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Louis Koo has been testing everyday recently

Raymond Lam does not mind getting hurt from fight scenes in order to achieve higher quality

Terrance Lau received many well wishes from friends

Deon Cheung tested positive, sending his film production in a panic
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Artist Deon Cheung Chung Chi earlier announced online that he tested positive for COVID. He just worked on a new film with Louis Koo Tin Lok and Raymond Lam Fung, which led the team into a panic. Koo Tin Lok two nights ago pointed out that he has yet to test positive, while co-star Terrance Lau Chun Him also said that he received a lot of well wishes.

As the fifth wave of the pandemic in Hong Kong erupted, music, television and radio all had infected groups. Two days ago Cheung Chung Chi pointed out that he tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Actually he took part in the Koo Tin Lok and Lam Fung starred film KOWLOON WALLED CITY (GAU LUNG SING JAI WAI SING) and wrapped up his production on the 22nd, only three days from his initial diagnosis. In other words Cheung Chung Chi might have been at work while the virus was in its dormant period. The team was instantly sent into a panic and it worried about a new infected group. The cast and the crew took serious precautions and frequently tested for the virus.

Koo Tin Lo two nights ago said that he was not infected. "Thank you everyone for your concern, because of work I have been testing nonstop recently. All the tests were negative. I wish Chung Chi a speedy recovery and good health for everyone." Lau Chun Him who took part in the film yesterday pointed out that he received well wishes from friends. "First I have to thank them for their concern. We are testing everyday, as for the production I would cooperate with the company's testing process." Chu Pak Hong also took part in the film, but because he did not have too many scenes lately he did not need to return to the set for work. He said, "I still have two more units, but lately I wouldn't need to go back. I haven't been on the set with Cheung Chung Chi, but of course I am worried for them. I now am keeping up with the testing." The film's director Soi Cheang Pou Soi said that the team everyday before work would test, during the shoot all preventive measures would be taken to ensure safety. For now the cast and the crew have been fine and he wished Cheung Chung Chi a speedy recovery.

KOWLOON aside from the Cheung Chung Chi also ran into a lot of obstacles. Since the film paid a lot of attention on its action scenes, it hired Donnie Yen Chi Tan's disciple Kenji Tanigaki to be the action director. Due to how demanding he has been, actors like Lam Fung and Lau Chun Him were bruised all over from the training. Also due to taking too much time to learn the stunts and repeated shoots, the film would have difficult with making its originally scheduled March production wrap date. Everyday they had to shoot overtime to make up. At the peak the cast and the crew went for 22 hours straight, which was rather rare in the film industry. Many crew members complained and called the team the "crew of darkness"! Director Cheang Pou Soi also admitted that they worked a full 22 hours in order to make the wrap date, but it was only for a day or two. Kenji Tanigaki's demands were normal. He thanked the cast for working hard to coordinate. The stunts led to some injuries but nothing major.

Lam Fung talked about getting hurt on the set. "It's inevitable, how can there be no scratches from working on fight scenes? They are normal, the production has been very safe. (Reportedly the shoot has been very demanding and kept have to repeat takes?) No one would be blamed, we are all the same crew. Sometimes we would ask for another take ourselves, we want something with good quality. (You would rather suffer for that?) It's worth it! (Would you be sick of all the fighting?) I enjoy it, if I don't fight I would get restless."

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Aaron Kwok was last year's Hong Kong International Film Festival ambassador
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The Hong Kong International Film Festival Association yesterday announced that due to how severe the pandemic has been, the government would extend the social distancing pandemic prevention measures like shutting down cinemas and public entertainment venues to April 20th. Thus the 46th Hong Kong International Film Festival that was originally scheduled for March 31st to April 11th would be postponed.

The association pointed out that it is studying various viable solutions and planning to bring back this year's film festival at an appropriate time. The already cancelled Cinefan program would also return once cinemas would open up again.

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For the week starting Saturday, FEBRUARY 19 2022 (Week 8)


  Can : Joi Gein Ji Tung Yeuk

  Fatboy (Leung Yip)

  Janice Vidal (Wai Lan)

  Can : Gai Dap
  Phil Lam Yik Hon

  Can : Seung Joi Wor Nei Hon Yin Fa
  Alan Po (Bo Chi Lun)

[2022.02.23] JUST FOR FUN

COLLAR takes the baton from their elders MIRROR as chicken spokespeople.
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COLLAR dresses in black and white to work on the fried chicken commercial 
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ViuTV's new girl group COLLAR just started in the business but has already become an advertiser favorite. Recently it became a fried chicken store chain's spokespeople. The promo was unveiled yesterday as its eight members were decked out in black and white, showed off their dance skills as everyone took big bites to enjoy the fried chicken. Many "ex husbands" (husbands of MIRROR fans) excitedly left messages and said, "Fried chicken for every meal", "Tell the ex wife no need to cook anymore", some even praised COLLAR for making the brand younger.

In addition, two nights ago COLLAR's manager Dai Wing on social media posted a capture of her conversation with several members, revealing that Day asked whether she would get a fried chicken discount? Because Wing has always been rather strict with the eight members' diet, Ivy So responded with a frightened mouse sticker and joked, "Wing probably would ask them if they see us buying they have to say the prices have gone up." Wing immediately praised how smart Ivy was. Winka said, "I want stickers, just one sheet."


We here at TOP TEN CENTRAL weren't sure about COLLAR...until NOW.

Mmmmm chicken...
(video courtesy of COLLAR ARCHIVE)

MIRROR gets everyone "together" for a promo
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Pacific Century Group chief Richard Li Tzar Kai earlier announced that its boy band MIRROR would serve a pandemic prevention ambassador as they shot a promo to encourage the people to stay home and fight the pandemic.  The short video, titled MIRROR fights the pandemic with you hand in hand, two nights ago was released on ViuTV's official channels.

The promo is around 19 seconds long, all 12 members wore masks, with 5 of them speaking first. Captain Lokman Yeung took the lead, "Recently the pandemic has grown severe, everyone must remember to strengthen personal hygiene, wear a mask and wash your hands often."  Then vice captain Anson Kong said, "Stay at home, don't go out!"  Keung To continued, "Those with the elderly and 
children need to pay extra special care."  Edan Lui Cheuk On said, "Everyone of us should do our part."  Then Anson Lo followed, "I also want to think the healthcare personnel for their contribution to everyone."  Finally all 12 members said together, "Unite and fight the pandemic."

When the big boss asks....
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Chor Yuen's final public appearance was his acceptance of the Hong Kong Film Award Lifetime Achievement Award.
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Chor Yuen said, "Tomorrow will always be better than yesterday."  Probably what many Hong Kong people look forward to now.
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Chor Yuen passed away at age 88.  Earlier the media quoted the birth year from his 2018 Hong Kong Film Awards' Lifetime Achievement Award presentation, which was incorrect.  His son Cheung Sze Lok in the obituary wrote that his father was born in 1933.

In 1998 Chor Yuen received the Hong Kong Film Award Professional Spirit Award with his wife Nam Hung and son Cheung Sze Lok

Chor Yuen directed over 100 films and made great contributions to Hong Kong film.  
Anita Lee would coax Chor Yuen with "Dad" in their TVB series FAMILY SQUAD.  30 years later, she still called him by that.

Chor Yuen directed the classic film THE GREAT DEVOTION in 1960

Jackie Chan worked with Chor Yuen on POLICE STORY

In 1993 Sammi Cheng worked with Chor Yuen on the TVB series THE VAMPIRE RETURNS

The 1977 film DEATH DUEL was Chor Yuen's classic film

Chor Yuen and Nam Hung wed in 1967

At Chor Yuen's birthday banquet in 2017, industry friends celebrated his and Nam Hung's golden wedding anniversary.  Their son Cheung Sze Lok was present as well.
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Famous Hong Kong director Chor Yuen (originally named Cheung Bo Kin) two days ago passed away at age 88. Chor Yuen's son Cheung Sze Lok yesterday issued an obituary to the media and eulogized his father with a Xiang Gu Song dynasty poem. He expressed that he would obey his late father's wishes and keep everything simple, as the funeral would be closed door and family only. He wished that those who cared would remember him a little each time they watched Hong Kong film.

Chor Yuen was deeply respected by younger generations. Artists and directors would miss the director upon hearing about Chor Yuen's passing, remembering his sense of humor and caring of younger generations. They also praised him for his numerous contributions to show business, film and television industries.

Director Wong Jing eulogized "God Sifu" Chor Yuen on social media. "Director Chor Yuen was a teacher I respected. While at Shaw, I always had the early shift and he always worked late. After I got out of work, I would run over to his set. It would always be lunch and he would always be eating on the set; on such a large set, two people with over 20 years in age difference would chat everyday for a hour. From him I learned enough to be used for a lifetime. When I learned wasn't about making movies, but about life. A lot of my philosophy in life I borrowed from him. Mr. Lau Tin Chi who taught me screenwriting was my 'sifu', so I loved to call him 'god sifu'. Instead of Bruce Lee, I feel Chor Yuen was able to 'be water' more. No matter the environment, the trend, how big the storm, he was able to adapt and cause a stir. In addition, he himself was also an literary youth. In his life, I believe God Sifu absolutely had no regret. I wish him a safe journey, may we be destined to see each other again."

Jackie Chan still remembered the elder's philosophy. "Memories of working with elder Chor Yuen on the POLICE STORY film series are still very clear. Looking back, so many years have already passed. He once said, 'For anyone, no matter how glorious you were yesterday, no matter how disappointed you were yesterday, tomorrow when you get up you still have to be a person, live on; tomorrow will always be better than yesterday, this is life.' We as your junior would always remember your words. May you rest in peace. Have a safe journey."

Director Gordon Chan Ka Seung posted the video of Chor Yuen's Lifetime Achievement Award Hong Kong Film Award acceptance speech on social media and wrote, "Uncle Chor Yuen, at the Shaw's Studio I made props and designed stunts for you to later I was able to have you star and I directed, the lessons that you taught me would be more than I could use in a lifetime. Have a safe journey."

Chor Yuen and his wife Nam Hung (originally named So Suk Mei) have been together for over half a century and were the model couple in the business. Nam Hung was a famous Cantonese opera actress, Cantonese Film actress, singer, and television series actress since the 70s. In many films that Chor Yuen directed, Nam Hung was the lead actress.

Chor Yuen and Nam Hung met early in their careers. A screenwriter at the time, Chor Yuen through the introduction of his father Cheung Woot Yau met the extra Nam Hung. They knew each other for a long time before starting to date. Nam Hung on a radio interview revealed her romance with Chor Yuen. She said that at the time actors loved to return to the company for tea at 2 PM. When others left, usually only she and Chor Yuen were left and they would go to the movies together. Finally they got engaged with their parents as witnesses on Christmas Eve. After a two year engagement, while Nam Hung was touring the U.S. Chor Yuen proposed over a long distance phone call. They wed in 1967, had one son and spent over half a century together. Nam Hung earlier at an event denied rumors that her husband had dementia.

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Chor Yuen made great contributions to Hong Kong film and left many works of excellence
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Chor Yuen passed away at the age of 87

In 2018 Chor Yuen received his Hong Kong Film Awards Lifetime Achievement Award with his wife Nam Hung and granddaughter

Chor Yuen's father was famous Cantonese film actor Cheung Woot Yau

The Chor Yuen directed Cantonese film HOUSE OF 72 TENANTS made over HK$ 5.6 million and set the box office record at the time

Chor Yuen in the TVB situation series FAMILY SQUAD
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Coming from a film family, famous director and actor Chor Yuen (originally named Cheung Bo Kin) yesterday passed away at age 87.

According to the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers' Tin Kai Man, "It happened in the afternoon, he went very peacefully. His family was by his side. In the morning he was not feeling too well. His wife called 999, he was rushed to the hospital. Two hours later he passed."

Chor Yuen's father was famous Cantonese film actor Cheung Woot Yau. His classic line of "all for one and one for all" still endured today. Under his father's influence, Chor Yuen started in Cantonese film in 1956 as a film screenwriter under the pen name Chun Yu and nicknamed, "Cheung Bo Jai". In 1958 he assisted then famous director Chun Kim on AUTUMN COMES TO PURPLE ROSE GARDEN (JI MEI YUEN DIK CHAU TIN). In the same year he directed GRASS BY THE LAKE (WU BOON CHO). In 1960 he made the critical and commercial hit tragedy THE GREAT DEVOTION (HOR LIN TIN HA FU MO SUM).

In 1973, Chor Yeun adapted the pre war play into Shaw's first Cantonese comedy film THE HOUSE OF 72 TENANTS (CHUT SUP YI GA FONG HAK). Due to its social satire subject, it set a new Hong Kong film box office record with over HK$ 5.6 million, broke the box office record that Golden Harvest held with Bruce Lee films, became the Hong Kong film box office champion and even helped the growth of Cantonese film in Hong Kong.

Chor Yuen was best known for his series of wuxia films based on Gu Long wuxia novels since 1976, like THE SENTIMENTAL SWORDSMAN (DOR CHING GIM HAK MO CHING GIM), DEATH DUEL (SAM SIU YEH DIK GIM), KILLER CLANS (LAU SING WU DIP GIM), THE MAGIC BLADE (TIN NGAI MING YUET DOH), CLAN OF INTRIGUE (CHOR LAU HEUNG) and others. He along with Lee Han-Hsiang, King Hu (Wu Kam Chuen), and Chang Cheh were known as the "Four Great Generals" as the founding fathers of Hong Kong wuxia films. In the 1980s he directed films with Chow Yun Fat and Stephen Chow Sing Chi.

Chor Long since then also performed in television series, the most memorable of which was the TVB situation comedy series (FAMILY SQUAD). After retiring from show business he lived like a recluse and only met with good friends from his Shaw's days. His most recent appearance was in 2018 at the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards when he accepted the Lifetime Achievement Awards. His acceptance speech on the stage became a golden quote. He said that Mona Fong Yat Wa ripped up a notice and yelled at him for not knowing how to make a movie, as he became the most awkward director at Shaw's. He said, "However it's the word life, you get up and be a person, you keep living, because tomorrow will always be better than yesterday. This is life. 'Nevermind all that happens under the sky, causally laugh a few chuckles.' When you remember the past, you don't regret or hate over a variety of impotence, you aren't ashamed because you have wasted your youth, then you can very proudly tell yourself, you haven't wasted this life!"

Chor Yuen's wife was Cantonese Opera actress Nam Hung. After over 50 years of marriage they remained loving as ever and were seen as show business role models.

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Teresa Mo went to visit her daughters in Canada for Christmas and is still stuck there due to the pandemic
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Teresa Mo Kwan Shun recently added the nickname of "MIRROR MA" because she in one breath took 3 movies, in all of which she worked with MIRROR members Keung To, Jer, Edan and Anson Lo; since good friend Anita Lee Yuen Wa is rather fond of the 12 members of MIRROR, yesterday they worked together on their first internet channel joint broadcast. Lee Yuen Wa stated that she would be "drooling" over Sister Mo's ability to work with MIRROR boys as she kept asking for details.

Yesterday Sister Mo and Lee Yuen Wa had a joint online broadcast, Sister Mo who had close contact with 4 members of MIRROR revealed the side that few knew about. she said that Keung To actually was a "problem child", Jer was "exploding with sweetness", Anson Lo was "very nice", Edan even received the highest rave as Sister Mo could not help but happily reveal that she and Edan would play mother and son again in a new film.

Sister Mo in GOR SI GOR JIK worked with Edan and Anson Lo. Although she had very few scenes with Anson Lo, Sister Mo praised Anson Lo was a very nice boy. He constantly would feel guilty and ask for opinions. Playing her son Edan received nothing but praise from Sister Mo. "He is very well raised, you can tell his parents put a lot of effort and education into cultivating him. What he says makes sense, among he 4 he is the most intelligent and he has very high emotional quotient. With a son like this everyday you would be very happy, I believe anyone as a parent would 'long' to have a son like him. If you can guarantee I am able o have a son like his, I wouldn't mind having another! He even put a lot of heart into his acting, someone who wouldn't give up and want to do his best. I really like him!"

As many would know, Sister Mo and Keung To constantly took photos of the other sleeping while working on MAMA'S AFFAIR (AH MA YAU JOR DAI YI GOR). Sister Mo said, "Keung To is very mischievous and very cute, a master of sneaky photography who really likes to catch people asleep. I ended up getting no good sleep, sometimes when I unknowingly fell asleep then I would be in trouble. Once he caught me asleep with my mouth wide open and eyes rolled back. I really would have chased him down nine streets, pulled off all of his clothes to get him to remove the video! He also is a 'problem child' with a lot of questions to ask, if you couldn't answer him he couldn't quit. He would not let go. Once I tried to not keep be crazy with him and leave, I didn't expect him to follow and keep asking. He brought a lot of joy to the shoot."

Sister Mo also said that the just as cute Jer should not be ignored. "Jer is more reserved and shy. This time was his first movie, so he was very focused on the character. However I saw my assistant's daily videos, he tried to sing through a board for me his Mommy. He even did the heart gesture. He really was very sweet." Sister Mo concluded that each of the 4 MIRROR kids were different, each were cute. Keung To had his own charm, Jer had his own cuteness, simple minded, and made everyone very comfortable; in the end Sister Mo even revealed that in her upcoming new film she would again work with Edan.

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Nicholas Tse will work on a new film about the Customs

Ting Fung ignores warnings, rushes back to Hong Kong before the pandemic eases and begins to prepare for his new film

Playing a blind mother, Kara Wai's superb acting made many viewers cry
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Nicholas Tse Ting Fung's performance in the film RAGING FIRE (NO FOR) has received raves but was unable to net him a Hong Kong Film Award nomination. His manager Mani Fok Man Hei stated that she was surprised and disappointed. Although this year he was destined not to compete for the HKFA Best Actor, Ting Fung still strongly supported Hong Kong film. Earlier he even secretly returned to Hong Kong to prepare for Herman Yau Lai To's new film.

Reportedly two days ago he secreted returned to Hong Kong from Beijing to prepare for the Yau Lai To directed new film. On the day of his return fans even caught him at the Hong Kong airport. Dressed in black and a cap he hurried into a vehicle after exiting the gate and the airport. Due to the raging pandemic in Hong Kong, the crew has urged Ting Fung to return only after the pandemic eased. The film's production start date always went from the end of February to early March. However because Ting Fung this time would also serve as action director, he insisted upon departing as scheduled. After returning to Hong Kong he even immediately met with the crew. The new film's story would be about the Customs. This year's Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress nominee Cya Liu would also participate. Her LIMBO performance has earned her praises as she became hot property in the film industry. Being able to work with the Emperor elder Ting Fung, she naturally grasped the opportunity and actively prepared for the role in order to be at her best when work would start.

Mani replied when asked if Ting Fung would work on Yau Lai To's new film. "Yes, now it's in pre production preparation. However the related detailed would have to wait until the film company's announcement."

Hong Kong Film Awards controversies were not just limited to the Best Actor category. Playing a blind mother in SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE (YUT LO TUNG HUNG), Kara Wai Ying Hung also was not nominated. The former HKFA and Golden Horse Award Best Actress drove many viewers to tears with her eyes and acting. She would have a Best Actress nomination favorite, but in the end she missed out.

In addition, the outside also had questions about the Best New Director and the Best New Performer nominations. The CAUGHT IN TIME (CHUI BO)'s Best New Director nominee Lau Ho Leung was nominated again since TWO THUMBS UP (CHUNG FUNG CHE) in the same category, but actually the upper limit for nominees was two films. Thus Lau Ho Leung met the criteria. As for Will Or Wai Lam, how was he able to vie for the Best New Performer despite participating in WEEDS ON FIRE (DIM NG BO) and NO. 1 CHUNG YING STREET? According to the qualification, the nominee would be eligible if her or she has never participated in a lead or supporting role. Thus he also met the criteria.

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ANITA's cast and crew are excited about the film's film festival participation

Keung To is very excited about his film debut's participation in the film festival
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Keung To and Jer Lau put a lot of effort into their film debut

Teresa Mo has many fans in Japan
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MAMA'S AFFAIR director Kearen Pang and actress Teresa Mo hope more people would recognize new Hong Kong actors

Keung To and Jer Lau are both surprised and pleased that their film debut would participate in the international film festival

Louise Wong (right) hopes that even more people would get to know the legendary Hong Kong heavenly queen Anita Mui

MY INDIAN BOYFRIEND, FAR FAR AWAY and THE FIRST GIRL I LOVED would also participate in the festival's Special Focus on Hong Kong 2022 segment
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Keung To and his MIRROR bandmate Jer Lau Ying Ting made their film debut with Best Actress Teresa Mo Shun Kwan in the Kearen Pang Sau Wai directed Emperor Motion Picture MAMA'S AFFAIR (AH MA YAU JOR DAI YI GOR), which would participate in the 17th Osaka Asian Film Festival. Keung To was surprised and hoped that the Japanese audience would be able to sense their effort. Jer was excited and hoped that everyone through this would pay more attention to new Hong Kong actors.

Keung To and Jer's first film would participate in an overseas film festival. Keung To admitted that he was surprised. "I am very happy that MAMA'S AFFAIR would be able to participate in the Osaka Asian Film Festival. This is my first movie, I never thought that my first movie would already be able to participate in an international film festival. I feel very honored and hoped that the Japanese audience would sense our effort through the Japanese subtitle version. Everyone please support the film, thank you!"

Also making his debut on the big screen, Jer was excited about the film's Osaka Asian Film Festival participation. "This is Keung To's and my first movie. We put a lot of effort into it. I am very happy that this film would be able to break out of Hong Kong and the Japanese audience would be able to enjoy it. As a new comer, this film was a great learning opportunity. The international film festival participation would be a bonus. I hope everyone through this would pay more attention to new Hong Kong actors, so the Hong Kong show business would bloom in full more and more; I want to thank director Pang Sau Wai in particular. She very thoughtful taught us acting. Acting wise, Keung To's and my experience are relatively thin. In the preparation behind hand she put a lot of thought into assisting us with getting into our characters. She is a great director. In addition Sister Mo also kept teaching us thoughtfully. I am very happy to be able to work with different elders. At the same time thank you to the behind the scene workers, who took great care of us so we were able to give our best performance on screen."

Mo Shun Kwan was extra excited and said that it was like a shot of confidence. "I am very happy, especially when the pandemic has made everything exceptional dull. Hearing this good news, my spirit immediately lifted! I hope all viewers would like MAMA'S AFFAIR, which in the future would be able to participate in different film festivals and have success!"

Director Pang Sau Wai with her directing debut 29+1 won the Osaka Asian Film Festival audience award. She was elated about MAMA'S participation in the Osaka Asian Film Festival. "I am very happy, I have a special connection with the Osaka Asian Film Festival. The first movie I directed 29+1 also won an award at this film festival. I am very touch to be able to participate in it again......very regrettably this year I won't be able to personally attend the film festival." Pang Sau Wai even hoped that the Japanese audience through this would get to know new Hong Kong actors.

The film ANITA would participate in the 17th Osaka Asian Film Festival in March. Director Longman Leung said, "In the 80s and the 90s Japanese pop culture deeply influenced Hong Kong music. Sister Mui more than once revealed that she really liked Japan. This time ANITA would be able to participate in the Osaka Asian Film Festival, which truly would be very encouraging to our production team. I hope Japanese viewers and friends while reliving that era's music would also be able to remember this Hong Kong daughter's extraordinary life with us." Lead actress Louise Wong Dan Nei excitedly responded to the good news, "For a Hong Kong film to be able to attract viewers around the world is no easy task, so this selection has been an encouragement. Again I thank everyone for their support and love for this film. As an actor I feel very lucky to be able to make this meaningful film. I hope and wish for the film ANITA to be able to go even further, continue to introduce even more people to the story of this legendary Hong Kong heavenly queen Mui Yim Fong."

In addition, the Indian director Sri Kishore directed first Hong Kong Bollywood film MY INDIAN BOYFRIEND, the Amos Why (Wong Ho Yin) directed FAR FAR AWAY (YUEN LO SAN KA LA), TIME (SAT CHOOK GOR WONG FUN), and FIRST GIRL I EVER LOVED (HEI FOON NEI SI NEI) would also be participating in the Osaka Asian Film Festival's Special Focus on Hong Kong 2022 segment along with the two aforementioned films.

First time director Yeung Chiu Hoi was very happy to hear about the selection. "The event chose the film Ng Wing Shan and I directed, THE FIRST GIRL I LOVED, to participate in the film festival. I feel very honored and encouraged, thank you for the recognition of our teams. Regrettably I would not be able to personally attend and enjoy this film with the Japanese audience. I hope they like this film and everyone would continue to support Hong Kong film."

The two lead actresses Hegwig Tam Sin Yi and Renci Yeung Si Wing were surprised and pleased. Yeung Si Wing said, "I am very honored and very grateful. I would continue to work hard and make even more good films." Tam Sin Yin thanked each and every members of the cast and the crew, especially the director and the producer for spending a lot of time and effort on the production so this film would be able to be screened in Japan.

Director of the first Hong Kong Bollywood film, MY INDIAN BOYFRIEND's Indian director Sri Kishore was grateful. "Thank you to the Osaka Asian Film Festival jury for choose the film, for me to have a chance to become an important part of the film festival. I also have to thank Golden Scene for their tremendous support and encouragement, which enabled the film to be a success. I sincerely thank each and every person who participated in this film."

FAR's director Wong Ho Yin was happy that he was again selected to participate in the Osaka Asian Film Festival, and expressed helplessness for the pandemic delaying the film's Hong Kong release. "I am very happy because my first film DOT 2 DOT and my previous short film 4X4 both took part in the Osaka Asian Film Festival. In Osaka I met a group of viewers who particularly like to watch Hong Kong films. This time the Japanese premiere would be earlier than the Hong Kong release, which would be an experience for me."

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Louis Koo states that it is important for ANITA to remember Anita Mui
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RAGING FIRE's Nicholas Tse receives raves for his villain role

"Double nominee" Gordon Lam and DRIFTING's Francis Ng both are favorites

Giving her all in her LIMBO performance, Cya Liu will compete against the great elder Gong Li

Louis Koo and Tse Kwan Ho have won Hong Kong Film Award and Golden Horse Award Best Actor respectively
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Gordon Lam is nominated for Best Actor with HAND ROLLED CIGARETTE and LIMBO, the latter of which leads the nominations with 14

RAGING FIRE has 8 nominations, but not Nicholas Tse for Best Actor.  He would be unable to compete against his father Patrick Tse for the prize

Last year's big box office hit ANITA receives 12 nominations.  Louise Wong is nominated for both Best Actress and Best New Performer

ZERO TO HERO's Sandra Ng and Leung Chung Hang will vie for Best Actress and Best Actor

The Francis Ng and Loletta Lee starred DRIFTING has 11 nomintions

Derek Yee says that the Hong Kong Film Awards may be postponed due to the pandemic, but not cancelled.

Best Supporting Actor nominee Louis Koo is honored to be nominated

Fish Liew with ANITA (pictured) and LIMBO receive two Best Supporting Actress nominations

MIRROR's Jer Lau is nominated for Best Original Song

Announcing the Hong Kong Film Awards nominations yesterday, Nick Cheung has been going on hikes and walks with his wife Esther Ho during the pandemic
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The 40th Hong Kong Film Awards yesterday afternoon announced its nominations. At the press conference the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Kearen Pang announced the nominees in the 19 categories. The film LIMBO (JI CHI) received 14 nominations. The highest grossing Hong Kong film last year ANITA also tightly followed with 12 nominations. The Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark and Dante Lam Chiu Yin directed propaganda film THE BATTLE AT LAKE CHANGJIN received Best Editing, Best Sound Design and Best Visual Effects nominations. First time Best Actor nominee Patrick Tse Yin was amazed by how wonderful film has been, while after years without an ward Sandra Ng Kwan Yu admitted that she would really like to win Best Actress.

This year's Best Actor nominees were Tse Yin (Sei Gor), Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Leung Chung Hang and Francis Ng Chun Yu. Nominated for TIME (SAT CHOOK GOR WONG FUN), Sei Gor said, "When I got into the business there wasn't a Hong Kong Film Award yet. When it happened I was already reducing my production. I thought since three years ago I received the Lifetime Achievement Award, lifetime? I wouldn't have a chance? I never expected that this year I would have a chance to be nominated. This is how wonderful film is. I want to thank Tin Lap Chau (his character), thank Choi Fung '(Petrina) Fung Bo Bo' for the TIME together. I want to thank the audience even more for supporting a movie with such heart."

The Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor Lam Ka Tung received two Best Actor nominations and seemed to have a bigger chance to win. He was also nominated for Best Screenplay with Ho Ching Yi for TIME. Ka Tung said after receiving the good news. "Of course I am happy, the happiest is Sei Gor got the Best Actor nomination. Chung Suet Ying also was nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Best New Performer. I have to give special thanks to the entire team. Everyone who participated all gave a lot of trust. In the future we have to keep working hard, hope to perform even better, so the future would have even more good films and cultivate even more new comers."

Nominated for Best Actor and Best New Performer with ZERO TO HERO (MAMA DIK SUN KEI SIU JI), Leung Chung Hang said, "Thank you Director for your trust. Often I felt he believed in me more than I believe in myself. Thank you Ng Kwan Yu for your appreciation, giving me this valuable opportunity to perform. Thank you (Louis) Cheung Kai Chung, Chung Suet Ying, (Locker) Lam Ka Hei and Brother (Chin) Siu Ho, they are good co-stars I really couldn't be without. Thank you Wai Jai (So Wa Wai), So Ma for making this story happen with your lives. They are the real heroes. I hope ZERO TO HERO would be able to bring a little encouragement to the people of Hong Kong during this difficult time."

Best Actress nominees were Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Louise Wong Dan Nei, Cya Liu, Ng Kwan Yu and Gong Li. Ng Kwan Yu was nominated for ZERO TO HERO. When she learned that the film received 9 nominations she got emotional and broke down, congratulating her two sons in the film on their Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best New Performer nominations. "I have already stepped halfway behind the film scene, the nomination is a huge encouragement for me. In 1999 I won the 18th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress. Since then although I have been nominated I never won. After over 20 years, now I really want to win again. I want to continue my ROAD OF WONDER, now I would start campaigning for votes and attend audience appreciation events. I hope everyone would support us."

Making her film debut, Wong Dan Nei with ANITA received Best Actress and Best New Actor nominations. She responded, "Already nominated for Best New Performer and Best Actress with my first film, I never would have thought about it. I learned a lot from this film. I am really grateful to the team. I feel this nomination is only because of them. I would keep working hard. No matter how it would turn out I would be very grateful. Thank you very much to viewers for their support. No wonder what I would keep working hard, and make even more good movies on the performing art journey for everyone."

Nominated for MADALENA, Chau Sau Na happily said, "I am already very happy with the nomination. The Hong Kong Film Award nomination is very meaningful to me because when the film was in production the pandemic began, recently the pandemic arose again in Hong Kong. It has been very tough, hearing the news of the nomination I feel a little different. Now I am making a movie, in the scene I just woke up. I too want to know whether I am still asleep and dreaming!"

In Mainland, Cya Liu said, "After making LIMBO, I am not afraid of unable to make another movie. My professional career also has no regret, because running into a good role is too hard. Because of LIMBO, I am more confident in being an actor and I was encouraged to keep walking to now; as for whether I would win, it would depend on whether my 'Wang Tao' is so lucky."

ANITA's Longman Leung, RAGING FIRE's Benny Chan Muk Sing, LEAP's Peter Chan Ho Sun, LIMBO's Soi Cheang Pou Soi and KEEP ROLLING's Man Lim Chung would compete for Best Director. Longman Leung said, "I believe this nomination isn't my personal honor. I look forward to the pandemic being able to pass soon, movies would be able to be shown at cinemas and we would be able to see each other again on the big screen." Man Lim Chung was nominated for Best New Director and Best Director and felt honored. He also urged Hong Kong people to pay more attention to documentary films.

Louis Koo Tin Lok with ANITA received the Best Supporting Actor nomination. "ANITA for me and many people is an enormously meaningful movie that remembered Sister Mui, so I feel especially happy and honored about the Best Supporting Actor nomination for this film. In addition I really hope everyone would unite so the pandemic would ease soon in Hong Kong, every business and industry would get back on track as soon as possible, I wish everyone good health."

Fung Ho Yeung was surprised to be nominated for Best New Performer and Best Supporting Actor. "It's already enough for everyone to like my performance. I am grateful to have run into this movie of positive energy." Fellow Best New Performer nominee Will Or Wai Lam said that he was already very happy to be able to be nominated for Best Supporting Actor with Tse Kwan Ho, which he considered a recognition.

Fish Liew Chi Yu received two Best Supporting Actress nominations for ANITA and LIMBO. She expressed that she was very happy. She gave special thanks to the two films' cast and crew, including Lam Ka Tung, Sister Ann (Mui Oi Fong), Sister Mui, Gor Gor (Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing) and others in Heaven. She even hoped for a great showing at the Hong Kong Film Awards, to be able to "dress up" and walk the red carpet with the team.

Nina Paw Hee Ching with CAUGHT IN TIME (CHUI BO) received the Best Supporting Actress nomination. She happily said, "I am very happy and very surprised, my role in the film wasn't much, but I have support from friends. I really am very grateful to everyone!"

DRIFTING (JOOK SHU PIU LAU)'s Loletta Lee Lai Chun thanked all the voters who voted for her. "I am much happier about being nominated in Hong Kong than anywhere else. DRIFTING has brought me the recognition to start anew. As a Hong Kong actor, seeing so many new actors nominated this year I wish the new force would extend the light of Hong Kong film!"

As for Best Original Film song, the Nicholas Tse Ting Fung sang RAGING FIRE's song DEAD LOCK will battle the MIRROR member Jer Lau Ying Ting sang ZERO TO HERO's ROAD OF WONDER, Endy Chow Kwok Yin and Hang Jai @ ToNick sang ONE SECOND CHAMPION's THE ORIGINAL INTENTION OF TIME, THE WAY WE KEEP DANCING (KONG MO MAI 3)'s song WELCOME TO THIS CITY, and the Wong HinYan sang DRIFTING (SHOOK SHUI PIU LAU).

Jer said that he was super honored to be nominated, and very happy to have this opportunity. Hang Jai (Chiu Sin Hang) would also compete for Best New Director with ONE SECOND CHAMPION. "Thank you to friends who are still working hard in the industry, everyone who is safeguarding Hong Kong. I wish the pandemic would ease soon, cinemas would open again soon, stay tough!"

THE WAY WE KEEP DANCING's singer Heyo said, "Learning about WELCOME TO THIS CITY's Hong Kong Film Award nomination for Best Original Film Song is something that is very rare. Due to the pandemic, this Hong Kong Film Award is also the first time that two years of Hong Kong films would gather as one."

The 40th Hong Kong Film Awards was originally scheduled for last year, but due to the novel coronavirus it was suspended. This year would be the first two year Hong Kong Film Award. Although recently the fifth wave of the pandemic spread shockingly fast, the Hong Kong Film Awards Board of Directors after a meeting said that this year's award presentation could not be postponed again. For now a physical award show is slated to take place as scheduled on April 17th, the format however would depend on how the pandemic would progress. Yesterday the even first held a press conference to announce the nominees in the 19 categories.

The Hong Kong Film Awards president Derek Yee Tung Sing announced on the stage that this year 1,683 people were eligible to vote for the Hong Kong Film Awards, 982 ballots were cast. The turn out rate was 58.35, 2% less than the previous year. However the number of voters were more than last year, about which he was still pleased. Thus he also urged his colleagues to be even more enthusiastic in the second round voting. Yee Tung Sing mentioned that because this year would already be the two years in one award presentation, even though the pandemic continued he still hoped to hold a physical award show on April 17th as scheduled. Each award show would require around 8 figures in production budget. The event in November last year already began to put its saving into the preparation. The saving would only be enough for one award show. Thus in the future it would still rely on Create Hong Kong and the Film Development Fund's funding allocation for assistance. The amount would be within HK$ 10 million, depending on the production cost required every year. He also admitted that in recent years the number of film sponsors has already been drastically reduced.

Yee Tung Sing revealed that although the award show has been scheduled for April 17th, the government closed public facilities in the recent tighteningly of pandemic prevention measures. The usual venue, the Cultural Center, might not be able to be used. "Then we would put a plan B in action and change venues. Last year we have already scouted venues many times last year. We may choose the KITEC; but actually after holding it so many years at the Cultural Center, the award show would be in better control." With the pandemic prevention measures tightening and the "vaccine pass" on the way, would the winners need to be vaccinated to be able to accept the award on the stage? Yee Tung Sing replied, "We can't force anyone to be vaccinated. This would be an individual case, and could only be left to the creative team to handle the on stage scene!" He also said that the Hong Kong Film Award Board of Directors also discussed the worst case scenario. IF the pandemic would remain severe in mid April, the winners could only be announced online like for the 39th.

Announcing the Hong Kong Film Award nominees, Cheung Ka Fai praised all the nominees for their excellent performance. As for his picks for Best Actor and Actress, he said, "Everyone performed very well, the worst is I am not among them. I would keep working hard." Ka Fai joked that if the opportunity would arise, he would want to play a female role to compete for Best Actress. However since he has not watched all of the nominees' movies, picking too soon would be unfair.

As for the pandemic, Ka Fai admitted that he understood how everyone felt. "I know everyone seems like nothing to be done, it has been very stressful. We can only think tomorrow will be better and magnify anything happy in order to prevent disturbance from negative emotions." Under the pandemic Ka Fai said that he had more time to spend with his family, his relationship with is wife even improved. "Our relationship improved, because the friction period passed very early on. Now at home my daughter would do her homework on the computer, I would hike with my wife like when we were dating. The feeling is great." As for work, Ka Fai revealed that in April he would work on a new detective film in the Mainland. In addition the film he would direct would still need some pre production work. Speaking of the required quarantine period in the Mainland, Ka Fai chuckled and said, "Has anyone served in the 'quarantine prison' yet? I have once and it's great. This time I would find more videos of exercises that I would want to try and prepare a treadmill." Would he attend this year's Hong Kong Film Awards? Ka Fai said that it would depend on his schedule then. If the situation would permit he as a part of the film industry of course would attend in support.


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