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Cecilia Yip says that Leslie Cheung's FAREWELL TO MY CONCUBINE performance was rather successful

Ray Leung and his wife watch the FAREWELL TO MY CONCUBINE 4K restored edition on their date

Samantha Ko is a Leslie Cheung fan
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The classic film treasure FAREWELL TO MY CONCUBINE 4K restored version held a Hong Kong premiere yesterday. Guests in attendance included Ray Lui Leung Wai and his wife Yang Xiaojuan, John Chiang Dai Wai and his wife Lee Lam Lam, Cecilia Yip Tung, Wu Fung, Law Lan, Yu Mo Lin, Samantha Ko Hoi Ning and Anne Heung Hoi Lan. Yip Tung praised FAREWELL TO MY CONCUBINE's lead actor Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing for leaving such a good movie for everyone and for being an artist who continuously made attempts. After over 40 years in the business, Lui Gor would perform in the U.S. His charm even had the post 90 crowd under his spell, as they asked him to sing on his tour.

Lui Leung Wai revealed that lately he has been busy with a new film, with producer and actor Andy Lau Tak Wa, action director and actor Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Michael Hui Koon Man and Fong Ping. Lui Gor this time in the film would play a major figure but still had action scenes. Luckily now is not as hot as it was in July or August, action scenes on location would not be too rough. Lui Gor also revealed that at the end of the year he would perform in the U.S. He said that he has not met with fans in a very long time. Originally he did not plan to sing, but actually he had many post 90 fans who wanted to hear him sing. "So through this opportunity, I am happy to see the U.S. audience and give them a little encouragement. Overseas they would often suffer impact from different cultures. I want to communicate with them, encourage them to face it. I hope whatever problem they would run into, they would be able to brush it aside. Aside from singing I would chat with everyone a little."

Yip Tung praised that Gor Gor left such a good movie in FAREWELL TO MY CONCUBINE for everyone. They worked together on movies so she knew Gor Gor was very willing to innovate. Beijing Opera was not in his repertoire, but he still was willing to let go of what he had originally to make a new attempt. He was willing to head north for several months to study opera, and was willing to play a woman in his performance. He was an artist who kept trying. However she said that Gor Gor himself was very handsome, as a woman he could look even prettier. "Maybe at the time I have criticized his performance could be even a little more gentle and tender, but now watching Gor Gor's performance it actually is already rather successful, has high praises. Watching it again I was still very moved. I really liked his performance. Nowadays, such a team and movie would be even harder to make."

Ko Hoi Ning is also a Gor Gor fan, but because at the time she was too little she did not get to enjoy FAREWELL TO MY CONCUBINE at the movies. However earlier she went to the movies to support the HAPPY TOGETHER restored version. She pointed out that she also liked Wong Kar Wai's movies very much.

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Kenny Wong sings and dances in the film, which amazes Niki Chow

Niki Chow feels her mob boss lady role is fully challenging
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Niki Chow and Kenny Wong promote THE BROTHERHOOD OF REBEL

In the film Niki Chow and Kenny Wong dance on the streets
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In the film THE BROTHERHOOD OF REBEL (JAT JIK 2), Kenny Wong Tak Bun and Niki Chow Lai Kei played a couple, the mob big brother and big sister. Tak Bun in the past has been in mobster films, now as he has aged he would have to play the boss. As for Niki, she rarely worked on mobster films in the past. For her first time she played a mob boss lady and still did not need any dominance. Only in the end when she had to avenge Tak Bun she came out and took over. She said, "Actually I want to try playing a big sister and say 'I'll kill your whole family!'"

Tak Bun and Niki have worked together before, but this was the first time they had scenes together and played a loving couple. In the film Tak Bun had to sing, and even dance on the streets with Niki. Tak Bun said that before the performance he did not particularly practice, because in the film he was not a singer. He improvised on the spot. He said that previously he very daringly went on tour and sang the series WHEN HEAVEN BURNS (TIN YU DEI)'s theme song. As for the dancing in the streets scene with Niki, Tak Bun stated that he suggested it to the director in order to add to the romantic atmosphere. Niki said that in the scene actually Tak Bun got drunk and danced on the streets. She rushed out to protect him but he got run over.

Niki remembered that the film was her first after giving birth, and it was shot at the peak of the pandemic. Because she had seniors and child at home, she actually was very worried. Luckily the team all wore masks during the shoot. When she go home she would first quarantine and disinfect herself. At home she still continued to wear her mask to ensure her family's safety. She recalled having to disinfect everyday and take tests, and really did not want to have another experience like those again. Also because she stopped working for a long time for the pregnancy, she got used to getting rest. Niki said that almost the entire shoot was at night, the first day she even went all night. "For my first scene I was already very sleepy. After two or three days I began to get used to it."

Tak Bun in recent years has made attempts in many different areas. He has transitioned to comedy and host travel specials. Would he continue to work on action films? He said, "I would, while I can still move. I am still training, but I really want to make some realistic, small budget films with characters of flesh and blood." Would he like to make a dramatic film? He said, "Not necessarily, drama would be even better. When I have time I would go to the library!" Niki said that now her son is already over 3 and started school, she could have a few more hours of private time and return to work anew. In the future she would work on a new Tencent series. Would she consider having another child? She said, "I didn't realize the first came while I was working, but I would leave it to nature. Taking care of one already requires a lot of energy, I really don't dare to think about having a second."


Lin Minchen's work schedule is jam packed
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Mabel Cheung and Lin Minchen attend an Asian Film Awards Academy event.  The former shares her experience as a director on the stage but declines any interview
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Director Mabel Cheung Yuen Ting, Lin Minchen, Wilfred Wong Ying Wai yesterday attended the Asian Film Awards Academy organized "International Film Creativity Camp" press conference and announced that the project would mainly cultivate a new generation of Asian filmmakers. As the creativity camp instructor, Cheung Yuen Ting suggested for young people who were interested in joining the film industry to daringly walk out of their comfort zone, meet people of different classes to get an understanding of other people's ideas in order to be able to make a movie with an exciting story. She also urged filmmakers not to be proud even after becoming famous, because no one could be on top forever. Even when at a depression they should not be discouraged. They had to have confidence in themselves that in the end they would be able to leave the bottom.

Asian Film Awards Academy youth ambassador Lin Minchen said that she too wanted to participate in the creativity camp, because she was interested in film creation as well. If she was to make a short film, the story would be the changes from when she came from Malaysia to work in Hong Kong. Lin Minchen said that she was still a film industry new comer, earlier she was fortunate enough to work with many new directors. She hoped that in the future she would have the chance to work with different elder generation directors. She felt that every director's style and method are different, which would give her even more opportunity to learn. Just finished a movie production, Lin Minchen revealed that in November she would work on a Hong Kong film that would shoot in Hong Kong and Malaysia. On the rare chance to work at home, Lin Minchen has already informed her family in Malaysia right away. "Because the shoot would take place in Kuala Lumpur but my family lives in Johor Bahru, I have to notify them to come and find me then. For now I know the shoot would be in Kuala Lumpur for 15 days, so I am a little worried that it would be very rushed. I believed I definitely wouldn't get enough sleep then."


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The film STAND UP STORY (SUET SIU JI YUN)'s leads Ben Yuen Fu Wa and Ng Siu Hin's delicate performance has touched people's hearts. Earlier the film took part in the 10th Silk Road International Film Festival in Fuzhou. Director Au Cheuk Man and Ng Siu Hin attended the film festival events as the representatives.

Ng Siu Hin said that the happiest part about participating in the film festival had to be meeting the viewers after the screening. He was very surprised that the Fuzhou audience liked this movie very much. Because the promotional team ran into some mishap on their arrival date, Ng Siu Hin and the director rushed from the airport to the cinema to meet the audience. When they arrived the screening has been over for almost 20 minutes, but when they entered the cinema they realized that the audience was still waiting and even welcomed them with passionate applause. "Seeing the audience's reaction, I was very touched to be able to bring the movie to different places. This is the first time I attend the film festival with the director, so I just find out that the director doesn't speak Putonghua. Luckily I have worked in Taiwan and planned to interpret for the director on the spot. However the director was too emotional, in the end he still conversed with the audience himself. However the audience did not understand him, but everyone experienced the director's sincerity." Hin Jai also said that he was very grateful for the film festival's appreciation of STAND UP STORY. Different from the tradition, the event arranged for a "blue carpet" and not a "red carpet". Hin Jai thought that was interesting and made a wish while walking the "blue carpet". "I hope next year at the Hong Kong Film Awards I would be able to walk the red carpet with Ben Gor!"

Director Au Cheuk Man also said, "This is the second international film festival STAND UP STORY has participated in, and my first in person participation at a film festival. I am very excited for the team, and I am the most concerned with the audience's reactions and exchanges. During the exchanges I asked whether they would be able to understand such a domestic story. They answered that it was very moving and were able to get into the world in the film. I asked if they understood the jokes in it, they said that they did so they both cried and laughed. They also asked some very in depth questions about the movie, I am very happy that viewers of different regions around the world have been able to understand the film. The first red carpet walk of my life is very exciting. I am very happy to see top filmmakers from other places like Wu Jing, Huang Bo, Xu Zheng, representing Hong Kong is even (Donnie) Yen Chi Tan on the jury. At the closing ceremony I see many directors and actors share on the stage how to promote their domestic films internationally and make them even more bright and brilliant. I feel very encouraged, and I also remind myself that the film life has such a duty, to promote the work to even further and wider."

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Christy Wo and Bowie Cheung plan to release a jewelry brand
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Bowie Lam, Christy Wo and Paulyn Sun
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Christy Wo's second watch store opening invited a group of friends Bowie Cheung Po Yee, Paulyn Sun Kai Kwan, Celina Harto, Janees Wong Lok Yin, Mable Man Bo to attend.

Sun Kai Kwan recently has been preparing to invest in a movie based on her personal experience about maternal love. She is looking for a screenwriter and a director and hoped to start production next year. She pointed out that during the pandemic she went to the U.S. and took a screenwriting course for a year. This time the film script was already in her mind, she was only afraid that she did not have enough skills and thus ask for screenwriters to help. As both the boss and the actor, would she make the jump behind the scenes? Sun Kai Kwan said that she still liked to be on screen. This time making her own experience would only be to fulfill her dream. If all would go well, she would consider opening an office because investing in movies was another one of her dreams. Sun Kai Kwan revealed that she would be the lead in the new film. For her two teenage sons she would like to look for new comers. As for her husband, she joked that she wanted to choose someone handsome but still only a suitable character would be convincing.


The "resignation" rumor has not affected Keung To 
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Alton Wong
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Keung To in an oversize blue coat

A tired looking Anson Lo admits that he just got up

Stanley Yau and Edan Lui arrive one after another

Jer Lau and Jeremy Lee are excited that they are finally heading to Australia

Edan Lui posts a photo of the group in the boarding area

Alton Wong
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MIRROR's popularity kings Anson Lo Hon Ting and Edan Lui Cheuk On, Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Michael Ning (Bak Ji) starred in the Emperor Motion Picture DOH YUET JEH (MOON THIEVES) officially announced its next Lunar New Year release and a series of teaser character posters. Making his first Lunar New Year film, Anson Lo said, "As a new actor it is an enormous challenge. Although on and off screen there would be a lot of fight scenes and complex character relationships, it is very suitable for the whole family." Edan also said, "I really wish even more viewers would be able to see it!"

Keung To would make a special performance. He was grateful. "Thank you director Yuen Kim Wai for giving me this chance, to play such a challenging character. I have always wanted to play some 'mischievous' character, and I get to shoot a gun. As a new actor, every opportunity should be properly taken advantage of!" Cheung Kai Chung said that the film subject would be fresh and with young idols he was full of confidence.

Meanwhile, Anson Lo, Edan, Keung To, Stanley, Jer and Jeremy yesterday headed to Australia to meet with the 6 MIRROR members who have already arrived to begin the group variety program production. The sextet first arrived at the airport VIP room entrance. Having stated that he wanted to retire, Keung To yesterday was rumored to have suddenly resigned. The news shocked the internet but after confirmation it was just as misunderstanding. When he appeared at the airport he was smiling and waved to fans. Jer and Jeremy came together. Stanley showed off his arms. Edan boldly said that he did not forget to bring anything. Anson Lo arrived last and passionately waved to his "disciples". Would he have two meals on the flight? He joked, "I would have 5!"

Alton's fan club earlier disbanded. Already in Australia he posted a video of the scenery and responded to the incident. "With what happened recently, I hope everyone would give me some space. I believe the FC (fan club) would very quickly find a suitable direction."


Tony Leung Chiu Wai
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Tony Leung Chiu Wai would appear at the Tokyo International Film Festival in late October for a Master Class to share his acting experience

The 6th First Feature Film Initiatives prize winner FLY ME TO THE MOON would represent Hong Kong in the Asian Future segment

John Chiang plays a senior with dementia in a nursing home, which he says is a huge challenge

Louis Koo's VITAL SIGN would be a part of the Hong Kong in focus segment
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The Asia Film Award academy yesterday announced that after 5 years it would again organize the "Master Class" with the Tokyo International Film Festival. This year the Venice Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Golden Lion Award recipient Tony Leung Chiu Wai would share his show business life experience with the audience. This "Master Class" would take place at Tokyo's Hulic Hall on October 26th. The film festival would also screen the Wong Kar Wai directed classic film 2046 for Japanese viewers to relive Leung Chiu Wai's delicate acting.

In addition, the Louis Koo Tin Lok, Yau Hok Sau and Angela Yuen Lai Lam starred VITAL SIGN (SUNG YUEN TOH JUNG) and the Jennifer Yu Heung Ying and John Chiang Dai Wai starred IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (BAK YUT JI HA) and TIME STILL TURNS THE PAGES (NIN SIU YUT GEI) were invited to participate in the Tokyo International Film Festival "World Focus" segment. IN would even become this year's Hong Kong Asian Film Festival opening film. The 21st Hong Kong Asian Film Financing Forum's 4 prize winner FLY ME TO THE MOON (DAN YUEN YUN CHEUNG GAU) was selected for the Asian Future segment.


Renci Yeung

Loletta Lee and Irene Wan are very excited to see each other
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Loletta Lee and Irene Wan 

Renci Yeung and Angel Lam's acting bugs get their fills
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Irene Wan Bik Ha, Loletta Lee Lai Chun, Renci Yeung Si Wing, Angel Lam Chin Ting two nights ago attended their film LONELY EIGHTEEN (NGOR MOON DIK SUP BAK SHUI) premiere. As the producer and the star Irene was excited to see her good friend Lee Lai Chun, saying that she was reminded of many memories. They once lived together for half a year and had a big argument. Were they fighting over a guy? Irene said, "Definitely not, because we have too many boyfriends. Our tastes are different, so we wouldn't fight over guys." Chun Mui said that it was over something minor. "We argued, but we didn't fight. I am more direct, if I am happy I am happy; if I am not I would yell at people." Irene said that she and Chun Mui have been busy with their own things. Although they would not see each other often, their friendship has not changed over the years.

Chun Mui admitted that she only agreed to guest star to support Irene. She revealed that the previous time they worked together was on the 1989 film THE WILD ONES (NGOR MEI SING NIN), in which she played a rebellious rich girl and Irene played a domestic abuse victim. "At the time I was 17, Irene was the first star I met. She took me out to have fun so I thought she was a big sister. Later I realized that she and I were born on the same year, and she has made two more movies than I did."

Playing the younger version of Wan Bik Ha in the film, Lam Chin Ting said that she would appear in light make up and costume for her role. Renci said that she studied elders Lam Bik Kei and Nam Kit Ying's experience for her role, so she had more freedom. She said that her character required foul language and her acting bug had its fill. Would she constantly use foul language normally? She said, "At home I would all the time. (Have you yelled at your boyfriend Owen Cheung Chun Long?) No, after work I would look at the mirror and yell at myself for performing poorly. It seems a little deranged." Lam Chin Ting said that she would only use foul language if she was very mad, which was normal release. Otherwise she would go mad.

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For Sunday, the weekn ending September 24 2023


    d. Neill Blomkamp
    David Harbour, Orlando Bloom, Archie Madekwe


    d. Danny Philippou, Michael Philippou
    Sophie Wilde, Alexandra Jensen, Joe Bird, Otis Dhanji,
      Miranda Otto, Zoe Terakes, Chris Alosio,
      Marcus Johnson, Alexandria Steffensen


  Can : Suet Siu Ji Yun
  Lit : Person who Tells Jokes
    d. Au Cheuk Man
    Ng Siu Hin, Ben Yuen Fu Wa,
      Ng Wing Sze, Franco Yuen Siu Fai, Chan Lai Wun,
      Joman Chiang, Locker Lam Ka Hei
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 104 mins.
  Opening September 14 2023
  Trailer :

    From a young age, Mancer had always known that his father Wah is different from other adults; he speaks illogically, he has slow comprehension and he's quite easily deceived. After growing up, Mancer finally understood that Wah is intellectually disabled. After his mother ran away from home, Mancer was forced to become his father's primary caregiver.

    By chance, Mancer joins a stand-up comedy competition for the prize money and becomes instantly hooked. He's addicted to the joy he feels from making people laugh. However, after the competition, Mancer couldn't make people laugh again. While searching for inspiration, Mancer realizes that his best jokes seem to come from his hardships -- the ridicule he received at school, his difficulties at work, his struggles in caring for his father, and even the worldwide pandemic. Perhaps misery can also be the best source of comedy after all.

    The film tells the story of a man who gets involved in stand-up comedy, as an emotional outlet after becoming the primary caregiver to his intellectually disabled father


    d. Christopher Nolan
    Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr.,
      Matt Damon, Florence Pugh,


  Can : Yeung Won
  Lit : Brewing Spirit
    d. Charlie Wong Wing Fung
    Anson Lo Hon Ting, Summer Chan Chi Huen,
      Tommy Chu Pak Hong, Ng Siu Hin,
      Tree Kwok Chui Yi, John Chiang Dai Wai,
      Angela Yuen Lai Lam, Lam Yiu Sing
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 100 mins.
  Opening August 24 2023

    A group of friends, Finn, Luke, Liam and Cora, heads to a little-known island for a getaway camping trip.

    Upon arrival, the friends are startled to find the island devoid of residents aside from a father and his daughter. When strange paranormal encounters begin to occur, it becomes evident that a supernatural force is at work...

    With the group trapped on this mysterious island shrouded in darkness, will they be able to escape alive?


    d. Michael Chaves
    Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet, Storm Reid


    d. Shen Ao
    Zhang Yixing, Gina Gin, Yong Mei, Eric Wang, Darren Wang,
      Zhou Ye, Sun Sun
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 130 mins.
  Opening September 21 2023
  Trailer :

    The film is based on tens of thousands of real fraud cases, and the horrifying inside story of the entire industry chain of overseas cyber fraud. Programmer Pan Sheng and model Anna were attracted by an overseas recruitment ad and went abroad to seek wealth, but they were scammed and ended up working in a factory. In order to leave, the two are going to attack the gambler Ah Tian and his girlfriend Xiao Yu, take their money, and complete their business... Can Pan Sheng and Anna escape from the cruel leaders of the fraud group, Manager Lu and Ah Cai? Facing cross-border investigations and pursuit of the police, where can they escape to?.


    d. Scott Waugh
    Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, 50 Cent, Megan Fox,
      Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Randy Couture, Andy Garcia


 Can : Chut Yuet Fan Gwai
 Lit : July Return
    d. Nate Ki (Tse Ka Kei)
    Anson Kong Ip-sang, Bai Ling, Tai Po, Helen Tam Yuk Ying
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 102 mins.
  Opening August 11 2022 (POSTPONED)
  Opening July 25 2023 at the New York Asian Film Festival
  Opening September 14 2023
  Trailer :

    Heung Wing has been sensitive to paranormal activity and keeps seeing ghosts since he was a kid, which is called having "Yin Yang" eyes. To avoid being bothered by the ghosts, he pretends to be ignorant even though he knew their existence. When he gets older, he escapes from Hong Kong to Canada because of his miserable childhood.

    One day, Heung Wing has been told that his mother is in coma by committing suicide, which forces him to return back to Hong Kong. When he goes back to the old home, everything looks strange and unfamiliar to him. What's more horrifying is, a series of suicide cases happen in his neighbourhood, and ghosts start to appear in front of him again. The situation is deteriorating beyond his imagination...

    A young man who can see ghosts must return to his childhood home where he soon finds himself caught in a waking nightmare between the lands of the living and the dead.


    d. Kenneth Branagh
    Kenneth Brangh, Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King), Jamie Dornan,
      Tina Fey, Kelly Reilly


For the week starting Saturday, September 23 2023 (Week 38)


  Can : Mei Si
  Alfred Hui Ting Hung

  Can : Yung Po Hau Dik Gor
  Ian Chan Cheuk Yin

  Can : Ngor Moon Dik Goo Si Mei Yuen...Toi Jook
  per se

  Can : Sau Doh Sau Dohm
  Jay Fung Won Him

  Can: Mr. E Oi Yun Jup Jiu
  Edan Lui Cheuk On


Gordon Lam's movie with mainland actors would open in October
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Hong Kong Best Actor Gordon Lam Ka Tung and mainland actors Da Peng, Zhang Songwen, Qi Xi and Sun Yang starred film DUST TO DUST (DAI BAK GOR YIM YI YUN) earlier was a big mainland box office hit with over 400 million RMB. Now it has been scheduled for an October 26th Hong Kong release. The film was based on the biggest armed robbery case in the nation's history. The focus would be on two Best Actors Lam Ka Tung and Da Peng in a battle of good and evil in the film. Da Peng this time set aside from comedic image and held the audience captive with dark and reserve acting in his portrayal as a scheming businessman. Lam Ka Tung's character would spend over 20 years to capture him.


Kay Tse praises Rondi Chan as a world class musical genius
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The Kay Tse On Kay and Teddy Robin Kwan starred family film BAND FOUR (4 PAK 4 GA JOOK) would open on October 19th. Kay admitted that she really liked the family message in the film and believed that the audience would relate to it. In the film her son gave up his education to play drums. A mother of two in real life, Kay understood the mother's inner struggle very well. "When a parent faces someone with such a musical talent who does poorly at school, how would she choose? How would she raise him? Subjects like these are very touchy for me, what is considered a good parent. Do you take the road that everyone takes, or do you take aim at what your child is good at?"


Ng Siu Hin (left) gives George Lam a movie pass
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Ng Siu Hin and Ben Yuen Fu Wa starred in the film STAND UP STORY (SUET SIU JI YUN) recently headed toward HK$ 1.4 million at the box office. Director Au Cheuk Man, the actors and the theme song performer Chan Chung Chak have been attending audience appreciation events nonstop. Hin Jai after returning from accepting an award in Chicago with the film has attended over 20 audience appreciation shows in two days. He said, "At first the audience appreciation only had 5 or 6 people, to recently the 80% admission rate I felt very happy about. I know it relies on everyone to spread the word of mouth, indeed I hope the cast and the crew's effort and Yuen Fu Wa's performance could be seen by everyone." In addition, Hin Jai during the audience appreciation period ran into George Lam Chi Chung. He said that he was a fan of Ah Lam. Aside from presenting him a movie pass, he also offered to perform MIRAGE in front of him. However he sang while he left because he was shy.

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The Sylvia Chang, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Cecilia Choi Sze Wan and Henick Chou Hon Ning starred, Saville Chan Sum Yiu produced, Anastasia Tsang Hin Ning's directing debut A LIGHT NEVER GOES OUT (LAN FOR LAN SHAN) yesterday announced that it would represent Hong Kong in the competition for the Oscar Best International Film nomination. Lead actress Sylvia Chang hoped that this would bring the neon lights back again; Chou Hon Ning was excited and happy to see Hong Kong's beautiful scene making the leap to the international stage; director Tsang Hin Ning was surprised that her directing debut would represent Hong Kong; produce Chan Sum Yiu called for Hong Kong people to continue to support Hong Kong films.

A LIGHT NEVER GOES OUT has been invited to participate in international film festivals in Tokyo, Rotterdam, Milan, Udine, Stockholm, Miskolc, Warsaw, New York, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei and other cities; it even received nominations at the 16th Asian Film award for Best Actress, Malaysia International Film Festival Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematographer and other international awards. This time it received the Federation of Motion Film Producers of Hong Kong board of directors' recommendation in accordance of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' film selection standards for Best International Film to represent Hong Kong at the 96th Oscars Best International Film competition. The Oscars Best International Film Hong Kong selection council made the selection from all Hong Kong films released between November 2022 to October 2023. A LIGHT NEVER GOES OUT with the majority of votes was nominated to represent Hong Kong in the 96th Oscars Best International Film competition. The team was very surprised upon receiving the news and had difficulty with hiding their excitement. Director Tsang Hin Ning said about the film representing Hong Kong at the Oscars. "I feel a little surprised to hear the news. Ultimately this year had many excellent Hong Kong films. To be able to represent Hong Kong is my honor. I hope even more Hong Kong films would be seen by international viewers." In his first film, Chou Hon Ning was proud to be a part of it. "When I found out A LIGHT NEVER GOES OUT would compete for the Oscars Best International Film nomination, I was very excited! I am very honored to be able through the performance, through the video documentation, to display the beauty of Hong Kong on the international stage." Hong Kong culture enthusiast Sylvia Chang said, "Let Hong Kong neon lights return!" Producer Chan Sum Yiu said, "I represent the film team in thanking everyone for their love! For Hong Kong film to go to the world, Hong Kong audience is its strongest backing. Please continue your support."

Currently in England, Brother Wa after getting the good news thanked everyone for the encouragement and congratulated the director, the producers, cinematographers and all of the staff for being able to represent Hong Kong at the Oscars. He hoped through the movie even more people would care about friends, events and things around them in Hong Kong, through the film's humanity, interpersonal stories show Hong Kong's unique nostalgia to the entire world and introduce the taste of Hong Kong film. He also welcomes friends around the world to come to make movies at the unique location of Hong Kong.

He also said, "Although the lights have gone out, the spirit of the people remains. I hope the Travel Development Council or the Art Development Council would hold more exhibits about film, photography or water ink art with Chinese color elements, and through them to promote Hong Kong to the entire world so even more people would be able to see the color of the Hong Kong culture. At the same time I hope the Hong Kong film professionals would make even more good movies for everyone to enjoy."


Denise Ho after 7 years releases a new song.  Promoting on the radio, she appears to be excited and describes her feeling like an elementary school student on a field trip
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Denise Ho Wan Si yesterday released her new song WILLIAM and promoted it on Commercial Radio, for which she got up early for. She joked that like an elementary school student going on a field trip, she felt like she was a rookie all over again. Ah Si admitted that she felt stressed about releasing a new song. She was a singer, but in recent years she has set this identity aside. She kept looking for ways to return to it, while a lot happened in the general climate; she felt that the previous format was no longer viable, in addition during the pandemic she felt lost for awhile. She needed to explore and muster up the courage to write songs again. She said, "The last time I released a song was already in 2016 with the promoted DEAR COLOR BLACK, even the method at that moment isn't right for the me now."

Ah Si revealed that the journey of becoming a singer again has been tough and long. During the pandemic in 2020, she had no motivation to write songs. Life has come to a stop until she took an online course to learn to write songs, from which she fell in love with writing songs again.

Speaking of the inspiration of creating WILLIAM, Ah Si said, "Where did WILLIAM come from? It's somewhat wonderful, I don't want to explain too clearly. The most wonderful part I would give everyone space to experience. Th whole thing is very personal, a very long experience. I can say it's my most naked (the song). The subject and the experience, I hope everyone won't need me to tell everyone."

Ah Si invited good friend Anthony Wong Yiu Ming for their first collaboration. She remembered extending the invitation to him over two years ago. He said, "Let's not." They did not officially begin until after awhile. Wong Yiu Ming, Lee Shui Han and she produced WILLIAM. Ah Si said, "I am working on 3 songs, Ming Jai is the mastermind. I guess I would work with new comers I haven't worked with before, I can say who yet."

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The team prays for a smooth production

The internet calls Eddie Cheung's look refreshing
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Best Actor Louis Koo Tin Lok, Eddie Cheung Siu Fai, Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Raymond Wong Ho Yin starred film MEI CHUI (PIGGYBACKING) began production in Malaysia. Earlier Cheung Siu Fai met up with the team for the roast pig cutting ceremony. With a hair of curly hair, his look stole as much spotlight as Koo Tin Lok's geeky glasses look. Some online praised Cheung Siu Fai's appearance and even said that he was almost unrecognizable. Cheung Siu Fai also shared the production start photos on social media. "Does everyone feel this look would work?" He revealed that in the film he would have motorcycle scenes and admitted that he would be able to handle them. He even revealed that next month he would have the chance to work on another film there.

Friday, September 22, 2023


Due to the pandemic Daniel Wu has been unable to come to Hong Kong for four years
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ViuTV's POPCORN SHOW invited Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), who has not appeared in Hong Kong for a very long time, as its guests. Due to the pandemic he has not returned to Hong Kong in four years. He said that he missed Hong Kong very much and was grateful to Hong Kong for cultivating him. He remembered when he was 21 and came to Hong Kong alone with US$ 1,000. He planned to spend several months in Asia, but the money went very quickly and he welcomed the first opportunity to make a commercial. He pointed out that the then salary of HK$ 30,000 to him was already a lot of Hong Kong. Later he evolved into the film industry and began his movie career.

Ng Yin Cho said that now work to him was not the most important, as family would always come first. During the pandemic he took care of his daughter everyday. Originally he worried that he would feel frustrated, but actually he really liked this life. Now he rather cherishes the father daughter time, because he knows that his daughter might not be close to him after growing up. He said that his 10 year old daughter would always make fun of her parents and said that Papa wasn't famous anymore as no one asked him for autograph at the airport. He did not know whether to laugh or to cry.