songs this year, Ian Chan deserves the Hit Male Singer Award

Jer Lau and Anson Kong have awards of their own as well as accepting one on MIRROR's behalf

Marf Yau 

Jeffrey Ngai brings a cheat sheet to the stage

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Gigi Yim and Gin Lee win Hit Female Singer awards

Gin Lee

Ian Chan joins Terence Lam and Jay Fung as "Hit Male Singer" Award winners

Wan Kwong receives the Hit God Class Song King award from Nancy Sit to the passionate cheer and applause of the crowd

Hins Cheung is unable to attend due to his Macau concert

"Hit Breakthrough Singer" Anson Kong says that he would make more different music next year

Jer Lau is happy to receive the "Hit I Support Song"

Marf Yau wins "Hit I Support Rookie"

Chantel Yiu wins the "Hit Leaping Singer" and the "Hit New Media Song" awards

Jeffrey Ngai reads his "cheat sheet' during his speech but still forgets to thank his parents and fans
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The first report card of the 2023 music scene was given out as the Metro Hit Awards 2023 took place last night at the Conventional Center. 68 awards were presented. This year the singers' performance has been rather event. No singer was able to win numerous awards. Hins Cheung Kin Hin, Terence Lam Ka Hin, Jason Chan Pak Yu, Gigi Yim Ming Hay, On Chan Kin On, Alfred Hui Ting Hung, Vincy Chan (Wing Yi), Chantel Yu Cheuk Fei all won two awards. "Hit Male Singers" were Lam Ka Him, Jay Fung Won Fung and Ian Chan Cheuk Yin; "Hit Female Singers" were Gin Lee Hung Ngai, Wing Yi and Yim Ming Hay.

This year Metro Hit Awards' theme was "growing", advising singers that they could grow into legends and songs could grow into classics. As long as they have dreams and persistence, everything are growing. This year was also the 20th anniversary of the late superstar Anita Mui Yim Fong's passing. The event arranged for many new singers to perform many Mui Yim Fong classic hits and gave Sister Mui the highest salute.

In terms of record companies Emperor Records performed the best with 12 awards. Rumored to be at odds with the event, Warner Records after last year's absence this year also had no singer in attendance. During the opening the event arranged for the singers to go on the stage for a group photo, new comer Jessica Law perhaps due to her sunglasses tripped as she descended the stairs. Fortunately she was not injured.

The event first presented the "Breakthrough Singer" award to Anson Kong. He said that although this year he did not release too many songs, he promised next year he would try even more different music and sing more dance songs. "I Support Song" award went to Jer Lau Ying TIng's JM SINGLE 9. The "Male Singer" Award went to Ian Chan Cheuk Yin. All three winners happened to be members of MIRROR. They also represented MIRROR in accepting the "I Support Group" Award.

10 "Hit Songs" were Gin Lee's ATTENTION, Lam Ka Him's IN CASE YOU ARE A NICE PERSON, Chan Pak Yu's EVENING ALONE IN ART GALLERY, Fung Won Him's YES I KNOW I KNOW, Yim Ming Hay's LITTlE MAGIC, Chan Kin On's STILL YOU STILL ME, Hui Ting Hung's TIMELY, Wing Yi's ONCE AND FOR ALL, Leung Chiu Fung's RAPHAEL THE ARCHANGEL, and JW's 13 YEAR OLD HEAVEN. "Hit Male Singers" were Lam Ka Him, Fung Wong Him and Ian Chan Cheuk Yin; "Hit Female Singers" were Lee Hung Ngai, Wing Yi and Yim Ming Hay.

Chantel Yiu Cheuk Fei with THIS STANCE won "Hit New Media Song" Award, repeating as winner after #BFF last year. Winning the Breakthrough Singer award last year, Yim Ming Hay not only won the Hit Song award with LITTLE MAGIC but also was elevated to win the Female Singer award. Lam Ka Him, Fung Won Him and Wing Yi successfully repeated as Male and Female Singer Award winners. Chan Cheuk Yin this year replaced Keung To in the Male Singer Award category. Lee Hung Ngai took over for Joyce Cheng Yun Yi, who has been quiet for almost a year, to win the female singer award. As for the rookie awards, Windy Zhan (Tsim Tin Man), WinWin (Yeung On Ni), Helen So Hoi Lun, Felix Lam Chi Lok, Marco Ip Chun Won, Mike P. (Pang Chun), N9, Charming Way and Beanies won. Rising in popularity this year, veteran singer Wan Kwong received the Hit God Class Song King Award. Hins Cheung King Hin with IMAGINARY FAIRGROUND won "Hit Airplay Index Song" as well as the "Singer of the Year' awards, repeating as winners of both awards this year.

  • ATTENTION (Gin Lee)
  • TIMELY (Alfred Hui)
  • ONCE AND FOR ALL (Vincy Chan)
  • YES I KNOW I KNOW (Jay Fung)
  • LITTLE MAGIC (Gigi Yim)
HIT POPULAR IDOL: Jeffrey Ngai, Yumi Chung, Poki Ng, Lolly Talk
HIT ALBUM: ireallylovetosing (Leo Ku)
HIT MALE SINGER: Terence Lam, Jay Fung, Ian Chan
HIT FEMALE SINGER: Gin Lee, Vincy Chan, Gigi Yim
HIT BAND: Nowhere Boys
HIT CREATIVE SINGER: On Chan, Phil Lam, Cath Wong, Tang Siu Hau
  • THIS STANCE (Chantel Yiu),
  • MISDIALED (Andy Lai),
  • 102 YEARS OLD (James Ng, Cousin Fung)
  • REVOLVING AUCTION (Mike Tsang, Kira Chan)
HIT DANCE SONG: PHAT N FRESH (Fatboy), ON FIRE (Simon On), BAD (Phoebus Ng)
HIT LEAPING SINGER: Zaine Sze, Chantel Yiu, Cloud Wan, Aska Cheung
HIT ROOKIE: Windy Zhan, WinWin Yeung, Helen So, Felix Lam, Marco Ip, Mike P., N9, Charming Way, Beanies

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Stephy Tang has a pair of shark fins on her shoulders

The golden Ivana Wong steals the spotlight from Lin Minchen
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The 2024 Lunar New Year Hong Kong film TABLE FOR SIX 2 (FAN HEI GUNG SUM 2) would open on the Lunar New Year's Eve. The film would continue to be directed by Sunny Chan Wing Sun, Stephy Tang Lai Yan, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Minchen Lin and Peter Chan Charm Man again stumbled and felt around subjects of family and marriage. In the film each had a innovative, interesting classic look that you could not look away from.

The film's trailer revealed the 5 leads' hilarious costumes. Stephy appeared as a "shark fin angel" with a pair of shark fins on her shoulders. She said, "I really worry that I would accidentally run into someone, or maybe knock something over on the set."

Ivana caught a lot of eyeballs with the Chinese wedding gown. In response to her on screen family Helen Law Lan and Michelle Yim (Mai Sue)'s request to have a big wedding, she wore gold all over her body from head to toe. Thus when Ivana arrived she had trouble walking. Ivana said that this gown was her favorite costume in the film. "I love the red gown costume the most. Its tailoring was very special, as lace was very rarely seen on gowns. We all said that after the movie release everyone might be interested in ordering it. The most special was the super amount of gold. We guessed that if they were all real gold, whether we would have enough to buy a home!"

Finally was Minchen playing the "third brother" Chan Charm Man invented new game character "corpse bride". Her costume was rather sexy. Although the costume was flimsy, the shoot actually took place during a typhoon and the climate was rather humid. Minchen said that it was rather hot, in addition she had to pretend to be hiding from zombies. She perspired a lot from all the running back and forth, during her break she had to use a small hand held fan to cool down before returning to the shoot. The two men had it the roughest, as Chan Charm Man and Cheung Kai Chung wore a golden armor and pretended to be robot respectively. Every step was hard to take for them.

Although each actor had their own pain, they felt that this was a rare and valuable experience. In reality they would not dress like this. They was even happier that they spent everyday on the set in the sounds of laughter.

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Charlene Choi describes her character as "tragic"

Wai Jai says making movies is a channel for him to release his suppressed emotions
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Andy Lau, Charlene Choi and Tony Leung Chiu Wai again become the foci
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Wai Jai and Wa Jai give the audience the "five poses of giving hearts"

Carlos Chan, Catherine Chau, Alex Fong Chung Shun, Simon Yam, Andy Lau, Charlene Choi, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, producer Wong Bun and director Felix Chong promote THE GOLDFINGER in Beijing
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New film THE GOLDFINGER (GUM SAU JI) two nights ago held its Beijing premiere. Director and screenwriter Felix Chong Man Keung and producer Wong Bun, actors Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Alex Fong Chung Shun, Carlos Chan Ka Lok and others appeared and shared their behind the scene stories with viewers. Emperor Group chair Dr. Albert Yeung Sau Sing and Kara Wai Ying Hung made a surprise appearance, praising the film THE GOLDFINGER with substance actors' extremely intense performance, uniquely charming story and extreme extravagance to create an exceptional Hong Kong film!

At the Beijing premiere, a viewer brought a photo with Wai Jai and Wa Jai from over 20 years ago. In front of the photo on the screen, the two Best Actors fell into memories. Speaking of when they took the photo, Wa Jai stated that over their decades of working together, they have built a deep friendship long ago. He would keep working with Wai Jai. They also fulfilled the audience's wish with a live performance of "5 poses of giving hearts", which was the best embodiment was that. At the premiere, Wai Jai and Wa Jai even reprised a major scene from the film: the Ching Yat Yin and Lau Kai Yuen hospital scene. The two Best Actors also performed in Cantonese.

The premiere happened to take place on director Chong Man Keung's birthday, everyone sang the birthday song to the director and a birthday cake with THE GOLDFINGER decoration was presented as a surprise.

Attending the premiere, Best Actress Wai Ying Hung emotionally said that the film THE GOLDFINGER's exciting story left her during the viewing "without any opportunity to breathe, I can only describe it as 'the more I watch the better I feel'!" Sister Siu Hung was even envious of her 77 HEARTBREAKS (YUEN LOI TA 77 CHI)'s daughter Ah Sa. "The cast is too super, Ah Sa, how lucky are you!" Ah Sa smiled and replied to "Mommy", "That's right, I won the grand prize!" Ah Sa described her character as "a tragic character who fell into the temptation of money and had no way to escape", simply introduced her filmmaking experience.


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Eddie Peng Yu-Yan recently has been busy with promoting his films. Earlier someone shared a video of his fluent Cantonese audience appreciation show self introduction. Eddie was excited, "Hello everyone, I am Peng Yu-Yan, thank you for coming here, Happy Winter Solstice, Thank you everyone!" However the host while he was speaking strangely grabbed Eddie's strong arm, which became a hot topic online. Some said that the host seemingly wanted him to introduce himself in Putonghua, thus some comments quoted a line from Nick Cheung Ka Fai's film UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN), "Speak Putonghua, would you please!"


For the "Triple Golden" Best Actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai, acting of course comes easily

Tony Leung Chiu Wai admits that he still gets pressure when making movies now
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THE GOLDFINGER brings Andy Lau and tony Leung Chiu Wa back together
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Tony Leung Chiu Wai is like a little brother to Andy Lau

After 40 years Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Andy Lau trust each other, and click as soon as they get together

Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai exchange pleasantries and talk about their production experience

Tony Leung Chiu Wai plays the villain, arrogant and high spirited.  

Tony Leung Chiu Wai has many scenes with Charlene Choi and Michael Ning.  Before the production begins he has dinner with them to get to know them and make the production smoother
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Best Actors Andy Lau Tak Wa and Tony Leung Chiu Wai after DUKE OF MOUNT DEER and later INFERNAL AFFAIR worked together again on the film THE GOLDFINGER (GUM SAU JI) 20 years later. They have known each other for 40 years. Although normally they do not see each other frequently, on the set when they take their mark they would already be full of chemistry. They do not need any rehearsal for every scene together, the interaction would motivate the others' performance to be in more control.

Wa Jai and Wai Jai's movie INFERNAL AFFAIR became a classic. 20 years later they worked together again on THE GOLDFINGER and continued to be on opposite sides. This time Wai Jai played the villain businessman, while Wa Jai played the ICAC official who was after him. Was their bond still there? Leung Chiu Wai said, "We still have just as much chemistry and just as much fun. Wa Jai and I have always worked together very comfortably, maybe because we have known each other for 40 years!" Lau Tak Wa said, "He is like a little brother, we feel like family." Did he take care of Wai Jai? Wa Jai joked, "He had it great, everyone took great care of him!" They both started from the TVB training class, knew each other since they were young. Over the years when they worked together they would instinctively get what the other would do, as soon as they took their mark they would click. Wai Jai stated that he and Wa Jai had great chemistry. "We already became good friends when we worked together on our first television series. Maybe since we already knew each other when we were very young, we have built a great relationship; we really trust each other, so on the set we have great chemistry. We don't need time to get in gear, when we get to the set we are ready."

Wa Jai also agreed, "In addition we were used to work together for TVB anniversary. Back then with the Five Tigers everyone would think for each other, would show the others at their best. Whoever had any flaw we would help hide it. Also maybe we constantly had to perform on programs, we really needed everyone to have chemistry. Like riding a bicycle, I really remember when I did I looked amazing, but looking back now actually......" Wai Jai immediately said, "Very immature!" Wa Jai agreed and cracked up, "It's because some time has passed, the trust between people ultimately would require experience and time."

Working together again this time, did they talk about the good old days on their free time? Wai Jai said no, but the most memorable was working on the series DUKE OF MOUNT DEER because he and Wa Jai were together for 6 months. Although the production was rough, it was also a lot of fun. Working together again this time, during the performance did they feel the other has changed any habit? Wai Jai said, "I believed all actors would do the research and design how they would perform, this wouldn't change; the change would be being more mature, whether in life experience and personal experience, even performance skills. I also naturally feel his performance whether in emotion or looks would be much richer. So our every scenes could be done as soon as we took our marks." Wa Jai also said that for parts of the script they would perform more in depth, but like the courtroom scene the script didn't write what expression it wanted. "Wai Jai however was able to achieve several state of mind to interpret the trial process, so I really enjoyed every scene!"

Wai Jai this time played the villain and said that his acting bug got its fill. "I have never been so arrogant, so wild, so high spirited, I wouldn't be like that. It's impossible in normal life. I haven't played this type of character either, but it wasn't hard to grasp. Instead I was able to go even further. Director Chong Man Keung designed several scenes that were more cartoonish, making my blatant lies stand out." Was he good at lying? Wai Jai thought for awhile before saying, "I am good at coaxing people! They are lies of good intention." Actors all said that villains had more potential, was playing the good guy very hard for Wa Jai this time? Wa Jai said, "I don't know if it was hard or not. The character in the film had an immature perseverance, but Wai Jai's performance helped me. Because of his arrogance and bravado, I (the character) felt that society shouldn't have this type of person. The persistence was founded, so my good guy character would be performed with a very stereotypical state of mind."

In the film Wa Jai had a thrilling car crash scene with his family of four. Wa Jai pointed out that it looked dangerous but actually the shoot was not, because action director Chin Kar Lok did everything to their fullest. "If it's dangerous I wouldn't do it!" Wai Jai joked, "All the dangerous stuff are kept from you! If you get hurt then we don't have to shoot."

Wai Jai said that many factors drew him to perform in THE GOLDFINGER, because this time was a character he has never played before. He also really wanted to work with Wa Jai again, and the INFERNAL AFFAIRS (MO GAN DOH) team reunited to shoot another subject. Then he agreed without any further consideration.

Wai Jai earlier has said that he had baggage when he act now, unlike when he made POLICE CADET and he was able to play anything. Now would he need to gauge a lot more so doing what he wanted would be more difficult? Wai Jai admitted that when he took roles he would not, because when he felt the story and the character were interesting he would take them. However during production the pressure would come. "However as the shoot goes on and confidence is established everything would be much better, early in the performance I really would be apprehensive and uncertain about how to perform." Wa Jai on the other hand used to have baggage but now no longer. Did he carry the idol baggage before? Wa Jai said, "I am still an idol now! I would feel that now the market has more confidence in me. I used to think aside from the word 'idol' I would think of many other, which kept me from perfect control. Now I feel the market's trust in me is higher, I can have more choices; just like when I want to work with Wai Jai again, because when I act with him I can sense that he really trusts in my performance. I too would in particular perform freely in front of him."

Wa Jai once said that he planned to direct, would he ask Wai Jai to star? Wa Jai said, "Even if I ask him I would have to follow the regular process and have a script." However they still wanted to keep working together, but they did not hope to wait for another 20 years. Wa Jai said, "We have an agreement that next time we would have to be on the same side." Wai Jai also said, "I want to work together again, but I haven't had any idea about what to play. We would be partners!"

Speaking of Wa Jai playing many biographical films, Wai Jai in comparison has made less. Do they actually get originally created or biographical characters? Wai Jai said that with actual character the performance area would be easier. He would not feel that he was being restricted either, because director Chong Man Keung wanted him to inject more imagination. "Actually the actual character doesn't have too much information, the person is a mystery. Some says that he is very low key, so I have to come up with a lot myself. Whether the performance is like this I don't dare to be certain." Wa Jai felt that actual characters were better. Created characters had to be designed anew, but research could be found in real life. "Actually my character is an actual character. In order to arrest this person he never takes a promotion, for over a decade he clamps down on this person and never lets go."

Speaking of the two playing their roles to old age, Wa Jai grew old but Wai Jai remained young. Wai Jai joked, "Chong Man Keung said that people with money wouldn't get old, because they have a lot of nourishment." Wa Jai said that originally he could appear young as well, but the character spent every day on this case and swore to capture Wai Jai for over a decade. Thus he would deliberately be a little older.

The film had many stock speculation scenes. Wai Jai said that in real life what he knew was only skin deep. After the director finished explanation he only knew enough to perform. After the shoot did he have any interest in stocks? Wai Jai said, "I have no interest in this, after the shoot I got even more scared. Actually it's so complicated." Wa Jai admitted that he hs never bought one share of stock, in 2000 when technology stock rose like Golden Harvest going public he never bought a share. "Because I don't know how to invest, everything is for personal use. Even homes I don't buy that many." Wa Jai invested in film before? He sighed, "Sigh! You brought up the most painful part!"

Wednesday, December 27, 2023


For the week ending Sunday December 24 2023


    d. Ridley Scott
    Joaquin Phoenix, Vanessa Kirby

  Can : But Yut Sing Fun 2
    d. Anselm Chan Mau Yin
    Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Michelle Wai Sze Nga, Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling),
      Tommy Chu Pak Hong, Hedwig Tam Sin Yin,
      Kaki Sham, Renci Yeung Si Wing,
      Michael Ning (Bak Ji), Rachel Leung Yung Ting,
      Law Kar Ying, Vincent Kok Tak Chiu,
      Fish Liew Chi Yu,
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 124 mins.
  Opening September 16 2023 at the Asian Pop Up Cinema Season 17
  Opening October 1 2023 (Preview)
  Opening November 30 2023
  Teaser :
  Site :

    Guy and Heidi are finally headed for the altar, but pressure from Guy's mother creates so much friction between them that they wonder why they got married in the first place. Meanwhile, Grey Bear suspects that his wife may be cheating on him, and Ken faces the biggest crisis of his life when Jessica accidentally gets pregnant.


  Can : Fu Doh Ching Nin
    d. Lay Jin Ong
    Wu Kang-ren, Jack Tan, Serene Lim Shyi Yee, Tan Kim Wang
  Rating : III
  Length : 115 mins.
  Opening October 20 2023

    Abang and Adi are undocumented orphans in Malaysia. While the older brother, a deaf mute, has resigned himself to a life of poverty, his younger sibling burns with indignation. A brutal accident upsets their relationship's fragile balance.


    d. Lawrence Kan Kwan Chun
    Jennifer Yu Heung Ying, Bowie Lam Bo Yi,
      John Chiang Dai Wai, Leung Chung Hang,
      Peter Chan Charm Man, Rachel Leung Yung Ting
    Rating : IIA
    Length : 106 mins.
    Opening July 22 2023 at the Asian Summer Film Festival Vic 2023
    Opening September 16 2023 at the Asian Pop Up Cinema Season 17
    Opening October 13 2023 at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
    Opening October 25 2023 at the 36th Tokyo Internaitonal Film Festival
    Opening November 2 2023
    Site :
    Site :
    Trailer :

    Based on true events, In Broad Daylight reveals a little-known truth about nursing homes that lies beneath the headlines. The investigative journalism unit of a news agency receives a tip about the mistreatment of residents at Rainbow Bridge Nursing Home. To expose wrongdoing at the home, reporter Kay goes undercover to expose the inhumanity inside, seeking the cruel truth in broad daylight.

    Based on true events, In Broad Daylight follows an investigative journalist who goes undercover to expose the abuse of residents in a nursing home


  Can : Bau Lit Dim
  Lit : Explosion Point
    d. Calvin Tong Wai Hon
    Nick Cheung Ka Fai, William Chan Wai Ting, Shaun Tam Chun Yin,
      Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Isabella Leong Lok Si,
      Wong Yau Nam, Kevin Chu Kam Yin, Sunny Dai Yu Ming,
      Angus Yeung Tin Yue, Jonathan Cheung Wing Hong,
      Aiden Hung Hung Jor Sing, Adrien Yau Tsz Him
      Natalie Hsu, Kenneth Lai
  Rating : III
  Length : 139 mins.
  Opening November 30 2023

    This is the story of a chief inspector in the anti-narcotics unit who holds true to his beliefs as a police officer. He puts everything on the line to crack down on drugs and bring drug traffickers to justice. How will our hero resolve this "bursting point" crisis?


  Can : Nin Siu Yut Gei
    d. Nick Cheuk Yik Him
    Siuyea Lo Chun Yip, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei,
      Hanna Chan, Rosa Maria Velasco (Wai Law Sa),
      Sean Wong Tsz Lok, Curtis Ho Pak Lim, Yukki Tai (Dai Yuk Kei),
      Nancy Kwai (Gai Cheuk Hiu), Henick Chou Hon Ning,
      Joey Leung Cho Hiu, Chan Yu Ting,
      Lee Ting Long, John Ho Kau
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 95 mins.
  Opening October 13 2023 at the 20th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
  Opening October 28th 2023 at the 36th Tokyo International Film Festival
  Opening November 16 2023
  Site :
  Trailer :

    High school teacher Cheng looks back to his repressed childhood memories, as he finds an anonymous suicide note in the classroom. He strives hard to prevent another tragedy from happening, meanwhile facing a series of family problems, his wife is divorcing him, and his father is dying.

    Teacher Cheng uncovers repressed childhood memories via an anonymous suicide note in his classroom. He strives to prevent another tragedy.

    This drama follows a high-school teacher who recalls his traumatic childhood after he finds an anonymous suicide note and must find the troubled student before tragedy strikes.


  4 WISH
    d. Chris Buck, Fawn Veerasunthorn
    Disney Animation
    English Voices: Ariana DeBose, Chris Pine, Alan Tudyk


    d. Hayao Miyazaki
    Japanese Animation
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 124 mins.
  Opening December 14 2023

    Tokyo, near the end of World War II in the Pacific. 11 year old Mahito loses his mother in a fire, and takes refuge with his father in his mother's hometown. They move into an old mansion on a large estate, which also includes a secluded tower that has become a nesting spot for a gray heron. Mahito struggles with complex feelings toward his father, who runs a factory supplying the war effort, and his new stepmother Natsuko, who happens to be his mother's younger sister. To make matters worse, he becomes alienated at school. Mahito was told that the tower was built by his mother's granduncle, who eventually disappeared inside it, never to be seen again.

    One day, Natsuko suddenly goes missing, so Mahito ventures into the tower to look for her. Led by the gray heron, he unwittingly ends up embarking on an odyssey into another world. Mahito finds himself in a bizarre realm where the living and the dead exist side by side. As he encounters its astonishing inhabitants, he comes to learn of the secrets of the world.


    d. Paul King
    Timothee Chalamet, Calah Lane, Keegan-Michael Key,
      Paterson Joseph, Matt Lucas , Matthew Baynton, Sally Hawkins,,
      Rowan Atkinson, Jim Carter, Tom Davis, Olivia Colman
      Hugh Grant, Murray McArthur


    d. James Wan
    Jason Mamoa, Patrick Wilson