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Denise Ho performs a live concert in the attic of the former site of Mount Zero Books

The police in response to complaints set up a cordon and record the ID cards of people outside the store

When the concert begins, dozens of people listen to the live broadcast outside the store

Denise Ho breaks into tears while singing DEAR BLACK on the stairs of the attic
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Denise Ho Wan Si held a live online concert "Hocc Pop-up Live" yesterday afternoon in the loft of the former site of "Mount Zero Books" on Taiping Shan Street, with Mike Orange as the accompaniment and Alfred Hui Ting Hung as the photographer. The concert, which took place at 5 PM, attracted dozens of fans outside the door, including Ho Wan Si's father and Anthony Wong Yu Ming who sat outside the bookstore. More than an hour into the concert, a number of police officers reported to the scene. They allegedly received noise complaints, pulled up the cordon and recording the ID cards of people outside the store. The Police also took down the personal information of Ho Si Wan and others who were performing the live broadcast in the store. The concert was interrupted twice.

When the live concert began, Ho Wan Si was in a relaxed mood and waved hello to the fans from the attic window. After singing for more than an hour, she heard noise outside the store. She said that sometimes the environment can be frightening and worrying, please be considerate. She mentioned that she was in a very chill mood before the concert, but due to some unknown reasons her mood was mixed and needed to be dealt with. She also said, "Could downstairs not be so noisy, you can be heard!" When she went to the window to check on the situation, more than 10 police officers arrived to set up a cordon and record the identity cards of people outside the store.

Ho Wan Si once cried while sitting on the attic stairs and singing DEAR BLACK. After the song she returned to the attic and said to the camera, "Friends who are watching the live broadcast, everyone please be patient, because right now there is a little situation, and it is being handled. Some friends outside have come to visit us!"

During the concert live broadcast, the conversation between Ho Wan Si and the staff could be heard. In addition to the fans outside the store, Ho Wan Si, musicians and people who were in charge of filming in the store also had their ID cards and personal information taken by the police. Ho Wan Si asked the staff, "Is it okay to invite him up? We're going on hold until they are done, can it be a little faster. You need IDs? Why don't the two of us (guitarist Mike Orange) give ours first, then we can continue to sing. Why not get the information from those of us who have to sing and have to shoot, then we can continue."

Ho Wan Si later muted the microphone, more than 10 minutes later the concert resumed. Ho Wan Si invited another up-and-coming singer-songwriter Gwenji to appear. After Gwenji's performance, the concert was interrupted again. After that Ho Wan Si and Mike Orange continued to play and sing. At the end of the concert, she thanked the staff and said, "Yesterday a master said, actually Ah Goo has not seen daylight in a very long time. It turns out that seeing hte light is very important, we see the light at Mount Zero!" Ho Wan Si thanked Gwenji and Hui Ting Hung, especially the latter. "I forbade him from coming but he still came......I also have to thank myself, thank the environment for training a brand new person. I sincerely appreciate it, I really think that if not for this, then I couldn't be like this!" She also thanked the store owner for providing the location. As the concert ended, Ho Wan Si walked out of the store, the fans outside the blockade clapped and cheered. She waved to everyone, motioned for everyone to go, and shouted, "Let's pack up! byebye!?

In response to enquiries, the Police Public Relations Wing replied, "The Police received a report around 5:50pm today (June 30), alleging that a concert was being held at a bookstore on Tai Ping Shan Street in the Central District, during which excessive noise was suspected. Police officers reported to the scene for investigation and suspected that an online concert was being held in the aforementioned bookstore. The noise created may cause nuisance to other people. The Police investigated and followed up with the event organizers and related parties under the Noise Control Ordinance (Cap. 400) and the Places of Public Entertainment Ordinance (Cap. 172) of the Laws of Hong Kong." The case is tentatively classified as a "noise complaint".


Fennie Yuen, Gigi Fu and Lolettea Lee all make the appearance in support of the film 
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Melvin, Chan Man Na, Clifton Ko, Raymond Wong, Fennie Yuen, Gigi Fu and Loletta Lee take a happy photo on the stage
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The famous performance venue, the Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center (KITEC) officially closed at 5pm yesterday, marking the end of many years of memories for film and music fans. The night before (29th) at the KITEC Star Cinema the last film event took place. Raymond Wong Pak Ming was reluctant that the KITEC would be rebuilt and arranged for the Hong Kong classic comedy film HAPPY GHOST II (HOI SUM GWAI FONG SHU GA) to be screened at the Star Cinema for a limited one show. Director Clifton Ko Chi Sum and a number of participating actors including Wong Pak Ming, Fennie Yuen Kit Ying, Gigi Fu Ming Hin, Melvin Wong Kam Sun, Chan Man Na and others attended. Loletta Lee Lai Chun, who participated in the first film HAPPY GHOST (HOI SUM GWAI) also made an appearance to show her support.

A number of stills from the theater, as well as full-page newspaper advertisements from back then and the Mr. Yuen Tai Yung re-illustrated poster of HAPPY GHOST II, were placed at the scene and evoked everyone's memories. Yuen Kit Ying even received support from a group of fans. The KITEC would be dismantled, and Wong Pak Ming felt very reluctant. He admitted that this was his favorite theater, so he held a limited screening of HAPPY GHOST II the night before the cinema's final closing to relive this classic works of yesteryear with a group of actors and friends in the film. He believed that it is a good farewell, "My favorite installment of the HAPPY GHOST film series is this one. Tonight I see the actors of HAPPY GHOST again tonight, it feels just like it was yesterday. Everyone has become friends now, watching this movie again together should remind everyone of the beautiful memories again."

Wong Pak Ming discovered Yuen Kit Ying on the street back then and she got into the industry, her first movie was HAPPY GHOST II. She said, "Because of this film many viewers recognized me. I was still in school back then. Because Mr. Wong discovered me on the street, I came out. It has been almost 40 years and my friendship with Mr. Wong has not changed." She said that her life has been quiet recently, pointing out that she used to be too busy in life. Now she has more time to see friends and exercise, and do things that she rarely did before. Does she still have the acting bug? She smiled and said, "Even if I have the acting bug I still can't make the Happy Girl Group again, let's wait until after I finish watching the film tonight first."

Fu Ming Hin felt happy but also lamented about being able to watch HAPPY GHOST II (HOI SUM GWAI FONG SHU GA). "So many years have gone by again in the blink of an eye. I have watched it again before, and the taste is different every time I see it. When I see everyone again I am so happy every time." Although Lee Lai Chun did not participate in HAPPY GHOST II, but back then she visited the set. She said that back then she was "stupid and silly", but the movies she made in this company were all very happy.


Nicholas Tse handles the action scenes in the film

Nicholas Tse, Michelle Wai and Kenny Kwan are full of expectation for their new film's box office
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Artist Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and his girlfriend Faye Wong have a stable relationship, but it turns out that he has been "destined to be alone" on the big screen for many years. Almost every female lead in the movie "met an ill end". When asked if he would ask for "rewriting the ending" in the future, Ting Fung reluctantly said that it was not up to him as it was all in the hands of others!

After years of getting back together with Faye Wong, Ting Fung has never wanted to talk about his girlfriend in a high-profile manner. Yet whenever the two appear in public, their every move seems quite compatible; especially Faye Wong who is becoming more and more affectionate. She was even in rarely seen, more delicate sight at the airport a month ago, when she light pat Ting Fung, lovingly stared and whispered to him in a exceedingly sweet manner. A few days ago, when Ting Fung attended the premiere of the movie CUSTOMS FRONTLINE (HOI GUAN JIN SIN) he was asked about his girlfriend dressing more and more like him. He simply responded, "I haven't been paying attention, so I don't know!" Even his co-star Jacky Cheung Hok Yau could not help but "gossip" as he joked, "You are so daring?" and cracked up everyone.

Despite his real life happiness, Ting Fung's CUSTOMS girlfriend Wai Sze Nga declares him to be "destined to be alone on the big screen"! After years in film, Ting Fung has almost never had a happy ending in love in his movies. This time Wai Sze Nga was shot soon after the opening. Ting Fung's character, who buries his love in his heart, cannot help but have an emotional breakdown when he witnesses it. His acting skills explode. Speaking of this scene, Ting Fung chuckled. "Looking back, the opposite sex who was filming with me really 'left so fast'. All of them had some problems and even died very tragically, but I couldn't control any of those. The screenwriter and the director made the arrangements."

Speaking of CUSTOMS' release early in the summer vacation, Ting Fung admits that there is box office pressure. "Yes, especially now when movies aren't easy to make; but the box office is an outside thought. I would want even more for young people after watching it to feel that there is hope for Hong Kong action movies, and more people would be willing to join the industry and take over." It turns out that what hurts him the most is that Hong Kong-made action movies have stagnated in recent years. "We travel all over the world, everyone is imitating. Tony Jaa says that he only became Tony Jaa after he watched Hong Kong-made action movies, but we actually have given up what we are the strongest at. Isn't it a pity? We lost the only real weapon of Hong Kong film (live-action stunt)!"

Kwan Chi Bun, who participated in the film, couldn't help but say when talking about Ting Fung, "I have never seen him eat on the set. He lifts dumbbells more, he really has the drive. (Would you ask him to give you more stunt training?) No need, this time for me is already considered the extreme limit!" A few days ago the film company released a number of Ting Fung's "fierce chest photos", which immediately became a hot topic. Ting Fung joked, "I am only doing my best! Now it's all gone (pectoral muscles)! (Was the training hard?) It was even more ridiculous while filming RAGING HAVOC (NO FOR MAN YIN), the diet was strictly implemented for two weeks. Once my blood sugar was too low and I got dizzy, the coach next to me poured an entire bottle of the French Toast syrup into my mouth to 'save my life'. Because the human body absorbs sugar the fastest, it recovers energy the easiest. (How did you feel at the time?) It's too sweet! (You couldn't drink water at all?) I can moisten my mouth, but it's better to spit it back out. Because drinking water will make me look bloated, you won't see the curves!"

In addition, Ting Fung recently appeared at the Beijing premiere of CUSTOMS, which attracted a large number of fans. When fans asked him to "give heart" when asking him for a photo, he declined. Ting Fung said, "Sorry, I have never given out hearts in my life." He joked that as a rock singer, he had no reason to make a heart gesture; so he responded with an impromptu rock gesture.

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Director Johnny To Kei Fung is the founder and chairman of the Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival. After 18 years since its founding, this year would be the first time the event has not have the Arts Development Council (HKADC) funding. Its scale has been reduced, as the number of films screened has been reduced from 38 to 24. At the 18th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival Local Competition Award Presentation Ceremony held yesterday, To Kei Fung said that this year could have a competition because the support from many people has been received. He will be 70 years old next year. He says that if he can live longer and can tough it out, he will be able to work until the age of 80, discover more capable filmmakers, and hope that the next generation will not be discouraged, tell their favorite stories. As for the lack of funding from the HKADC, he says that he was considered to be able to do it, but in fact he had never done it. So he can only do his best.

Since the 11th Fresh Wave Film Festival, Fresh Wave has established a limited company and become administratively independent, and has gradually become financially independent. The HKADC has indicated that since the 11th edition, the Fresh Wave Short Film Festival has been funded by the "Arts and Sports Development Fund" of the former Home Affairs Bureau through the HKADC for a "five-year transitional period" financial assistance to support the established Fresh Wave Film Festival Co. Limited's ability to develop independently in the future. It was later extended by two years to the 17th edition, and the funding has been completed in September last year.

The Awards Presentation Ceremony would present the "Audience Choice Award", "Special Mention", "Best Cinematography", "Best Screenplay", "Best Director" and "Fresh Wave Award" to young filmmakers participating in the "Local Competition". To Kei Fung told the participants that it doesn't matter if they win or lose in the competition. Through this platform they can explore their talents, keep making and watching to make their ideal movies. He started in the business in the 1970s, and he has walked this journey this way too. He reassured everyone, pointing out that there will definitely be a Fresh Wave competition this year with no less than 8 films, depending on the amount of funds.



Chun Yu is pleased with the new film's box office, and Kearen Pang suggests celebrating with a dinner
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Kearen Pang and Francis Ng team up for a CRISIS NEGOTIATORS audience appreciation event
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Sean Lau
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Artists Francis Ng Chun Yu and Kearen Pang Sau Wai appeared in the theater the night before to thank the audience for their movie CRISIS NEGOTIATORS (TAM POON JUEN GA), interact with viewers and even pose for a big group photo with them.

Ng Chun Yu reveals that he has to work in the mainland, but he still returns to Hong Kong to thank the audience and fulfill his responsibilities as an actor. He would also return to Beijing to attend the movie premiere in the next day. Chun Yu is also very satisfied with the box office revenue exceeding HK$ 16 million. It is very important for the box office to be good, but only the audience's praise would let him "drink in peace". Speaking of both his and Lau Ching Wan's performance have received good reviews all around, he said with a smile, "Hurry up and start the sequel! (Lau Ching Wan wants the original team to make a comedy version of CRISIS NEGOTIATORS?) I don't have a problem. I can shoot all subjects, especially with a new director. I would fully dedicate my whole body. I don't have much time left to contribute to the flm industry. since they don't mind me, I would contribute my final resource." Working with the new director, Chun Yu feels like a door has opened to give him a breath of fresh air. Their imagination would not appear in a golden age movie. He hopes to be able to have the next Ann Hui On Wa, Tsui Hark and Cheung Kwok Ming to appear. Chun Yu states that commercial films are already being maintained, but neew directors would decide whther they would be able to keep going after their first or second film, and only then would they be able to help the development of Hong Kong films.

Speaking of Ching Wan joking about Chun Yu not minding that his co-star is better than him in acting, but would mind the most that others are more handsome and Chok than him, Chun Yu said, "I hope that he would be my eternal rival; he is already my eternal friend, I don't have to worry about if he is my rival too! He wins awards, I play handsome. He is worry-free and I am happy, don't ever break my never win record."

As for Pang Sau Wai in the film she plays Andy Lau Tak Wa's wife. During rehearsal she also has the chance to be in the presence of Lau Ching Wan and Ng Chun Yu. She feels very honored to work with Ching Wan and Chun Yu, and jokes that she has recorded it well in advance. She also planned to invite Director Herman Yau Lai To to dinner.


while shooting a firefighting movie, director Derek Kwok mostly has no answer
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Director Derek Kwok Chi Kin recently was a guest on the ViuTV program DIRECTOR'S GATE 2 and shared the wonderful questions and answers with Nicholas Tse Ting Fung during the filming of the movie AS THE LIGHT GOES OUT (GAU FOR YING HUNG). He revealed that at the time he told Ting Fung that this movie was not shooting a fire, but shooting smoke. Ting Fung immediately said, "That works! But how will you do it?" He only replied, "I don't know, in short, I will shoot the smoke." When filming the final dust explosion scene, Ting Fung kept asking how would the explosion take place? Where would the explosives be? He simply said, "It starts with a place you can't see." The audience upon hearing that burst into laughter!

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At the invitation of producer Gordon Lam, Eddie Cheung returns from the mainland
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Jointly produced by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) and Double S Entertainment, the film documentary HONG KONG CLASSICS REIMAGINED brings together a number of veterans and new generations in the entertainment industry to shoot 6 short films with 6 of the most well-known Hong Kong film categories and pay tribute to the classic plots and themes of Hong Kong films. The HKTB first released the documentary at the Cannes International Film Festival on May 17th, and is now bringing the documentary back to Hong Kong and to the big screen for Hong Kong audience to experience this documentary's charm of light and shadow. HONG KONG CLASSICS REIMAGINED will be broadcast on the Discovery Channel on July 1st, and the HKTB will hold eight free public screenings at M+ Cinemas on four consecutive Saturdays starting from July 20th.

The Hong Kong premiere of HONG KONG CLASSICS REIMAGINED at M+ Cinemas yesterday was attended by the Chairman of the HKTB, Mr Pang Yiu kai and the Executive Director of the HKTB, Mr Cheng Ting Yat, as well as producer Leung Wai Yee, four producers of the film, Chan Sinn Gi, Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Julia Chu Ka Yee and Cora Yim Ka Lim, three of the film's directors, Wing Shya (Ha Wing Hong), Wong Kwok Keung and Lemon Liu Yik Man, and two of the actors involved in the filming, including movie stars Eddie Cheung Siu Fai and Jocelyn Chan Ming Hei.

The 6 short films of HONG KONG CLASSICS REIMAGINED include the literary chapter ILLICIT, the police chapter DEJA VU, the action chapter LA ROSE NOIRE VS LA ROSE NOIRE 2023, the kung fu chapter THE RAW OYSTERS, the comedy chapter PASSION CALL and the romance chapter SOMEWHERE IN TIME.

Cheung Siu Fai, who performed in the comedy chapter PASSION CALL, said that initially the producer Lam Ka Tung was the one who approached him and asked him to play a police role that he had never played before. Thus he returned to Hong Kong from the mainland to discuss the performance. "I think this time is very meaningful. I can contribute a little bit to Hong Kong films, Southeast Asia has been watching Hong Kong films in the past. I hope that I can continue to support Hong Kong films." Director Wong Kwok Keung said that working with his old friends again, although the short film format is very different, it is very interesting. In particular Brother Fai's serious comedy performance, looking serious on the surface but also very absurd. Cheung Siu Fai even praised Lam Ka Tung, "I admire Ka Tung, he started as an actor, and would have a lot of ideas and persistence; he also has alternative expressions, ideas and practices, with side dishes we just cook like this. Why not try to relax a little."

Ka Tung said that when another producer Chan Sinn Gi invited him, he explained that there was no box office pressure this time. Hence he asked Director Wong to write the script together, and also chose the comedy chapter from the 6 themes. "I love to play with comedy, everyone has pressure in life and want to relax a little, so when we talk about cops on beat would have to relax a little too, we used the Temple Street background as packaging." Ka Tung even joked that due to the lack of manpower, he made a temporary cameo appearance. Although it was only a silhouette, it was very effective. Thus he felt that comedy was viable. Speaking of Ka Tung once supported Hong Kong films without receiving remuneration for filming, Cheung Siu Fai said, "I have always done that, I may only charge a small amount for transportation. I would do everything I should do, but the most important thing is to play what I want to play. The response I would get in the end, like being able to go to the Cannes Film Festival this time, will be worth the price of admission. Hong Kong people have persisted all the way, and have overcome such difficult times, I hope that more people will show their upport when the opportunity arises. Film production is about money, time and the script, now we have talent too. It's all good!"

Chan Sinn Gi, the producer in charge of a number of short films, gave special thanks to Lam Ka Tung. They hit it off at first sight from TIME (SAT CHOOK GOR WONG FUN). "This young man loves Hong Kong films, he is a good producer, he does everything himself. He is an actor as well so he is very transparent, has a great control of the pace of the production, and he has quite a stroke of genius. PASSION CALL (BIT-LEI TUNG) had two screenings at Cannes. Everyone laughed like crazy at the last prt, feeling that it was very creative. Of course I also thought Brother Fai for his performance." Chan Sinn Gi believes that Hong Kong films are certainly viable. "However it is useless for us to do anything if the audience doesn't go to the movies, so the audience must believe in Hong Kong films in order to support them, TWILIGHT OF THE WARRIORS: WALLED IN is a good example, something good would naturally have many people's support!"


Charmaine Sheh says that in the new series enemies would target her, which is a reflection of the real world
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Charmaine Sheh has already heard the general stories of THE QUEEN OF NEWS movie and second series and praise them as meaningful

Charmaine Sheh has decided to stay in Hong Kong more and spend more time with her mother Lily
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Charmaine Sheh Sze Man (Ah Sheh) attended a fashion brand event in Hong Kong yesterday. Ah Sheh revealed that the movie version and the second series of THE QUEEN OF NEWS will start filming at the same time, and she would play the same role "Sister Man". Speaking of her mother's health, Ah She admitted that Mommy is working hard to fight the disease. As a daughter she has also turned down some jobs that required traveling, as she hopes to stay in Hong Kong to spend more time with Mommy. THE QUEEN OF NEWS 2 would only have a few location shoots that would not be filmed in Hong Kong but probably would not be too far.

Ah Sheh revealed that she recently returned to Hong Kong from Guangzhou after filming an advertisement, so she was unable to attend the press conference to announce the film version of THE QUEEN OF NEWS a few days ago. Ah Sheh has learned from producer Chung Shu Kai that the movie version and the second TV series of THE QUEEN OF NEWS will start filming at the same time. She would play the same role "Sister Man", so she is not afraid of any chaos or confusion. Ah Sheh has heard the story from both sides. "The producer has revealed that the content includes great topics, social issues that will make us reflect and we need to face, so it is meaningful." Speaking of Hera Chan Hiu Wa's return to the position to confront her in the show, Ah Sheh replied with a smile, "Probably, she has attended the press conference. Actually I have no interference on who is in the cast." Bosco Wong Chung Chak would also take part? She laughed and said, "Oh! Easter Egg! That's right!" How many enemies will she encounter in the show this time? Ah Sheh said in the tone of Sister Man, "When you come to work, there would always be enemies and friends; it's a normal society!"

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Ting Fung has always admired Hok Yau's work, this time he fulfills his dream of working together

Albert Yeung (right) attends the premier to cheer on Kenny Kwan and Nicholas Tse

Cya Liu challenges being an action actress, while Kenny Kwan also has his share of action scenes
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Dr. Albert Yeung (center) flies to Beijing in support of the CUSTOMS FRONTLINE premiere
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Best Actor Nicholas Tse Ting Fung appeared at the movie premiere in Beijing the night before. He said that this time he cooperated with Jacky Cheung Hok Yau on screen and music, and finally fulfilled his wish of many years. He also revealed that Cheung Hok Yau had trapped himself in the room for many hours during filming, and his god-level acting skills came from his own real collapse experience.

The Emperor Motion Picture CUSTOMS FRONTLINE was held in Beijing two nights ago. Emperor Group Chairman Albert Yeung Sau Sing, director Herman Yau Lai To, action director and star Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Cya Liu Yase and Kenny Kwan Chi Bun attended the post-screening exchange activities. Although one of the stars Cheung Hok Yau was unable to attend, he still greeted everyone over video.

The film has many wonderful and thrilling action scenes, which the audience calls "wonderful and enjoyable". Many viewers said that the Ting Fung's action film they have waited for finally arrived. "It's a real action blockbuster!" This is Nicholas's first time as an action director. He insists on "no post-production" in the fight scenes, "no special effects" in the explosion scenes, everything must be "real" in order to bring the audience a hearty rise of adrenaline. Tse Ting Fung states, "This is the essence of Chinese action movies going global." Several creators also shared many behind-the-scenes stories, Ting Fung receives the entire team's praise for being professional and caring, Even "Ting Fung's Little Action Classroom" makes an appearance at the event.

When it comes to action scenes, Nicholas shows no mercy when he designs dangerous moves for himself as fists hit flesh in many fight scenes. All the members worked hard to the end. Cheung Hok Yau's eyes were full of tears in several emotional scenes, every time his near collapse performance left him exhausted. Liu Yase, who challenges the fight for the first time, bluntly says that it is dangerous and enjoyable. Ting Fung even compliments her as "so fierce", like seeing himself from back then. Ting Fung also shares another scene where he crossed the explosion point, and the bomb fragments accidentally exploded into Liu Yase's eyes. The first thing she said after dealing with it was, "I can do another take!"

This is the first time that Hok Yau has returned to the big screen after eight years. Ting Fung said, "I have always loved his films. This is the first time we have collaborated in the true sense of the word. We even had exchanges in music, so for me it is a dream come true." Hok Yau's character suffers from high-functioning bipolar disorder. In order to form a good character on the set, he locked himself in his room for many hours to the explosive edge of a breakdown! Ting Fung revealed that Hok Yau has experienced suffocation and difficulty breathing before, so he referenced the past collapse experience. Faced with Hok Yau's performance, co-star Karena Lam Ka Yan also expressed "especially heartbreaking". The audience praised Hok Yau's performance endlessly, feeling that his acting skills has been severely underestimated. "He completely achieved the character's frustration and dark complexities!"

In addition to the collaboration in the film, the theme song of the movie VERY FAR PLACE also brings auditory shock, the Ting Fung composed, Hok Yau performed song's Cantonese version and Chinese version are simultaneously launched today. The song is the realest narration of Hok Yau's character, which through the song gets more dimensions to its image.



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Kearen Pang and Andy Lau set off strong spark on their first collaboration
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The Francis Ng Chun Yu starred film CRISIS NEGOTIATORS (TAM POON JUEN GA) after two weeks in release surpassed HK$ 15 milllion at the local box office this week. In order to thank viewers for their support, Chun Yu, who rarely attends audience appreciation events, and Kearen Pang Sau Wai, who guest starred as the kidnapper "Mad Lady" in the film, would go to the cinema to get close to the audience today. Pang Sau Wai said that the filming felt very cool and was a very good experience. She also pointed out that the audience's reaction was unexpected, "I thought this scene had very little screen time, but it turned out to play a key role in the entire script."

Pang Sau Wai in the film played a couple with mental disorder with the producer Andy Lau Tak Wa in a surpise appearance. Director Yau Lai To was inspired by the "Kwok Ah Nui Incident". Wa Jai and Pang Sau Wai's costumes were outstanding, the former played a mad man with a clif lip, while the other played a panicked woman. From character appearance to acting they were quite a surprise for the audience. Pang Sau Wai said that the feeling of holding hands with Wa Ja for the first time was very memorable. She also pointed out that their first collaboration already had chemistry that was beyond any word.


Nick Cheung would receive the Malaysia International Film Festival Award for Excellent Achievement.  He thanks the Festival for the recognition

PEG O' MY HEART stars Terrance Lau, Nick Cheung, Fala Chen and Natalie Hsu
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The 7th Malaysia International Film Festival recently announced that the winner of this year's "Award for Excellent Achievement" is the two-time Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor, actor and director Nick Cheung Ka Fai. Ka Fai's new film PEG O' MY HEART (SHOOK MUNG) will become the closing film of the film festival.

This year's Malaysia International Film Festival (MIF) would take place from July 21st to 28th. PEG O' MY HEART once again caught attention of an overseas Film Festival after the Udine Far East Film Festival and Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in South Korea. In addition the festival would present the "Award for Excellent Achievement" to him, Ka Fai felt deeply excited. "Thank you to the film selection committee of different film festivals, at the same time I also thank the festival's recognition of me in the film industry. If time permits I would definitely attend in person."

Ka Fai has a deep connection to Malaysia. The first film he directed and starred in, the 2014 release HUNGRY GHOST RITUAL (YU LAN SUN GUNG), was in collaboration with Malaysian filmmakers and shot there. Returning to Malaysia as a director this time, Ka Fai joked that he had to find someone to "sleep with" when filming. "At that time I was making a ghost movies in Malaysia; but because I was afraid of ghosts, I once had to find a 'sleep companion'."

PEG O' MY HEART has yet to be released, but has already received attention and support from film festivals all over. Would Ka Fai have more confidence in the film's performance? He admitted that he did not dare to have too much expectations for the box office. He also humorously shared his views on the current film market. "Too many people like movies, so everyone thinks they are experts. Are they inaccurate when they play experts? Not necessarily. People in the industry are really experts, but some have fallen so badly that even Ma wouldn't recognize them -- including myself. This is the magic of movies, a combination of creativity, art, gambling and life all into one; to put it simply, it is a hustle. In recent years most of the sailing haven't been smooth, so people who still work hard in the industry actually all love movies. As for the box office results, I would like to quote one of my own lines. 'Even Jesus can't predict the box office. There, I said it.' In short, be determined to seek innovation, hand over sincerity, act prudently, and pray for more blessings yourself."


Jennifer Yu and Fish Liew witness each other's growth and are very close

Jennifer Yu indirectly urges Fish Liew to wed
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The friendship between Best Actress Jennifer Yu Heung Ying and her best friend Fish Liew Chi Yu has gone through 12 years. They have long been best friends who talk about everything, and both have developed well in the film industry. Speaking of ascending to the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress this year, Yu Heung Ying reveals that she has broken down when the pressure has reached the boiling pot. Luckily she has the full support of her husband. She also reveals that she missed the opportunity to have a destination wedding back then, so she hopes that Fish could realize her dream for her.

Yu Heung Ying and her friend Fish have witnessed each other's growth and ups and downs, and it is rare for them to confide in each other unscrupulously and show each other their weakest side. When it comes to relationships, Fish reveals that her good friend is already an "early marriageist" after making her debut. Yu Heung Ying also admits, "I have long been eager to have a home, I was already thinking about this thing called marriage in my teens. When I got married, I was already later than I expected!"

In April this year, the 30-year-old Yu Heung Ying ascended to the throne of the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress. In order to find a balance between career and family, pressure inevitably would reach a boiling point. She admits that she did have a time when she was emotionally out of control. "One day I felt very tired. In the taxi I suddenly broke into tears, then I called my husband to thank him. When he heard my voice he asked what I was doing, I said thank you for always supporting me!" In order to be a competent mother, no matter how busy she is at work, she insists on sending her elder daughter to school every morning. In addition she strives for family happiness whenever she has time. Luckily she has an attentive husband behind her. "When I go to shoot something, I need him to help with the two children. When I confided in my husband about this topic, and he replied to me without hesitation: 'Of course you charge, if you don't charge now when would you charge?'"

Seeing that his friend with a happy family after entering the industry, Fish also "has not missed out" and met her artist boyfriend Siuyea Lo Chun Yip. They have been dating for several years in a low-key yet stable relationship; but when it comes to the marriage date, she actually jokes, "We have discussed this problem, but I don't have any plan in this area for the time being. (What about having a baby?) I'm afraid that if I don't I will regret it in the future, waking up in the middle of the night to ask myself why didn't I have one? (Does your boyfriend like children?) He's fine, but I may not marry him. Life has a lot of variables, haha!"

It is said that Yu Heung Ying has always longed for a destination wedding, but when she got married she was delayed by the epidemic. She still feels that it is a regret in her life, no wonder when it comes to the topic of "marriage", she tries her best to persuade Fish to "realize her dream" instead of herself. Fish smiled and said: "Is it okay to bring you too then? Or I'll go back to Malaysia for a wedding! I remember that day when you got married, I was so moved, especially because you gave me lai see with a note in it. I have put it away in the house as a memento. I vaguely remember you writing, 'I hope you are happy too, you are a big girl now, be sensible!' In terms of age you are younger than me, but I feel you're like the older sister at that moment."

Speaking of their forced "breakup" in recent years and the lack of opportunity to meet again, Fish says, "It seems that after SISTERHOOD (GWUT MUI) we haven't had much chance to work together, then of course I want to work together again! (which genre movie would you want to make?) Romance or comedy." Yu Heung Ying immediately laughs and points out that her friend can actually be a screenwriter: "She has a lot of strange ideas, always with some magical ideas. Once when a friend is suspicious about breaking up, she immediately says a lot that she has imagined out of the blue, which cracks everyone up immediately!"

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Karen Mok hopes to finish the work on her hands and return to film
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Karen Mok earlier ordered around a dozen qipao
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Karen Mok has a fondness for qipao, which could feature a beautiful figure
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Karen Mok Man Wai attended the opening ceremony of THE ADORNED BODY FRENCH Fashion and Jewelry exhibition as a special guest last night, and she even recorded a trilingual audio tour for the exhibition. Mok Man Wai and Andy Lau Tak Wa starred in the new film FUN SING (LIT: THE BURNING CITY), in which she had to challenge a large number of professional terms in the dialogue. She even had different views with Wa Jai in the film, placing them on opposite sides in an explosion situation and provoking her acting bug that has been dormant for years from not making a movie.

Mok Man Wai said that this time she recorded 3 audio guides in Cantonese, Putonghua and English as introductions for Chinese and foreign audiences. She said with a smile that it was not difficult, as it only took 2 hours to complete. She even enjoyed the process very much, because she often participated in recitation competitions since she was a child and she also loves to recite poetry. This exhibition is related to French fashion and jewelry. Since she is well versed in clothing and jewelry herself, it is very suitable for her.

Mok Man Wai's movie FUN SING (THE BURNING CITY) will be released in the second half of the year. She said that she and Andy Lau Tak Wa have not worked together for nearly 20 years, the last time was in the 2005 movie WAIT 'TIL YOU'RE OLDER (TUNG MUNG KEI YUEN) as Wa Jai's mother. This time in FUN SING she played the role of the acting chief executive. In addition to a large number of professional terms in the dialogue, she and Andy in the film have different views and are in a state of confrontation. The scene is quite explosive. Because the dialogue is more complicated, before filming she has to spend some time to "cram" and memorize the dialogue. She hasn't made a movie for many years. She admitted that her acting bug has been acting up, but in the future she will only consider acting after completing the concert tour.

[2024.06.27] FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 23 2024

For The week ending June 23 2024


  Can : Wai Wor Fong Bo Dui
  Lit : Peacekeeping Riot Squad
    d. Lee Tat Chiu
    Wang Yibo, Huang Jingyu, Zhong Chuxi, Oho Ou Ho
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 101 mins.
  Opening June 20 2024
  Trailer :
    Formed Police Unit focuses on the story of the Chinese peacekeeping police that is committed to safeguarding the international peace and security. This time, unexpected severe challenges and threats are awaiting them in their new overseas mission...


  9 IF
    d. John Krasinski
    Cailey Fleming, Ryan Reynolds, John Krasinski, Phoebe Waller-Bridge,
      Fiona Shaw, Louis Gossett Jr., Steve Carell


    d. Dev Patel
    Dev Patel


    d. George Miller
    Anya Taylor-Joy, Chris Hemsworth


    d. Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah
    Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig,
      Paola Nunez, Eric Dane


    d. Pablo Berger


    d. Pat Boonnitipat
    Billkin, Usha Seamkhum, Tu Tontawan
  Rating : I
  Length : 127 mins.
  Opening June 13 2024

    'M', driven by the desire for a multimillion-dollar inheritance, puts aside his dreams as a hopeful game caster to care for his terminally ill grandmother. However, winning Grandma's favor is no easy feat. She proves to be a tough nut to crack - demanding, exacting, and exceedingly difficult to please. To add to the drama, he's not the only one gunning for the inheritance. M finds himself embroiled in a gripping competition, where he must go to great lengths to become the apple of Grandma's eye before time runs out, all in pursuit of a life-changing, multimillion-dollar inheritance.


    d. Mark Dindal
    English Voices: Chris Pratt, Samuel L. Jackson


  AKA : KOWLOON WALLED CITY (Working title)
  Can : Gau Lung Sing Jai Wai Sing
    d. Soi Cheang Po Soi
    Louis Koo Tin Lok, Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Raymond Lam Fung,
      Terrance Lau Chun Him, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai),
      Kenny Wong Tak Bun, Philip Ng Won Lung,
      Tony Wu Tsz Tung, German Cheung Man Kit,
      Max Zhang Jin
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 125 mins.
  Opening May 1 2024
  Trailer :

    Set in the eighties inside the dangerous and enigmatic Kowloon Walled City, which was a de jure Chinese enclave within British colonial Hong Kong, Twilight of the Warriors: Walled In follows troubled youth Chan Lok-kwun as he accidentally enters the Walled City, discovers the order amidst its chaos, and learns important life lessons along the way. In the Walled City, he becomes close friends with Shin, Twelfth Master and AV. Under the leadership of Tornado, they resist against the invasion of villain Mr. Big in a series of fierce battles. Together, they vow to protect the safe haven that is Kowloon Walled City.

    Adapted from the award-winning Hong Kong cult manga series "City of Darkness", this action thriller is set in the eighties inside the dangerous and enigmatic Kowloon Walled City which was a de jure Chinese enclave within British colonial Hong Kong.

    The walled city is populated by people in the lowest strata of society, among whom are various colorful and kung-fu savvy characters: e.g. a Vietnamese immigrant biding time for revenge, an ex-boxer on the lookout for his kidnapped girlfriend, a katana wielding martial arts boy wonder from Temple Street, as well as a local gang leader and his loyal friend. When the British Hong Kong government tries to demolish the Walled City once and for all with the help of a Triad kingpin and his ruffian underlings, they gather all the residents in the enclave behind them to fight against the invaders and protect their homes and properties


  Can : Tam Poon Juen Ga
  Lit : Negotiation Expert
    d. Herman Yau Lai To
    Sean Lau Ching Wan, Francis Ng Chun Yu,
      Michael Miu Kiu Wai, Philip Keung Ho Man, Kent Cheng Juk Si,
      Michael Chow Man Kin, Wong Yau Nam, Cherrie Ngan Cheuk Ling,
      Chu Pak Him, Chu Kam Yin, Yeung Wai Lun
      Timmy Hung Tin Ming, Kenny Wong Tak Bun, Adam Pak Tin Nam,
      Ken Low Wai Kwong,
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 120 mins.
  Opening June 13 2024
  Trailer :

    Negotiator expert Cheuk Man Wai unexpectedly becomes the prime suspect in a murder case. Forced into a corner, he occupies the police station, taking officers hostage, and demands negotiations with the former negotiator Tse Ka Chun. With Tse's expertise in psychological manipulation and Check's exceptional skills, they engage in a battle of wits. As the verbal sparring deepens, their positions and mindsets gradually change...

    This film is adapted from the American movie "The Negotiator".


Philip Ng posts a photo of him in a hospital bed with his feet bandaged, but has yet to reveal what happened

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Philip Ng Won Lung with his performance as "Wong Gau" in TWILIGHT OF THE WARRIORS: WALLED IN (GAU LUNG SING JAI) has increased his popularity, with both extremely high job and exposure rate as he has attracted nearly one million yuan in one month. He suddenly posted a photo of him lying on a hospital bed with his feet bandaged on social media platforms the night before, causing concerned about his condition.

Ng Won Lung said that he would not reply to any messages for the next few days, as he would try to find time to rest. When he would be fully recovered, he would tell everyone what had happened and ask everyone not to worry. Yesterday he updated the IG story and wrote in English: "Pain is temporary, Film is forever!" It is estimated that his admission to the hospital is related to the filming of the film. When asked about his physical condition, he replied: "It's a minor problem, but please understand that it's not convenient to talk about in detail for now."


In response to his financial dispute case, Louis Koo says that he has handed the matter to his lawyers to handle
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The lawsuit has not affected Louis Koo as he leads his TWILIGHT OF THE WARRIORS: WALLED IN brothers Richie Jen, German Cheung, Raymond Lam and Tony Wu to Macau
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Louis Koo Tin Lok yesterday (25th) led the "Three Sons of the Walled City" Raymond Lam Fung, German Cheung Man Kit, Tony Wu Tsz Tung, and Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), to appear at the opening ceremony of Studio City Cinema in Macau. Tong Choi-chi, chairman of Local entertainment company Sunny Sides Up Culture Holdings Ltd. (formerly known as Sun Culture Entertainment) earlier filed a lawsuit to the High Court against Koo Tin Lok and his company Cool Label Limited, in order to recover HK$8.3 million that he lent more than 10 years ago. This was Koo Tin Lok's first public appearance since, and he said that he has been handed the matter over to a lawyer for handling.

Regarding the movie TWILIGHT OF THE WARRIORS: WALLED IN (GAU LUNG SING JAI JI WAI SING) taking the second place so far at the Hong Kong Chinese language film box office and winning all the word-of-mouth, Koo Tin Lok said that later they would more audience appreciation shows and admitted that the film has made a small profit. With still several millions left to reach the top of the box office, the actors will also attend the "Busan Film Festival" with the director in South Korea. However Goo Jai would be unable to attend because of his new film. "Recently I have been busy a new film. I am wearing thick clothes shoot fights in the studio under the scorching weather. The filming time is very long, and I have lost more than ten pounds." Speaking of the film's DRAGON THRONE (LUNG TAU) and THE FINAL CHAPTER (JUNG JEUNG) productions, Goo Jai revealed that it would be the most ideal for both films to be shot at once. He also pointed out that many new roles would be added, that he wanted to use new actors to carry on the theme of inheritance in the film. "Because the first film has too many characters, actresses' screen time was reduced. I hope to add more female roles in the future shoots, but the script has been written first." Goo Jai knew that the audience after the pandemic has changed their movie watching habits. He hoped to make movies and attract even more viewers to return to cinemas anew. Referring to the "Four Sons of the Walled City" thinking about performing POPULAR THIS WEEK with him at the Hong Kong Coliseum, Goo Jai joked, "I would get up there and punch them one after another, don't make trouble!'

Speaking of the film TWILIGHT OF THE WARRIORS: WALLED IN (GAU LUNG SING JAI JI WAI SING)'s performance team recently has been busy with making real money, Yam Yin Chai joked that he hoped to replace Terrance Lau Chun Him in the "Four Sons of the Walled City" because he was busy with work. A few days ago Philip Ng Won Lun posted a photo of his bandaged legs on social networks, Raymond Lam Fung pointed out that he did not know that Ng was injured. As for whether he has already agreed to undertake the filming of DRAGON THRONE (LUNG TAU), Siu Chai said with a smile that he would be busy with the concert but instead hoped to invite the "Four Sons of the Walled City" to be his guests. Would he like to invite Goo Jai? Lam Fung and Tony Wu Tsz Tung said in unison that they also wanted to watch Koo Tin Lok perform POPULAR THIS WEEK. An enthusiastic audience earlier felt up German Cheung Man Kit's arm during an audience appreciation event for the film. He said that at the time he did not sense anyone touching him. Siu Chai joked that Cheung was used to being touched. "Even I want to touch him, proving that everyone really like the 'Four Sons of the Walled City'." Rising in popularity, Cheung Man Kit admitted that he has yet to get used to fans calling him "husband". "I am a little scared, thank you viewers for the support. When everyone is happy, I am happy." Wu Tsz Tung joked that he was very accustomed to fans calling him BB. "Fans would ask BB did you eat, I would answer I did. I am used to it."

Siu Chai just spent his 58th birthday on tour in Qingdu. He joked that he was old and not used to celebrating birthday. He just wanted to spend time with his parents at home. "Originally the TWILIGHT cast wanted to take me to dinner, after the event I would have to get on a plane right away to return to Taiwan and fight for opportunities to be with my parents. Thank you everyone for the birthday cakes, I have been stuffed after eating so many cakes." As for when he would perform a concert in Hong Kong, Siu Chai said that he really missed the fans and would have to apply hard for the Hong Kong Coliseum dates.

In addition, Raymond Wong Pak Ming's Cinema City in Langham Place has said that it will close and move out after the lease expires in mid-July this year. When Goo Jai was asked about any interest to open cinemas, he said, "Wow! The rent is so expensive, I haven't thought about this yet. I'd rather make a movie." As for local entertainment company Sunny Side Up Culture Holdings Ltd. (formerly known as Sun Entertainment Culture) chairman Tong Choi Chi filing a claim in the High Court against Koo Tin Lok and his company for a loan of HK$8.3 million more than 10 years ago, and requesting the court to issue an order, Goo Jai was in a hurry to enter the cinema so he lowered the microphones. Afterwards he said that he had been handed he matter over to a lawyer and had no comment.


Emperor Group chief Dr. Albert Yeung leads officials and CUSTOMS FRONTLINE stars Nicholas Tse, Jacky Cheung, Cya Liu and others in wishing for box office success

Co-stars Ting Fung and Hok Yau have nothing but praise for each other

Cya Liu believes that in order to do her part for the role, getting hurt is inevitable

Michelle Wai has romance in the film but regrets not having any kiss scene

Kenny Kwan looks forward to the next opportunity to learn from Ting Fung

Carlos Chan has back up from Michelle Wai, so he would be able to work with a peace of mind
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The CUSTOMS FRONTLINE charity premiere has brought out officials, aristocrats, socialites and celebrities

Carlos Chan has the understanding of the production team and would return to Hong Kong for his paternity leave

Cya Liu complains about having too few scenes with Karena Lam, so she hopes that they would be able to work together again
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Deborah Li makes a surprise appearance at the CUSTOMS FRONTLINE charity premiere to support her son Nicholas Tse

Jacky Cheung says that he has not completely recovered yet

Deborah Li (center) has brought Tam Fai Chi (third right), MicGo Ngan (second right) and Ryan Lau (right) to support Ting Fung

Cya Liu is happy to work with Karena Lam (left) and Jacky 

Kenny Kwan, Michelle Wai and Carlos Chan attend the charity premiere
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The charity premiere of the Emperor Motion Picture CUSTOMS FRONTLINE (HOI GUAN JIN SIN) took place two nights ago. The film's actors Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Cya Liu Yase, Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Michelle Wai Sze Nga, Kenny Kwan Chi Bun, Amanda S., Shek Sau and others attended. Boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing, his wife and son Alex Yeung Ching Lung, other Emperor artists Gin Lee Hung Ngai, Irene Wan Bik Ha, Kathy Yuen (Tong Yee), Ken Hung Cheuk Lap and others also showed their support. However the biggest highlight was Ting Fung's Mommy Deborah Li (Lai Goo) bringing her beloved MIDLIFE, SING AND SHINE! 2 singers Tam Fai Chi, MicGo Ngan, Ryan Lau Wai Wong and others. The premiere attracted more than 100 onlookers, as many fans even screamed Ting Fung's name. Ting Fung joked that he would not be jealous, and praised Hok Yau for his strong learning ability and being very sharp. He was dubbed as the "copy machine" on the set.

Ting Fung was also the action director the first time in CUSTOMS FRONTLINE, so naturally he gave his all in his performance. Hok Yau praised Ting Fung as a very competent choreographer. "He made me look like I can fight well. He also accommodated me so the shoot wouldn't be too hard on me." Ting Fung pointed out that he did not particularly spoil Hok Yu. "He is called 'the copy machine' on the set. He has a very high learning ability. Just by watching once he is able to meet the demand. He is very sharp!" Directing the action for the first time, Ting Fung stated that it was not difficult and in turn praised the actors for being very fit. He also got into shape early. "Everyday at work I would look at the elder, who haven't change at all over the years." Hok Yau joked, "I only have one pack (abs) and not eight, saying he learned from me is an absolute lie. I don't know how how he did it."

Ting Fung who has never held back, as he performed all of his stunts in person this time. When asked with numerous action scenes in the film, did Mommy Lai Goo try to stop him? Ting Fung said, "Mommy is a little worried, but she is used to it. She knows my persistence." Speaking of Lai Goo becoming a fan of Tam Fai Chi, has Ting Fung been jealous? He smiled and said, "How could I? Mommy always mentions them and say that they sing well." Lai Goo also brought Fai Chi to the premiere. Ting Fung said that he has yet to see them, but they would definitely have a chance to meet in the future.

Recently, his girlfriend Faye Wong has been said to have a "Ting Fung Feel" with what she wore. Before Ting Fung could answer, Hok Yau taunted, "You are so daring?" Ting Fung bluntly said that he has neither read the report nor pay attention to it. Ting Fung said that he did not know which of his "look" everyone was referring to. When someone said his casual look, he laughed and said, "Odd like me?" When asked if he was happy to hear that, he instead asked, "Happy just like that? Then I am happy!" Would he give any opinion on what his girlfriend wore? He said, "Are you crazy? Of course not."

Hok Yau returned to film again after 8 years. He was the most unaccustomed to returning to the set; filming action scenes instead was nothing, because he used to shooting them often in the past. Infected with respiratory syncytial virus earlier, Hok Yau bluntly said that his current physical condition is "iffy": "I haven't completely recovered from the flu before, but I only finished the show in Zhengzhou on the 23rd. It was OK." July 10 will be Hok Yau's 63rd birthday. He said that he could take a week off. Will he take a vacation with his family to recharge? He joked, "If I can go then I would! (Will your daughters accompany you?) The elder girl has to work, and the younger girl just returned to Hong Kong. Let's see if they would go."

Hok Yau felt that working with Ting Fung was very fun this time. Would he consider singing together? Hok Yau felt that singing would indeed be even more fun. When would Ting Fung perform a show in Hong Kong? He said that he indeed has an idea, but he could only do his best. He has also discussed whether it could be held next year, mainly to accommodate the filming schedule. He still had two film plans in hand to implement first. In this movie, Ting Fung also wrote the movie theme song FAR AWAY PLACE for Hok Yau. Hok Yau asked Ting Fung twice if he would perform it himself. However in the end it still fell into his hands. "The first time before I even hear the song, I already asked Ting Fung if he would sing it; but after listening to it I thought it was good. I really liked it, and I asked him one more time. He still said that he wouldn't sing it." Ting Fung said he had difficulty mastering the song.

Lam Ka Yan in the film played a couple with Hok Yau. It was their fourth collaboration. Ka Yan said, "We have worked together from my teens, 20s, 30s to now, the more we perform the more I love him. The love isn't all tht hard either because it have been too many years, but next time can we stop the bitter romance and have a happy ending? (Wait for the next time?) Next time I might already be in my 50s, would we work together again in my 40s? Working with him is too comfortable. For actors trust is key, with trust there would be comfort." Lam Ka Yan revealed that she had two shooting scene. In order to handle the shot, she practiced firing a gun before hand and used 100 bullets. Thus the shoot was not difficult for her. However because Ting Fung asked her to jump a hurdle while firing a gun, the coordination was very hard. "The rehearsal went very smoothly, but during the shoot I got bruises all over." She did not blame Ting Fung. Instead she appreciated his persistence as he did not want to use any special effect.

Cya Liu Yase revealed that she was injured while working on CUSTOMS, but has already recovered. Would working with Ting Fung require extra effort? She bluntly said that it was right to really fight during the shooting. Ting Fung taught her how to fall. Liu Yase wanted to have the opportunity to work with Ting Fung and Hok Yau one more time; because on this collaboration she did not want it to end, especially with Hok Yau who ahd very few scenes. It was very regrettable, she joked that she grew up listening to Hok Yau's songs, and she did not feel pressure to cooperate with Idol Hok Yau this time. "He is very kind, he can sing and dance on the spot, and there will be no pressure." Would you sing together? She laughed and said she did not dare to do it at the time.

Wai Sze Nga said with a smile that this time she realized her dream as Ting Fung's ex-girlfriend in the film, but unfortunately she did not have any kiss scene. She hoped that she could fulfill her wish to kiss the male god next time; she said, "Aside from the relationship with Ting Fung, I also have to 'dump' him. So when I go out people might attack me." Ting Fung joked that since she boldly "dumped" him in the film, she got what she deserved. Wai Sze Nga revealed that when she worked with Cheung Hok Yau several years ago, Hok Yau mistakenly called her Shiga Lin. Luckily this time he has not repeated the mistake.

Chan Ka Lok said that he was so daring that he dared to sing Hok Yau's song in front of him. He even recommended himself to be Hok Yau's concert tour guest performer. He said, "Hok Yau said, 'Since you sang like that, wait until next time!', but since he never asked me you know what's up. He knew I was beyond saving, so he gave me two tickets and told me and my wife to show our support." Ka Lok revealed that his wife has chosen a date to give birth on July 18, mainly to accommodate him to start work in Malaysia. Thus he has put in time off with the team. "I would return to Hong Kong on the 17th. I hope that the BB will be more obedient, and not rush out of the gate." However, if the baby would "arrive early", he also had a Plan B: which was to ask Wai Sze Nga to help take care of his wife and daughter before he would return to Hong Kong.

Kwan Chi Bun (Kenny) went through life and death in the film, so the series of action and explosion scenes were inevitable. Kenny said, "In one scene I felt a fire ball behind me, so the look of fear was real." Would you dare to work with Ting Fung again? He said that he would look forward to it because although Ting Fung had two jobs, Ting Fung was still willing to spend half an hour teaching him how to wield a gun. Did Ting Fung think he was "bad"? He smiled and acquiesced, "Don't tell the truth."