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Louis Koo performs BOYFRIEND with the Grasshoppers
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Natalie Tong
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The Hong Kong Performing Artist Guild founded Performing Artist Guild Charity last night held its first charity event 2019. Attendees included PAGC board members Jackie Chan, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Candy Yu On On, show business friends like Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Joey Yung Cho Yi, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Chin Kar Lok, Kara Wai Ying Hung, Fiona Sit Hoi Kei, Hins Cheung King Hin, Samantha Ko Hoi Ning, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Irene Wan Bik Ha and others. The Performing Artist Guild president Koo Tin Lok thanked friends and film companies for their support. He said that because this was the first time for the event, the donation target would be rather reasonable.

The Performing Artist Guild president Koo Tin Lok would like to unite the power of show business and lead everyone in caring of those in needs in the community and continue on the charitable work generation after generation.

Goo Jai said that earlier the Guild has already received a charity certification from the government. Last night donations were raised through table sales, the event had 43 tables and the theme was passing the torch. He said, "In order to coordinate with the theme, earlier we asked 7 or 8 elder artists like Sister Ka Yin, Sister Mo and interviewed them about their effort and contribution in the business over the years, so the next generation would know about their past."

Goo Jai also said that in recent years many elder artists have either passed away or fallen ill. The Guild also recorded their videos to honor them for their contributions to the industry. In addition, in order to help members with more job opportunities the Guild also officially launched a mobile phone app for members to upload their information online and introduce themselves, so advertising clients, film companies and others would be able to contact them.

When asked if the donation target was ideal, Goo Jai said, "Because it was the first year for the event, it was rather reasonable. Everyone went through a lot of trouble for the event, thanks to friends and film companies for their support the donations reached a very ideal number."

As for performances, Goo Jai said aside from elder artists' videos, Joey and the Grasshoppers would sing. Ng Kwan Yu and Chin Kar Lok would also bring back CLUB SPARKLE on the stage to entertain everyone. Speaking of Yen Chi Tan being discriminated against during a charity event, Goo Jai said that their event would take great care of guests.

Ko Hoi Ning said that she brought her dress for awhile now but never had the chance to wear it. In addition she was busy with a television serise so she did not have time to dress up. She only relied on her own make up. "I know the evening's theme is related to future, I also saw STAR WARS Storm Troopers here. The usher ladies were also dressed very sci fi. I really like themed events. I want to wear clothing that would be form fitting and plastic, the impression would be very sci fi." Ko Hoi Ning also said that she did not have enough experience to be invited to join the Performing Artist Guild. She was the most concerned with after becoming a member would she have more chances to make movies. Speaking of the Guild's mobile phone app that helps members with self promoting, Ko Hoi Ning was very excited. "I have to immediately download and apply to join the Guild. I will also tell my company colleagues."

Guest performers Yung Cho Yi and the Grasshoppers spoke to the media together. Joey joked that Goo Jai asked them veteran to lead new comers, so she would "rock and roll" with a new band. The Grasshoppers would dance and sing with MIRROR. Speaking of Joey's August concerts, Remus Choy Yat Kit helped and offered producer Ho Bing to her in order to make them happen. Joey apologized to Kit Jai and said that everyone knew that he loved her. How would she repay Kit Jai? Kit Jai chimed in and answered that he would ask Joey for concert tickets. Joey said, "Any row you want." Kit Jai said, "I want front row." Joey said, "Facing me I really have to surrender." Would she invite the Grasshoppers to be her guest performers? The Grasshoppers said that they wanted to enjoy the show, Joey suggested for them to watch one show and perform in another. When asked how many shows the concert series would have, Joey revealed that 12 shows for now. She did not know whether more shows will be added. The Grasshoppers then sang Joey's hit DON'T KNOW.


Anthony Wong says that the theaters are too small now
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The film STILL HUMAN (LUEN LOK YUN) yesterday held a charity premiere. Director Oliver Chan Siu Kuen and Anthony Wong Chau Sun attended. They liked to interact with the audience and have close contact; Chan Siu Kuen pointed out that even with the audience's pointed questions, with Chau Sun there they definitely would be answered. She also remembered, "A foreign girl said that her grandpa also was wheel chair bound, then hug me and cried. I got teary eyed too."

Speaking of Eason Chan Yik Shun catching a student on the phone at an university forum, feeling disrespected and asking the student to leave, Chau Sun said that he would calmly handle it. "It would depend on the situation, on whether others were affected. Now everyone is like this. If it was me, I would join in with a mobile phone and compete for a hour. No one needs to get upset. I would ask him, 'You are doing big business, do you have billions going up and down? How is the market trending? Give me some tips?' The person would be embarrassed and everyone would get a laugh."


As Philip Keung approaches the vehicle a bomb goes off
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The film SHOCK WAVE 2 (CHAK DAN JUEN GA 2) two nights ago shot a bomb disposal scene at Temple Street. Andy Lau Tak Wa, Sean Lau Ching Wan, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei and others were on hand, as prop police cars, fire engines, ambulances and bomb disposal vehicles were parked on the streets. Although the crew was prepared to pretend onlookers from affecting the shoot, with over 100 people crowd control was not easy. Tourists with mobile phones kept shooting and could not wait to share on social media, saying that running into stars on Temple Street was the biggest reward of their Hong Kong trip. From the video, Lau Tak Wa and Lau Ching Wan had escort from the crew as onlookers cheered excitedly. Wa Jai and Ching Wan also politely waved and smiled at fans.

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The "Storm" series's latest film P STORM (P FUNG BO) will open on April 4th in Hong Kong and Mainland. Earlier actors Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Raymond Lam Fung, Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Janelle Sing (Xia Yan) and Adam Pak Tin Nam went to Shanghai for an event. Lam Ka Tung was asked why he did not have any kiss scene in the film. Ka Tung said that it would be very hard for both sexes to be in the same prison. Ka Wing poked fun at the single Koo Tin Lok, "The next one can add a romance for him! Then he can date a little!"

1,000 people filled the venue and passionately cheered the actor. Lam Fung said, "This time I experienced the might of the 'Storm series' at the 1,000 people event. It was very cheerful and I also sensed the viewers' passionate anticipation for this film."

Lam Fung pointed out that P STORM was his first film villain role as his first film with the big "Storm" family. He hoped to be able to leave the audience with a deep impression.

New father Ka Wing kept receiving congratulations for his wedding, but he said, "The wedding happened last year." The audience again wished his baby good health. New papa Ka Wing accepted all the well wishes and could not hide his joy!

Ka Tung made his return since the first STORM film. His performance was memorable to viewers, but when asked why he did not have any kiss scene in the film Ka Tung said that it was very hard to have both sexes in the same prison. Ka Wing even made fun of Koo Tin Lok. "The next one can add a romance for him, so he can date a little!" Sister Na revealed that different actors took turns to "treat" during the shoot so she got fatter too!

Ka Tung, Lam Fung and Ka Wing shared a lot with viewers in Shanghai. Viewers' passion and attentiveness were just as memorable for them. Ka Tung said, "They would ask about many details of the film, the questions are very detailed. They would even ask which hand we would use to hit people." Ka Wing agreed. "They would analyze the characters' thinking and would ask us what we did was because of such thinking. We are very happy that they are so detailed, imagining what we did for 90 points to 110 points. If we did less we would very easily be caught! In comparison this was also the encouragement that they gave us."

In the end the team went to a shopping center to play games with the audience. They not only easily guessed Shanghai cuisine but also learned the Shanghai dialect with tips from the live audience. They also wished that after the film's release viewers would passionately support it.


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Artist Elena Kong Mei Yee two nights ago promoted the film THE CROSSING (GOR CHUN TIN). She revealed that it was her first Mainland film and working with a group of new actors. She praised the talent of everyone as they knew their characters and content. "Although the entire film was shot in Shenzhen and my part only lasted a few days, everyone had a lot of fun." Playing the Hong Kong parallel import Big Sister, she said that parallel import was nothing new to Hong Kong people. Normally she also bought parallel import sneakers and handbags. "When I was little Mommy told me to parallel import a Walkman to Taiwan for a relative, from which I made a little money. This used to be legal!"


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Ronald Cheng Chung Kei yesterday attended a Hong Kong University forum with the them "sense of humor. Earlier when Eason Chan Yik Shun was at an Open University events he got mad when students only paid attention to their phones. He felt disrespected and invited those students to leave. Ronald said that he would play along with the students and if they had anything happy they must share it. He absolutely would not invite them to leave!

Speaking of work, Ronald revealed that he just finished the film ELISA'S DAY (WAI OI) and in May he will begin his concert tour. In September he will work on DRAGON LOADED 3 (LUNG GUM WAI 3). Because he complained, his wife was studying cooking. He said, "I didn't complain, but her cooking improved a lot. A lot of stuff is very delicious. She can tie down my stomach and make me fat, because in DRAGON LOADED 3 I will have to gain a dozen or so pounds. Last time I gained 30 pounds so this time won't be too hard."

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On April 1st this year, "Gor Gor" Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing has passd away for 16 years. The faithful Japanese "Gor" fans already began to prepare to fold origami cranes for "Gor Gor" since the beginning of the year and chose "Gor Gor"'s favorite red and the always shining gold as the main color theme. "Gor" fans in Japan after getting the news folded origami cranes and sent them to the Tokyo headquarter. Because "Gor" fans all participated on their own, the planners did not set any limit. Thus at first they had no idea how many cranes were made. When the Japanese "Gor" fan who was responsible for connecting all the cranes couned, something wonderful happened. The number of cranes was actually 1,339! "339" to "Gor" fans was an extremely meaningful number. This was "Gor Gor's" license plate number. Even more wonderful was, each "Gor" fan who participated in the counting that day had a "339" license plate as well!


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Jessica Hester Hsuan says playing a Marvel character is an important chapter in her life

Jessica Hester Hsuan says Paul Rudd is easy going and funny.

Evangeline Lilly explains her absence on a video
Timmy Hung and Janet Chow bring their sons to try the new ride
Louis Cheung says that wife Kay Tse has to work so he can only bring the children alone
Benny Chan Ho Man and his wife bring their children to the ride
Christine Kuo and her husband
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"Ant-Man" Paul Rudd, along with Marvel Studio chief Kevin Feige and director Peyton Reed attended the launch of the ANT-MAN AND THE WASP NANO BATTLE ride at the Hong Kong Disneyland. Jessica Hester Hsuan (Suen Huen) became the first Asian artist in the Marvel ride as the new character, SHIELD engineer Leslie.

How did it feel to be Asia's first artist to be a character in the ride? Suen Huen happily said, "I am a Marvel fan, now my identity has switched. Seeing myself standing on the same side as Ant-Man and the Wasp against the evil forces of Arnim Zola and his nano bug army, my excitement and honor truly is beyond any description. I have looked forward to its for several months. Today I finally played the game and felt that the intense stimulation to visual and audio senses is awesome. In the film I had to keep fight, my arms are a little tired. I asked to play again many times."


Zhang Yang hopes to work on television and in film
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Philip Keung hopes to be in SHOCK WAVE 3
Sean Lau and Andy Lau work together again 17 years after FAT CHOI SPIRIT, which feels like yesterday to them.
Ni Ni
Kenny Wong and Ron Ng
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The film SHOCK WAVE 2 (CHAK DAN JUEN GA 2) yesterday held a production start worship ceremony. Boss Daneil Lam Siu Ming, stars Andy Lau Tak Wa, Sean Lau Ching Wan, Ni Ni, Tse Kwan Ho, Philip Keung Ho Man, Kenny Wong Tak Bun, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei and Zhang Yang participated. Lau Tak Wa and Lau Ching Wan would work together again after 17 years. They showed off their chemistry and led the "team members" on an "egg disposal" mission. The actors had to differentiate between raw and cooked eggs just by looking. Wa Jai joked that anyone who was able to find a raw egg would get double salary. Wa Jai and Ching Wan both ended up finding raw eggs. Ching Wan screamed, "My salary has been doubled! My salary has been doubled!" Wa Jai said, "Actors really are naive, but the boss confirmed it!"

Wa Jai said that the ending of SHOCK WAVE won the tears of the audience. This time Lau Ching Wan and Ni Ni joined in the all new story. Wa Jai and Ching Wan worked together again 17 years after FAT CHOI SPIRIT (LEK GOO LEK GOO SUN NIN CHOI). Ching Wan said that it felt like yesterday, now they are together again on a movie. Wa Jai also said that every Lunar New Year FAT CHOI SPIRIT would be on television, so everyone felt that it was not so long ago.

This time Wa Jai and Ching Wan were two bomb disposal experts of two different teams. Wa Jai revealed that the film still would have car chases, running and jumping around. The director was rather careful during the shoot. Just a going upstairs scene took eight shots to shoot. As for Ni Ni, this would be her first Hong Kong film and her co-stars would be two Best Actors. She admitted that in the beginning she was particularly nervous and stressed. After two table reads she realized that they were very friendly and helped her like one. They also taught her how to hold a gun. Playing an anti terrorist special police team member, Ni Ni would have many stunts and gun fights. She would also develop a relationship with Wa Jai. Ching Wan said, "The two of them are romancing, but I would be arguing with Ni Ni!" In addition Wa Jai just announced successfully landing the Hong Kong Coliseum dates for February next year. He said, "Please give me some peace, I would tell everyone later. Because over 40,000 to 50,000 make up show tickets had to be taken care off, I would have to find places to distribute them and study the dates for shows and ticket exchanges. However the online registration is already very clear, everyone can go and see." How many shows will he perform? He said 10 shows for now. "At least 7 will be make up shows, the rest will satisfy public on sale. If I rest a little less then I can perform more!" Wa Jai admitted that he was very happy to successfully land the make up show dates. He even invited Ching Wan and Ni Ni to attend the show. Ching Wan followed up, "Can I get a few more tickets. I am afraid of missing out?" Ni Ni also happily said, "Do you have VIP tickets?" Wa Jai agreed to all their demands.

Speaking of old flame William Feng Shaofeng being already married and a father, did Ni Ni congratulate him? She said, "I can congratulate him in private, it doesn't have to be anything!" Was she dating? Wa Jai said, "She is in love with me (in the movie)!" Ni Ni said that work would come first.

Wong Tak Bun and Ng Cheuk Hei played bomb disposal experts on Lau Ching Wan's team. Earlier Tak Bun accidentally smashed Chow Yun Fat's head with hair spray. What would he use this time and who would he hit? Tak Bun joked, "This time I am using a suitcase, even more damaging. However this time many people would hit him, anyone who is Fat Gor's friends can hit me and I would take it. Just don't hit me in the face!" Ng Cheuk Hei added, "If he is shot, I won't save him. I don't want people to think I am an accomplice!"

Ng Cheuk Hei said that after collecting Best Actor Lau Ching Wan this time, his collection would be successfully completed. Tak Bun also said that it was the first time he worked with Ching Wan. He and Ng Cheuk Hei were his subordinates, making expressions while watching him disposing bombs and learning from him. However in the scene Tak Bun had to be shot in a terrorist attack.

Also under contract with Universe, Zhang Yang took part in the first and would have a part in the second film. This time he would play Lau Ching Wan's subordinate. At first she felt very nervous and honored, on the set he was very helpful to her and would rehearse together. She also learned a lot. Tse Kwan Ho had a fresh and new bu somewhat evil look with white hair. He said that in the film he believed that he was a good guy but did a lot of bad things.


Director Stanley Kwan, Angie Chiu, Catherine Chau and Sheung Tin Ngor
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The director and actors celebrate Gigi Leung's belated birthday
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Director Stanley Kwan (center) has nothing praises for Gigi Leung and Sammi Cheng
Bai Baihe declines to answer questions about her ex
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The Stanley Kwan Kam Peng directed film FIRST NIGHT NERVES (BAK GOR NUI YUN YUT TOI HEI) two nights ago held its 43rd Hong Kong International Film Festival premiere. Then the director led actors Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Gigi Leung Wing Kei, Bai Baihe, Angie Chiu Nga Chi, Sheung Tin Ngor and Catherine Chau Ka Yi attended the premiere party. Since 2004's EVERLASTING REGRET (CHEUNG HUNG GOR), Kwan Kam Peng directed again after 15 years and the lead actress was still Sammi. Director Kwan said, "Time went by so fast but didn't feel long at all. Working with Sammi this time, I feel that she has become another person. She is relaxed, and the character required experience for the performance. She did very well." Sammi said that working with Kwan Kam Peng again, she admitted that she was not nervous. Instead she felt that everyone changed for the better, which gave her an even easier time and more confidence. Director Kwan also praised Gigi for changing a lot after marriage, and was just as relaxed.

Sammi also said that she will soon begin closed door training for her concerts, but she still would have to recover from her knee injury and would not be able to make big moves like jumping and running. The doctor said that she would need two months for a full recovery. For now she would train the upper body first. She was very optimistic that she would be able to reach her goal then. Speaking of how hard her concert tickets were to get, Gigi asked Sammi, "Don't cut me out of my 100 tickets!" Sammi joked, "I will print them for you myself."

Earlier Sammi posted a "tea ceremony" photo on social media and some mistook it for her wedding photo. Some also said that her and husband Andy Hui Chi On's smiles were stiff. Sammi explained that actually it was the wedding of a relative's offspring. Perhaps everyone missed what she wrote under the photo. Would she consider sharing her wedding photo? She said, "No one wants to see them." Gigi said, "I do." Sammi joked, "I can WeChat them to you." Speaking of her awkward smile in the photo, she said, "Actually at the time I was very moved inside, but I couldn't express it right away. My face was stiff. After the ceremony I immediately smiled again, I was moved because I have become an elder and had to give lai see."

Mainland star Bai Baihe in the film played a more masculine character. She said that the character differed greatly from her past ones. She could only observe how people around her protect girls. Was the performance difficult? She admitted that the hardest was the Cantonese lines, which she thought were very hard and after the shoot she completely forgot them. In addition, when asked if she had any contact with her former husband Chen Yufan, she said, "I have no comment for anything not related to the film." Then she turned and left.