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Joan Chen, Simon Yam Tat Wa

Xiao Song Jia, Francis Ng Chun Yu
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Joan Chen, Simon Yam
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Joan Chen, Simon Yam

Francis Ng, Xiao Song Jia
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Joan Chen, Simon Yam
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The Kam Kwok Leung directed film YIT OI DOH (HOT LOVE ISLAND) yesterday started production. Actors Simon Yam Tat Wa , Joan Chen, Francis Ng Chun Yu, Chang Chen, Xiao Song Jia, and Janice Man Wing Shan attended. The actors cut a roast pig together to pray for a smooth production. Earlier the film reportedly approached Sandra Ng Kwan Yu with its female lead. Later Ng Kwan Yu was rumored to resign due to pregnancy and Carina Lau Ka Ling was rumored to take over. Now the female lead went to Joan Chen.

Yam Tat Wa in the film played a couple with Joan Chen. They went from dating, marriage, divorce to reunion as their relationship grew complicated. Would they have any intimate scene? Yam Tat Wa joked that it would be crazy intimate. Joan Chen said that she did not know and wait until later and see. Was she willing to be intimate with a hunk like Yam Tat Wa? She joked, "I can't wait." Then she praised Yam Tat Wa as happy, lovable and professional. With him on the set the atmosphere would be very pleasant.

As for the actress carousel that ended up with Joan Chen, Yam Tat Wa had no idea and only said that good productions often would be like that. He was already very happy to be able to work with his idol. Was this Brother Wa's first collaboration with Joan Chen? He said yes and that he admired her very much, in particular her acting. Joan Chen said that she had no idea how many people were approached. Earlier Willie Chan Chi Keung asked her for help and said that the actress was pregnant. She would help as long as she was able to. As for when she was asked, she said it was a long time ago and could not remember.

Speaking of two other actresses before her, Joan Chen did not mind because this situation often occurred in film. She too has quitted roles that needed to others to fill in. She said, "I like Hong Kong very much, I haven't made a Hong Kong film in a long time." Yam Tat Wa and Ng Kwan Yu's ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW (SHUI YUET SUN TAU) was selected to represent Hong Kong to compete for this year's Best Foreign Film Oscar. Joan Chen immediately congratulated Yam Tat Wa, who said, "I took hope this film will have a chance (at the nomination) later." Yesterday the production start ceremony was delayed. Other actors Ng Chun Yu, Chang Chen after the worship ceremony went to the set without any interview.


Juno Mak Chun Lung, Sora Aoi

Kelly Chen Wai Lam
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Kelly Chen
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Kelly Chen

Janice Man

Juno Mak

Juno Mak, Sora Aoi
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Juno Mak, Wyman Wong, Janice Man, Mark Lui (third right), Kelly Chen (right)
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Kelly Chen Wai Lam, Juno Mak Chun Lung, Janice Man Wing Shan yesterday attended the Mark Lui Chung Tak designed men's label Coolday, Sir Solo Shop new store opening.

Due to the Daoyutai incident the China Japan relationship has been very tense. Juno worked with Japanese adult video actress Sora Aoi on the film REVENGE: A LOVE STORY (FOK SAU JEH JI SEH), which will soon premiere at the Asian Film Festival. Sora Aoi will come to promote in Hong Kong next week as scheduled. Juno felt that violence could not resolve the issue and felt that art should not be linked with politics. He said, "Sora Aoi put a lot of effort into the film. We can't squander her hard work and can't have any racial divide. (Will you protect her?) I believe we have workers who will. I don't look forward to an extreme action to take place. The Asian Film Festival opening ceremony should take place smoothly under a peaceful atmosphere." Juno was optimistic about the China and Japan relationship. He himself had a fashion business in Japan and at the end of October he will go there for work.

Sora Aoi in the film had to deliver her lines in Cantonese. When she was not in a scene she practiced her Cantonese and memorized her lines, very soon she was able to handle it. Although she and the crew had a language barrier, they had no gap at all as they very quickly functioned
as one.

Mak Chun Lung played a straight laced youth and a couple with the Sora Aoi played innocent girl. They had many romantic scenes. In one scene Mak Chun Lung was released from prison, the pregnant Sora Aoi went to pick him up with mixed emotions. Mak Chun Lung before places sat alone in a corner, closed his eyes to gather his emotions and very soon he was able to become teary eyed. No one dared to disturb him. During the shoot he was able to shed real tears.


Jung Woo-Sung, Michelle Yeoh

Shawn Yue
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Jung Woo-Sung, Michelle Yeoh
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The John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) produced, Su Chao-Bin directed REIGN OF ASSASSINS (GYIM YU) two nights ago held its Hong Kong premiere. Leads Jung Woo-Sung and Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King) continued to play a sweet couple. Not only did they often hold hands, Jung Woo-Sung was even more attentive when Michelle ascended to and descended from the stage. He lightly held her hand and put his arm around her shoulder. During the confetti cannon he even helped Michelle, they were much sweeter than a real couple.

In the film, Jung Woo-Sung carried Michelle many times. The host asked them to demonstrate, Michelle joked that she was very heavy. Jung Woo-Sung said, "As long as I am carrying Michelle, I am willing to go anywhere." The host asked him what the difference was between Korean and Hong Kong girls. He lovingly looked at Michelle and said, "Michelle is the most important, she is the most special person." Michelle then leaned on his shoulder. To act with Michelle, Jung Woo-Sung said that the language was not the most important. As long as their hearts were connected, they would know what the other was thinking without speaking. Michelle who has not made an martial art action film in ten years said that she had pressure picking up the sword again. On several occasions she was worried that she would hit Big S (Barbie Hsu) because she was pretty.

While Michelle and Jung Woo-Sung were sweet from on screen to off screen, Shawn Yue Man Lok revealed that in real life Michelle and her boyfriend Jean Todt were also very sweet. He remember when Jean visited the set in Hengdian around Christmas. Although he lived in Europe he still could not take the Hengdian chill, but for Michelle he toughed it out. Ah Lok's former rumored girlfriend Emme Wong Yi Man was dating Chan Kwok Kwan. Ah Lok said that he would not talk about the past, as long as they were happy he was fine. Yet when he learned that they have not admitted to dating, he dodged all related questions. Has he seen Chingmy Yau Suk Ching's new born daughter? He also reluctantly said, "I am not at liberty to talk about others, but I have already congratulated them."

Paw Hee Ching 20 years ago worked with Ng Yu Sum in BULLET IN THE HEAD (DIP HUET GAI TAU). She naturally felt happy to be a part of his film again. Sister Paw siad, "When I saw the director, I was immediately much more confident." Her scene with Yue Man Lok was the most memorable to her because she had a double to instruct her on how to perform the scene, no wonder it was a big production.

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Stephen Chow Sing Chi's 1995 film series CHINESE ODYSSEY (SAI YAU GEI) was a critical and commercial hit. Its line "Love you 10,000 years" even became a classic line. Two years ago Sing Yeh reportedly would return to the Journey to the West subject.

Recently, Bingo Group executive Sing Yeh finally confirmed NEW CHINESE ODYSSEY (SUN DAI WA SAI YAU), which will start production in February. Sing Yeh has not confirmed whether he will perform. However this film has been so important to him that he continuously recruited big stars for the new film. In August Sing Yeh even personally went to Beijing to invite international Best Actress Maggie Cheung Man Yuk to play the Queen Mother. Because Sing Yeh was extremely sincere and Maggie wanted to work on a comedy, her chance of performing was rather high. Not only NEW, Sing Yeh also talked about tailoring a woman film for Maggie with a lot of potential.

He not only personally invited Maggie to perform but also asked Will Smith. Reportedly when Will Smith came to Hong Kong to promote I AM LEGEND, he met with Sing Yeh and also mentioned his CHINESE ODYSSEY project. In 2008, Sing Yeh met with Will Smith again when he went to the U.S. for the GREEN HORNET negotiation. He again invited he and his son Jaden to guest star together as he was interested in turning Jaden into the young Monkey King. As for why Old Sun would turn into a foreigner, Sing Yeh thought of 72 actors to play the Monkey King role simultaneously. Old Sun is able to make 72 transformations into men, women, seniors, children and even foreigners!

Derek Kwok Chi Kin will direct NEW CHINESE ODYSSEY. In order to make this film, Sing Yeh postponed KING OF COMEDY 2. Kwok Chi Kin said, "With big stars like them, Mr. Chow have to personally negotiate. I am waiting for his notification. However my initial cast list has Hollywood superstars and some big stars."

Reportedly the version will be a youth version, with Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) as the Tang Monk and Ethan Ruan (Yuen King Tin) as Sun Wukong the Monkey King. The film would also have characters like the White Bone Demon, Princess Iron Fan, Bull King and Sand Monk, who new comers from Mainland recruitment will play. Although Sing Yeh would only be a producer this time, he could express his opinions about the cast. He personally met with Yuen King Tin. Sing Yeh felt that Siu Tin had Sun Wukong's lively side so he was the most suitable to play the character. Sing Yeh would also guest starred as a transformed Sun Wukong. Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi has also been invited to guest star. Because it was a story about a young Tang Monk, the leads would be idol actors.

Despite China Film Group repeatedly suggested for Sing Yeh to play the Tang Monk role, he did not agree. Because if he starred, the film could not possibly be a youth version. In addition TAI CHI is almost ready for production, during which he would not have time to handle other film.


Andrew Lau Wai Keung, Shu Qi, Anthony Wong Chau Sun (second right) and others celebrate LEGEND OF THE FIST THE RETURN OF CHEN ZHEN box office success
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LEGEND OF THE FIST THE RETURN OF CHEN ZHEN (JING MO FUNG WON CHEN ZHEN) two nights ago held a box office celebration in Shanghai. Director Andrew Lau Wai Keung led stars Shu Qi, Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Huo Siyan, Ryu Kohota, Chen Jiajia and others in attendance.

Lau Wai Keung stated that in the first cut the ending actually had an additional 8 minutes of drama that explained Chen Zhen's personal inner conflict, but it was cut from the release. He hoped this ending would appear in the film sequel as the opening sequence. Shu Qi also hoped to continue to perform in the sequel, and romance the Yen Chi Tan played Chen Zhen once again. Shu Qi said, "Everything would depend on the script, hopefully the ending wouldn't be as sad as this time." Since the Mainland release of CONFESSION OF PAIN (SEUNG SING), Shu Qi's LOOK FOR A STAR (YAU LUNG HEI FUNG), IF YOU ARE THE ONE, BLOOD BROTHERS, CITY UNDER SIEGE (CHUEN SING GAI BEI) and other films were big hits in the Mainland. Shu Qi's personal cumulative box office in the Mainland was near 800 million yuan as Shu Qi became the target that film companies, directors and producers fought over. With a lucky star like Shu Qu, LEGEND OF THE FIST THE RETURN OF CHEN ZHEN had hope to witness Shu Qi's personal box office mark breaking 1 billion yuan.

Shu Qi since her first film has worked with Lau Wai Keung 11 times already. Shu Qi joked that Lau loved to yell at actresses, thus no one dared to work with him. Shu Qi also said, "He is very responsible to me, he wants big things for me." Then she called Lau Wai Keung "Papa". Meanwhile, Wong Chau Sun praised Shu Qi for her quality and being radiant in front of the camera. Shu Qi and Wong Chau Sun might appear in another story in the sequel, as Shu Qi might play Yoshiko Kawashima.


John Woo (Ng Yu Sum)
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Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King), Jung Woo-Sung
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The John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) produced REIGN OF ASSASSINS (GIM YU) will soon open in Hong Kong. Its actor included Korea's Jung Woo-Sung, Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King), Shawn Yue Man Lok and director Su Chao-Bin yesterday attended a press conference. Michelle yesterday declined any interview due to her brother's affair, but Michelle and Jung Woo-Sung held hands sweetly. He even said that he liked girls like Michelle. When he learned that she already had a boyfriend he stated that he would wait for next life with Michelle.

Michelle in the film played a couple with Jung Woo-Sung. She has known Ng Yu Sum for a long time before working together this time. "We met each other in the U.S. years ago. I have always wanted to be able to work with Ng Yu Sum but we never had the chance. This time with a big director as the producer and a young director with potential with so many good actors, this time I truly 'got rich'." Speaking of Jung Woo-Sung, Michelle also had nothing but praise as she complimented on his hard work on learning Mandarin. Jung Woo-Sung greeted the media in Mandarin and Cantonese. He even gently said, "As a woman, she has her own style and is also a very cooperative and responsible actress. I once thought if I meet someone with Yeung Chi King's kindness and personality then it would be great!" Lok Jai said to Jung Woo-Sung, "Too late!" When Jung Woo-Sung learned that Michelle has already boyfriend, he continued to flirt, "If I can I hope maybe in the next life!"

Ng Yu Sum was asked with the success of CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON, would making REIGN OF ASSASSINS bring any pressure. He replied, "I never had any box office pressure." He pointed out that REIGN OF ASSASSINS sold for several tens of millions in Europe and America than RED CLIFF. In addition, his daughter Angeles Woo (Ng Fei Ha) also performed. Michelle revealed that Ng Yu Sum on the set was a nervous and lovable father. He said, "When I saw someone suddenly fall from high heights, as a father I was very worried. She wanted to drive me out and tell me to go away! She also said that I was nagging her, and that with me on the set she instead could not relax!"

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Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi's comeback has been long anticipated

Donnie Yen Chi Tan's comedic look alone is entertaining
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"Hot Mom" Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi finally confirmed her comeback film to be the Lunar New Year film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2011 (JUI KEUNG HEI SI). Raymond Wong Pak Ming would tailor the character for her and team her up with box office guarantee Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Louis Koo Tin Lok as well as Carina Lau Ka Ling as two comedic couples. Her salary even took a great leap forward as she would make 10 million for a dozen or some days of work.

Reportedly Wong Pak Ming was able to land Pak Chi because his Lunar New Year films have always been popular. Light comedic Lunar New Year film was a very suitable genre for Pak Chi as a mother. With such a strong cast, the film would be a rather safe bet for the first shot of Pak Chi's comeback. The fact was Yen Chi Tan, Koo Tin Lok and Lau Ka Ling had high box office draw in the Mainland, conceivably they would be very helpful to Pak Chi's return to the Mainland market.

Since Pak Chi just decided to join the cast, Wong Pak Ming has already ordered for a script re-write to tailor a character for her. For now Yen Chi Tan and Lau Ka Ling would be a pair and Pak Chi would have a romantic link with Koo Tin Lok.

Wong Pak Ming said, "Indeed it's true! (Does Pak Chi have any special request?) No, she has been great. She didn't mention any special request or that she wouldn't leave Hong Kong. She has been very reasonable. (How did you move her?) I think it was sincerity and the good team. (Would Pak Chi's son perform?) We never discussed this!"

Reportedly although Pak Chi did not have any special request, she asked to attend only one premiere in Hong Kong and in the Mainland and would not follow the promotional tour. Conceivably she did not want to leave her sons for too long. The team has been very understanding and willing to accommodate.


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William Chan Wai Ting in his new film CHOOK GWAI DIK NUI YUN (OFF THE RAIL WOMEN) played a gigolo who traversed between Pat Ha Man Jik, Carrie Ng Ka Lai and Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen). In the film he would have many love scenes. To display his "abilities", William not only got himself into shape but earlier went to Soho, Central to select clothing.

William in the store stated that he was looking for clothing and accessories that displayed masculine sexiness. He immediately received passionate treatment from the boss lady. To coordinate with his "gigolo look", William after putting on the accessories and made a variety of
tempting poses under the order of the boss lady. The more he tried on the happier he got as he became interested in the store's decorations and artwork. He and the boss lady got along so famously that they went to have tea at a coffee shop together. Did William feel gratified that he
successfully attracted a sexy boss lady's attentive treatment? He laughed and said, "That boss lady is my pretty older sister. Our relationship is great. She knew that I would play a gigolo in my new movie and told me to see if she had any clothes that fit."


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The John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) produced wuxia film REIGN OF ASSASSINS (GIM YU) earlier held a premiere in Beijing. The segment that honored Ng Yu Sum was the most emotional, as the event displayed footage of his Venice award acceptance but suddenly added his daughter Angeles Woo (Ng Fei Ha)'s thoughts about his award. Ng Yu Sum broke down after seeing the words that her daughter said for him. Attending the premiere were director Su Chao-Bin, actors Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King), Jung Woo-Sung, Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon), Shawn Yue Man Lok, Wang Xueqi, Paw Hee Ching, Pace Wu (Ng Pui Chi) and Leon Dai Lap Yan. The entire audience gave a three minute standing ovation.

The actors proceeded to perform. Yue Man Lok stood out the most as he made noodles on stage. He then jumped rope with the noodles he made and lighten the mood. Most actors performed with swords. When Jung Woo-Sung drew his sword it broke in half. Actually it was a set up, the
missing half of the sword was already in Jung Woo-Sung's chest. Yeung Chi King and Jung Woo-Sung embraced each other. She said that from the first day of their collaboration they fought, later they held hands at any public event as a message of mutual support.


Karena Lam Ka Yun, star of DON QUIXOTE
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Filmko's first all 3D fantasy in China, DON QUIXOTE, will open in October. The Donnie Yen Chi Tan 3D MONKEY KING will also cost 400 million RMB to make. Its Beijing company even stated that it will never make another 3D movie as a sign of confidence in 3D films.

Filmko not only imported equipment and 3D production teams from Germany but also hired ALICE IN WONDERLAND special effect team with 50,000 yuan RMB daily to shoot Don Quixote's windmill duel. The special effect team adjusted the color on each grain of sand and drew a "sand demon" world by hand. MONKEY which will start production on October 8 had a Hollywood team to work from actor costumes, production to post production special effects. The company said that it wanted to make a authentic 3D brand in Asia, thus the company will never make 2D films again.


Tony Leung Ka Fai, Andy Lau Tak Wa
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Andy Lau Tak Wa in the new film DETECTIVE DEE AND THE MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME (DIK YUN KIT ji TUNG TIN DAI GOK) not only had scenes that many looked forward to with Carina Lau Ka Ling and Li Bingbing, but also an intense fight scene with Tony Leung Ka Fai as Wa Jai fought Ka Fai while hanging on a horse.

In the story Di Renjie and good friend Sha Tuo fought due to a misunderstanding. They even had to fight from the open air stupa to the horse. Action director Sammo Hung Kam Bo designed many wire action scenes for Wa Jai, one of which that carried him to the top of the stupa then he had to run. In the beginning Wa Jai already accidentally hit into the prop on top of the stupa, his mouth and chin were bruised and bloodied. Luckily his injury was not too severe! In another scene Wa Jai had to stand on two thin bamboos to fend off many. Wa Jai said, "At first I wasn't at ease because the bamboos were poking at the bottom of my feet. They felt like pressure point massage and somewhat difficult."

The toughest part of the shoot that both Wa Jai and Ka Fai agreed on was the fight on the horse. In the story they kept fighting on the horses. Wa Jai even had to hang on the horse with his legs to duel Ka Fai. Because the horses were running very fast, Wa Jai was upside down on the horse and had a little motion sickness.

When Hung Kam Bo continuously told Ka Fai to kick Wa Jai, Wa Jai thought, "If we switch characters then it would be great!......haha......just joking!"

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Pat Ha Man Jik, Wiliam Chan Wai Ting, Carrie Ng Ka Lai

William Chan Wai Ting
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Candy Yu On On, Pat Ha, William Chan, Carrie Ng, Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen)
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Pat Ha Man Jik, William Chan Wai Ting, Carrie Ng Ka Lai, Candy Yu On On, Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen) and Bonnie Xian (Sin Sik Lai) starred film CHOOK GWAI DIK NUI YUN (OFF THE RAIL WOMEN) yesterday held a production start ceremony. The actors and director Poon Yuen Leung participated in a roast pig cutting ceremony.

Ha Man Jik said that she has not made a film in a long time. In addition she was not used to sleeping late. After the first day she could only sleep with the help of medicine. She would be fine once she gradually adjusted to it. Chan Wai Ting said that he had intimate scenes with her in every scene, she joked that it was a lie. Even if they did they were only in the proximity of intimacy, which was exaggerated. The director should be asked about the level of intimacy. Would she be sexy in the film? Ha Man Jik said that Yip Shuen and Ng Ka Lai would be more amazing. She joked that she was old and at most only dared to show her back. She said, "If others saw me I would be doing a spit take. I have already lost five pounds though, maybe from all the pressure." She also praised Chan Wai Ting's performance. In one scene she fell under his spell. She said that she has not seen Chan Wai Ting's revealing scene but complimented that he was in great shape. Ha Man Jik honestly said that the production has been somewhat physically demanding but very smooth. She said that now she is in negotiation with Willie Chan Chi Keung about a new film. Due to scheduling conflict, both films would shoot simultaneously.

Chan Wai Ting said that in the film he played a gigolo. He would have intimate scenes with Ha Man Jik, Ng Ka Lai and Yip Shuen. He honestly said that he would have a kiss scene with Ha Man Jik. Would he have touching scenes? He said yes but he did not have any pressure. He said, "Ha Man Jik and I actually have the same birthday, I feel very intimate." Did he already have experience from working with Vivian Chow Wai Man earlier? He honestly said that he had more experience and knew how to communicate. Chan Wai Ting said that earlier he worked on a daring scene in which his manager Yu On On tested his conditions at a night club. He said, "I had to masturbate in front of her and the camera, I felt a little scared." Would he show his rear? He said that the director has been great, permitting him to put on underwear then folding it to hide it. It felt like wearing a thong. He joked that his rear would be on display this way too. Did he get himself into shape first? He said that his legs have always been thin so his rear looked big in comparison. Chan Wai Ting pointed out that Yu On On asked why he did not remove his underwear for the scene and suggested for him to learn an actor's professional ethics. He honestly said that for now he could not accept it and needed further adjustment.

Ng Ka Lai said that she had intimate scenes with Chan Wai Ting but would not feel embarrassed. Because she has made many love scenes before, this was a piece of cake. Did she see Chan Wai Ting's revealing scene? She said that she has not had the pleasure so far. She said that she and Ha Man Jik back then worked together on LIFE IS A MOMENT (CHIU FA JIK HUP). Although they only had a few scenes together, when they ran into each other again they still remembered working together. They also praised each other for looking great at their age.


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The Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Zhang Ziyi, Pu Cunxin, Jiang Wenli starred film LIFE IS A MIRACLE (MOR SHOOK OI JUEN) released its first trailer and Kwok Fu Sing and Zhang Ziyi's wedding photos. In it, Zhang Ziyi wore red and carried wedding candy with Kwok Fu Sing who had a red tie. Their brilliant smiles were extremely infectious. In the trailer their "voluntary wedding" declaration made people weep with joy.

In the trailer, Kwok Fu Sing and Zhang Ziyi wore wedding costumes and ran to the streets to announce their marriage. It was the focus of the entire film. After a variety of physical pain and illness, emotional torture and people's criticism, they decided to ignore the looks of the conventional world and spent their remaining days together.

According to the team, this shoot went very smoothly. Their emotions were released to their limits as they were full of chemistry. After the shoot, Zhang Ziyi and Kwok Fu Sing remained in sorrow and could not stop crying. Zhang Ziyi honestly said, "Kwok Fu Sing and I already
accumulated enough emotions before this scene. During its performance true emotions naturally flowed. As soon as we faced each other, that type of emotions from joy to sorrow couldn't be stopped. Only they could understand the relationship. This type of momentary tear from a delicate emotional change was particularly touching."


Hugh Jackman, Li Bingbing
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The Wayne Wang directed film SNOW FLOWER AND SECRET FAN starred Li Bingbing, Gianna Jun Ji-Hyun, Hugh Jackman, and Vivian Wu.

Li Bingbing in the film had 10 costumes from the age of 17 to the forties. Yesterday photos of the modern scenes were released. Li Bingbing and Jun Ji-Hyun danced at a bar. Their hair was a mess as they gazed intently at each other. The first collaboration between the Chinese and the Korean star actually set off many sparks, but also seemingly confirmed rumors that this film was a "homosexual" film. Wayne Wang however denied and said, "The film and the original had no homosexual content at all. They are only sworn sisters."

The film was based on writer Lisa See's English novel of the same name. It was two emotional stories about two women at the end of the Qing Dynasty and in modern times. This was a fully Chinese film but with a Hollywood team. Li Bingbing once joked, "Everyone I see on the team was foreign. After the shoot, my English was much better than before. Because I had to communicate with the team, everyday I ignored whether the grammar was correct or not and spoke from the beginning to the end. After speaking it everyday, I started to change my lines. This bonus was great!"

In the film, Li Bingbing and Jun Ji-Hyun both played two characters, their modern "selves" their end of Qing Dynasty "grandmother's grandmother". The film's costume parts were shot in Hengdian, while the modern part was shot in Shanghai and other locations.

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Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Dante Lam Chiu Yin
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Johnnie To Kei Fung, Jia Zhangke, Dante Lam Chiu Yin, Lawrence Ah Mon (Lau Kwok Cheung), Nick Cheung Ka Fai
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Director Jia Zhangke as a mystery guest yesterday along with Johnnie To Kei Fung, Dante Lam Chiu Yin, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) and Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga) were guest presenters at the Fresh Wave closing film and award presentation ceremony. Speaking of this year's film quality, Ah To said that although he was not responsible for the judging he praised the films' improvement. Because this year's award ceremony was later than last year's, they had a lot of time to prepare. Earlier Korean director Lee Chong-dong came to Hong Kong. Did they discuss any collaboration plan? Ah To said that he only played the host and introduced him to Hong Kong. They did not discuss any film plan.

Cheung Ka Fai graciously congratulated Wai Ying Hung on her seventh award with the same time. He revealed that in mid October he will head to Vietnam to attend a film festival. He hoped that BEAST STALKER (JING YUN) would not just won Best Actor and that off camera talent like the director would be recognized. With the success of both BEAST STALKER and STOOL PIGEON (SIN YUN), will the team reunite again? He said that even if they did he hoped that they would not work on a cop and robber film. He had any projects in negotiation. Did Dante Lam Chiu Yin's project include him? He said, "I release him to go out, after awhile we definitely have the chance to work together."

Lam Chiu Yin earlier was caught dining with Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun). Yesterday he was asked when they would work together. Lam Chiu Yin did not respond directly and only said that he was Chairman Chou's fan. He honestly said that he paid attention to Chairman Chou's music video and thought that he was agile. If they worked together it would be an action film. He also said that Chairman Chou was someone who he must work with, but he complained that Chairman Chou's schedule was too tight. He said, "He still have several dozen concerts to complete, he also has to tour!" He said that the boss would negotiate the schedule, as for the
other cast members the decision would be made after Chairman Chou was confirmed.


Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King), Jung Woo-Sung

Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon)
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Jung Woo-Sung, Michelle Yeoh

Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon)

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The John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) produced REIGN OF ASSASSINS (GIM YU) will be released on October 7 in Hong Kong. Yesterday a press conference was held in Beijing. He, director Su Chih-Pin and actors Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King), Jung Woo-Sung, Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon), Shawn Yue Man Lok, Wang Xueqi, Paw Hee Ching, Pace Wu (Ng Pui Chi), Calvin Li (Lee Chong Hong) and Leon Dai Lap Yun attended. The host asked Jung Woo-Sung and Yeung Chi King to reprise their wedding proposal scene. In the film Yeung Chi King asked Jung Woo-Sung if he was willing to marry her. Although they were buddies, reprising the scene in public was still embarrassing. Jung Woo-Sung immediately helped her and kept her from proposing. Before she was able to respond, he already continuously repeated, "What did you say?" and pretended to have reprised the scene.

Ng Yu Sum was asked if he switched faces who he would switch with. He humorously said that he would like to become Jung Woo-Sung because in childhood he has always wanted to become an actor but he did not grow tall. As long as he had Jung Woo-Sung's looks he definitely would become a top actor. Jung Woo-Sung said, "Thank you Director." Big S earlier injured her right arm during a shoot but she insisted on attending the Beijing press conference and premiere. She hoped to be able to promote more. However all of her movement was extra cautious and she avoided contact with anyone to pretend nerve injuries. Shawn Yue Man Lok who stood next to her took extra care of her.

Ng Pui Chi wore four inch high heels, which made the already tall her even taller. Yue Man Lok often stood on the tips of his toes to keep from being shorter than her.


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Carina Lau Ka Ling who has been busy promoting the Tsui Hark directed DETECTIVE DEE AND THE MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME (DIK YUN KIT ji TUNG TIN DAI GOK) two nights ago after the premiere met with Tsui Hark about future collaborations.

Two nights ago Ka Ling after attended the DETECTIVE premiere with Andy Lau Tak Wa, Li Bingbing, Deng Chao and other actors went to meet with Tsui Hark and his wife Shi Nansun. Li Bingbing also attended but did not speak with reporters.


Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun)

Andrew Lau Wai Keung (left), Anthony Wong Chau Sun (right)

A-Mei, Jay Chou

Jay Chou met up with Emperor boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing and director Dante Lam Chiu Yin to discuss a modern film that will shoot in the Mainland, Hong Kong, and Europe.

Albert Yeung Sau Sing
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Jay Chou and A-Mei performed CANNOT CRY (HUK BUT CHOOK LOI)

Jay Chou urges god father Anthony Wong Chau Sun not to "hold a woman too long"

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The 8 show Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) 2010 concert series two nights ago ended at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Despite of hoarse voice from performing 8 shows, his performance was not affected and he even had a special guest A-Mei (Cheung Wai Mui).

Reportedly Chairman Chou earlier met with Albert Yeung Sau Sing. He honestly said that they only had dinner to see whether they would have any chance to work together, and Mr. Yeung had ample funding. As for whether he wanted to return to INITIAL D, Chairman Chou said, "I spoke with (Andrew) Lau Wai Keung, if we don't go back to it we would be old. However my schedule next year is very tight. Hopefully I can make it in the year after."