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Herman Yau says that no matter what kind of movie he makes, the safety of the cast and the crew comes first

Yau Lai To never expects Aaron Kwok, Louis Koo and Sean Lau to be so in sync with their performance, even full of a sense of humor.  Yau Lai To reveals that on the set he often cannot help but crack up

Herman Yau works with Aaron Kwok for the first time.  He says that Kwok is easy going so they have a pleasant working experience 

Gallen Lo's warlord role is based on Khun Sa
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Director Herman Yau Lai To has worked with Sean Lau Ching Wan countless times. While THE WHITE STORM 3: HEAVEN OR HELL (SO DUK 3: YUN JOI TIN NGAI) started production, he was the most concerned with convincing Lau Ching Wan to play the villain. He never expected him to quickly agree, not to mention to be on the same wavelength with Louis Koo Tin Lok and Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and bring out a sense of humor. Director Yau revealed that during the shoot even he could not help but break into laughter. THE WHITE STORM 3 was made during the 2021 pandemic and ran into repeated setbacks. The location changed went Thailand to the mainland. Fortunately the three Best Actor cooperated and changed their schedules. The Yau Lai To directed new film THE WHITE STORM 3: HEAVEN OR HELL would be released in the summer. Following the momentum of the two previous movies, his THE WHITE STORM 2 and the late Benny Chan Muk Sing directed THE WHITE STORM were all big hits with HK$ 24.88 million and 31.9 million at the box office. The third film has not disappointed either, with car chases, explosions and gun fights galore. Humor and romantic elements were added to the intensity.

Yau Lai To said that when he received the words THE WHITE STORM 3, he tried to do this job as well as he could. He did not dare to say that he excelled in crime action films. At work the safety of the staff and the cast came first. He hoped for the shots to be powerful, stimulating to the senses and have a sense of danger. "During the shoot the stress was enormous, some of the workers suffered burns. A vehicle suddenly blew up and injured workers, who required hospital treatment. However we were very lucky, in the end everyone was fine. My colleagues from the previous film also came to work."

Yau Lai To revealed THE WHITE STORM 3 originally planned to shoot on location in Thailand and Hong Kong in early 2021. Because of the severity of the pandemic, the production was postponed for over half a year before starting. He had to give up the Thai location and construct a village set on Lau Fau Shan in Hong Kong. Other parts were shot in Xishuangbanna and Shanwei, mainland. Yau Lai To said, "Since we couldn't go to Thailand, nowadays we can use art and special effects to make up for it. If foreign films can do it, so can we. Of course some things are very abstract, actors' emotions and feelings are different overseas, if their acting has been affected that would be another matter. The filming schedule was delayed and delayed again, 3 lead actors Ching Wan, Goo Jai and Sing Sing were willing to work with it. When we went to the mainland for two weeks we only got to work for a day or two. The company didn't act up, which was very rare."

Ching Wan in the new film played a rare villain role, with complicated relationships with Goo Jai and Sing Sing's characters. Yau Lai To said that he thought about switching their roles. All 3 Best Actors have been very gracious. They did not have any demand. In the end he decided who would play the roles, which was easier than he imagined. "Originally I thought wanting Ching Wan to play the villain would be hard, I didn't expect him to fully embrace it. He only asked what the role's personality was? In my life, I have met people who aren't nice at all. They are very confident in themselves, feeling that 'would you dare to touch me?' However they also trust people very easily. They relied on courage for success in certain areas, so I told Ching Wan to perform at will."

Speaking of the actors' performances, Yau Lai To said that he has worked with them many times already so they had room to negotiate. He was pleased with their performance, feeling that Ching Wan, Goo Jai and Sing Sing's collaboration had spark. "In the film there are so values I have to bring out. When I saw them deliver their lines on the set, I thought they were very funny. I was the one who laughed the loudest, the sound recording almost caught my voice." Sing Sing and guest star Gallen Lo (Law Ka Leung) both worked with Yau Lai To for the first time. Yau Lai To denied that he gave special treatment to Sing Sing and added a romance for him, only the story required it. He also praised Sing Sing for being easy going, everyone had a pleasant working experience. Law Ka Leung has not appeared on the silver screen in a very long time. He was close with the film boss Daneil Lam Siu Ming and Goo Jai, so this time Yau deliberately asked him to work together. Law Ka Leung's warlord role was based on the world renowned drug lord Khun Sa. Yau Lai To praised the performance as could not be any better.

Yau Lai To's work has grown more and more fiery, in the future would he focus on action and crime films? He said, "No, I still have 8 movies in stock and waiting for release, often it would depend on what the movie's plot would require. THE WHITE STORM 3 in the end had a military eradicating a village, which was truly needed. Khun Sa had over 10,000 soldiers back then, so I would think from the real life standpoint and not shoot big just for the sake of being big. Over the years when I have made movies I have been foolish. Actually I don't know much about what the audience likes, what I have made have been more easy for people to digest. They wouldn't be too slow pace."

Speaking of his dinner earlier with Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Lau Ching Wan, Francis Ng Chun Yu, Dayo Wong Tze Wa and Cheung Tat Ming, was he trying to bring together several buddies to make a movie? He said, "We would have dinner together once in awhile, I don't know Chau Sun would toss out a photo. That night, no one talked about working together at all. Because Chun Yu would be in the mainland for several months, before leaving everyone just got together. Ching Wan and I just finished a shoot and got off work, Tze Wa also came so we were in full force. When everyone get together we would talk about movies and wine, we never think about working together or not. We have been that way since we have known each other. Ching Wan, Chun Yu, Chau Sun are very strong drinkers. At this age, everyone would be busy on their own sometimes. Maintaining decades long friendship would not be easy, we absolutely want to cherish it."

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Francis Ng Chun Yu in the Herman Yau Lai To directed suspense film DEATH NOTICE (UM SAT FUNG BO) had a rescue scene with Julian Cheung Chi Lam in a dark reservoir tunnel. They ran into an explosion and had to run for while and jump out of the tunnel to the ground. Chun Yu said, "After entering the tunnel the ground was all water, I said I had to walk it once first to see if the shoes were suitable and whether there were some low spots. I had to familiarize myself with ths route and everyone's landing sot had to be clear of all dangerous material (sand, rock and trash). Each time I perform these dangerous stunts I am very clear, because the body is mine. Working on an action scene at night isn't simple, with water and explosion I have to make everything very clear." He joked that he was not an action actor, he had to rely on his face to make a living. So he would be extra careful while working on action scenes.


The wounds are still visible on Chow Yun Fat's palm 

Chow Yun Fat attends the forum despite the pain from his injury
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Chow Yun Fat after earlier leading the ONE MORE CHANCE (BIT GIU NGOR DOH SUN) team to meet with an audience from poverty, gambling affected families and social welfare organizations, yesterday appeared at the Hong Kong University again to attend the Hong Kong University student development and resource center and the HKU liberal arts department's "Chow Yun Fat X Director Anthony Pun X Screenwriter Felix Chong: Conversation -- Film, Life" event and talk about his film and life with the HKU Liberal Arts Department chief planner Dr. Wong Chi Chung, university professors and students. Fat Gor had fractured ribs but still attended the forum despite the injury and said to the next generation that "the world has no miracle, only accumulation!" and won the thunderous applause from the audience.

After almost 50 years in Chinese and foreign film scenes, his rich life experience has been concentrated into a 1 hour forum. Students thought that this was a rare opportunity and fought to get tickets. The over 300 students at the event were even arranged to watch ONE MORE CHANCE at the movies before hand as a warm up for the forum. However, Fat Gor actually on the day before the forum had an accident while running. His arms and palms suffered cuts from rocks, and because he landed sideways the fourth rib on his left side had fracture. Now whether he was laughing, coughing or even breathing deep he would feel a lot of pain. The doctor has already urged him to stop running for two months. When the audience heard Fat Gor describe how he got hurt and his condition, everyone was stunned. The over 300 instructors and students in attendance applauded his appearance despite his injury to thank Fat Gor for keeping his promise.

In order to help the family, Fat Gor was unable to finish his education. However he not only did not complain but also saw his early entry into the "society university" as the most valuable lesson in life. With cultivation by the community and winning love, the grateful Fat Gor hoped and cared the most about sharing the wisdom and love that he has accumulated with the young people in front of him and return the favor to the future pillars of society. In front of the next generation, he urged everyone to think about their responsibilities to family and themselves and also learned to cherish the people in front of them. As for Fat Gor himself, he said that he would properly take care of his body, when he would turn 80 he would have the energy of a 20 year old to run a marathon. However nothing was worth being too uptight about, and remember to never think that we were big shots. Fat Gor said that in life, at work and acting it was all the same, each time would require performance with real emotions. Even with setbacks no one should retreat. Hard times could make everyone stronger and stronger, as long as they were willing to stand up again, accumulating experience and word of mouth bit by bit. As time would go on, they would find a role that would be suitable for themselves and head toward success. "The world has no miracle, only accumulation!" The comment brought thunderous applause.

Another part of the forum was live interaction with students as Fat Gor and ONE MORE CHANCE team faced the questions from students. One student mentioned, "The people before can for paying off their homes and raising a family could suffer even more without any complaint, in comparison to now, the attitude is drastically different." Fat Gor asked when was the first overseas vacation for the student. The student answered, "Around 15 or 16 with the family." Fat Gor said, "At 15 or 16 I went to work at a factory, at the time 'making a living' was my everything. No one can confirm whether their choice is correct or not, the most important is live in the now, try to grasp properly the appearance of every opportunity." Later a medical student mentioned a hospital internship assignment already. Just suffered an accident from running, Fat Gor encouraged medical students, whether they chose to be surgical, internal medicine, anesthesiology, to work hard and do their jobs well.

The hour long forum quickly went by in the blink of an eye. Although Fat Gor answered every question, it was not hard for everyone to notice that he had a hard time breathing while speaking. Even so, Fat Gor still despite his injury took a selfie with over 300 students and put an end to the forum.

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Aaron Kwok, Louis Koo, Sean Lau
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THE WHITE STORM 3 has many explosion scenes, Goo Jai, Sing Sing and Ching Wan all worry about accidents

In the film Sean Lau takes Aaron Kwok to the skies, but actually they never leave the ground

Aaron Kwok says the diving scenes are beyond difficult
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Three Best Actors Louis Koo Tin Lok, Sean Lau Ching Wan and Aaron Kwok Fu Sing in the film THE WHITE STORM 3: HEAVEN OR HELL (SO DUK 3: YUN JOI TIN NGAI) worked together for the first time, they not only had fight scenes galore, they also had to go into the air and the sea. Sing Sing praised Ching Wan's flying skills to be close to Tom Cruise's. Sing Sing also said that he was the most afraid of fire, in particularly while shooting extremely dangerous explosion scenes. However as a professional he insisted again using a double and would try to personally finish the shoot as much as possible.

Lau Ching Wan, Koo Tin Lok, and Kwok Fu Sing in the film played respectively a drug lord, a cop and an undercover cop. Ching Wan in the film had to fly a plane, but he thought that the plane was small and the cockpit narrow. Would he need to make a 360 degree turn in the air, Ching Wan said that would depend on the director. "Flying (the plane) was real, but we just never left the ground. (Have you thought about getting a pilot license?) I have, but it required a lot of related books. I have to make movies and really don't have the time." Sing Sing praised Ching Wan's flying skills as close to that of Tom Cruise's.

As for Sing Sing he played undercover and had Goo Jai's cop in his pursuit. They would have fight scenes galore, but they both agreed that they have not been too difficult. However pain was inevitable. Sing Sing joked that Goo Jai had unique skeletal structure, in the film they traded blows. Although they rehearsed before hand and would wear protective gears, bumps and bruises were inevitable in physical combat. Actually they were rather painful, fortunately they were still able to hold on. Constantly working on action scenes, Sing Sing said, "Making movies is very tough." Aside from fight scenes, Sing Sing this time even had diving scenes. He said that he was a certified diver, but has not done so in a long while. He too worried about the danger. He remembered the difficult while shooting one scene. "During the shoot that had both wet and dry, the director kept comforting us and told us not to worry. The water scenes would not be a big deal, but I thought the studio shoot was worse than going into the real sea because of the wire work. I also had to carry a several dozen pound oxygen tank. If I was carrying it in water the load would have been lightened."

The film had several scenes that shot on location in the mountain region of Yunnan. Ching Wan pointed out that after every one or two hours rain would come, which made the roads wet and muddy. If they were not careful they could slip away. Sing Sing said that the mud was very deep, sometimes their legs would be stuck in it and they could not move. However they still had to act like they were able to freely move around, leading to repeated bad takes.

With few action scenes in the film, Ching wan praised Sing Sing and Goo Jai's fight scene. "One is very strong, the other is very agile." Frequently making action films, Goo Jai was asked whether he has already mastered the art. He pointed out that this time he and Sing Sing were fighting like "thugs", different in production methods from shooting kung fu scenes. It also required how long the fight needed to be. Earlier he shot fight scenes that took a dozen or so days in a row. These scenes would require rehearsals.

Sing Sing said that he was the most afraid of fire, especially when the explosion scenes. "Because the flames could change direction at anytime, the wind would also affect the fire's direction; sometimes the fire would also catch and follow the person. So for an explosion scene, everything would be to be fully prepared and try to be done in one take. However in one scene I was very close to the fire, after the first take the director thought that the fire wasn't big enough. In the end it was done in two takes." Has he thought about using a double? Sing Sing said, "I am a professional actor, we have to take such risks when we make movies in Hong Kong takes such risks, I hope the audience would support us."

Playing undercover for the first time, Sing Sing said that he had a lot of fun. When he got the script, after reading it he really wanted to play this role because he wanted to catch Ching Wan. Truly relationships and reality could not co-exist. However this time was a rare a male team, a "men's romance". Goo Jai joked, "Let's get some tofu roast pork belly rice."

Rarely playing roles like a drug lord, Ching Wan was completely in character during the shoot. He treated himself like a drug lord and even fell in love with his costume. Even Goo Jai and Sing Sing said that off camera he was still in character. Sing Sing said that if he played the drug lord, he would make himself very thin. "I would be down to skin and bones, I feel actors have to have transformation. I would be completely different from Ching Wan."


Mui Suet Sze, Connie Chan, Pak Suet Sin
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Since moving, Nick Cheung has not seen Sister Sin in two years
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The Yam Kim Fai and Pak Suet Sin Charitable Foundation film TRAGEDY OF THE POET KING 2023 4K Remastered Edition fund raising event took place last night at the Cultural Center Grand Theater. Pak Suet Sin, Connie Chan Bo Chu, Mui Suet Sze, Yu Mo Lin, Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Gordon Lam Ka Tung were among the supporters in attendance.

The 95 year old Sister Sin at the previous press conference was resting at home after her domestic helper caught COVID and did not make an appearance. Last night she again took action for the Yam Pak Charitable Foundation. Sister Sin was dressed in black, energetic and full of smile. She even often called for Ka Fai and other friends to take photos with their arms around hers. Then Sister Sin went to enjoy the movie. Before the movie screening, Sister Sin spoke to everyone. "How are you everyone, thank you for coming tonight. I hope it won't disappoint you. I wish everyone good health and may all your wishes come true, thank you, thank you."

Chan Bo Chu earlier had sciatica, which led to her legs not be as mobile. Last night she was still hobbling a little when she walked. After her interview she had to sit down to wait for her master Sister Sin to arrive. Sister Bo Chu said that her leg pain was already in recovery. She would continue her physical therapy and exercises. Sister Bo Chu and Ah Deh years ago already seen the remastered version of the film once. This time she felt very happy to be able to enjoy it again with Sister Sin. Sister Bo Chu would like to restore XI SHI, THE ETERNAL BEAUTY the most, because in the film Sister Sin's appearance was very beautiful. Ah Deh pointed out that Any Yam Pak opera treasures would have the chance to be restored. She looked forward to it very much, because in the past she has not seen them. As for her own work, Sister Bo Chu said that she has collected them but only had few. "Because I don't have any private collection, I recorded them from previous television station broadcast. Only some opera performances with Ah Deh were collected and in storage." When would they work together again? They said that they have talked about it. Ah Deh said, "Hope is on earth, with hope there is happiness. I would like to perform THE PURPLE HAIRPIN the most, because we have never perform it together." Sister Bo Chu said that she would have to wait until her leg to recover before being able to perform again. Whether it would happen next year they would make an announcement to everyone then. Speaking of Sister Sin rarely appearing in public in recent years. Ah Deh said that safety came first, but Sister Sin normally at home has been very active. She would sing and walk around for exercise. She was very healthy.

Cheung Ka Fai and Sister Sin were once neighbors, so this time he came to show his support and congratulate Sister Sin. As a junior, Ka Fai praised Yam Pak's opera treasures as spouting seeds of film. He also came under the spell of the film and became a loyal film worker. His favorite Yam Pak performances were TRAGEDY OF THE EMPEROR'S DAUGHTER and HOW THE SCHOLAR TONG PAK FU WON THE MAID CHAU HEUNG. Would he want to participate in Cantonese Opera performance or direct a Cantonese Opera film? He joked, "My bone structure is too old, better to leave that for young people to find their interest." Was his silver hair for his new film? Ka Fai joked, "Sister Bo Chu actually isn't much older than I am, I too want the close up look." He again joked that he probably would not be able to work with everyone because of his large bone structure. He could only appreciate and respect the Cantonese Opera culture. Would he let his daughter watch Cantonese Opera? Ka Fai joked, "She doesn't even watch my movies, better to let her find it for herself!"

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Anson Kong, director Nate Ki and Bai Ling attend the BACK HOME world premiere at the New York Asian Film Festival

New York's "Starchy Flour" bring their gears to support their idol AK
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MIRROR vice captain Anson Kong Yip Sang and Bai Ling starred in the suspense horror film BACK HOME (CHUT YUET GWAI FAN), which has been selected for competition at the 22nd New York Asian Film Festival and held its world premiere in New York. AK recently with Bai Ling and director Nate Ki (Tse Ka Kei) headed there to attend a press conference and the premiere ceremony. AK received support from many "starchy flour" (Sang Fun, his fans' nickname).

The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (New York) director Candy Nip Kai-yan introduced AK and director Nate Ki (Tse Ka Kei) to the media at a press conference yesterday. "Nate and Anson represent a new generation of artists striving to attempt more diversified film genres in Hong Kong. BAKC HOME is supported by the Film Production Financing Scheme (Relaxation Plan) of the Hong Kong Film Development Council. It is a great example of collaboration among the creative industry, the market and the Government."

AK in order to get into the horror film character trapped himself inside an elevator that the team built. "If the door is completely closed and all the lights are off on the elevator, it is pitch black. You can't even see your fingers. For some scenes I would be trapped inside, so I would be more scared." Always an avid talker, AK said that his character in the film spoke very little. He had to rely on reaction to express the character's emotions, which for me was full of challenges.


Three Best Actors attend THE WHITE STORM: HEAVEN OR HELL premiere
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Bonnie Law shows her support for her husband Chan Kwok Bong's film
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Three Best Actors Sean Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing teamed up for the first time in the film THE WHITE STORM 3: HEAVEN OR HELL (SO DUK 3: YUN JOI TIN NGAI), which held a premiere at Elements. The rare appearance of the trio together attracted many onlookers. On the stage the three leads talked about their memorable production experience. Sing Sing pointed out that he has not worked with Ching Wan and Goo Jai for many years. He even joked that this collaboration was a "romance of men". Lau Ching Wan avoided talking about his wife Amy Kwok oi Ming's HK$ 64 million property purchase.

Sing Sing lately has been busy with his concerts in Macau, but he still took time to attend the film premiere. He praised Hong Kong filmmakers for their efforts in making movies, so everyone should try to support them at the movies as much as possible. Sing Sing also pointed out that Ching Wan and Goo Jai have not worked together for many years, in addition he very rarely made movies with an all male cast. He even joked that this collaboration was a "romance of men".

Joey Yung Cho Yi started to not feel well after the 8th show of her concert series and even had to postpone her concerts. Still with two concerts in Macau, was Sing Sing worried about attending a mass gathering two nights ago? Sing Sing said, "I don't get to worry, I have had the vaccine, I hope I would be fine."

Goo Jai revealed that the film's ending was shot during the pandemic. Originally the team would shoot on location in Thailand, but in the end the location was changed time and again, from Yunnan to building a set in Hong Kong. At the same time he also had to be in quarantine for the first time, he has never had such experience over his years of acting.

Earlier Goo Jai received the New York Asian Film Festival's highest honor, "Extraordinary Star Asia Award for Exception Contribution to Asian Cinema". Goo Jai said that the award has been an enormous encouragement. He said, "I am very happy to have the recognition overseas, for me it is an enormous encouragement. I hope to make even more movies soon."

Speaking of his other film DEATH NOTICE (UM SAT FUNG BO) that has also been scheduled for a summer release, was Goo Jai worried about the box office being split? He said, "Box office isn't my concern, but the two movies are very different. In DEATH NOTICE I have a disfigured look."

Lau Ching Wan and his wife Amy Kwok Oi Ming have always been an ideal couple in the business. Although Amy did not attend, Ching Wan said that later he would watch the movie with his wife. Just returned from a trip to Japan with his wife, Ching Wan was caught in the wild. About online praises that Amy was just like a young girl. Ching Wan joked, "They can still see her as a young girl with a hat and a mask?"

Speaking of Amy recently as a first time home buyer bought a unit with parking at Residence Bel-Air, as her husband Ching Wan actually said that he had no idea. "Really? I don't know! I will ask her when I get back. (Is your wife in charge of the property?) We have socks, but not properties. (Did you give a home to your wife?) I would give her a pair of socks! (Do you give a lot of money to your wife?) When I get back I would get an understanding on the matter."

Sing Sing praised Ching Wan as a good man. "This proves that he is a good man, after getting married that's the way it is." Also a husband, he was asked whether he has given anything to his wife. He joked, "I would give her a movie ticket."

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[2023.07.26] FOR THE WEEK ENDING SUNDAY, JULY 23 2023

For the week ending Sunday, July 23 2023


    d. Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, Justin K. Thompson
    Sony Animation
    English Voice: Shameik Moore, Hailee Steinfeld,
      Brian Tyree Henry, Luna Lauren Velez, Jake Johnson,
      Jason Schwartzman, Issa Rae, Karan Soni,
      Daniel Kaluuya, Oscar Issac


    d. Gene Stupnitsky
    Jennifer Lawrence, Andrew Barth Feldman


    d. Kore-eda Hirokazu
    Ando Sakura, Nagayama Eita, Kurokawa Soya, Hiiragi Hinata,
      Takahata Mitsuki, Akihiro Kakuta, Nakamura Shidou, Tanaka Yuko
    Rating : IIA
    Length : 126 mins.
    Opening June 22 2023
    Trailer :

    When her young son Minato starts to behave strangely, his mother feels that there is something wrong. Discovering that a teacher is responsible, she storms into the school demanding to know what's going on. But as the story unfolds through the eyes of mother, teacher and child, the truth gradually emerges.


    d. Patrick Wilson
   Ty Simpkins, Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne


    d. James Mangold
    Harrison Ford, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Antonio Banderas


  Can : Bit Giu Ngor "Doh Sun"
  Lit : Don't Call Me "God of Gamblers"
  AKA : Giu Yeung Shui Yuet
  Lit : Proud Sun Age
  AKA : Guong Fai Shui Yuet
  Lit : Age of Brilliance
    d. Anthony Pun (Poon Yiu Ming)
    Chow Yun Fat, Anita Yuen Wing Yi,
      Alex Fong Chung Shun, Dick Liu Kai Chi, Andy Tien (On Chi Kit),
      Kenny Wong Tak Bun, Michael Ning (Bak Ji), Calvin Choy Yat Chi,
      Amy Lo Wai Man, Will Or Wai Lam,
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 115 mins.
  Opening June 21 2023 in Mainland China
  Opening June 29 2023
  Trailer :

    Water Ng, a typical loser who likes to gamble and takes no responsibility is asked to take care of his ex-girlfriend Jik's son, Yeung. With Jik tells him that Yeung is his son, and promised 100 thousand dollars, Water Ng agrees to be a father for one month. Soon he notices his son has Autism. He gets to understand the difficulties of raising a child along with special needs. With Jik's absence on the agreed date, Water Ng realizes why she brought him his blood. He finds his life goal while discovering Yeung's talent on the racing field, then decides to get rid of the dissipated life and accompany his son spreading wings for the dream.


    d. Peter Sohn
    Disney Pixar Animation
    English Voices: Leah Lewis, Mamoudou Athie
    Cantonese Voices: Hins Cheung King Hin, Serrini (Leung Ka Yan)


    d. Gerta Gerwig
    Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, America Ferrera,
      Kate McKinnon, Michael Cera, Ariana Greenblatt,


    d. Christopher Nolan
    Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr.,
      Matt Damon, Florence Pugh,


    d. Christopher McQuarry
    Tom Cruise, Hayley Atwell, Ving Rhimes, Simon Pegg,
      Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby, Easi Morales, Pom Klementieff,


For the week starting Saturday, July 22 2023 (Week 29)


  Can : Dan Kuk Chung Wan
  Aiden Hung Jor Sing

  4 BAD
  Phoebus Ng Kai Yeung

  Can : Tam Ching Dik Ga Jik
  Kelly Chen Wai Lam

  Can : JM Dan Sun 9
  Jer Lau Ying Ting

  Can : On Chuen Kui Lei


Anthony Wong founded the Dionysus Contemporary Theater 10 years ago.  He dares not think about whether it would continue as it would depend on many elements

Yau Hawk Sau would work with Anthony Wong on ENIGMA VARIATIONS as a celebration of the theater company's 10th anniversary

Anthony Wong worked with Joey Leung on ENIGMA VARIATIONS 11 years ago and feels that he did not perform well enough, wasted the opportunity and the script.  

Anthony Wong earlier attended an autograph session at the Book Fair for his autobiography

Anthony Wong earlier dined with elder Lau Siu Ming and brothers like Sean Lau
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Anthony Wong Chau Sun's Dionysus Contemporary Theater would celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. In September he would team with Yau Hawk Sau on the play ENIGMA VARIATIONS as a celebration project. Looking back at the past 10 years, Chau Sun had many sentiments. He said that he has not done much, nor did he have any great sense of achievement like he was hanging onto life. He did not dare to imagine whether the theater company would continue on, which would depend on elements like the market, the environment, and the audience. Some said that the original intention of founding the company was to repay the stage and to teach. Chau Sun said that he never had such a great ambition, he did it for himself. "I want to make money, I saw other people start theater companies so I did too. This is my major, of course I have fame and fortune from making movies and series, but theater ultimately is my dream and interest. The work I have done has given me a great sense of satisfaction, especially in the early days of the theater. In 2014 when (Hins) Cheung King Hin and I performed EQUUS that had many horse scenes, which are still memorable to me today; in 2015 I also had a lot of fun working with (Sandra) Ng Kwan Yu and Poon Chan Leung on GOD OF CARNAGE; in 2016 I worked with a group of young people (Alex) Lam Tak Shun, (Kate) Yeung Kei and Wai Law Sa (Rosa Maria Velasco) on A MID SUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. They worked very hard, which whipped me into great shape."

ENIGMA VARIATIONS was based on the French playwright Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt's play. The story began with reporter Erik Larsen visiting a Nobel Prize of Literature winner Abel Znorko on the island he lived alone on. The entire performance only had the two characters in a tug of war on stage. The same play had a run in Hong Kong in 2012, at the time Wong Chau Sun teamed up with Joey Leung Cho Hiu for a 18 show run at the Academy of Performing Arts. This time Chau Sun would team with Yau Hawk Sau for 25 shows.

Wong Chau Sun said that he would perform this play again because the script was simple enough and he wanted to do it. "Last time by chance I returned to the theater. At the time I didn't ask too much of myself, I only played it like a comedy. The lines are brutally funny, but it wasn't a pure comedy. I feel I didn't perform well enough, wasted the opportunity and the script. So I wanted to do it again, this time I definitely would work a little harder." As for choosing Yau Hawk Sau to be his co-star, Chau Sun had nothing but praise for him. "Earlier I have worked with him, the feeling was pretty comfortable. Then last year we had dinner and talked about it, I thought he was pretty suitable for this character. He is smart without being pretentious, although he has his own ideas he is very obedient, willing to communicate with others, pretty mature. If he isn't sure about something, the director Chan Suk Yee would teach him. I would also talk with him a little; he would take the initiative and ask, then ask us to give him a little to time to explore. He has a great attitude."

Earlier Chau Sun had dinner with Lau Siu Ming, Sean Lau Ching Wan, Cheung Tat Ming, Francis Ng Chun Yu, Dayo Wong Tze Wa and director Herman Yau Lai To. Some online suggested for them to team up with Nick Cheung Ka Fai on a movie, which would then be invincible because their previous film collaboration was the 1996 film BIG BULLET (CHUNG FUNG DUI: NO FOR GAI TAU). Chau Sun joked, "Tell people online to pay up, for them to invest on the movie then it would truly be invincible!" Speaking of the chance of this group making a movie, Chau Sun said, "The chance is very slim. (Because with all Best Actors the salaries would be too expensive?) I am not expensive, I am priceless. Other people's are so high then they have become priceless treasures, mine is so low that I have no price!"

Chau Sun recently released his first autobiography and invited the 91 year old Ming Sir to write the foreword. Chau Sun said that Ming Sir spoke very profoundly and behaved mischievously, but since they have known each other many years he would consider himself understanding what Ming Sir meant. "His foreword is about 'drama is my life, my life is drama'. He has taught me a lot of things. When we worked together on a series, when something unpleasant happened at the company he taught me how to resolved it. However the method was very daring. He taught me to put dry ice in a bag, then go to the negotiation and unzip the bag a little to release the smoke until it fills the entire room. Would you dare to do this?"

Started as an adult video actress, Erena So Hoi Lam earlier posted a photo with Wong Chau Sun and said that she would like to work with him. Chau Sun said, "I will wait until I have a movie to make! She makes more movies than me. (Did So Hoi Lam ask you to teach her acting?) No, only because of (Chapman) To Man Chak's program did we have the chance to dine together. If I am teaching a drama class, she can attend and I wouldn't mind."

Sunday, July 23, 2023


Sean Lau takes the gun fight into a vehicle

Sean Lau insists on personally performing his stunts
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Sean Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo Tin Lok and Aaron Kwok Fu Sing put their bodies on the line for the film THE WHITE STORM 3: HEAVEN OR HELL (SO DUK 3: YUN JOI TIN NGAI). Ching Wan's role even often had to handle large scene gun fights and fight scenes. A major scene took place at the Hong Kong International Terminals. Director Herman Yau Lai To designed many thrilling stunts, including for Ching Wan to carry a machine gun, jump into a large truck, then drive straight through a group of cars to escape.

Ching Wan before the shoot studied the marks in detail with the director and the action director and took the initiative to test them. Despite how dirty the ground was he still lay down on it many times, to ensure that there would be no mishap with positions during the shoot. He even performed different moves like a kip up. Later during the official shoot, Ching Wan lay on the ground and opened fire, then jumped into a truck. In between he another actors kept shooting, but one of the shots missed Ching Wan by less than 1 inch. Despite the close call he still continued to perform until the cameras stopped rolling. Only then he got checked up and luckily he was not hurt. That scene shot until early morning and made the vehicle tilt. During the shoot the danger level was increased much more, fortunately it was completed successfully.

Speaking of the action scenes, Ching Wan said that earlier shot with a real AK47 in his hand. "Because I have experience with it, using a real gun for this scene wasn't too hard for me. Instead I was a little surprised by the gigantic size of the truck. In the trailer I saw the result of the shoot, which was rather awesome!" The action scenes not only used real guns but also many vehicles and stunt actors, thus Ching Wan while on the set was extra careful. He frequently reminded the staff to pay more attention to safety, which was both professional and heartwarming.


The disfigured make up takes Louis Koo hours to be put on and taken off
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The highly productive Best Actor Louis Koo Tin Lok not only performed in THE WHITE STORM 3: HEAVEN OR HELL (SO DUK 3: YUN JOI TIN NGAI) but also DEATH NOTICE (UM SAT FUNG BO), which would tightly follow with a release next month. This time he would challenge three roles. Aside from the already unveiled disfigured, crippled homeless role that required a voice box to speak, he also had to wear a fake nose and knife scars of his face for another. As for the one with the facial tattoo, his performance required his body to be occasionally twitching. Each look had drastically different looks and performances. Goo Jai felt that as long as the script was right and the role required it, he absolutely would not mind appearing in any costume. Were the disfigured, knife scars make up very painful? He said, "They were OK, but the shoot took place in the summer. With the fake skin, glue and sometimes fake facial hair on the face, not to mention the action scenes, They were really pretty hot but definitely looked rotten enough."

Responsible for Goo Jai's special effect make up was the famous Hong Kong special make up artist Gary Chan Ka Wai who has worked on the Hollywood film GHOST IN THE SHELL. Gary revealed that the production process mainly was getting a mold of Goo Jai's face then create the fake skin, glued it on his face, and added on glue and coloring. Although professionals were on the set, Goo Jai pointed out that the action scenes in the summer left him thoroughly soaked. The special effect make up also often needed to be fixed. Thus each time putting it on and take it off would take several hours. However Goo Jai was very patient and professional.

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Mabel Cheung attends an anti cyber bullying event
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After 5 months without making a public appearance, Mabel Cheung attends a video competition award ceremony

Mabel Cheung and Golden Scene founder Winnie Tsang discuss cyberbullying

Aarif Rahman is unable to attend due to work and talks about the videos in a video
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Director Mabel Cheung Yuen Ting rarely made a public appearance since the film TO MY NINETEEN YEAR OLD SELF storm. Yesterday as the head judge she attended an anti cyberbullying video competition award ceremony. She did not speak to the media, cut shared her views on cyberbullying and the competition judging standards.

Cheung Yuen Ting said that the most important judging standard was for the content to be infectious, the method of expressing the story, the technique of the production, the acting of the actors, lighting and cinematography -- not a single one could be missing. Cheung Yuen Ting also said that many people actually unknowing became bullies. Sometimes they thought that they were standing up for themselves, upholding justice; in addition with the anonymity of the internet, comments would become more and more extreme. She said that with the freedom of speech in mind, cyberbullying would be very hard to prevent. Instead she suggested for the victims to not read the online comments in order to avoid breaking their hearts even more. Director Cheung even shared an example of a friend being bullies. "A friend of mine has been bullied online. I urged him against reading more (of the comments), but he didn't listen. He ended up having to see a psychiatrist and take anti depression medication and losing his hair. I know it is very hard for young people to stay offline, but those who were overly emotional should probably not read more online to avoid being affected."

Originally planning to attend the award ceremony, judge Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) due to work was unable to. He in a video said that his friends have also been cyberbullied, and the situation has become more severe and common. At the same time, Lee Chi Ting praised the work in competition had quality, made with heart and compassion. They proved that as long as good work came from the heart, no mater what method was used to produce it it would be able to affect others.