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SHAOLIN after a few days in release in the Mainland headed straight toward 200 million yuan RMB at the box office. After opening in Hong Kong Thursday, its box office already approached 10 million as of Sunday.

Andy Lau Tak Wa in the film had a fight scene with Wu Jing. Due to the wire suddenly snapping, Wa Jai fell from mid air to the ground. Upon landing he had a painful look on his face and scared everyone half to death. Luckily the on the set doctor immediately checked on him and confirmed that his spine was not injured, only his legs and arms were bruised. Due to his protective gear underneath his life was spared. Wa Jai said, "My entire back was shaken, it really hurt. I have no idea what happened, but no one could expect an accident, we really have to take the proper safety precautions!"

At the time Wa Jai sat with the help of the crew. After the doctor treated him he finally half jokingly said, "Yesterday Wu Jing kicked me in the mouth and injured my gum, the swelling only went down after applying ice. Today I am injured again. With two injuries in a row my kung fu really is poor!" Wu Jing felt very guilty and apologetically said that his heavy hand caused trouble. Wa Jai immediately said to Wu Jing, "No no no, today has nothing to do with you. That was a wire problem, so you don't have to worry!"


Carina Lau Ka Ling, Cecilia Cheung, Lynn Xiong

Lynn Xiong
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Cecilia Cheung

Lynn Xiong
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Donnie Yen Chi Tan (center) with his wife Cissy Wang (left) and sister in law and co-star Wang Yuanyuan

Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam)
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Carina Lau Ka Ling, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam), Wang Yuanyuan, Raymond Wong Pak Ming and others two nights ago attended the Lunar New Year film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2011 (JUI KEUNG HEI SI) premiere. Tsang Chi Wai brought his Lunar New Year film I LOVE HONG KONG (NGOR OI HK HOI SUM MAN SHUI) actresses Koni Lui Wai Yi, Samantha Ko Hoi Ning and Mag Lam Yun Tung
while the leads Cheung Pak Chi and Lau Ka Ling did not forget to brag about their relationships.

The cast shared their experience on stage. Koo Tin Lok and Yen Chi Tan also played make up artists. Pak Chi earlier was injured in Inner Mongolia but still rushed back to Hong Kong two nights ago to attend. She seemed to be hiding her wound under her hair. The host asked how Pak Chi felt about her first film after becoming a mother. Pak Chi said, "At first I haven't made a movie for too long, I wasn't too sure of myself. I was mentally prepared for stage fright or not used to acting. If I made a lighter and happier Lunar New Year film I wouldn't put too much pressure on myself and I would be happier." Pak Chi said that although this was a comedy, when she got home she would cry because she had to very diligent directors who moved me very much. She even sacrificed her time with her sons to complete this film. As for Goo Jai, Pak Chi described this time as in love but unable to love. Goo Jai said, "Actually in the end we are
in love. Did you forget I interrupted the wedding?" Pak Chi awkwardly laughed and said, "I really forgot. I only remembered being married to (Nicholas) Tse Ting Fung. I forgot I wore a wedding gown with you, sorry." The audience applauded.

Goo Jai said that Pak Chi was humorous and on the set would often mention and miss her sons. He said, "You are no longer a girl, you are a mother, Pak Chi." Pak Chi instead asked would Goo Jai dislike girls and like mothers. Goo Jai said, "That's pretty good." Pak Chi said praised her multiple time co-star Goo Jai as an actor with real emotions. He would not pretend, so working with him was very comfortable and pressure free for her.

The host asked Lau Ka Ling about working with Chi Tan for the first time. She said, "It's like deja vu due to Ip Man. I always thought he (Chi Tan) was a tough guy, but actually he is a gentle man." Speaking of trading blows with Chi Tan in the film, Ka Ling was asked whether someone taught her at home. Ka Ling said, "Right, my activity at home was fighting the wooden dummy. I always have to help someone with Wing Chun practice." Ka Ling said that she invited many friends, but her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai was still working on the film. However she
definitely will be in Hong Kong for the Lunar New Year. Would she be responsible for giving red pockets? Ka Ling said, "He has his and I have mine, I don't need him to give me money for mine." Chi Tan said that his wife Cissy Wang would come to support him and that he will be in Hong Kong for the holiday with the family at home.

As for box office expectation, Ka Ling said that she did not know about that but it should certain pass 10 million. What would they promise to celebrate box office success? Ka Ling did not understand, Chi Tan said, "Someone said skinny dipping." Ka Ling joked, "You are the lead." Chi Tan honestly said, "My rear has already been shown, Ka Ling you haven't shown anything." Ka Ling said, "What do you want me to show?" Chi Tan said, "Show your hands." Ka Ling said, "Great, in the movie I already showed my hands." Ka Ling said that if the movie was a hit she
would celebrate with dinner for anyone who heard. Her other film LET THE BULLETS FLY has already made over 700 million yuan RMB in the Mainland and became the highest grossing film in the Mainland. Ka Ling said that she knew and she was very happy, because it proved that film was thriving more and more. In the future 1 billion and 2 billion RMB marks will be seen.

With LET she was nominated for Asian Film Award Best Supporting Actress. She said that she was confident, actually she was already ahead of the game. However she would raise her salary due to any award because good roles were hard to find. Ka Ling's performance was comparable to her husband's. Ka Ling said, "No way, I could sprint and still couldn't catch up to him. It's going to be awhile, not in this lifetime." Wai Jai held a high place in her heart. Ka Ling said, "Too high, try again next life." Ka Ling said that LET director Jiang Wen must be very happy and joked that she would chase him down for a celebration.

Goo Jai honestly said that he just saw a part of the film, when he saw the audience laughing heartily he was at ease. As for box office expectation, he said, "Box office is very hard to control." Ka Ling joked that if the movie was a hit she would buy dinner and show her hands.
Goo Jai said, "I have to show something too, I will have to think of something then." Will he treat dinner? Goo Jai said definitely, everyone must celebrate. Goo Jai said that they could celebrate when the box office passes 10 million. If it passes 30 million boss Wong Pak Ming could treat him on a holiday. He would like to go to Dubai. Goo Jai also said that earlier when he promoted another film MR. AND MRS. INCREDIBLE (SUN KEI HUP NUI) he already agreed to swim in the buff. He said, "If I have to for this one too, I would be very busy."

Hung Doi Lam rushed back from Taiwan for the premiere. She said her Taiwan series will shoot until March but she might have a few days off for the Lunar New Year. When asked whether she would pay Aaron Kwok Fu Sing a Lunar New Year visit, she avoided the subject. "I haven't spend a Lunar New Year in Hong Kong, we will see." Hung Doi Lam was rumored to be engaged to Sing Sing secretly last November. Lynn said that last November she was working in Taiwan, of course it was not true. When asked whether she was married, she said, "Right now I am absolutely single." She honestly said that she had no plan to marry Sing Sing as she would
like to make more movies in the next year or two.


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Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Raymond Wong Pak Ming
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Eric Tsang Chi Wai two nights ago brought his Lunar New Year film I LOVE HONG KONG (NGOR OI HK HOI SUM MAN SHUI) actresses Koni Lui Wai Yi, Samantha Ko Hoi Ning and Mag Lam Yun Tung to attend Raymond Wong Pak Ming's Lunar New Year ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2011 (JUI KEUNG HEI SI) premiere. Chi Wai and Wong Pak Ming greeted each other and appeared very friendly. Why did Chi Wai come? He said, "Don't say that, the kids don't understand so I brought them over to learn. Is this ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2011? We are supporting each other. Today I brought people over, tomorrow night at our premiere, Ka Ling and Chi Tan would come." Chi Wai said that the last few years have been very happy because he was already used to them. Hit Lunar New Year films would bring good luck for the entire year. He said that he and Mr. Wong did not set an appointment in advance but they had chemistry between them secretly. He also said that if they did not make Hong Kong Lunar New Year film, who would?

Was Chi Wai confident about defeating Wong Pak Ming? He said that last year was a war of words. This year if they broke 40 million at the box office, one would run naked and the other would swim naked. He would leave the choice to Wong Pak Ming. He said, "If he doesn't want too many people to see, he could choose skinny dipping as long as he isn't afraid of fish bites." Would Chi Wai get into shape first? He joked that he has always looked like this. After people got used to Andy Lau Tak Wa they could check out his one pack ab. Did Wong Pak Ming promise to swim naked if the movie passes 40 million? He joked, 'Then it will pass 40 million for sure." Chi Wai joked that if both films passed 40 million, they would prove that the Hong Kong market was great and worth them getting naked for. Would Chi Wai consider swimming naked with Wong Pak Ming? He joked, "I am afraid of fish bites because my surface area is much larger than his."


Wong Cho Nam, Kate Tsui Tsz Shan, Yuen Siu Cheung
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Kate Tsui Tsz Shan, Wong Cho Nam and Yuen Siu Cheung yesterday appeared on a Commercial Radio interview. The Lunar New Year film I LOVE HONG KONG (NGOR OI HK HOI SUM MAN SHUI) will open on Lunar New Year's Day, were they confident about the film? Cheung Jai said, "I am confident that viewers won't be able to buy a ticket. During the shoot I already heard the decent word of mouth."


Kate Tsui jokes that her co-star is often missing.

Jacqueline Chong Si Man, Kandy Wong Lai Yi, Mag Lam
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Mag Lam Yun Tung
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Kate Tsui Tsz Shan
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New TVB program LITTLE TROUBLES (NEI MOON TA MOON NGOR MOON) yesterday held a press conference with artists Kate Tsui Tsz Shan, Jacqueline Chong Si Man, Lisa Ch'ng Si Ming, Mag Lam Yun Tung, Janet Chow Ka Wai and others. Ron Ng Cheuk Hei was absent due to illness. This time Cheuk Hei and Tsz Shan would connect ten different love stories in the

Lam Yun Tung has not only been busy with the Lunar New Year film promotion but also star in a segment of the show. She will even shoot on location in Taiwan. She was very happy that the company gave her so many opportunities but she worried about the program result. After it aired she would keep asking her friends for opinions. Sandra Ng Kwan Yu praised her Lunar New Year film performance, which she appreciated very much as it was great encouragement. She honestly said that at first she felt some pressure working with Kwan Yu, but they got along great and soon the pressure was gone. She thought acting was a lot of fun, but in the future
singing would still come first.


Tian Liang, Cheung Kwok Keung
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Cheung Kwok Keung recently has been working on the new film and played father and son with Tian Liang. Cheung Kwok Keung said that he did not feel Tian Liang was a new comer. Because Tian Liang did all his homework and rehearsed before the shoot, every shot was completed to the director's satisfaction.

Cheung Kwok Keung looked more like brothers and father and son with Tian Liang. He said that with make up he looked like Tian Liang's father, and age wise he indeed could be Tian Liang's father. He also got something extra from working with Tian Liang this time. He played soccer
and Tian Liang was an Olympic gold medal diver. He learned Tian Liang that he actually also liked to play soccer, so they became buddies and talked about everything. When he learned about Guo Jingjing's retirement from the National team, he asked Tian Liang about his former teammate. Actually they were linked romantically. Tian Liang did not respond much to his sudden question, only thought that Jingjing has served the National team for a long time, gave up her youth for the country and brought back a lot of honor. The time has come for her to retire and he wished this past colleague well.


Koni Lui, Samantha Ko
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Samantha Ko Hoi Ning, Koni Lui Wai Yi, Vivien Yeo (Yeung Sau Wai)
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The Lunar New Year film I LOVE HONG KONG (NGOR OI HK HOI SUM MAN SHUI) yesterday held a bus tour promotional event. Eric Tsang Chi Wai led actors Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Mag Lam Yun Tung, Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting), Samantha Ko Hoi Ning, Koni Lui Wai Yi, Wong Cho Nam, Vivien Yeo (Yeung Sau Wai) and others. After a Tseung Kwan O shopping center event they took a bus to Mongkok. Recently Chan Kwok Keung joined TVB and has been reported to invite good friends Nat Chan Pak Cheung and Tsang Chi Wai to run TVB. Chi Wai yesterday reiterated that he had no interest in administrative work. He joked that he assigned Ah Lek to be a consultant and Alan Tam Wing Lun to sabotage ATV.

Chi Wai, Kwan Yu and others first attended the Tseung Kwan O shopping center event, played games and gave away gifts. Later they took a bus to Mongkok and gave away Lunar New Year banners. TVB also sent guards to maintain order. Because of the crowd, each actor still could not move an inch. Then they went to Langham Place and were again surrounded. Kwan Yu said that earlier she has been to Mongkok before, despite the crowd she was not afraid.

Chi Wai lately has been promoting the new film hard, but Chan Kwok Keung's TVB ownership change and the Ho family inheritance fight have overshadowed his efforts. Chi Wai said that the TVB news was promotion for the film. As for the Ho family fight, he joked that next year he might make a gambling movie. Last night, another Lunar New Year film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2011 (JUI KEUNG HEI SI) held its premiere. Raymond Wong Pak Ming invited Chi Wai, who joked that he would bring I LOVE HONG KONG actors.

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Liu Xiaoqing

Cecilia Cheung
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Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi has been working on LADY GENERAL OF YANG FAMILY (YEUNG MOON NUI JEUNG ji GWUN LING YU SAN). Due to numerous battles on the snow, "lady generals" were injured. Pak Chi earlier had an injury with a stunt person as the right side of her face was swollen. Luckily Pak Chi immediately applied a metal spoon and ice to the wound. After carefully treating the wound her bruise has gradually subsided and make up could already hide the swelling.

Aside from Pak Chi, Liu Xiaoqing yesterday said that she was hurt on the set online and even uploaded a photo of her bruised kneecap. Cheng Pei Pei earlier said that the shoot in the cold has had many difficulties. Due to the cold and the heavier costume, she had trouble even mounting the horse.


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Juno Mak Chun Lung, Gary Chaw (Cho Gat) and Wen Chao earlier worked on the new film SIU SEUNG HUP. In the story Cho Gat tried to stop Juno from going for revenge, but Juno did not listen. Cho Gat got so excited that he and Juno struggled. Cho Gat who did not have much acting experience had certain difficulty with emotional scenes. With his not so fluent Cantonese, he had frequent bad takes with a few lines. However, co-star Juno did not mind at all as they were chatting and laughing.

Juno honestly said that when he acted with Cho Gat holding back laughter was hard. "We are both singers. Normally I would only run into Cho Gat at music scenes. Watching him act I have a very hard time keeping myself from laughing. His Chinese line deliveries are very funny as he
often switch words around. Cantonese has certain difficulties for him, like Japanese is hard for me. (Did you mind his frequent bad takes?) That's not important, acting can't always been one take." Producer Willie Chan Chi Keung also supervised the progress. Juno often watched the
playback with Chan Chi Keung.

SIU SEUNG HUP was Cho Gat's second film. In his first film ICE KACANG PUPPY LOVE he had no pressure due to the light subject, but this time he played a serious character. He was quite nervous. Off camera he often grabbed people around him to rehearse his lines, but due the shoot he still had troubles with them. He joked about his inaccuracy and would properly practice. Cho Gat in the film secretly protected Juno and had many action scenes. Before the shoot he deliberately practiced with the stunt team, which made him sore all over. He said, "I am afraid of clumsily hurting others, so I have to practice more. (Has your wife worried?) No, she has been very supportive of me. I know I have always wanted to make movies. This time I will stay in Hong Kong for a month. I haven't been home in 3 weeks already."

Juno in the film played Stephy Tang Lai Yun's bodyguard and had many dangerous stunts like explosion, gun fights, car crashes and building jumps. Juno truly to personally perform them as much as he could, his arm was even bruised from fighting. Has his girlfriend treated his wounds? He said, "No, we don't live together. We are busy with our own jobs and rarely see each other." Juno said that for a building jump, a stunt person fell from 30 feet above and was hospitalized with a dislocated cervical spine. At the time he witnessed the accident from above and he was still shaken.

Aside from the action scenes, Juno and Stephy also had romantic scenes. He thought Stephy was more mild mannered but he was able to get along with her. The more they worked together the better they got along. "We have an ambiguous relationship and almost kissed, but we haven't shot that scene yet. I don't know if we need to really kiss. (Has her girlfriend asked to supervise?) No." Juno said that most memorable was the emotional scene with Pat Ha Man Jik. They played mother and son and called each other Mommy and Son on and off camera.


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Han Geng yesterday appeared for the first time in Hong Kong since leaving Super Junior for an all new Hong Kong limited edition concept book autograph session. Around 500 fans came in support. Today he will meet everyone at Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition
Center. He honestly said that he looked forward to meeting fans in Hong Kong and was very excited. Thus he prepared many different performances for everyone.

Han Geng's first film MY KINGDOM will be released soon. He hoped everyone would support it. He revealed that in one scene he was drunk. The director in order for him to be more convincing truly asked him to drink two bottles of wine. If he made another film, he would like to try playing a killer. He would not shaving his head and getting fat. He also looked forward to working with Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Andy Lau Tak Wa because they were both his favorite actors. He also would like to work with Jacky Cheung Hok Yau. Musically, he is planning his second solo record. The look and the music will be different from now as he hoped to turn his previous image upside down. He also hoped to be able to perform a concert in Hong Kong at the end of the year.


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George Lam Chi Cheung was invited to participate in the ATV Spring Festival event and played an important guest performer role. As the same time ATV Ace Adason Lo Lik Wai performed Lam Chi Cheung's TRIO WALK (SAM YUN HUNG). THE LEGEND IS BORN: IP MAN (IP MAN CHIN JUEN)'s To Yu Hang accompanied with Southern Fist and staff Lam Chi Cheung's
performance of MEN SHOULD BE SELF SUFFICIENT (NAM YI DONG JI KEUNG). About Law Lik Wai's new style performance, Lam Chi Cheung said, "It's a great thing. Music completely relies on creativity. This is what we want. The younger generation of singers have their own ideas, which I admire." Lam Chi Cheung was a guest on ASIAN MILLIONSTAR but after years in the business this was his first major ATV program. Lam Chi Cheung recalled how restrictive promotional platforms used to be. Luckily now he did not need to sign with one platform and lose other promotional chances.

Also working with ATV for the first time, Guangzhou's Stephen Chow Sing Chi Wen Chao performed a sketch and guest host. In the sketch Wen Chao played LET THE BULLETS FLY's Jiang Wen. Wen Chao said, "Working with many veteran hosts I had some pressure. I can only try to relax a little." Wen Chao said that he was busy with a Hong Kong film and was fighting to work more in Hong Kong. Was he worried about TVB hindering his promotion for his hosting for ATV this time? Wen Chao honestly said that in order to fulfill his dream he would not deliberately differentiate between platforms.

Taiwan models Patina Lin (Lam Ka Yi) and Janel Tsai (Choi Suk Chun) attended. Lam Ka Yi said that Choi Suk Chun often worked on film. He worked on the new film THE ISLAND (GOO DOH GWAI WON) with Jordan Chan Siu Chun. Lam Ka Yi said that later when she will have a chance to make movies she will have to consult Choi Suk Chun's acting experience.


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Carina Lau Ka Ling has been busy non stop since October 2010, with three movie releases in Hong Kong and one of which a Lunar New Year film with Donnie Yen Chi Tan. Because she is Tony Leung Chiu Wai's wife, many paid attention to how she worked with Yen Chi Tan? What did she think about how their portrayal of the same character? She confidently said, "They each have their different viewers." and easily resolved outside speculation.

As for actress, she naturally wanted to work with an actor of Wai Jai's caliber; but she revealed that when she worked with Wai Jai they could not set off spark. She pointed out that Wong Kar Wai arranged for a seduction scene between her and Wai Jai in 2046, but they could not perform it well no matter what. Since then she no longer looked forward to working with Wai Jai and believed that viewers did not want to see it either. Many felt that their personalities were polar opposites, their marriage was truly miraculous; yet she pointed out that many couples have different personalities. She felt that becoming a couple was Heaven's arrangement. She pointed out that Wai Jai was not as cool as his outside image. He had his lively side. Privately he was as creative as Stephen Chow Sing Chi, in particular he at home liked to imitate animals like cats and tigers. She felt that this was a basic instinct of a good actor. As for personal life, she quit smoking six years ago. Suddenly she even stopped playing mahjong. If she was in Hong Kong, she would got up to exercise around 8 and go outside with friends. She did not have any detailed plan because plans could not wait to change. She did as she pleased; she expected to be with Wai Jai to the end.

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Maggie Cheung

Cherie Chung

Fan Bingbing

Milo Ventimiglia

Choi Ji-woo

Vivian Chow Wai Man

Michelle Ye
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Cherie Chung

Fan Bingbing
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Vicki Zhao Wei stresses that her married life was very happy.

Cherie Chung Chor Hung said that she was not ready to return to the film industry yet

Maggie Cheung Man Yuk was in great spirit but did not do any interview because she was late.

Fan Bingbing longs for a lover to spend Valentine's Day with.

Korean star Choi Ji-woo like many Hong Kong stars does not fear the cold

Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen) rushed into the venue, seemingly wanting to avoid questions about former rumored boyfriend Chan Kwok Keung's purchase of TVB

Korean star Gong Yoo gives a friendly wave to the media

Zhang Jingchu braves the chilly weather

HEROES star Milo Ventimiglia
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Maggie Cheung Man Yuk attended Christian Dior's Tsim Sha Tsui flagship store opening ceremony. With her love life stabilized Cheung Man Yuk appeared to be in great spirits, after the ribbon cutting she even mischievously tossed the ribbon around her neck; however she was late to the party at the nearby pier and rushed into the venue after just one television interview. Other party guests included Cherie Chung Chor Hung, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen), Mr. and Mrs. Simon Yam Tat Wa, Choi Ji-woo, Gong Yoo, HEROES' Milo Ventimiglia, Vicki Zhao Wei, Vivian Chow Wai Man, Zhang Jingchu, Fan Bingbing and others.

Zhao Wei's relationship with her husband has been rumored to be on the rocks. Last night she gave a rare talk about her daughter and stressed that her love life with her husband was very happy. "This is the usual rumor, everyone can see how I am now and can relax." Zhao Wei said that her nine month old daughter like her had a pair of big eyes but looked like her father. How many children did she plan to have? Zhao Wei said, "Film projects I have many, this stuff can wait. The journey is very long! I won't make less movies due to children, but I won't make costume or fight films because I would be very tired." She will spend the Lunar New Year with family in Beijing. As for Valentine's Day, she said, "I will give presents, as for how that day will be, I have to see the other person (husband)'s arrangement."

Chung Chor Hung will spend the Lunar New Year overseas alone and Valentine's Day with family. Speaking of dispute rumors with Cheung Man Yuk, Hung Goo stressed that they have never been at odds and have kept contact over the years. The media made up the rumor, and she did not need to explain personal matter or friendship too much.