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The ailing Pakho Chau toughs out the scene and infects Charlene Choi
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Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin and Pakho Chau in the Emperor Motion Picture 77 HEARTBREAKS 2 (YUEN LEUNG TA 77 CHI) had a kiss scene in bed. They might look romantic on camera but actually they did not get to enjoy it. In the scene Ah Sa kissed Pakho Chau on the cheek. Because the shoot took place late at night, Pakho who just worked all night and had the flu fell asleep in bed and was not lucky enough to enjoy Ah Sa's kiss. Pakho said, "Because earlier I worked all night for two nights in a row, I really was very sleepy. That scene happened to take place in bed, so it was very attractive. I unknowingly fell asleep!"

Ah Sa joked that she was not that bad and jokingly yelled at Pakho for "missing out". However, actually Ah Sa was also "fell" under the "night night" curse that night. She said, "Because it was very late and I was very tired, while waiting to take my mark I fell asleep too."

As for the kiss scene in bed with Pakho, Ah Sa stated that it was not awkward at all. Instead before hand she took full precaution against "getting sick". "Before the shoot I brushed my teeth. In addition, because Pakho Chau had a little flu, a few days before the shoot I drank vitamin C everyday in hopes of resisting the germs. I still got it from him in the end."


BabyJohn Choi, Chrissie Chau, Kearen Pang, Joyce Cheng, Elaine Jin
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May birthday girls Chrissie Chau and Joyce Cheng celebrate their belated birthdays
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Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Joyce Cheng Yun Yi, BabyJohn Choi Hong Yik, Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling), Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui and director Kearen Pang Sau Wai attended the film 29+1's celebration last night. Boss Stephen Shiu Jr. presented belated birthday cakes to Yun Yi and Sister Na. Director Pang thanked the team for their contribution to the film. Her words of appreciation got Yun Yi teary eyed.

Just finished the Dongguan audience appreciation, Yun Yi happily said that its Hong Kong and Macau box office was over HK$ 10.02 million and felt very proud to be a part of the film. She even suggested making 39+1 5 years later, as she hoped the director would give her another chance.

Sister Na just took a new film role with Max Zhang Jin. She would play a drug addicted bar maid. Although in the film she would not have a lot of stunts, she had to take a beating. Mob boss Kevin Cheng Ka Wing had to slap her. As for sexy performance, Sister Na said, "Yes, the film was a 60's story. The bar maid all wore short sleeves and shorts, even sexier than modern clothing. However my character sold drinks and not sex. I only found out about Cheng Ka Wing slapping me from the script. If I saw him I would tell him to show mercy."

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[2017.05.30] FOR THE WEEK STARTING MAY 27 2017

For the week starting May 27 2017

  Can : Dut Yin Yut Sun Yun
  Ivana Wong Yuen Chi

  Danny One (Won Lik Ming)

  Shi Shi (Suen Sing Hei)

  Justin Lo (Juk Tin) Feat. DOUGH-BOY

  Can : Lei Ji Yu Gum Ching
  Sammi Cheng Sau Man

  Can : Keung Bik Jing
  Bibi Zhou Bichang

  Can : Piu Seung Buk Fong
  Namewee (Wong Ming Ji) feat. Wang Leehom

  Can : Yu Ching
  Z-Chen Zhang (Cheung Chi Sing)

  Can : Sing Doh
  Zhao Lei

  Can : Bin Jau Yuen Liu
  The Freshmen

  Can : Sup Bak
  Coco Lee Man

  Can : Ngor Guoon Nei
  Hua Chenyu (Wa Sun Yu)

  Can : Fan Yun Gor
  Mayday feat. Jam Hsiao (Siu Ching Tung)

  Can : Dung Muk Sai Gai
  Joker Xue (Sit Ji Him)

  Dai Jeuk Gwut Fui Hui Lui Hung
  Ken Hung Cheuk Lap


Yuri says she and the storage unit boss have no chance
Louis Cheung passes by and stops for a chat with Wilson Chin and Grace Wong
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Grace Wong Kwan Hing who will wed on July 11 earlier with Yuri Chan Yui Yui, Timmy Hung Tin Ming, Rachel Chau Ka Lei and Melrose Chan Mei Yi worked on the Ricky Fan Chun Fung and Wilson Chin Kwok Wai produced film JUI BAU GWAI MUK (BEYOND DRUNK BFF). Louis Cheung Kai Chung who just ate nearby came over to chat with Chin Kwok Wai.

Kwan Hing said that the film had many party scenes and felt just like a bachelorette party. After the wrap she will stop working to prepare for her wedding and rebuild healthy life habits. She will be in her university classmate's wedding party to pick up experience for her own wedding. Kwan Hing said that she did not deliberately lose weight, the production has been tough and she was not worried about not being able to "carry" the wedding gown. She also wanted her waist to be thinner to be closer her past character Thurman's great shape. She said that in college she was a much better drinker. How about her fiance? Kwan Hing said, "No way! After drinking a little he would be like he has food poisoning, he would be all red like a cherry! (You don't have to worry about him going out!) That's right! That's pretty good! Thank you Jesus for giving me such a good husband!"

Yui Yui revealed that she would be responsible for the sexy portion. As soon as she got drunk she would take off her clothes. She said, "I don't know why I would so easily take off my clothes, then fling it all around. In real life I definitely wouldn't be like this, after I get drunk I would fall asleep." In addition, earlier she was caught with a storage place boss. Yui Yui clarified that he was just a friend. They were talking about a storage sponsorship. They had no chance at all.


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BabyJohn Choi and Kearen Pang celebrate Chrissie Chau's birthday
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Kearen Pang Sau Wai's film 29+1 made over HK$ 10 million in Hong Kong and Macau and will open in the Mainland on June 2nd. The actors have already begun the Guangdong province promotional tour. Two nights ago they arrived in Guangzhou. Pang Sau Wai booked a restaurant for a surprise birthday party for lead actress Chrissie Chau Sau Na. Co-star BabyJohn Choi Hong Yik and the team also attended. Earlier Sister Na had to work on her TVB series during her birthday and the cast celebrated with her in the studio. Sister Na had no idea about the surprise birthday party, so she was both surprised and happy. BabyJohn and Pang Sau Wai presented a cake and opened a bottle of champagne. Sister Na said, "I am very happy! I never thought that more people would celebrate my birthday. For the past few days everyone went to Guangzhou to promote the film, but despite the hard work they still got a cake and even arranged for this surprise for me. I really am very surprised. I can feel everyone's love for me. This birthday has been very memorable."

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Louis Koo claims to be just an actor and makes no casting decision
Richie Jen, Yau Nai Hoi, Gordon Lam
Liza Wang says that she wants to work with Louis Koo again.
Guest presenter Sylvia Chang
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The 2016 Hong Kong Art Development Awards took place two nights ago in Tseung Kwan O Television City. Considered Johnnie To Kei Fung's successor, THREE (SAM YUN HUNG) and TRIVISA (SHU DAI JIU FUNG)'s Yau Nai Hoi received the "Artist of the Year -- Film" award. His friends Louis Koo Tin Lok, Gordon Lam Ka Tung and Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) came to congratulate him. Rumored to spread his wings in the film industry, Goo Jai said that he had no detail and asking female stars to work with him was the director's call.

Currently working on a film in Shenzhen, Koo Tin Lok said that he began working with Yau Nai Hoi in as early as 1999. 18 years flew by. He was not only Goo Jai's good friend but also his teacher, teaching him a lot of film theories and story structure. Goo Jai benefit much from him.

Speaking of rumors that Goo Jai will make 8 movies, he said, "I didn't see the report, I have no idea myself." As for his interest in getting Natalie Tong Sze Wing for a movie, Goo Jai said, "Probably no, no. Actually I am an actor too, the director has to decide that."

Always wanted to make another television series, Goo Jai said that he would consider any good script. However his work schedule this year was already jam packed. Now he has to commute between Shenzhen and Beijing between jobs. Jessica Hester Hsuan (Suen Huen) wanted to work with GOo Jai again. He said that he too wanted to work with her, whether in film or on television. When someone suggested that Goo Jai could ask Suen Huen to star in BACK TO THE PAST, the film version of STEP INTO THE PAST (CHUM CHUN GEI), he again said that he had to ask the director since he was only an actor.

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Elaine Lok, Chan Pui Wah's son and Wong Cho Lam decline to discuss Andy Lau
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Andy Lau and his wife come to pay their respect

Andy Lau and his wife send flowers
Andy Lau eulogizes Chan Pui Wa
Nick Cheung and Jacky Cheung
Nancy Wu
Deanie Ip worked with Chan Pui Wa on A SIMPLE LIFE
Elaine Lok and Wong Cho Lam miss Chan Pui Wa
Sammo Hung
Sandra Ng and Peter Chan
Michael Miu
Sharon Chan
Soon to wed Grace Wong does not mind any taboo
Connie Chan
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Veteran film producer and former TVB artist department high ranking manager Chan Pui Wa passed away from lymphoma on April 28th at age 68. Yesterday the Kowloon City Baptish Church held a funeral service for Sister Pui Wa. The hearse arrived at 6:05PM and the remain was transported this morningat 10AM to the Diamond Hill Crematorium. Sister Pui Wa was a partner of Andy Lau Tak Wa professionally. The still recovering Wa Jai also made a surprise appearance, as he arrived with a medical mask to send his late friend on her final journey.

Did Sammo Hung Kam Bo see Wa Jai? He said, "Yes, he wore a mask and passed by me. (Was he with his wife?) There was a woman, but I don't know if she was his wife or girlfriend!" He also said that Wa Jai was probably in decent health, but joked that his was probably better than Wa Jai's.

The hall was mainly decorated wth white lilies. Sister Pui Wa was rather well liked in the industry. Yesterday many attended the memorial. They included Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Nick Cheung Ka Fa, Wong Cho Lam and his wife Leanne Li Yanan, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and her husband, TVB executive Elaine Lok Yi Ling, Sharon Chan Man Chi, Norman Leung Nai Pang, Connie Chan Bo Chu, Richard Ng Yiu Han and his wife, Michael Miu Kiu Wai, Deanie Ip Tak Han, Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui, Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Ng See Yuen, Benny Chan Muk Sing, Nancy Wu Ting Yan, Patrick Tang Kin Won and others. Many artists sent flowers, Wa Jai and his wife's was the most eye catching as it was the only industry floral arrangement in the hall.

The memorial program had many photos of Sister Pui Wa with artists and many eulogies, including Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Ann Hui On Wa, Raymond Lam Fung, Roger Kwok Chun On, Linda Chung Ka Yun, Wu Ting Yan, Max Zhang Jin and Ada Choi Siu Fun. Wa Jai wrote, "Your smile melts away all the sorrow; your foresight and wisdom melt away all the pain; your faith gives us wisdom to continue your work. We would love you to the end, always and forever......"

The funeral committee representative Lok Yi Ling and Wong Cho Lam yesterday spoke to the media. Cho Lam said, "Thank you to the media for your concern, everyone knows Sister Pui Wa is a very faithful Christian. Her will is to conduct a ceremony at the church. Tonight at 7PM the ceremony will begin. Sister Pui Wa's coffin will enter the Church. I hope everyone would make a little room for Sister Pui Wa's coffin to slowly enter."