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Chan Lok, Hanjin Tan, Kay Tse, Teddy Robin Kwan, Anna hsibbuR and Manson Cheung promote BAND FOUR and perform live
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Kay Tse On Kay, Teddy Robin Kwan, Rondi Chan Lok Ting, Anna hisbbuR, Mason Cheung Chun Hiu, Hanjin Tan (Chan Woon Yan), director Mo Lai Yan Chi yesterday promoted their film BAND FOUR (4 PAK 4 GA JOOK) at the Lantau Island Ngong Ping Village. Kay and Anna performed the movie theme song, while the 10 year old Chan Lok Ting played the drum. Also the producer, Teddy revealed that BAND FOUR took 8 years before finding 4 companies to finance the production. Because music movies in the past 30 years have not performed as expected, many investors have been scared off. Teddy and Kay hoped that the new film would have a box office breakthrough and blaze a trail for music movies. Kay said, "Many directors and music makers have watched the advanced screenings and praised the story as touching, which increased my confidence."

Kay and Teddy in the film played father and daughter, the relationship of which turned from bad to good. Then the entire family formed a band to play rock music. The production process was very pleasant. Kay created a song for the film for the first time and thought it was a lot of fun. "I have thought that the song I wrote would pair with how touching the story was. When I watched the video I cried, I felt a little narcissistic." Would she form a band with her family? She said, "My family has the right people, the children have a little talent."

Teddy praised Kay's performance in the film was better than before, and also said that the father role in the film for him was a tremendous challenge. In order to get into the estranged father and daughter relationship, he had to ask people all for research. Kay said that in real life her relationship with her father was close. During the production she projected certain real feelings into the film. "I am prepared to bring Father to see the movie, I believe it would make him cry."


Carlos Chan is much thinner due to stomach infection

Bosco Wong has a lot of interest in smoking cuttlefish

Carlos Chan, Kenny Wong and Bosco remembers shivering from shooting in the cold
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Kenny Wong, Carlos Chan, Bosco Wong and German Cheung attend the BROTHERHOOD OF REBEL late show promotion
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The Ng Kin Hung produced, Ng Ka Wai directed, Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Kenny Wong Tak Bun, Niki Chow Lai Kei, Michelle Wai Sze Nga starred film BROTHERHOOD OF REBEL (JAT JIK 2) would be a Hong Kong film that has been missing for a long time, focusing on brotherhood and authentic local flavor. In coordination with the film subject and in response to the government's most recent push for night economy, North Point's Sunbeam Theater did its part to revitalize the night business held a special late show of BROTHERHOOD OF REBEL. Several retro snacks like sugarcane, smoked cuttlefish, steamed corn, salted baked quail eggs were available. Wong Chung Chak even personally smoked the cuttlefish and relive the cheer from the late show peak in the past with the audience, as all the collective memories returned.

Wong Chung Chak, Chan Ka Lok and Wong Tak Bun two nights ago attended the film BROTHERHOOD OF REBEL's late show. Playing the mob boss in the film, Tak Bun said that he did not just order subordinates to fight. He too got into the water and had a very tough shoot, because it took place in the chill of December. During the shoot he had hot water poured on him to keep warm.

As for Bosco and Ka Lok on the first day of work they already had to fight a big group of people on the rocky beach. Bosco said that the director had more and more fun as the shoot went on, wanting them to fight in the water and made them all soaking wet. They shot from the 6 AM notice to the afternoon. He thought that the sun would come out in the afternoon and warm him up, but he did not expect to get sunburn.

None of the three has seen the new film yet, but Bosco's friends felt that it probably would capture the YOUNG AND DANGEROUS film flavors and emotions. He also planned to go to the movies for audience appreciation events, and would even book shows with Ka Lok then invite "Big Brother" Tak Bun to watch. Ka Lok said that the first film was over ten years ago, William Chan Wai Ting at the time has yet to work in the mainland. At the end of the first film Ka Lok went to "chop" Chan Wai Ting to move up. This time he finally truly has been promoted; as for TRIAD 3 actually it was completed at the same time, but the trio only revealed that it would be with the original team but in an all new story.

Bosco revealed that he would have to perform in the mainland. In November he would return to Hong Kong to shoot FORENSIC HEROES IV and form the iron triangle of case solving with Jacky Cai Jie and Benjamin Yuen Wai Ho. Ka Lok appeared to be obviously thinner. He pointed out that in January next year he would have to participate in a film, and the director asked him to be very thin to match the character. Thus now he has been dieting and exercising to lose weight, in less than two weeks he has already lost almost 10 pounds. He never imagined that he would be so thin so fast. Has his wife Shiga Lin been a weight loss obstacle? Ka Lok joked, "I have many meals in a day, one of which she cooks for me. I got thinner perhaps due to a stomach intestinal infection earlier." Would the illness be related to his wife? Ka Lok rushed to clarify, "Definitely not her fault, it has to be a problem with the take out! Mrs. Chan's cooking is the most delicious!"


Keung To and Vivian Sung's new film has been selected for an international film festival
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The popular MIRROR member Keung To and Taiwan star Vivian Sung starred film MY HEAVENLY CITY would open in Hong Kong next month. The film earlier opened in Taiwan and became the new film box office champion. The film company yesterday also released the poster of the five characters in the film. They even personally wrote about their character. Keung To played a top student who loved to dance. He wrote for his character, "When I dance, the world is in my hands." In addition, the film was invited to participate in the 43rd Hawaii International Film Festival. Direcor Yu Sen-I excited said, This was the first international film festival that selected the film. Hawaii is a place where cultures mix, which is very suitable for this film. We would hold the state of mind of overseas wanderer as we go international, may this Taiwan story touch the heart of the world."


Xu Jiao comes to Hong Kong for the exhibit and meet with Stephen Chow
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Xu Jiao signs with Stephen Chow's company anew
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Stephen Chow calls the 24 year old Xu Jiao pretty

Xu Jiao gives a memorable performance as Stephen Chow's son in CJ7
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Stephen Chow Sing Chi in 2008 released the film CJ7 (CHEUNG GONG 7 HO) and asked mainland child star Xu Jiao to play his son. The father and son relationship in the film touched many viewers. Earlier, Xu Jiao came to Hong Kong to promote the CJ7 exhibit and met with "mentor" Chow Sing Chi. Chow Sing Chi two days ago posted the photo on social media and joked he was taken back when he saw Xu Jiao. "Yours truly has experienced all kinds of storm and never back down, today I was taken back. The CJ7 mischievous boy Chow Siu Dik actually became a pretty girl, the vast universe should not be overlooked!"

Later, Chow Sing Chi's assistant Chris on social media announced that Xu Jiao has officially signed with Chow Sing Chi's company. Xu Jiao also announced, "With the stroke of a pen, I am back!" She even revealed in the comment section that Chow Sing Chi prepared 3 "7 Jai" hand made figures as gifs. "The meeting gift was a set of three hand made figures, bu I never expected Director Chow to have his heart set on poop."

Currently 26, Xu Jiao in 2006 after being chosen by Chow Sing Chi to participate in CJ7 have worked with him for 8 years. Then she went to study in the U.S. In the first half of this year she completed her education, as soon as she graduated she signed with Chow Sing Chi to work together again after 6 years.


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The Irene Wan Bik Ha produced and starred film LONELY EIGHTEEN (NGOR MOON DIK SUP BAK SHUI) would open on the 28th. The film would be a story of two girls growing up and was also adapted from Irene's adolescences experience. Yesterday she visited where she grew up -- Tiu Keng Leng, went to the old Tiu Keng Leng police station that is now the Tseung Kwan O Heritage Post Museum and brought back many of her childhood memories. She even thought of her parents' love for her, got sentimental and broke down in tears.

As the LONELY EIGHTEEN producer and lead actress, Irene said that she felt a little nervous as the film was about to open because the film took 5 years of planning and production. It was based on her adolescence story, in which family, friendship and love were on display. Irene remembered when she was little her Tiu Keng Leng home was on the middle of the hill, she had to walk half a hour to go to school. To go into the city she even had to walk a hour before being able to take a bus. At the time one of her neighbors was Idy Chan Yuk Lin. She would constantly see this pretty sister pass by her door. She has also seen Chow Yun Fat taking Chan Yuk Lin home. She pointed out that artists who lived in Tiu Keng Leng also included Pauline Wong Siu Fung, Kara Wai Ying Hung and Rosamund Kwan Chi Lam. Sometimes when she went out guys would flirt with her, and Big Sister Wong Siu Fung was very protective of her. At this film premiere, she would see if she would be able to invite them to watch the film and reminisce about the past together.

This time in the film Ti Lung played her father, the resemblance Irene thought was uncanny as both were very strict. Yesterday returning to where she has lived in the past, Irene remembered being with her parents. "Papa was very strict with me, but I was very rebellious. When I was 14, Mommy slapped me and and I left home. Later a star scout discovered me. Because I wasn't 18 yet, I had to beg Mommy to sign the contract for me. Originally Papa didn't approve, but Mommy still came and cried as she signed the contract. She said to Manfred Wong (Man Jun) and David Lai Dai Wai to properly take care of her daughter. I thought I was very bad, but my parents actually loved me very much. It was only that I was little and didn't know how to think......" Remembering her late parents' love for her, Irene could not help but succumb to tears and had to stop the interview for awhile.

Aside from family, Irene said that the movie also had friendship and even invited her friend Loletta Lee Lai Chun to perform. "The film is about two young girls growing up. Sister Chun and I both grew up and made movies together, and we have experienced a lot of joy and sadness. No matter how we changed, perhaps now we see each other less, our ideas may not be the same, but in our hearts is still a great relationship. This friendship would never change."


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Former TVb gold label producer Wilson Chin Kwok Wai passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2020. The film he directed in 2018, YIT HUET YIN SIU (HOT BLOOD BURNING) has been in production for a long time. Its release date was changed and changed again, finally it has been confirmed to be released in the mainland at the year of the end. This film starred YOUNG AND DANGEROUS (GOO WAT JAI)'s Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Michael Tse Tin Wa, Jerry Lamb Hiu Fung and Jason Chu Wing Tong. Tin Wa said, "Earlier because some reasons certain scenes went missing. The production team went through a lot of trouble to get them back, then asked famous Hong Kong editor Wong Hoi to help Wilson put together the entire movie. Later we would coordinate with the promotion!"

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    d. Danny Philippou, Michael Philippou
    Sophie Wilde, Alexandra Jensen, Joe Bird, Otis Dhanji,
      Miranda Otto, Zoe Terakes, Chris Alosio,
      Marcus Johnson, Alexandria Steffensen


    d. Neill Blomkamp
    David Harbour, Orlando Bloom, Archie Madekwe


    d. Antoine Fuqua
    Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning


  Can : Gau Sum Dik Si
    d. Kim Seong-hun
    Ha Jung-woo, Ju Ji-hoon
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 132 mins.
  Opening September 7 2023
  Trailer :

    In 1987, diplomat 'Min-jun' was unable to escape the Middle East Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for five years. One day, he receives a coded message from a missing diplomat in Lebanon, who was kidnapped 20 months ago. Filled with hopeful aspirations of a promotion to the United States if successful, he volunteers for an unofficial mission to rescue his colleague and heads to Lebanon.

    Upon arrival at the airport, 'Min-jun' narrowly avoids a hail of bullets from airport security guards who are after his life. By chance, he ends up getting into the car of a Korean taxi driver named 'Pan-su'. With local gangsters hot on their heels attempting to steal the ransom money, 'Min-jun' has no choice but to rely on expat Pan-su, the only fellow Korean around. However, can this shady character, who will do anything for money, truly help in rescuing his colleague?


  Can : Suet Siu Ji Yun
  Lit : Person who Tells Jokes
    d. Au Cheuk Man
    Ng Siu Hin, Ben Yuen Fu Wa,
      Ng Wing Sze, Franco Yuen Siu Fai, Chan Lai Wun,
      Joman Chiang, Locker Lam Ka Hei
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 104 mins.
  Opening September 14 2023
  Trailer :

    From a young age, Mancer had always known that his father Wah is different from other adults; he speaks illogically, he has slow comprehension and he's quite easily deceived. After growing up, Mancer finally understood that Wah is intellectually disabled. After his mother ran away from home, Mancer was forced to become his father's primary caregiver.

    By chance, Mancer joins a stand-up comedy competition for the prize money and becomes instantly hooked. He's addicted to the joy he feels from making people laugh. However, after the competition, Mancer couldn't make people laugh again. While searching for inspiration, Mancer realizes that his best jokes seem to come from his hardships -- the ridicule he received at school, his difficulties at work, his struggles in caring for his father, and even the worldwide pandemic. Perhaps misery can also be the best source of comedy after all.

    The film tells the story of a man who gets involved in stand-up comedy, as an emotional outlet after becoming the primary caregiver to his intellectually disabled father


    d. Christopher Nolan
    Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr.,
      Matt Damon, Florence Pugh,


  Can : Yeung Won
  Lit : Brewing Spirit
    d. Charlie Wong Wing Fung
    Anson Lo Hon Ting, Summer Chan Chi Huen,
      Tommy Chu Pak Hong, Ng Siu Hin,
      Tree Kwok Chui Yi, John Chiang Dai Wai,
      Angela Yuen Lai Lam, Lam Yiu Sing
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 100 mins.
  Opening August 24 2023

    A group of friends, Finn, Luke, Liam and Cora, heads to a little-known island for a getaway camping trip.

    Upon arrival, the friends are startled to find the island devoid of residents aside from a father and his daughter. When strange paranormal encounters begin to occur, it becomes evident that a supernatural force is at work...

    With the group trapped on this mysterious island shrouded in darkness, will they be able to escape alive?


 Can : Chut Yuet Fan Gwai
 Lit : July Return
    d. Nate Ki (Tse Ka Kei)
    Anson Kong Ip-sang, Bai Ling, Tai Po, Helen Tam Yuk Ying
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 102 mins.
  Opening August 11 2022 (POSTPONED)
  Opening July 25 2023 at the New York Asian Film Festival
  Opening September 14 2023
  Trailer :

    Heung Wing has been sensitive to paranormal activity and keeps seeing ghosts since he was a kid, which is called having "Yin Yang" eyes. To avoid being bothered by the ghosts, he pretends to be ignorant even though he knew their existence. When he gets older, he escapes from Hong Kong to Canada because of his miserable childhood.

    One day, Heung Wing has been told that his mother is in coma by committing suicide, which forces him to return back to Hong Kong. When he goes back to the old home, everything looks strange and unfamiliar to him. What's more horrifying is, a series of suicide cases happen in his neighbourhood, and ghosts start to appear in front of him again. The situation is deteriorating beyond his imagination...

    A young man who can see ghosts must return to his childhood home where he soon finds himself caught in a waking nightmare between the lands of the living and the dead.


    d. Michael Chaves
    Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet, Storm Reid


    d. Kenneth Branagh
    Kenneth Brangh, Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King), Jamie Dornan,
      Tina Fey, Kelly Reilly


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  Can : But Yu San Bo

  Can: Mr. E Oi Yun Jup Jiu
  Edan Lui Cheuk On

  Can : Sau Doh Sau Dohm
  Jay Fung Won Him

  Can : Sing Jin
  Leo Ku Kui Ke + New Generation

  Can : Ling Yun Kei Doi Dik Ha Jap Yu Go
  Jason Chan Pak Yu


IT REMAINS producer Charlie Wong on social media thanks each and everyone cast and crew member for their effort and contribution, and praises Anson Lo for giving his all.  However he complains that a certain actor has not helped with the promoting without naming any name.  The internet guess is Angela Yuen

Jack Yao, Vivian Sung, Keung To, Mandy Wei and Jessica Lee attended MY HEAVENLY CITY's Taiwan premiere
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MIRROR members Anson Kong Yip Sun, Anson Lo Hon Ting recently both have new film releases, but neither has performed ideally at the box office. AK's BACK HOME (CHUT YUEN FAN GWAI) after 5 days in release accumulated HK$ 1.87 million at the box office; Anson Lo's IT REMAINS (YEUNG WON) opened on August 24th and accumulated over HK$ 6 million. IT REMAINS' producer Charlie Wong Wing Fung on social media thanked each and every cast and crew member for their effort and contribution, but complained that a certain actor has not helped with the promotion without naming any name. The online guess was Angela Yuen Lai Lam because she did not attended the premiere and her social media also has not promoted the film. Keung To's first Taiwan film MY HEAVENLY CITY opened last Friday in Taiwan. As of two days ago the box office was around NT$ 1.19 million, a less than stand out performance. The film would open in Hong Kong on October 12th. Who knows whether the "Keung Candies" support would welcome a box office breakthrough?

The MIRROR members starred films have not performed ideally at the box office. The AK starred BACK HOME opened on September 14th, after 5 days its box office was HK$ 1.87 million, over a million more than the same day release, the Ben Yuen Fu Wa and Ng Siu Hin starred STAND UP COMEDY (SUET SIU JI YUN) and its HK$ 820,000. IT REMAINS after the "cult leader" Anson Lo's over 30 show audience appreciation visit passed HK$ 6 million. Without the "cult leader's" box office push, the momentum did not continue. Two days ago its single day box office was over HK$ 80,000, after 18 days its cumulative box office was HK$ 6.2 million.

Recently IT REMAINS producer Wong Wing Fung made a series of social media posts, thanking the cast and crew members one by one for their effort and contribution, including Anson Lo, John Chiang Dai Wai, Summer Chan Chi Huen and Tommy Chu Pak Hong, but complained about a certain actor for not helping with the promotion without naming any name. He wrote, "Actually I understand being busy.....but when the star doesn't even make one post I have to be disappointed." He admitted that he disliked movies that he has been a part of, but for people who would not even give a little effort to promotion, "No matter how famous you would become I still wouldn't respect you."

Many online speculated that the star the producer was complaining about was Angela Yuen Lai Lam. She participated in IT REMAINS in a "special performance". In the film she played Anson Lo's late girlfriend, the film plot was related to their relationship conflict. Yuen Lai Lam did not appear at the IT REMAINS premiere, nor did she promote the film on social media in any way.

Wong Wing Fung later posted a photo with Anson Lo and praised him. "I am very happy and grateful to be able to work with Anson Lo. Don't worry about what other people say, if you did everything you could and can answer to yourself then it's OK. I believe your improvement would only make people like you more and more. Your performance would also make all the haters shut up."

The Keung To and Vivian Sung starred Taiwan film MY HEAVENLY KING opened in Taiwan last Friday. According to a Taipei box office observation facebook page, after 4 days in release the film's box office performance has been brutal with around NT$ 1.19 million and in 17th place on the single day box office chart.

Anson Lo's IT REMAINS and AK's BACK HOME box office performance has been less than ideal, the outside was concerned about Keung To's MY HEAVENLY CITY October 12th Hong Kong opening box office. According to the Hong Kong distribution company, Vivian Sung has already been invited to attend the Hong Kong premiere in mid October and hope that she and Keung To would promote together to pump up the box office.


Anson Kong's first film leads have received praises.  Some film critics have said that Anson Ko might win Best New Actor if he is nominated for BACK HOME
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Anson Kong and director Nate Ki attend an audience appreciation show
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MIRROR vice captain Anson Kong Yip Sun's first lead in the supernatural film BACK HOME (CHUT YUET FAN GWAI) challenged a character on the verge of an emotional breakdown. In one scene in which he rammed his head into the wall, because he was too focused he ended up bleeding. He even created a "being locked into an elevator to cultivate emotions" method, using self torture to make himself get into character even more.

AK's first film lead required the use of imagination space for many scene due to its supernatural subject. He also had to remember the character before and after mental state, so he asked a drama instructor to supervise and remind him what he needed to pay attention to. Speaking of the character's heavy emotional pressure, AK said that it was not hard to leave the role. "I was afraid that I would bring the negative energy home. Luckily, although the production environment was rough, the process was a lot of fun. After work and removing the make up, everyone would talk and laugh so we would slowly pull away from the emotions from the shoot." AK pointed out that he normally would watch ghost films and horror films. He said that the set had many people, even when the environment had a horrifying atmosphere he did not feel scared. In addition he had to remember his lines and marks, getting distracted would be really hard.

AK said that during the shoot in order to cultivate his mood, he would walk into a pitch dark elevator alone to experience the atmosphere. "Our main set is constructed. When I had to shoot the scarier scenes, I would ask the staff to turn on the elevator for me to go in and experience the atmosphere. Because after the door closes, it is a completely enclosed, all dark space. So for several major scary scenes, before the cameras rolled I would go in for 5 to 10 minutes to warm up. Being alone in there I felt scared, but I know outside many people are there. Actually it has a little self torture element."

He mentioned that one of the scenes that was the most memorable for him. He was in the middle of a red hallway and saw Mama Bai Ling walking toward him. "In order to express the feeling of ramming my head into the wall out of fear, at the time I really rammed into it. After the first take, the director said OK. I touched my head and realized it was wet. Later the cinematographer said to me, 'Dummy, that was the wide shot. It was pretty well done, but can you do a few more for close up?' In the end this scene took 3 or 4 takes, each time I rammed for real. Later I held back. When the crew learned that I rammed until I bled and jumped out of fright."

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Gordon Lam, Angela Yuen and others go to Denmark to promote Hong Kong films
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Denmark's capital Copenhagen recently held MAKING WAVES -- NAVIGATORS OF HONG KONG CINEMAS 2023 and introduced many Hong Kong films like VITAL SIGN (SUNG YUEN TOH JUNG), MAD FATE (MING ONG) and A GUILTY CONSCIENCE (DUK SIT DAI JONG). Best Actor Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Angela Yuen Lai Lam and director Ng Wai Lun all flew there to support the event and come in close contact with viewers. Many fans fought for the opportunity to get photos and autographs.

The event opened and closed with MAD FATE and GUILTY. Because viewers there have had very few opportunities to have exchanges with actors. This rare opportunity had unusually passionate responses. At the screening, Ka Tung discovered that many viewers were Asian and thus conversed in Putonghua and Cantonese. Due to his busy work schedule, he only stayed there for 3 days before returning to Hong Kong. He did not take any time to sightsee and try the cuisine. Ng Wai Lun flew to Sweden to meet with the CYBER HEIST (DUEN MONG) director Wong Hing Fan and attend another larger scale film festival in Northern Europe.


Louis Koo and Chrissie Chau play a couple who have drifted apart

Raymond Wong after working on a series would work on the new film and have many scenes with Renci Yeung
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The action suspense film MEI CHUI (PIGGYBACKING) started production in Kuala Lumpur, this film would be the first step of One Cool Film opening up the Malaysia market. It would star Louis Koo Tin Lok, Golden Horse Award Best Supporting Actor Liu Kuan Ting (Lau Koon Ting), Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Raymond Wong Ho Yin, Renci Yeung Si Wing, Eddie Cheung Su Fai, Malaysian actor Yumi Wong Sze Kei, Auguste Kwan Teik 
Hooi (Kwan Tak Fai), Phei Yong (Pui Wing) and others. The 37th Hong Kong Film Award Best New Director nominee Jonathan Li Tsz Chun, and SONS OF THE NEON NIGHTS (FUNG LAM FOR SHAN) screenwriter Chow Man Yu would direct. Soi Cheang Pou Soi would produce. The three would work together again after THE 8TH SUSPECT (DAI BAK GOR YIM YI YUN). The film would have almost 100 Malaysian actors and behind the scene workers. The production would focus on Kuala Lumpur city center.

The film MEI CHUI two days ago in a Kuala Lumpur hotel held its production start press conference. The actors attended the ceremony. Goo Jai after promoting the film LINE WALKERS in Malaysia in 2016 appeared in Malaysia again in seven years. This time would be the first film for One Cool Film's branch company in Malaysia. Goo Jai at the press conference said that the company would try to shoot more in Malaysia. He said, "The food here is very delicious, but the traffic is particularly bad. I feel it's great, as it gives me time to rest. I fell asleep three times in the vehicle and was still in traffic. I had enough time to have a bowl of wonton noodles, come back and still be in traffic." Chau Sau Na praised how great the catering in Malaysia has been. Goo Jai joked, "For two days straight we couldn't order food delivery, as we discovered that it was the public holiday Malaysia Day. Did many people have to go back home?" Goo Jai also said that during his stay in Malaysia he discovered many old style buildings that would be suitable for production. These structures would be harder to find n Hong Kong. In addition there was no language barrier in Malaysia, making the production even more convenient.

Lau Koon Ting said that he was happy to be able to participate in this performance. He was also excited about working with Goo Jai. He said, "I am very nervous and look forward to working on the film in Malaysia for the first time." Chau Sau Na said, "I have quite a connection with Malaysia, last year I worked on a movie in Ipoh for three weeks. At the time I had to take many flights of stairs, going to the bathroom was very inconvenient. This time I have done a lot of preparation. Firs I had to communicate with the screenwriters and the director, then I had to communicate with my on screen other half. Boss Goo and I would play a couple. The relationship has run its course over the years, so how would everyone keep going together." Goo Jai said, "In this life of acting with me has been very painful for her, because she would have to cry each time and in the previous movie she had to be tortured by me."

Wong Ho Yin in recent years has been constantly working in Malaysia. He said that in a few short days he has already gained 3 kilograms. "Tomorrow I will finish working on a series, in two days I would officially work on the movie. Everything is just right, I am very happy to be able to participate in the film production. I haven't played a mobster in a very long time, the feeling is very fresh. When you see my character you might want to hit me." Yeung Si Wing said, "Ho Yin is one of my companions in the film, later I would have some action scenes with Koon Ting."


Ng Siu Hin and Ben Yuen are excited about accepting their awards in the U.S.

Rachel Leung with IN BROAD DAYLIGHT wins a Bright Star Award
courtesy of

Ben Yuen Fu Wa and Ng Siu Hin with their film STAND UP STORY (SUET SIU JI YUN) a the 17th season Asian Pop Up Cinema in Chicago received respectively the "Pinnacle Career Achievement Award" and the "Bright Star Award". Yuen Fu Wa was very happy to receive the award, and thanked the cast and the crew. He hoped that STAND UP STORY would be able to introduce the sincerely touching story to the Chicago audience and that they would like this film. Aside from going to Chicago to accept the award, he also visited Lake Michigan, enjoyed a Mexican meal, took a walk by the lake and took in the sunshine. He hoped that he would be able to stay longer the next time and experience this beautiful city.

Ng Siu Hin thanked the film festival for presenting the award to him, and felt happy about receiving the recognition. "Film has never been the work of one person, I would share he honor with everyone in the cast and the crew. I hope that this generation of filmmakers would be like a bright new star and show the audience of the entire world this generation of filmmakers' work." He hoped that the audience would see Hong Kong people's spirit of facing adversity with a smile. Starting from Dayo Wong Tze Wah's stand up comedy, the people of Hong Kong have already been used to resolving problems in life with humor. He hoped to show and remind people of Hong Kong and overseas through the film this spirit of Hong Kong. He would stay for a day then return to Hong Kong, so he has not have the time to go out and visit. He looked forward to returning to Hong Kong as soon as possible for A STAND UP STORY audience appreciation events, because the "box office was in crisis". Ng Siu Hin said, "Although the film hasn't opened yet and I already said it was in crisis, but I really want to fly back to Hong Kong, see and have exchanges with the audience sooner. I hope more people would support STAND UP COMEDY.

Also receiving the Bright Star Award was IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (BAK YUN JI HA)'s Rachel Leung Yung Ting. She thanked the film festival for giving her an enormous encouragement, and was very happy to bring Hong Kong films to Chicago. Leung Yung Ting traveled overseas for the first time since the pandemic and turned work into leisure. She arrived two days earlier and got up early to run by the lake, have breakfast, experience the local culture, and had fun with Yuen Fu Wa, Ng Siu Hin, Wong Yau Nam and others.

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Andy Lau receives the Special Tribute Award

Many fans show their support for Andy Lau 
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Andy Lau Tak Wa on the 15th attended the 48th Toronto International Film Festival award ceremony and received the "Special Tribute Award" to honor his contribution to the film industry and at the same time his new film THE MOVIE EMPEROR would hold its world premiere. Wa Jai while accepting the award encouraged the audience to choose the path they want, work hard and do their best. He also would never forget the fans' support.

Over ten years without stepping foot in Toronto, Wa Jai was welcomed at the airport by a big group of fans' cheer for their idols. They often loudly said, "We miss you very much, Wa Jai Happy Birthday!" After an over 10 hours long distance flight, Wa Jai saw how passionate the fans were and immediately returned to form as he waved to everyone. He also thanked everyone for their continuing support and hoped to return to Toronto very soon to meet with everyone a little longer.

Wa Jai after accepting his "Special Contribution Award" happily said, "This Special Tribute Award to me means many things. It represents that everyone has the possibility to do more than you imagine. Thus, choose your own path, work hard and do your best. I would never forget the love you have given me, thank you!" Wa Jai's schedule this time was intense, as he would only be able to stay for 3 days before rushing back to work in Hong Kong. Aside from the award, Wa Jai on this Toronto visit would also attend his new film THE MOVIE EMPEROR's premiere with director Ning Hao and accept local media interviews. Wa Jai while accepting the award gave a special introduction to invite director Ning Hao to the stage. Ning Hao said, "I am very happy that Brother Wa was able to receive this award. In the film his character hasn't won any award, but off screen and in reality he truly has won. So I am very happy."


Anson Lo attends over 30 audience appreciation shows with his team in hopes of pumping up the box office

Anson Kong braves the red rain warning to promote at the movies
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AK shares his production experience

"Little Boss" Wong Chi Lok is popular with the audience

Anson Lo is not discouraged by the HK$ 6 million box office, instead he feels happy

Anson Lo is surrounded by "disciples" as he leaves, making each step difficult to take

Director Sham Ka Yin, Anson Lo, Summer Chan and Lam Yiu Sing pose for a group photo with the audience
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The MIRROR member Anson Lo starred film opened last month, a group of "disciples" have come up with ways to pump up the box office for their idol. Unfortunately after 3 weeks in release the film only took in around HK$ 6 million and for now has been unable to beat his previous film SHOWBIZ SPY (GA MO NUI TUEN). Ever the optimist, he has not yet been discouraged as he attended over 30 audience appreciation shows and promoted hard.

The Anson Lo starred supernatural film IT REMAINS (YEUNG WON) opened on August 24th. His "disciples" have risen to book shows to watch the film. Many have booked over two shows. Yesterday some "disciples" even stated that they have watched it 40 times. When the film just opened, "disciples" with audience appreciation tickets in order to pump up the box office of the first few days stated that if someone watched more than 4 shows they would be able to receive an audience appreciation show ticket. Anson Lo's support club also started ticket stubs for prizes events, 15 tickets could win a film still and a picture frame. They have come up with many ways to help their idol attract viewers, but the box office has yet been able to surpass his previous film.

Anson Lo yesterday led the film's cast and crew to audience appreciation events. Actually the audience appreciation activities were originally scheduled to take place on the 2nd, but due to the typhoon they were delayed until yesterday. He and his partners went to over 30 shows at cinemas from Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok to KITEC, met fans at close distance and went the full 8 hours as they did not stop until around 8 PM.

The first audience appreciation show was sold out. The "disciples" brought light signs to cheer. When Anson Lo appeared, screams arose everywhere. Many even brought long range lenses to get photos. Anson Lo only stayed for 10 minutes, before leaving he took a group photo with the fans. Many "disciples" after taking photos left to chase the star.

Anson Lo said that attending many audience appreciation shows was not tough, instead he worried about the fans. "At each show we stay for a very short time. They seemed to have been planning for a long time. (What do you think about the movie making HK$ 6 million so far?) I am very happy, the performance is considered pretty good. I am the happiest that people who aren't familiar with me, or don't really watch ghost films have attended. Their reviews have been better than I have imagined." His 2021 film SHOWBIZ SPY had a box office of HK$ 7.73 million. This time IT REMAINS has yet to surpass it. He said, "The genres are different, not to mention the movie hasn't left the cinemas yet. (Would you like it to make over HK$ 10 million?) I don't dare to predict, I am still a film rookie! Although schedule wise today is my final audience appreciation show, I still want to attend one more day and have more contact and exchanges with the audience. Sometimes audience appreciation isn't just to pump up the box office." Speaking of group mate Anson Kong's horror film BACK HOME (CHUT YUET FAN GWAI) opening recently, was he worried about comparison? He said, "The movies opened at different times, they can't be compared. Everyone please support Hong Kong films more! Every movie needs the support of ticket buyers."

AK also did not dare to get lazy. Two nights ago he braved the red rain warning and attended audience appreciation events with director Nate Ki (Tse Ka Kei). The 7 audience appreciation shows for BACK HOME have sold out long ago, with an added show that was also sold out. AK shared his production experience and took a group photo with the audience. He even personally handed the microphone to fans for questions and made everyone very happy! Lead actress Bai Ling due to work in Los Angeles was unable to attend, but earlier on the opening day she already went on a live chat with AK, the director and the producer and kept delivering her Cantonese dialogues to complain about how difficult they were. The director wanted her to practice them in a short period of time, and shoot in all Cantonese. Bai Ling said that she really liked the script and praised that BACK HOME was not just a horror film but also full of humanity. She hoped that it would perform well and open in even more places.

Many viewers said that the film hid too many details and had to watch more than once to be able to find the answers. AK and the director both said that the first 4 days' box office was very important, and welcomed viewers to provide suggestions and discuss the details in the film at anytime. They hoped viewers would continue to support the film. Playing the childhood AK, "Little Boss" Wong Chi Lok and producer Man Pui Hing also attended. Wong Chi Lok upon his arrival received cheers of support from viewers and was invited for photos and autographs. Viewers said, "Little Boss is the most popular!"


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Anson Kong promises to attend audience appreciation shows to pump up the box office
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Anson Kong hopes that the audience would support Hong Kong films with action, otherwise the film industry would shrink further

AK's BACK HOME had an iffy opening with HK$ 410,0000

The Ng Siu Hin and Ben Yuen starred A STAND UP STORY made around HK$ 110,000

The Anson Lo starred IT REMAINS after 3 weeks in release made HK$ 5.28 million, an average showing
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MIRROR vice captain Anson Kong Yip Sun starred in the film BACK HOME (CHUT YUET FAN GWAI), which opened two days ago to a single day box office around HK$ 230,000. The performance was less than ideal. The Ben Yuen Fu Wa and Ng Siu Hin starred film A STAND UP STORY (SIU SUET JI YUN) opened on the same day to about HK$ 110,000. AK yesterday attended an event and said that he would work hard on audience appreciation shows to pump up the box office, hoping that the audience would take action to support Hong Kong films. A lot of effort has been contributed into every film production. If viewers would not watch the movie, the film industry would shrink.

BACK HOME opened two days ago with HK$ 230,000, including the earlier preview shows the cumulative box office would be around HK$ 410,000. Opening on the same day, A STAND UP STORY's box office was around HK$ 113,000. AK's MIRROR mate Anson Lo Hon Ting starred in the film IT REMAINS (YEUNG WON), which after 3 weeks in released made HK$ 5.28 million as of 6PM last night.

AK yesterday attended an event and attracted many fans to show their support in person. As for BACK HOME's opening box office, AK instead asked whether the performance was good or not. When he learned that it was average, he hoped fans and viewers would show much more support and said that he would go to the cinemas for audience appreciation shows to pump up the box office. "Today I would go to 3 or 4 shows, many viewers after watching said that they didn't understand it. I would explain it to them at the audience appreciation events. Then I don't know if he would keep attending audience appreciation shows because now I am working on WARRIORS WITHIN 2, a series that wouldn't wrap up production until the end of the month."

Was he worried that the box office trend was less than expected? AK felt the pressure, but did not want to think about it. "The costs and effort of making a movie aren't small, I hope everyone would sincerely support them with action. If viewers don't watch movies, the film industry would shrink. Now cinemas are closing one after another. If everyone loves the Hong Kong film industry, we should go to the movies to support all Hong Kong films." BAKC HOME was arranged to open during September's back to school period. Did he feel the timing was not good? AK said that the film company already had this idea last year and decided to arrange for a Lunar July release. Ultimately he would put an effort into audience appreciation shows.