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Alex Fong Chung Shun, Carlos Chan Ka Lok and screenwriter Pau Wai Chung two nights ago attended an audience appreciation event for their film THE ATTORNEY (YUT CUP JI HUNG). The film opened 3 years after its production wrap. When they saw the audience that bought tickets with real cash they were extra excited. Friend Candy Yu On On also attended in support, which made Pau Wai Chung declared, "I was already in love with Sister On On since I was little". Chan Ka Lok admitted that he thought about giving up on the film. Two nights ago he was able to come in contact and have exchanges with the audience, he felt awe struck.

Pau Wai Chung hoped that Fong Chung Shun's hard work would not be wasted and would be able to get a Hong Kong Film Award nomination. Fong Chung Shun said, "Let it to fate. Of course it would be good if I get one, I would be happy if they are willing to accept me." Chan Ka Lok also said that he would campaign strongly for Fong Sir. He even said, "After working together I really like Fong Sir as a person, he is handsome too. He just looks cool." Fong Chung Shun joked that he would be even happier if he heard that 40 years ago. Now his fans are already mothers. Chan Ka Lok insisted that Fong Sir was just as charming as ever. His fans' ages reached from Mamas to 20 somethings.

Saturday, October 30, 2021


Chrissie Chau and Louis Cheung hope to compete for lead acting awards
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Despite being match stick thin, Chrissie Chau manages to keep her abdominal muscles

Louis Cheung's performance actually makes him the role model for divorced men
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Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Louis Cheung Kai Chung yesterday attended the film MADALENA's promotion and the Golden Harvest Tai Po cinema's opening ceremony. Sister Na bared her midriff to show off her abdominal muscles. She somewhat bashfully said that earlier she tried surfing, but due to the lack of muscles she did not have enough strength. She had to train hard with a coach on her lower body and abdominal muscles. With a diet regiment she was able to achieve her current condition. Having always worked out, Cheung Kai Chung said that to not be afraid of eating. In order to be fit you had to have a balanced diet with exercises, not eating was incorrect. Some artists have poisoned everyone, with zero fat muscles could not be achieved. However he said that nature determined how many packs of abdominal muscles you would achieve, his 6 pack for example was very obvious. However when he trained for the other 2 they still have not appeared yet. Sister Na said that Ah Chung had a way to train, he could be big or small at any time. Since she got hurt from training, she has also asked Ah Chung for advice.

MADALENA received good reviews. Ah Chung and Sister Na went all over to thank the audience. Ah Chung said that he was very happy to hear the audience's praises of their performance. Would they like to be nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor and Best Actress? Ah Chung said that a nomination of course would be good; but seeing the audience getting into the heartbreak as if they remembered their own personal past, he knew that they liked this film. The happiness truly felt priceless.

Friday, October 29, 2021


Both started at TVB, screenwriter Pau Wai Chung and director Wong Kwok Fai made the jump to film in recent years

Playing a big time lawyer in the film, Alex Fong Chung Shun receives praises from the writer and the director for bringing the role to life and recognition to compete for Best Actor

THE ATTORNEY is one of Liu Kai Chi's final films.  In it he had many scenes with Kenneth Tsang.

THE ATTORNEY opens with the mysterious death of a rich man's daughter
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The Wong Kwok Fai directed, Pau Wai Chung written China Hong Kong co-production film THE ATTORNEY (YUT CUP JI HUNG) ran into numerous obstacles before the release. The film originally was set for a 2018 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival premiere, but due to "technical problem" it was pulled. Later "due to certain reason" it cancelled all of its advanced screenings. At the time it was rumored that due to the sensitive subject it did not pass the Mainland inspection. After three years, finally it was released in early October on Mainland streaming platforms. On October 28th it will open in Hong Kong as well; the day before (October 27th) Hong Kong also welcomed the 2021 film censorship (amendment) bill, film inspectors must considered whether the film release would be harmful to national security. In early October Wong Kwok Fai and Pau Wai Chung spoke to Ming Pao, they were asked whether film inspection would affect creativity. Pau Wai Chung said, "Find the greatest creative freedom within the area." Speaking this is Hong Kong filmmaker's undying spirit.

Director Wong Kwok Fai said that he never worried about THE ATTORNEY being unable to be released, he knew that the film was in line for inspection and could not be rushed. Now the film would be released in its entirety. He said, "Not a single cut!" Screenwriter Pau Wai Chung also disagreed that the subject was sensitive, feeling that overseas this type of subject would be child's play. If Hong Kong needed to improve, it could not limit itself and should create freely. He said, "In other words it would depend on whether restrictions are reasonable or not? With enough explanation or not? Viewers and people would be able to make their own determination."

Speaking of the Hong Kong film censorship rules becoming more restrictive, Pau Wai Chung said, "Knowing what could be made or what couldn't be made with co-production films, we look for the greatest creative freedom within the area. We wouldn't deliberately cross the line." Would that affect film development? He said that this was not just today, as early as 20 years ago Hong Kong people have already begun to head North in search of investors.

Pau Wai Chung is a veteran television creator. TVB's THE FILE OF JUSTICE series was his work. The film THE ATTORNEY is also a law subject. He said that creating film and television series are two different matters, both with their own difficulties. "I have created many series, 40 episodes, 60 episodes, even 80 episodes. For viewers to maintain their emotions from the beginning to the end, it actually is very hard. Film in comparison has less characters, the technique is different."

Pau Wai Chung continued, "Writing a law film requires finding an artistic balance. To be able to give the audience the impression of a lot of research, realism, and satisfy their drama bug, this balance point is the hardest for the law drama and the court drama. THE ATTORNEY has numerous character as well as many veteran actors, like Tsang Kong, Liu Kai Chi and Paw Hee Ching. The main plot falls on the Fong Chung Shun played big time lawyer. The side characters also have to develop, which is difficult. Thus each scene, each line have to be managed deliberately because there is no room to spare."

Pau wai Chung admitted that writing Fong Chung Shun's character took a lot of time and praised Fong Chung Shun for his grasp. "To grasp different stages of psychological changes; talking about it is easy, convincing the viewers to get into his emotional journey's changes is very hard. I personally like Fong Chung Shun the actor, he is my cup of tea. He was very cool in his previous police series, he could also play romantic and charming. I have seen his performance in Mainland series. In general I felt that perhaps he had no role to work with. This time he was able to get into character, demonstrated his real effort. His performance was very moving, very real, real enough to have moral and justice. The film had a line, 'the law isn't a business or a religion'. Everyone has a belief and principles that they insist on. I want to talk about this spirit." he felt that Fong Chung Shun brought life to this character, and hoped that he would be nominated for Best Actor. Wong Kwok Fai also said that this time he saw another Fong Chung Shun.

Wong Kwok Fai started as a TVB director. He worked there for 24 years and has made many classic series like LAW DIS-ORDER, BLOOD Of GOOD AND EVIL, and THE DRIVE OF LIFE. Later he joined HKTV and directed ELECTION. TVB series quality and rating have declined in recent years, would he consider returning to rescue TVB with a series? Wong Kwok Fai was not opposed to the idea and has paid attention to the current television series. He said, "Now perhaps there are comparisons, with different platforms and networks, everyone's television viewing habit is already different. Like SQUID GAMES, I binged it all over two days. Traditional TVB and ViuTV series would only air one episode a day. I can't say whether it is entertaining or not, only the general public's viewing method and the script choices are changing. In the end it still depends on the script and the production method, for example series subjects would repeat in many places, including Korean, Japanese series, but they would have new viewpoints to attract viewers."

Pau Wai Chung joked that as long as someone could afford it, he would work on television, film and internet series. "Now I prefer internet series and films. Because I started in television, film and internet series are new experiences. I am more curious." He has written many TVB series, his favorite was the Louis Koo Tin Lok and Jessica Hester Hsuan starred MAN'S BEST FRIEND. Wong Kwok Fai liked THE HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH. "Saving people has quite a sense of duty, each patient has his or her own story. When I made it I was very moved myself. I cried over a character's death in the series."

Both have experienced the peak of TVB. Seeing this phenomenon now, would their hearts ache? Pau Wai Chung admitted that earlier he has thought, "Why would it be like this?" However now he understood that time was the greatest enemy. Many things would disappear, be no longer important. He said, "Now instead I would accept this change, even would linger on what was done before." Wong Kwok Fai also agreed, "Nostalgia is hopeless, meaningless. Television and film have lives, with different destinies and encounters. No one can control film box office and television rating."

Pau Wai Chung said, "Now there are more choices, other regions have improved. Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai television series have improved rapidly. Hong Kong has been overtaken; not only has it not improved, I feel it has regressed. (How would it catch up?) I really can't help, neither can (Eric) Tsang Chi Wai. Perhaps try giving up their more cost effective production methods. We have worked at television stations, know its production method is the cheapest. However it has already been proved it doesn't work; it's not just a script problem, but the entire production line method problem. This method has to change."

Thursday, October 28, 2021


Edward Ma says getting to play a couple with Stephy Tang is good karma from a previous life
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Chrissie Chau hides her "match stick arms" under long sleeves

Chrissie Chau, Louis Cheung

Stephy Tang declines to comment on whether she would get back together with anyone
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Chrissie Chau says that her MADALENA character gave her a minor depression

Some online says that Chrissie Chau is so "scary thin" that she resembles a "match stick person"

Chrissie Chau has to wear in qipao in the film, so she works out to get into shape and gets even thinner

Stephy Tang and Edward Ma have intimate scenes in TWELVE DAYS.  She says that she has never gone this far. 

Louis Cheung is confident that his tragic scenes would affect the audience
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The Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Louis Cheung Kai Chung starred MADALENA became one of the 18th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival opening film. Two nights ago they dressed up for the film festival opening ceremony.

Chrissie in recent years drastically slimmed down. Some referred to her arms as "match stick arms" in recent photos that she shared on social media and even called her "Chau Thin Na". Two nights ago Chrissie wore long sleeves. She said about being called too thin, "If everyone feels I am too thin, then I would gain weight! Sometimes maybe it's the lighting or angle issue, thank them for their concern but my health is OK." However she admitted that because the character was very tragic, she had a little depression late in the production. Once she finished she was happy again. In the film her character was a restaurant hostess, thus she had to stay in shape. Wearing for qipao for a film for the first time, she felt that wearing qipao could express a woman's physical beauty. Before the film started production she went to restaurants to observe the hostess' working condition, only then she discovered that hostesses now very rarely wore qipao. They mostly wore suits.

Having played many comedic roles, Cheung Kai Chung in the film this time played a love story with Chrissie. Different from his previous characters, he happily said that film critics referred to the character as the peak of his performing art life. As for his wife's review, Ah Chung admitted that his wife worshipped him acting wise.

The other opening film TWELVE DAYS (12 YUT)'s actors Stephy Tang Lai Yan and Edward Ma Chi Wai also attended. Tang Lai Yan said that on the first day of work the director already arranged for her to have an intimate scene with Ma Chi Wai to break through the gap. She stated that she has never been almost naked on the silver screen. As for whether she would ask her ex Prince to support the film, she would let it to its natural course.

Ma Chi Wai and Tang Lai Yan in the film TWELVE DAYS played a couple from dating to marriage. Tang Lai Yan said that the director arranged for an intimate scene on the first day of work to break through the gap. When she got the rundown she was surprised. She said, "On the silver screen, I have never gone that far. Although I was clothed, I looked like I wasn't. Shooting it on that day also had its advantages. The production after rapidly set of spark." She also pointed out that they did not have many intimate scenes in the film, but even so the standard went rather far. In one scene she and Ma Chi Wai seduced each other at the movies.

Would he ask his former boyfriend Prince Chiu to support the film? She said, "I would let it take its natural course." Some online found that Prince liked her posts. She said, "I liked his too, it's social graces, we are friends, giving likes is a show of support." Speaking of Prince revealing online that he felt alone when he went to a physical examination on his own. She said, "I gave him a like for that, I support him in getting a physical exam."

Working with Tang Lai Yun, Ma Chi Wai said that he was very nervous because he already admired her when he was still in school. He thought Tang Lai Yun was very pretty and delicate, but never thought after a decade later they would play a couple. He even felt that it was due to good karma from previous life.


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Yuen Woo Ping (Lord Eight) yesterday and director Siu Wai Hung attended the Baptist University Master Class Action Director Yuen Woo Ping forum. Almost 300 students attended.

Lord Eight said that he would share many experience of getting into the business, experience from many years in action films and explain the spirit of Lord Eight style action design and art. After years in film, Lord eight said that this was his first forum. He agreed to attend this time because his friend invited him so many times that he could no longer turn him down. He also hoped that students would get to know film. Would he take the opportunity to discover new blood? He said, "That would be the best, but I am afraid it would be very hard. How would students now know kung fu. People used to study kung fu. Now I mostly look for action actors in the Mainland or the U.S., because they like kung fu more."

Claiming to be without disciples for years, Lord Eight lamented that cultivating action actors in Hong Kong was very hard. Few action actors played the lead, the gap would very quickly appear without any successor. "Because Hong Kong film leads aside from action and good appearance also require luck with the audience. Earlier someone suggested for me to open an action school, but I didn't like it because teaching is too caged in and I didn't have the time. If I use my name to start a school, I would be responsible to teach. I don't want it to be just in name only, then hand the teaching off to others."

Siu Wai Hung revealed that he was planning an action laboratory that would bring together action and technology and cultivate the next generation. Later he would work with the Baptist University. Shaw's was also considered a collaboration partner. As for the number of students and the cost, nothing has been determined. Since starting martial art training young would be the best, would children be the target? Lord eight said, "Not necessarily, 20, 30 year old can learn kung fu too. (Children now can't be hit?) I never hit anyone, I get hit. However the masters were stricter before, the people they taught were more fit. Highly trained disciples came from strict masters."

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Aaron Kwok will play a criminal with Richie Jen and Gordon Lam

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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing yesterday attended a bank event in Tsim Sha Tsui. Just celebrated his 56th birthday on the 26th, Sing Sing was in great spirit. His wife two days ago posted a birthday celebration photo with their family of four on social media. He also revealed that later he would play a big time criminal in a movie in Hong Kong nd shoot a gun fight scenes on Temple Street.

Just finishing the film THE WHITE STORM 3 (SO DUK 3), Sing Sing revealed that next month he would work on a new film with a new director. The new film would be a comedy with some dark humor. Other actors would include Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) and Leung Chung Hang. In the film he would play a criminal with a reason, a role that he has never played before.

In support of a new director, would he reduce his salary for the performance? He said, "I have never discussed salary, I wouldn't ask the company either. I support domestic films, new directors, the most important is for the script to move me. In addition I have never played this type of character, appearance wise it would be quite a breakthrough. I really look forward to it." He also revealed that the film would shoot a gun fight on the Hong Kong landmark Temple Street, which would take about a week to shoot.

Sing Sing pointed out THE WHITE STORM 3 took 4 months to make, with a detour in between. In one scene he kicked someone but he ended up injuring his hand. After half a hour he kept bleeding. He suspected that it was a cut from Sean Lau Ching Wan's leather jacket zipper.

Did the injury scare his wife? He said, "Each time after the shoot I would share the experience, before I just didn't get to share! When I am happy at work, I would share that."


Neo Yau says that he formed Trial and Error last year because he was mad and upset
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Louis Koo interviews for an online video job

Dear Jane performs with Neo Yau

ToNick performs with KidNEy and MC $OHO

KidNey, MC $OHO and Neo Yau

Louis Koo says that he admires Ng Ka Yan, who also performs with her boyfriend Locker Lam

For their anniversary show, Trial and error not only parodies popular boy band MIRROR but also perform PREQUEL as a "girl group"
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The Neo Yau Hawk Sau led "Trial and Error" with members KidNey (Hui Yin), MC $OHO (So Chi Ho), Kaki Sham, Jessica Chan Yi Chun, Yanny Chan Wing Yan and Locker Lam Ka Hei two nights ago performed "Trial and Error 1st Anniversary Live" at the Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center. That night aside from Dear Jane and ToNick as guest performers, the show even invited heavyweight boss Louis Koo Tin Lok. In addition, Kay Tse On Kay, Angela Yuen Lai Lam, Adam Wong Sau Ping were among the business insiders in attendance.

This time Yau Hok Sau invited boss Koo Tin Lok, and Goo Jai pretended to come for a job interview. Yau Hok Sau asked Goo Jai which female member in Trial and Error would he admire the most? Goo Jai said, "Locker's girlfriend (Ng Ka Yan), because her video so far still has the most views." Later Goo Jai even coordinated with them to perform a live audition. Although he was a little out of sync, he still successfully passed. Finally Yau Hok Sau revealed that once when Goo Jai called him he said, "Are you recording my voice?" Goo Jai said, "Even I thought it was my voice."

Yau Hok Sau in the stand up comedy segment talked about his past year. Because he was mad and upset he formed "Trial and Error". Then he said that he cared the most about the viewers in the back, because the ones in the front would agree with whatever he said. The ones in the back would blast him online if he would do anything wrong. Yau Hok Sau also pointed out that this year someone told him that Hong Kong film would be done. Those who wanted him dead even told him to hurry up and make some movies. Thus this year he did not do much, because he felt it was still not the time. However he asked the live audience, if "Trial and Error" would make a movie would anyone watch? Of course he received cheers from the audience. He even promised to see everyone at the movies next time. When interviewed he was asked if he already approached Goo Jai about investing in a film? Yau Hok Sau admitted, "From what I know about him, if I have any idea he would definitely support it. First I would have to be prepared myself. I said in the show, next year would be a good opportunity. (Did you ask him to invest or perform?) We would have a lot of possibilities, let's see if it would be right for him. He is my boss, it would depend on whether things come together. (Do you already have a script in hand?) Of course I have stories in my pocket, but I have to structure them first."

Yau Hok Sau even revealed that on October 26th last year, he was the equivalent of being bankrupted. His bank account did not have money to pay for next month's rent. At the time he had to ask the company for a loan on his salary, but now his finances is considerably better only because he was not a big spender. He got teary eyed on the stage, Yau Hok Sau explained that looking back at the past year it was like a report card. All the emotions would rush to his heart.

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For the week ending Sunday October 24 2021
Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Movies Hong Kong

    d. Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon, Laura Brousseau
    English Voices: Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, Chloe Grace Moretz
    Cantonese Voices: Christine Ng Wing Mei, Aaron Chow Chi Kwan

    d. Destin Daniel Cretton
      Sima Liu, Awkwafina, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Zhang Meng'er, Fala Chen
      Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King), Yuen Wah, Florian Munteanu

  8 DUNE
    d. Denis Villeneuve
    Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Issac, Josh Brolin,
      Stellan Skarssgard, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Zendaya,
      Chang Chen, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, Charlotte Rampling,
      Jason Momoa, Javier Bardem

    d. Ridley Scott
    Matt Damon, Adam Driver, Jodie Comer, Ben Affleck

    d. David Gordon Green
    Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Will Patton,
      Thomas Mann, Anthony Michael Hall, James Jude Courtney

    d. Kenji Nagasaki
    Japanese Animation
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 105 mins.
  Opening October 21 2021
  Trailer : https://youtube/Au3jlblmbPU

    This time, the story goes beyond the strait, expand to the rest of the world! Heroes are facing the hardest mission in MHA's history!

    The story starts in the heroes' winter internship. The mystery organization "Humarise" is planning to annihilate every human with "Quirks". To save them, Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki, and other U.A. High students gathered with Pro Heroes to form "The World-Selected Hero Team", facing this world crisis. As the time is ticking towards the end of world, can the heroes protect the world?

    Following on the prequels, original author Kohei Horikoshi is responsible as the General supervision and Character draft of the movie.

    The greatest scale of production in MHA history, is releasing on big screen this autumn!

    d. Masayuki Suzuki
    Masami Nagasawa, Takuya Kimura
  Rating : I
  Length : 129 mins.
  Opening October 14 2021 (Preview)
  Opening October 21 2021
  Trailer :

    An anonymous letter is delivered to the police -- a warning that the killer involved in a mysterious homicide that occurred a few days ago in a condominium in Tokyo will strike again at "Masquerade Night", the New Year's Eve countdown party held at Hotel Cortesia, Tokyo. All 500 invitees will be in costume. Everyone is a suspect. As the masked guests begin to arrive, they struggle to find a clue which will lead them to the murderer.

    Midnight draws near as the number of suspects increases. What is the killer's intention? Who is the informant? Will Nitta and Yamagishi be able to unveil the truth hidden behind the murderer's mask before the time limit?

    d. Jean-Philippe Vine
    English Voices: Zach Galifianakis, Jack Dylan Grazer, Ed Helms,
      Justice Smith, Rob Delaney, Kylie Cantrall, Ricardo Hurtado
      Marcus Scribner, Olivia Colman

    d. Cary Joji Fukunaga
    Daniel Craig, Rami Malek, Lea Seydoux, Lashana Lynch, Ben Whishaw,
      Naomie Harris, Billy Magnussen, Ana de Armas, David Denick,
      Rory Kinnear, Dali Benssalah,
      Jeffrey Wright, Christoph Weltz, Ralph Fiennes

    d. Andy Serkis
    Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris,
      Reid Scott, Stephen Graham, Woody Harrelson