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Tony Wu and Hanna Chan play young parents and have any individual emotional scenes
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Hanna Chan and Tony Wu Tsz Tung faced tremendous acting challenges from their film ELISA'S DAY (WAI OI). Hanna Chan said that ELISA'S DAY challenged her potential. She said, "The script traverses over many years, from secondary school to unwed pregnancy. With the support of family she has to raise a child alone, and even in order to make a living she crosses the bottom line and becomes a prostitute. The character is very hard to handle."

Wu Tsz Tung for the role also had enormous stress and kept adjusting his performance. Tsz Tung said that he did not know whether her relationship with Hanna in the film was love or responsibility. He said, "During the audition I thought this character had a lot of potential. Luckily between the table reads and rehearsals, I reached mutual understanding with the director. During the shoot I was able to capture the male lead Man Wai's feeling. I thank the director for the assistance."


Despite being fanned and having a fan blowing right at her, Stephy Tang is still numb by the heat

Before taking her mark, Stephy Tang covers her face
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Stephy Tang Lai Yun earlier was working on her new film in the heat, which left her without any expression. However as soon as she took her mark her soul would return and she would perform very professionally! Director Aubrey Lam Oi Wa revealed her "iron man chronicle", in over 30 degree Celsius heat she wore a heavy winter coat and took a slap but still gave a perfect performance!

Tang Lai Yan recently has been busy with the Lam Oi Wa directed film TWELVE DAYS (12 YUT). Earlier they shot a scene in Sheung Wan where she was tricked into hard labor. On the set, with bags after bags in her hands, Stephy walked back and forth under the scorching sun. Due to the rather stuffy climate, she was drenched in sweat from all the walking. Before cameras rolled she carried a little fan and frowned. However as soon as cameras rolled she was back in full character and her mood unaffected by the "sticky" climate. Under the pandemic, the entire team spared no effort in prevention. Even with the heat no one cheated and removed their masks. Stephy in order to keep from ruining her make up was unable to wear a mask, but she still covered up her face.

As for Stephy's super strong tolerance for the heat, Lam Oi Wa pointed out that this time was "child's play". Actually earlier they shot a New Year's Even countdown scene. Stephy wore a thick coat, a sweater and even a scarf in the stuffy climate! Lam Oi Wa said, "That scene was an emotional scene, (Edward) Ma Chi Wai had to slap her. She did very well. She even made some workers tear eyed. After the scene, the hundred and some extras applauded and cheered. It really was like a countdown!"

In addition, Stephy's Taiwan boyfriend Prince Chiu on his live social media broadcast declined to mention her and led to breakup rumors. The director said that at work she has been very professional and did not behave any differently.


Elly would not mind dating someone in the business
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Bingo's Carman and Odilia face trouble together
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Carman will take part in a TVB boxing reality show and then join Odilia on a dance competition show 

Elly is used to living alone after several breakups
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The International Federation of Phonographic Industry (Hong Kong) yesterday held a "The Music Must Go On" premiere and invited guests and media to attend. A related documentary was unveiled. Through the event "The Music Must Go On" project came to a conclusion and thanked record companies, singers, musicians, workers and general music fans for their participation in the project and their support. Many singers felt that releasing "The Music Must Go On" project during the pandemic brought back their creative joy and from it they considered Hong Kong music's influence and importance anew.

The IFPI (Hong Kong) organized, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government's "Create Hong Kong" sponsored, Hong Kong Recording Industry Alliance and Music Publishers Association of Hong Kong supported "The Music Must Go On 2020" project received the enthusiastic participation from everyone in the industry, exploring the re-creation and re-recording a group of domestic music classic hits, providing the domestic record industry professionals with job opportunities during the pandemic, and giving an all new look to this group of classic hits and surprising the music fans with new sight and sound. The event produced "The Music Must Go On" documentary yesterday held its premiere. Attending singers included Sugar Club, Louie Castro, Rowena Cortes, Pierre Ngo Ka Nin, Gabriel Harrison, Cheng Sai Ho, Fong Yi Kei, Lee Lung Kei, Cheung Mo Hau (Big Al), Wan Kwong, Chu Chi Hiu, Anders Nelsson, Elly, girl group Bingo's Kwan Ka Man and Chan Hon Kei. Many singers felt that "The Music Must Go On" project brought the creative joy back to them and from it make them think about Hong Kong music again.

Sugar Club said that this time "The Music Must Go On" documentary was able to help a group of behind the scene production personnel to have an extra income under the pandemic. Now the premiere is like a graduation exhibition, experiencing again the new creations and the heart pounding journey. This time they remade HOW CAN I RISK YOU and LOVE ME OR HIM. Kandy Wong also said that in order to continue "The Music Must go On", Sugar Club will perform a concert at Ocean Park on June 12th. They would completely perform other singers' songs, which they hoped would be bring to a conclusion.

Remaking songs LEFT RIGHT HANDS and FARAWAY HER, Gabriel Harrison (Hoi Chun Kit) said that while recording songs anew he was the most worried about feeling similar to the original. He even felt that when appreciating songs he should not be limited by whether the song version was original or not. Appreciation for good songs is what is important.

Elly for the "The Music Goes On" documentary remade Eric Suen Yiu Wai's LOVE STORY PART I. She felt this song was his best song. Earlier when she released her Hifi album she also wanted to record this song, but the song style did not match with theme. Thus he thanked the event for providing this opportunity to be able to remake it. Elly revealed that she was preparing for a new song and would continue to sing heartbreak songs. She joked that perhaps in the past she had too many painful experiences on the road of love, numerous breakups were due to "being dumped". She even ran into a "garbage man". She said, "I had a boyfriend who was actually with many people. He appeared to really love me. but on Valentine's Day he said that he had driving lessons and couldn't be with me. So I brought a gift to surprise him at the driving school but he never showed up." Elly pointed out that at the time she wanted to break up but could not until several weeks later. In recent years she was no longer dating, used to living lone and she would not differentiate between people in the industry when looking for the other half.

Girl Group Bingo's Carman Kwan Ka Man participated in KING MAKER 3, but now that she has signed with Shaw she has been accused of betrayal. Carman said that her management company wanted her to develop as an actor, thus she would respect the company's decision. She admitted that she was upset by the negative criticism. "I am not in charge, I am in show business. Differentiations like this isn't OK. People would support me when I performed well on KING MAKER 3, but when I am at the other station they would say I am bad. They seem to be neglecting my hard work."

Most recently she participated in TVB's reality boxing show. She has already begun to train. Because in the past she only studied kung fu and had no boxing experience, earlier when she took her first shot in the face she really wanted to cry. However she also felt it was pretty fresh. Was she worried that the TVB boxing show would be accused of plagiarism? She felt that whatever she did someone would condemn her, thus she would still try to do her best and disappoint those who would not support her. The other member Odilia Chan Hon Kei would join Carmen on another TVB dance show. Odilia said that she had confidence in her dancing, but she ran into certain difficulty during the rehearsal and she got hurt easily. Once after rehearsing she realized that her calf was bruised.

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Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin and Gillian Chung Yun Tung two nights ago held the TIME LIVE TWINS 20 LOVE YOU ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION online broadcast and announced the good news that they have applied for their 20th anniversary concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum in May next year. They also shared their experience over the past 20 years and how they got along. Ah Gil described that her relationship with Ah Sa has already become marriage like. Ah Sa said that they were very casual and could not deliberately coax each other. They were in a very comfortable situation, even if Ah Gil missed a date they would be fine because that was their personality. They did not need to change each other. Ah Gil also praised Ah Sa as great.

During the game segment, they stared at each other, held hands and talked about their wishes. They could not help but laugh and pretended to kiss each other. Ah Sa wished Ah Gil well and said, "I wish you will always be happy and carefree!" Ah Gil responded, "Me too, me too." Then after they performed NEXT STOP TIN HAU, they spoke like they were giving their wedding vows. "No matter what happens we will never part, at age 60 we will still do cartwheels together!"


Michael Hui has not seen Liza Wang in two years and complains about not getting to hug and kiss her.

Mandy Wong wants to perform on the stage at least once a year
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Michael Hui wants to kiss Liza Wang, but once he learns that she has yet to be vaccinated they blow each other a kiss instead

Johnnie To presents the award to stage director Tang Wing Shu

Mandy Wong has worked with Tang Wing Shu before and come to show her support
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The 15th Hong Kong Arts Development Awards yesterday took place at the Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center. The comedy magnate Michael Hui Koon Man nd the internationally renowned stage director Tang Shu Wing both received the "Award or Outstanding Contribution in Arts". Hui Koon man shared how to face the pandemic optimistically. Appreciating the present was obvious. He even joked that in the past when he met with host Liza Wang Ming Chuen they were able to hug and kiss. Now they were only able to blow kisses through the mask.

Hui Koon Man spoke to the media after the award. He said that he has not seen Ah Jeh in two years. When they saw each other they would greet each other with a kiss. He said, "Now the experience is different, actually having or doing something very simple are already something to be happy about. After the pandemic we can only be happy, if we don't continue to be happy then we are dumb." Hui Koon Man joked that aside from family and friends, now he treated his cat at home even better. He would cherish the time they spent together, fight for every minute and every second to be with people he liked. Hui Koon Man admitted that he was the happiest about being able to remove the mask. He said, "I have never tried to wear a mask and talk on the stage before. Earlier I thought there will still be an award show? Would there be an audience? I am afraid of the lack of atmosphere. Actually having viewers is already something to be happy about." Hui Koon Man also lamented how the pandemic devastated the entertainment industry, even making cinemas close, the entire show business without jobs. He even joked that his brother Sam Hui Koon Kit and friend Alan Tam Wing Lun both got fat from eating too much.


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Growing up in Sham Po Shui, Francis Ng has a fondness for the district

Francis Ng says that cage homes and mansions are only a street apart.
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Francis Ng feels that his character's experience is like being abandoned

Francis Ng not only has to "add" to his appearance for the role but also do research in Sham Po Shui
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Francis Ng Chun Yu in the new film DRIFTING (SHOOK SHUI PIU LAU) played a homeless person who was just released from prison with a drug addiction. Faced with social inequality and discrimination, outrage was inevitable as he often used foul language to release his emotions. Yet the sharp dialogue could not escape the censors as the film received a category III rating. Chun Yu expressed helplessness and felt that the foul language was realistic, and not used just for the sake of using it. He instead asked whether any real life homeless would be well spoken. He also pointed out that the film was based on a true story. As an actor he also had to have the social moral and responsibility to speak up for the homeless.

The Jun Li Shek Chun directed, Ng Chun Yu, Loletta Lee Chun Lai, Chu Pak Hong, Cecilia Choi Sze Wan starred new film DRIFTING was based on a true story about a group of homeless who gathered under a Sham Po Shui bridge being neglected and marginalized by society, how they survived in the gap and at the same time fought for a strand of dignity of justice for themselves.

Ng Chun Yu in the film played a homeless person who was just released from prison and had a drug addiction. Originally he planned to return to hassle on the streets of Sham Shui Po after his release, but on the night of his release the Food and Environment Hygiene Department removed everything he owned. Outraged, he decided to sue the government with the fellow homeless for compensation and apology. Currently in Mainland, Ng Chun Yu earlier talked about his character over video conference. Ng Chun Yu said that this was a real life story that enraged even the homeless. During the shoot he was filled with questions. He revealed that when he was young he worked in Sham Shui Po and felt that this district was very special. Although the district had more of the lower class, after a few streets it also had many mansions. "The impression Sham Shui Po gave me was that it was very neighborly, like the feeling that the shanty town used to have. Although the district has more addicts, I don't feel it's very scary. I hope no one would stigmatize Sham Shui Po."

Earlier after DRIFTING's trailer was released, many online praised Ng Chun Yu's lines in the film and thought that he spoke for the people of Hong Kong. However the film due to foul language received a category III rating, which Ng Chun felt helpless about. He believed that the foul language was close to reality and not using foul language just for the sake of it. Instead he asked whether the homeless would be well spoken in reality. As for being called the golden quote king online, Ng Chun Yu stressed that he had no political stance. However he admitted that now there is less and less cheer, like Hong Kong have more and more properties but they are more and more expensive. He did not understand whether Hong Kong truly needs so many properties either.

Ng Chun yu in the film held on to his belief, would he be the same way in real life? He said, "When I was younger I would; now I would feel something might not be good to be persistent with, because no one knows whether your persistence is 100% correct. However this film is different, my character has everything he owns removed. If I make a mistake I would apologize, but if they make a mistake why are they only willing to make monetary compensation and no apology? Hence I would persist on getting an apology. In the film I said, 'Even when the government makes a mistake it has to apologize! Are the homeless easier to pick on now?' Actually the following two lines were what I wanted to speak up for them the most. 'Are people who sleep on the streets easier to pick on? Do those of us on welfare have to kneel?' Those lines are well worth everyone to consider." He also said that the cast and the crew had a lot of social moral and responsibility to speak up on behalf of the homeless. He hoped that viewers would be able to sense that.

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Best Actor Gordon Lam Ka Tung and new actor of South Asian descent Bipin Karma starred HAND-ROLLED CIGARETTE (SAU GUEN YIN) will open on June 17th. Yesterday the latest trailer was released. In it the Ka Tung played former Chinese British soldier turned Wise Guy met Wise Guy Bipin Karma, but "honor" bound them together in life and death situations. In the latest trailer, Ben Yuen Fu Wa played white haired, golden tooth mob boss while Tai Bo played a Taiwan mobster. Both were very eye catching!

The film in both test and advanced screenings received raves as industry insiders strongly supported it. Last year it even received 7 important nominations at the 57th Golden Horse Awards, selected to be the Golden Horse Film Festival closing film and the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival opening film. Earlier it was also invited to participate in the 16th Osaka Asian Film Festival and the 9th Singapore Chinese Film Festival as the opening film. Currently the film is representing Hong Kong in Udine.

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The first Hong Kong produced Bollywood film MY INDIAN BOYFRIEND starred the native born Indian Hong Konger Sing Ka Won (Karan Cholia) and a new generation goddess Shirley Chan Yan Yin interpreted a Hong Kong and Indian inter-racial love story. In the film Sing Ka Won faced various difficulties like racial discrimination, cultural and class differences, reflecting the problems minorities faced in Hong Kong with both laughter and tears.

Fluent in Cantonese, Sing Ka Won admitted the minority life in Hong Kong has been very hard. First they have to know the language, if not then making a living would be very hard as only labor type jobs would be available. He also urged everyone not to discriminate against them. "This time the character is able to express the difficulty of my compatriots' lives in Hong Kong. Although I haven't been discriminated against, I have many friends in Hong Kong. If they wrap their head people would call them 'Ah Cha'. I don't want to hear anything like that. We dislike hearing being called 'Ah Cha' the most, you can call us 'friend' but don't deliberately say it with an accent. We know we don't speak fluently, but we are integrating into the society. Most Hong Kong people's English isn't great, but we wouldn't make fun of them. We would teach them. So don't laugh at us. Everyone can work together."

In the film Sing Ka Won used many ways to pursue Chan Yan Yin, but in real life he said that he did not like to chase girls. Instead he felt anyone with the feeling would naturally get together. If you chase with your life you may be misunderstood as having nothing to do but meeting girls. As a minority, did he feel dating Hong Kong girls is very hard? He said, "That's right! Because they like baby face and Korean guys, but I feel Hong Kong girls are very independent and very high quality. I like independent women, girls who are hard to get. However I wouldn't differentiate between nationalities, as long as she's suitable I am OK."

In order to perform in the film, Sing Ka Won put a lot of hard work into the script. Because the script has Chinese and English, he added Pinyin on the Chinese lines to help with his delivery, so he spent a lot of time on memorizing his lines. Chan Yan Yin revealed that her co-star Sing Ka Won put pronunciation and pinyin symbols on the Chinese lines on the script, and she often saw him rehearsing them in a corner of the set. If she took an all English or Indian film, because it was not her native tongue she would feel how difficult it would be too. Thus she praised how great his performance was. Working with someone with a foreign heritage for the first time, Chan Yan Yin admitted that it was an enormous challenge. On the set they could communicate in English, but slowly she realized that it was not as difficult as she has imagined. However only before the production wrapped she learned that actually India had many different dialects itself. "Even the cinematographer said that he kept switching between Indian languages, because different people on the team were using different Indian dialects."

As for the kiss scene with Sing Ka Won, Chan Yan Yin said that at the time the production schedule was tight and they could only do it in one take. Thus they had to be very precise. The director also stressed that this scene was a goodbye kiss and had to be very passionate. Finally they finished it in one take. "I was very worried that we couldn't get it in one take, and the night scenes wouldn't have enough time to shoot." Speaking of the minority discrimination scenes in the film, did she experience it as a Hong Konger? She said, "The shoot took part last year at the peak of the pandemic, along the way we ran into many difficulties. Once we were shooting at the park, I heard some grandpa using terms like 'Ah Cha' to describe their shoot. That was very uncomfortable for them to hear."


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Tin Kai Man was a guest on Yeung Pan Pan's program and tried Sister Pan Pan's Shanghainese dish "Lion Head". With a passion for show business since childhood, Tai Gai in order to get into the business studied Choy Li Fut fist since he was little. He hoped to have an extra skill to be able to get into show business with, and claimed to be a martial art expert. "At the time I practiced on the roof, I always thought I was capable. I thought after studying kung fu I would get into the business easier, but after getting into the business whenever I had action scene I got hurt. Then I realized this business (action actor) wasn't right for me. Actually I now feel action actor's salary is too low, not enough to see the bonesetter with. Every action actor is bruised and battered, so I respect them more for using action to make a living."

Tai Gai continued, his first job in the business was an extra on television but his family did not support him. "They thought show business wasn't suitable for me, saying that I had no advantage over others. They would be very worried. However I wanted to get into the business, so I turned my back on my family. They even said, 'When you have no job you will understand'. Who knew that they would be right, for awhile I didn't have job. I reached rock bottom, spent all my savings, so I could only look for a normal job. On the day of the interview, I got a call to hire me for 'location scout' -- to checkout the production location." Tai Gai had a memorable experience as an extra. "One day I saw a black and white film era lead actor, who now is a support player. I thought 'Playing the lead doesn't mean you are the lead for life, the time would come when you would be eliminated'. Thus I started to sense a crisis and I had to improve myself; another crisis appeared when I was with (Stephen) Chow Sing Chi, at the time many people would say Tai Gai who follows Chow Sing Chi, but I thought 'what would happen if he retires?'"

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Model Louise Wong is rumored to be the lead actress
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This year would be the 18th anniversary of the music diva Anita Mui Yim Fong's passing. The Longman Leung directed and written film ANITA's first trailer has also been released. In it the camera closed in on the Hong Kong Coliseum and entered the dream stage of many. Under the cheer of the audience, a tune that everyone was familiar arose. In an elegant white wedding gown, the shadow that everyone missed in a crowd of workers slowly elevated onto the stage. Everyone through the silver screen would be able to reminisce about this daughter of the Hong Kong people, Anita Mui Yim Fong. Edko Film's Bill Kong Chi Keung revealed how the idea of making this biography for Sister Mui: to make up for the regret of unable to work together on THE HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS. In order to find the right lead actress, he spent three years' time.

Edko Film's Bill Kong Chi Keung revealed that when he first had the idea of making this film, it was due to a promise to Sister Mui. He recalled, "When Edko Film was still a small film company, Sister Mui was already was popular singer. However she did not mind that we were a small company and agreed to promote for one of the film we distributed CASTLE IN THE SKY, to this day I am still grateful for her heroic assistance. Years later, on a certain day in 2003, Sister Mui asked me to meet with her. She hoped that I would be able to make a movie for her to leave the world. At the time director Zhang Yimou and I deliberately designed a character for her in THE HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS (SUP MIN MAI FOOK); unfortunately in the end because her passing we were unable to fulfill her final wish. For years I still remember her unfulfilled dream; because of my relationship with Sister Mui I still hope to fulfill her final wish and to make up for the regret of unable to work together on THE HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS! Thus it became my first intention to make the movie ANITA."

In order to fulfill Sister Mui's remaining wish, Kong Chi Keung around 3 years go finally found the suitable actors, director and screenplay. He said, "Over the years we have been waiting for a good script, a good director, and even more importantly an actor with the spirit of Sister Mui to appear. We spent over 3 years to find for the suitable choice all over Asia, finally we were able to find this newcomer who played Mui Yim Fong in the film. Without her, we couldn't make this film. To our entire film it was not only luck but also a type of destiny. In the same manner without this thoughtful director Longman Leung, we wouldn't be able to finish ANITA either." Kong Chi Keung also praised Sister Mui as absolutely the daughter of Hong Kong people. He admired Sister Mui's professionalism and respect for the profession. Rising from a child singer at the Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park to a Heavenly Queen, her spirit of struggle to the final moment, her belief in never giving up exactly represented the spirit of Hong Kong people. He hoped that more Hong Kong people would be able to see this film and receive this message of positive energy, especially during hard times. The film will be able to cheer for Hong Kong!

Director Longman Leung recalled when COLD WAR 2 (HONG JIN 2) was still in the post production editing phase he met with Kong Chi Kong. "He told me that he has always wanted to make a Sister Mui biography and asked if I would be able to direct it. I told him, 'Since you chose today to tell me about this wish, it is very hard for me to turn it down.' Because that day was December 30th, the day Sister Mui left us. I was fortunate enough to have run into ANITA in my screenwriting and directing career. From research, script confirmation, casting, production, editing to post production, my biggest impression is Mui Yim Fong once appeared in Hong Kong; we were lucky to have her."

He also said that the film would not only chronicle Sister Mui but also Hong Kong's 80s. Sister Mui meant the typical child of Hong Kong to him. "Although she started in a lowly place, with her hard work she made a career for herself; she never let the fame go to her head, often would put her family and friends in her heart; whenever the community was in need she would never turn away; no matter what hardship she ran into, she never gave up. Sister Mui's life on a certain level represented the story of us Hong Kongers' struggle."


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Irene Wan Bik Ha yesterday visited an organic farm in Tai Po to get close to nature. When she saw the alpacas at the farm she could not be happier and went to feed them like a child. She even bought two dolls home for her animal loving son.

Irene said that her husband did not want to overwork herself, but she still hoped to continue her dream; which she said was founding a film company. Her latest production OUR EIGHTEEN (NGOR MOON DIK 18 SHUI) has been under preparation for years, the script alone took 3 years. She was looking for a newcomer to play her in her youth. The film will work with Louis Koo Tin Lok's film company One Cool Film. Would Goo Jai play a role? She said that he was very busy, for now she has not made a decision. However she said that Goo Jai has always wanted Hong Kong film to thrive. Irene said that although her company was small. So far it has only made its 3rd production, but she hoped to make even more different genre films in the future and bring back the full bloom of the 90s Hong Kong film.

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For the week starting Saturday, May 22 2021 (Week 21)


  Can : Si Lim Jik Dei Yuk
  Jay Fung Won Him

  Can : Sun Kei Dik Wu Toh Mor Yeuk
  Terence Lam Ka Him

  Can : Lau Ha Loi Dik Yun
  C AllStar

  Ivana Wong Yuen Chi

  1 @princejoyce
  Joyce Cheng Yun Yi feat. Ansonbean

[2021.05.26] FOR THE WEEK ENDING SUNDAY, MAY 23 2021

For the week ending Sunday May 23 2021
Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Movies Hong Kong

  AKA : Gum Chin Dai Gok 2 Sei Dai Tam Jeung
  AKA : Gum Chin Dai Gok: Din Fung ji Jin
    d. Wong Jing, Woody Hui Yui Ming
    Louis Koo Tin Lok, Tony Leung Ka Fai,
      Francis Ng Chun Yu, Gordon Lam Ka Tung,
      Philip Keung Ho Man, Michelle Hu Yan, Kent Cheng Juk Si
      Jacky Cai Jie, Jazz Lam Tsz Sin, Mimi Kung Chi Yan,
      Wilfred Lau Ho Lung, Dominic Ho Ho Man,
      Raymond Wong Ho Yin, Eric Li Tin Cheung
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 105 mins.
  Opening April 29 2021
  Opening May 1 2021 in Mainland China
  Trailer :

    In the early 70s, when Hong Kong was under British colonial rule, corruption was as rampant as ever. The majority of the Hong Kong Police Force collaborated with the triads. As king of the corruption empire, Chinese detective sergeant Lak Chui colluded with Cripple Ho, lord of the underworld, and made almost ten billion dollars through bribery in ten years' time.

    Lawyer Hank Chan despised this kind of illegal acceptance of benefits. He believed this would deprive the general public of their opportunity to fight for their own rights if they could not afford black money. His luck came when Hank met Nash Pak, his old friend who came back from England. Nash admired Hank’s integrity, and hence invited him to join the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), an anti-corruption organization directly accountable to the Governor of Hong Kong. Hank and Nash selected a team of elites, forming the first team of ICAC investigators, and cracked down hard on the underground laws of Hong Kong.

    Their first target was Lak Chui and Cripple Ho. After tremendous efforts, initial results were seen. But what followed was a series of counter-attack by Lak Chui and Cripple Ho. The team members of the Commission were being threatened and persecuted. However, Hank's confidence did not falter at these setbacks. He was even more determined to remove these two tigers from the scene. The fight between the righteous and the evil had begun.

  Can : Tai Tai, Ching Siu Sum Hing Fong
    d. Touya Sato
    Haruka Ayase, Hidetoshi Nishijima
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 120 mins.
  Opening May 2 2021 (Preview)
  Opening May 13 2021
  Trailer :

    The mighty wife returns!

    A newlywed wife hides her past as a secret agent and beats up one bad guy after another like an action star. The identity of her husband (an agent of the Public Security Bureau) is gradually disclosed through a thrilling plot development. This story about a husband and wife who lie to each other but love each other nonetheless garnered attention.

    d. Vadim Perelman
    Nahuel Perez Biscayart, Lars Eidinger, Jonas Nay

    d. Chloe Zhao
    Frances McDormand

  Can : Jun Sam Gok Mo Seung
  Lit : Real Three Kingdoms No Double
    d. Roy Chow Hin Yeung
    Tony Yang, Han Geng, Justin Cheung Kin Sing, Gulinazha,
      Wang Kai, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Ray Lui Leung Wai, Carina Lau Ka Ling,
      Lam Suet, Philip Keung Ho Man, Law Kar Ying, Eddie Cheung Siu Fai,
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 118 mins.
  Opening May 2020 (Postponed)
  Opening April 29 2021
  Teaser :

    Two thousand years ago in China, there was a mysterious power called "Musou". Any warrior with this power could defeat a million of enemy soldiers on his own, those who could control "Musou" were named as The Heroes of "Mosou". Towards the end of Eastern Han Dynasty, The Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out as the government gradually became extremely corrupted at all levels. Liu Bei (a civilian) led Guan Yu (a horsekeeper) and Zhang Fei (a butcher) to defeat the Yellow Turban Rebellion, but they got set up by corrupted officials, and hunted by the Imperial army.

    At the same time, Dong Zhuo saw the opportunity to take control of theempire. Cao Cao (a junior official) could not tolerate the chaos caused by Dong Zhou and attempted to assassinate him but failed. Many warlords responded to this incident and formed a coalition against Dong Zhuo. In this campaign, Cao Cao also formed his own army to participate in this battle. Liu Bei, with his two sworn brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei volunteered to join the coalition. However, the warlords ridiculed them due to their professions, except Cao Cao appreciating Liu Bei. After Guan Yu killed the general Hua Xiong, the invincible "Mosou" warrior Lu Bu with his amazing fighting talents scared all the warlords to run away from the battle, except Liu Bei , Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Cao Cao stayed behind to face the battle together. The showdown between these three warriors marked the beginning of Three Kingdoms era...

    d. Florian Zeller
    Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Colman, Mark Gatiss,
      Imogen Poots, Rufus Sewell, Olivia Williams

    d. Zhang Yimou
    Yu Hewei, Zhang Yi, Qin Hailu, Zhu Yawen,
      Liu Haocun, Ni Dahong, Li Niwen
  Opening April 30 2021
  Trailer :
  Site :

    In 1934, the Japanese military has built a fortress for inhumane medical experiments. However, one man – Wang Ziyang – manages to escape the fortress alive.

    Chinese intelligence forms a task force to intercept Wang for information about the fortress. But when the puppet government learns of the mission, they use any means necessary to stop the team from finding their man.

    d. Kevin McDonald
    Tahir Rahim, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jodie Foster, Shailene Woodley

  Can : Gum Dong Ngor 77 Chi
  Lit : Affect Me 77 Times
    d. Herman Yau Lai To
    Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Pakho Chau, Mario Maurer,
      Kara Wai Ying Hung, Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi, Candy Lo Hau Yam,
      Michelle Wai Sze Nga, Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Rock Ji, Gillian Chung Yun Tung,
      J. Arie (Lui Sum Yu), C Kwan, Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui, Lok Wing,
      Bob Lam Sing Bun, Terence Siufay, Francis Ng Chun Yu
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 94 mins.
  Opening May 14 2021
  Trailer :

    A couple enters the graveyard of love -- marriage. The challenge facing Adam is whether his love is enough for Eva to achieve a happy ending!

    d. Justin Lin
    Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster,
      Tyrese Gibson, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges,
      Nathalie Emmanuel, Charlize Theron, John Cena, Sung Kang,


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The Emperor Motion Pictures presents the multiple award winning, first 4K Dolby Atmos Cantonese Opera film WHITE SNAKE is Zhang Xianfeng directed, with the stage version's Cantonese Opera troupe members, the state's first class actors Zeng Xiaomin and Wen Ruqin as its stars and Wang Yanfei and Zhu Hongxing its co-stars. The film has been slated for a June 3rd Hong Kong release.

The film used 4K technology, over 90% of the film had special effect shots. In order to bring about the most Eastern aesthetics and shocking visual effects, top special effect teams of the Mainland, Australia and New Zealand worked together to complete the visual effects portion and bring about the classic story with fantasy effects. Director Zhang Xianfeng merged WHITE SNAKE visuals into the simplicity and the aura that Song Dynasty art was in pursuit of, preserving traditional Chinese opera spirit while injecting the Eastern artistic concepts.


Karan Cholia and Shirley Chan have a kiss scene that she describes as a "Western kiss"

Salad is also in the film and her boyfriend Poki shows his support
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Salad and Poki appear one after the other

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Andy Chi Ching and Poki
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The film MY INDIAN BOYFRIEND last night held its premiere. Lead actress Shirley Chan Yan Yin revealed that in the film she and lead actor Karan Cholia (Sing Ka Won) had a goodbye kiss scene in a taxi. She even took the initiative. The director asked for them to finish the scene before sunset, so at the time they were very rushed and had to get it in one take. She did not get to be embarrassed because she knew that they were in hurry. During the shoot she was unable to worry too much. Before hand she told her boyfriend, who was very supportive of her work. For now she has not tried even more daring intimate scenes, and she admitted it was both her and the lead actor's first on screen kiss. Before shooting this scene she watched movies to learn from. She joked that because she knew the Westerners would "turn left and right" during their kiss scene, during the shoot she "turned left and right" as well and described it as a "Western kiss".

Charlotte Cheung Pui Lok (Salad) took part in the film, her ERROR member boyfriend Poki came to show his support. It was their first public event after publicizing their romance. When Poki and his singer friend took photos together, reporters suggested for Salad to join in. Both she and Poki turned them down. Poki said, "Let's not, I am just here to show my support". Then he vanished in flash, leaving his girlfriend to be interviewed alone.

Salad explained that she declined for photo opportunity with her boyfriend to keep from stealing the spotlight, as she wanted to respect the film premiere. After ERROR's television show aired, Poki received online support. Salad admitted that she was happy for him, the most important was that everyone supported him. She mentioned that she listened to her boyfriend's new song and praised him for his hard work. She however did not want to talk too much bout her relationship, as she was afraid of disrespecting the leads of the film. As for whether they would work as a couple, she stated that she did not mind. The most important was that they were happy, comfortable and everyone would accept it. She said that dating was between two people and she wanted to keep it low key, but she was not afraid of being caught. She would not avoid anyone either. Dating was happy and simple, she did not want it to be too complicated and hoped that everyone would give them space.