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Saturday, January 29, 2022


Keung To would compete for Best Male Singer opposite elders like Eason Chan and Hacken Lee

Bands that are on Radio Hong Kong's rumored ban list like RubberBand and Dear Jane are on the ballot
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TVB and Radio Hong Kong's first co-organized Hong Kong Gold Song Awards 2021/2022 would take place on April 3rd at the KITEC. Some of the awards began accepting online votes starting at 2PM yesterday to 11:59PM on February 13th. They included the "Gold Song Award", "Chinese Song Award", "Male Singer Award", "Female Singer Award", "Band Award", "Male New Artist Award", "Female New Artist Award", "Best Series Song Award", "Best Duet", and "Global Chinese Ultimate Gold Song Award".

Earlier Radio Hong Kong executives were rumored to have orally issued a ban on ten singers to DJs. They included Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, Denise Ho Wan Si, RubberBand, C AllStar, Tat Ming, Dear Jane, Charmaine Fong Ho Man, Serrini, Kay Tse On Kay and Alfred Hui Ting Hung.

On the Hong Kong Gold Song Awards online ballot, Hui Ting Hung, Tse On Kay, Serrini, C AllStars and its 4 members were competing for Male, Female Singer Award and Gold Song Award. In the past Radio Hong Kong's Top Ten Chinese Gold Song would merge Group and Band into the category and present gold, silver and bronze prizes. Now with TVB, only "Band Award" survived, and the banned RubberBand, Dear Jane were nominated as were their songs. Although the popular boy band MIRROR would not be competing for "Band Award", their group and members' solo songs were all competing for "Gold Song Award"; its 12 members, along with 4 members of ERROR would compete with elders Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Eason Chan Yik Shun, Hacken Lee Hak Kun and Hins Cheung King Hin for "Male singer Award". Edan Lui Cheuk On, MC Cheung Tin Fu, Error's Fat Boy, 193, P1X3L members and Peter Tsang Bei Tat would compete for "Male New Artist Award"



Loletta Lee says that she has no confidence in winning a Hong Kong Film Award 

Loletta Lee's daughter is happy for her mother winning Best Actress 
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Former Golden Horse Award Best Actress Loletta Lee Lai Chun received good news at the end of the Year of the Ox, as she and Francis Ng Chun Yu won Best Actress and Best Actor respectively at the Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival. Chun Mui was very happy about receiving the award. Her daughter Hui Yi Yung was also happy for her mother as she even grabbed her hands and praised her, which reminded Chun Mui of the warm interaction with her daughter when she was little.

Lee Lai Chun earlier at the 12th Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival with the film DRIFTING (JOOK SHUI PIU LAU) won Best Actress, and her co-star Ng Chun Yu also won Best Actor. Director Jun Li Chun Shek won Best Director.

Chun Mui was very excited about this award. "When I got the news of course I was happy. This film has brought me opportunities to participate in several international film festivals. To receive the recognition from the jury in Australia, and win with director Li Chun Shek and Chun Yu, I am really very happy!" However, the most touching was the praises from her daughter Hui Yi Yung. Chun Mui said, "She suddenly grabbed my hand and told me 'good girl', just like how I coaxed her when she was little! At that moment as a Mama I really got emotional."

Speaking of the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards, many online saw her and Ng Chun Yu as favorites for nominations. She said, "Nothing has been announced yet, maybe I won't even get a nomination! I don't have any confidence at all, maybe because I came up empty at several film festivals earlier. Instead I would pick Ng Chun Yu. This time he was able to achieve a balance inside and out, the character felt very solid. He no longer use 'acting' methods to show the audience, he wanted you to feel it. When I rehearsed with him I already felt that he scored 100 this time, so I would vote for him!"


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Stephanie Che, Eddie Cheung and Hubert Wu
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The Sil-Metropole Organization, Emperor Motion Pictures, Media Asia Films and One Cool Film Production release, Sil-Metropole Organization produced film YUT YEUNG DIK TIN HUNG (THE SAME SKY) would have veteran filmmaker John Chong Ching as its producer, 4 new directors Daniel Chan Yee Heng, Tim Poon Chi Yin, Hau Chor Fung and Yip Ching Hang as its directors. The film would be the story of 4 young people's growth from 1997 to now.

The film gathered over 30 actors, earlier they participated in the film production start worship ceremony and prayed for a smooth production. Actors Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Cecilia So Lai Shan, Chu Pak Him, Chu Kam Yin, Stephanie Che Yuen Yuen, Aaron Chow Chi Kwan, Ben Yuen Fu Wa, Shek Sau, Michelle Yim (Mai Suet), Alex Lam Tak Shun, Philip Keung Ho Man, Hubert Wu Hung Kwan, Eddie Cheung Siu Fai, Jacquelin Chong Si Man and others appeared. They were all happy to be able to take part in this meaningful movie that would be full of positive energy. The film estimated to finish production in mid February and open this summer. Among the 4 new directors Hau Chor Fung, Yip Ching Hang and actor Bobular Wong Sing Yui were all "Beautiful Hong Kong" short film production project winners and participants. Everyone hoped through this film to pass on the art as well as enabling Hong Kong young people to shoot Hong Kong stories from different angles.

Chu Kam Yin would connect the story of 4 young people's growth from the 90s to now, from helping hidden young artists with finding their self confidence, to resolving father and son conflicts through creating, then enabling busking and Cantonese Opera's merger for the ages and encouraging kid of South Asian heritage to chase their lion dance dream. Together tens of thousands of foot prints would be connected together.

Friday, January 28, 2022


Louis Koo becomes Mainland's first 100 million yuan box office Hong Kong actor.  Julian Cheung is happy for him.
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Julian Cheung praises Louis Cheung as a very hard working actor
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The Louis Koo starred G STORM already passed the 600 million yuan mark in the Mainland
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The Louis Koo Tin Lok, Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Jessica Hester Hsuan (Suen Huen) and Kevin Cheng Ka Wing starred film G STORM (G FUNG BO) is currently in release in the Mainland. Its box office has already broken th 600 million RMB mark. Connecting the five film series, Goo Jai with this film officially became the Mainland's first 100 million yuan box office Hong Kong actor. The anti corruption series of films over 7 years became a quintet, the first four films Z STORM made 95.17 million, S STORM made 208 million, L STORM made 442 million and P STORM made 799 million. With G STORM's 600 million, Goo Jai in the hundred million box office performance took up 1/5.

As for Goo Jai's performance, buddy Julian Cheung Chi Lam said, "Goo Jai is the actor I have worked with the most, personally witnessing how uneasy his journy has been." Suen Huen said, "We have worked together many times, he not only is a good partner but also has taught me a lot of things." Cheng Ka Wing also said, "Goo Jai's persistence all along finally pays over!"


Wong Cho Nam presents the Master Voice Acting award to Lo Hung
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Born on February 3 1947, veteran voice actor and actor Lo Hung passed away two nights ago at age 74

In May last year Lo Hung receives TVB's DUB OF WAR "Master Voice Acting" Award from disciple Wong Cho Nam

Lo Hung in OUT OF THE DARK played Lo Sir opposite Stephen Chow and Karen Mok

Lo Hung in HAIL THE JUDGE played Master Seung Shu

Tin Kai Man says he would be available for help with Lo Hung's funeral
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Veteran voice actor and actor Lo Hung two nights ago passed away from illness at age 74. Lo Hung in 1975 began working at a radio station, later he worked as a voice actor and guest starred in many films. The most memorable ones included HAIL THE JUDGE (GAU BUN JI MA GUOON)'s Master Seung Shu and OUT OF THE DARK (WUI WON YEH)'s security guard Captain Lo. Lo Hung's final public appearance in May last year, when he presented the "master voice performance" award on TVB's DUB OF WAR program.

TVB's Chief Creative Officer Wong Cho Nam saw Lo Hung as a mentor and benefactor. He said, "In my memory, Uncle Lo Hung appeared when I was 17 and at Form 5. Learning voice acting with a master like Lo Hung was the greatest fortune in my life. Master discovered my ability, recommended me to work on radio play on Radio Hong Kong, then I had the chance to work on children's program on radio and build the foundation for future children's programs. Uncle Lo Hung was my first benefactor from school to work. Master was righteous and kind, taught the younger generation by example, both respected and talented in the voice acting field and had students all around the world. In recent years Uncle Lo Hung due to health reasons reduced his workload, but he still constantly organized charity events, cared about fellow patients and seniors. Uncle Lo Hung silently toiled with memorable performances. When I planned DUB OF WAR early on I hoped through this chance to salute Master and honor Master's contribution in show business. I was very grateful to present this honor to him as his disciple while he was still around. Today, I still have not been able to accept Master's passing, here I could only say to Master, 'Dear Uncle Lo Hung, I am very honored and grateful for you to create my everything with heart and love. Your beauty would long endure in the bottom of my heart, without a scratch, may Master rest in peace and condolences to his family.'"

Lo Hung in the 1970s joined Commercial Radio and participated in radio play performance. He was an actor at CTV, later joined the film voice actor scene. Between the 1980s to the 1990s he provided his voice to make Hong Kong films, dubbing for actors like Kent Cheng Juk Si, Wong Ching, Charlie Cho, Shing Fui On, Lau Nam Kwong, Ho Ka Kui, Cho Tat Wa, Wong Bing Yiu and Wu Ma. Playing the security guard "Lo Sir" in Stephen Chow Sing Chi's OUT OF THE DARK, his line "Your Mom hides here to eat chicken leg" was classic. Although Lo Hung in the film was only a support player, his mischievous performance left a deep impression with viewers. He said in interviews that he provided his voice the most for Shing Fui On, Charlie Cho and Ho Ka Kui's characters. He said that their voices did not have anything special, so he would change his voice for the story to bring him into the roles. In recent years Lo Hung participated in stage performance and volunteer work. Due to diabetes he lost 50 pounds and could no longer worked laborious jobs.

Lo Hung in May last year received TVB's DUB OF WAR "Master Voice Acting" award. At the time he said in over 40 years in the business, he learned that people still noticed their voice work and they have not been neglected. He said when he first entered the recording studio there was no position, lines were like "Sir, what would you like to drink?" until in a film some foreigners had to speak Cantonese. When he was in secondary school many foreign priests did not speak Cantonese fluently, he mischievously impersonated their tone and thus caught people's attention. For awhile when foreigners spoke Cantonese in Hong Kong films he provided their voices. He encouraged those who would like to become voice actors or those who felt that they have not been noticed to not give up. "Everyone can hear how bad my voice is, otherwise how I could provide the voice of Shing Fui On? Actually whether the voice sounds good or not it is unimportant, as long as you put your heart into work, are willing to work, never giving up, once day you would succeed."

Tin Kai Man has known Lo Hung for several decades. Tin Gai said, "Lo Hung in recent years has been in poor health, with over a decade of kidney illness. Because he required dialysis daily, he was very tired afterward. Thus lately I have not visited him in person. I didn't want to disturb him." Tin Gai said that when he learned voice acting, he often had exchanges with Lo Hung in the recording studio and learned a lot. Later they worked together on many films, which brought back a lot of memories for him. As for Lo Hung's funeral, Tin Gai said, "He had many disciples in voice acting. Everyone would need to coordinate. If required I could help out at anytime."

Thursday, January 27, 2022


Raymond Lam puts all of his efforts into playing Cheung Mo Gei, but the film will open on a Mainland online platform

How can the KUNG FU CULT MASTER trailer be without Donnie Yen's Cheung Sam Fung?

Rebecca Zhu promotes KUNG FU CULT MASTER
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The Raymond Lam Fung, Louis Koo Tin Lok starred new film NEW KUNG FU CULT MASTER (YI TIN TOH LUNG GEI) from preparation to production has strictly prohibited news of the films from leaking out. Recently the film unveiled its mystery layer by layer, but a lot of the news have been rather surprising. Aside from the film turning from one into two, lately it even announced that in the Mainland it would only be released online as it would give up cinema circuit market. The 300 million yuan RMB big production could be seen for 5 bucks RMB! Despite all the efforts, the film in the end would be unable to appear on the Mainland big screens!

The film KUNG FU CULT MASTER earlier announced that it would be split into two films and target a Lunar New Year release. Earlier release dates were announced, the former on January 31st and the latter on February 3rd. Although the dates are really the Lunar New Year slot, they are not for the Mainland cinema circuit release; they are for online release!

The film from preparation to production took over 3 years and 300 million yuan RMB in investment. Aside from the leads, a lot of effort was put into other character choices; the "Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan guest starring as "Cheung Sam Fung", Alex Fong Chung Shun as "Yeung Siu", Raymond Wong Ho Yin as "Wai Yat Siu" and others, all are good actors. Lam Fung in order to play "Cheung Mo Gei" well gave his all, as he personally performed over 90% of the fight scenes. He was bruised all over but never complained. However now the film has decided to be released online and giving up the Mainland cinema market. The online platform would also welcome new members with further discounts, anyone can watch for as cheap 5 yuan RMB.

Even so, the actors all supported the film company's decision with action. Yen Chi Tan and Lam Fung both cheered on the new film on social media posts. Playing Cheung Mo Gei's mother Yan So So, Rebecca Zhu even called back the 1993 Jet Li (Lee Lin Kit) starred KUNG FU CULT MASTER and posted, "After waiting for 29 years are you ready?"

As for giving up the Mainland theatrical release for online broadcast, director Wong Jing did not feel any regret. He cited the Lunar New Year cinema promotion and distribution costs would reach 200 million yuan RMB. "I am not even talking about the top ones, just the intermediate film's marketing and distribution costs. We will now release the film on the Mainland's 4 major internet platforms, the audience range would be even wider. (Lam Fung risked his life for the fight scenes?) That's right! When he was in Hengdian he even had to see our on set doctor for acupuncture. That medical practitioner really is highly skilled, he even asked her parents to come to work as well! (When he found out about the online release, how did he react?) No problem."

Speaking of guest star Yen Chi Tan, the director pointed out that "Cheung Sam Fung" was very suitable for Chi Tan to play. He said, "His Mama is a Tai Chi master, so this character aside from Chi Tan or Lee Nin Kit, I couldn't think of anyone who may be suitable." Wong Jing pointed out that many artists have treated him very well. Aside from Chi Tan, Chow Yun Fat was another. Many viewers would like to see Chow Yun Fat perform again. He said, "He is very demanding in terms of screenplay. I am negotiating with him on a new film, an action film, a hero film subject. I hope it would happen this year."

In addition, NEW's two female leads, "Chow Chi Yeuk" Sabrina Qiu and "Siu Chiu" Yun Qianqian, have been criticized online for their "internet model appearance". Wong Jing on social media found two female stars he has worked with countless times, Chingmy Yau Suk Ching and Shu Qi, as examples and "convoy" for the two Mainland stars. He pointed out that when Yau Suk Ching started she was accused of having a "fake chin". When Shu Qi started she was called E.T. due to her dark tan. Later both strs became eye opening goddesses. He called people who were "condemning" on Sabrina Qiu and Yun Qianqian "trolls".

Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Mark Chan says Ali Lee is a good person and he does not want to give her any trouble

C AllStar says that they performed well at Radio Hong Kong last year in response to the rumors of a station ban

MC Cheung says that he is no longer in contact with the two married artists he was caught at the supermarket with
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C AllStar would not pay any attention to radio airplay rate

Alfred Hui says that both singers and platforms need each other

Herbal medicine company boss Mark Chan is upset that TVB set "unreasonable conditions" and demands answers from executive Elaine Lok

Mark Chan and Ali Lee reportedly have been together in secret for a year
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Mark Chan says that Ali Lee was scheduled to attend the event, but her manager says no photos or interviews together, even in the group photo they would have to keep their distance.  Mark Chan says, "As their client of tens of millions in business I receive such treatment, they are insulting me."

Mark Chan and Ali Lee have been linked in gossip many times, but she earlier drew a line and said that they have no room for any development

Mark Chan poses for photos with every attending artist, including Carol Cheng

Mark Chan also speak with TVB Entertainment News reporters

C AllStar has not studied in depth whether Radio Hong Kong plays their songs

MC Cheung says the company has told him to keep his distance from the married women he has been linked to in rumors

Sheldon Lo says that whether his wife Louise Wong gets a Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress nomination or not he would still be proud of her 
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Singer MC Cheung Tin Fu, Louise Wong Dan Nei and Sheldon Lo Hau Yung yesterday attended a herbal company event. The company boss was recently linked to Ali Lee Kai Sum, but both Wong Dan Nei and Lo Hau Yung denied that they came to take her place. The organizer over a month ago already contacted them. As for her film ANITA's likelihood of being nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards, Wong Dan Nei thanked the audience for their support. She has already benefit from her first film, which opened up the door to performing arts for her. "I never say that I have to win an award. I would maintain a grateful and appreciative heart and leave everything to fate."

Wong Dan Nei recently has had film offers as well. ANITA would be edited into a 5 episode television series that will stream online starting the Lunar 2nd. She would also look forward to this version and believe this would be a good activity under the pandemic.


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Sandra Ng, Ronald Cheng and Gigi Leung have known each other for years but work together on a movie for the first time

Ronald Cheng and Gigi Leung both say Edan Lui has potential

Sandra Ng knows that Edan Lui is stressing over the crying scene and shows up to foster his emotions with him
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The Sandra Ng Kwan Yu produced and starred Lunar New Year film CHILLI LAUGH STORY (HOP GA LAT) would brought of a realistic family in Hong Kong under the pandemic in a funny manner. She asked her friends Ronald Cheng Chung Kei and Gigi Leung Wing Kei as well as film industry rising star Edan Lui Cheuk On to join her. In the film Gigi and Edan played mother and son. Suddenly becoming a mother of a 20 something son, she said, "Kwan Yu was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get past that, so she personally presented the script to me so I couldn't turn her down. If Kwan Yu didn't mention it I wouldn't even have thought about it, actually after doing the math I could." Kwan Yu pointed out that she has never seen an actor agree so fast and she admired Gigi's natural beauty.

Gigi this time played a mother and the head of the family. With a wasted husband, the couple constantly argued. In real life they have been very tender with their other halves. Gigi said, "I am very gentle with my husband, not to mention that I don't know how to argue in Spanish." Kwan Yu revealed that Ronald was afraid of his wife Sammie Yu Sze Man. Ronald joked, "I am loaded, after having the children I focus on taking care of the family." Kwan Yu was the real life head of the household. She joked, "Since she was little I have asked my daughter, at home who is the boss? she would point to me and say you. I don't need to be the head of the family, but some stuff naturally would need a decision. Each person has different ways of thinking, different values, a lot of things would need to be decided so I took this spot -- because I am Mama." In the film Kwan Yu played an easy going aunt, with her share of testing and quarantine camp scenes.

Several elders had nothing but praise for their first time co-star, who was so involved that they were like a family. Gigi said, "Edan would scream Mommy from faraway, which was very sweet! I think all Mommies in Hong Kong want Edan to call them Mommy. The fans said that they really want to be his mommy." The team was the most anxious about Edan's crying scene. Kwan Yu felt that among the MIRROR 12, Edan was the sensible -- an advantage for being an actor as he should completely lose himself. She even revealed, "During the audition he wanted to turn it down because of the crying scene. He was afraid that he would cry poorly and have a lot of stress. In the end he was successful, definitely stronger than the other 11. We transferred all of our abilities to him." She even praised Edan as sincere, self confident and humble.

Kwan Yu revealed that her daughter has started to like acting, dancing and singing. She deliberately arranged for her to guest star in an one second shot as a receptionist, and gave her HK$ 100 lai see. She understood that due to her family influence, she would not prohibit her daughter from going into the business. However she would require her to work wholeheartedly to understand the hardship. Gigi said that her daughter did not know what chasing star was, she only knew that Mother was a singer. Cheng Chung Kei's children would not chase stars. His daughter inherited his love for singing, while his younger son inherited his humor gene. He said, "My son really likes dinosaur, he says that when he grows up he wants to be a dinosaur. I tell him to work hard at it, I definitely would support him. One day on a school field trip, the teacher heard my son tell his classmates, 'I like Maggie'. The classmates said that the class doesn't have any Maggie. He said Maggie is sauce (Maggi), Maggie is very good. He even said he would introduce Maggie to them, you should try!"

Gigi remembered 10 years go while working on the film MARRYING MR. PERFECT in Beijing, work was stopped for several days because lead Ronald had to rush back to Hong Kong for the birth of his daughter. Ronald said, "In the end I didn't make it. The flight was delayed. When I got off the plane I got my daughter's photo. The nurse said that my daughter was the tiniest, but cried the loudest."

Ronald said that he felt that he needed to apologize to Gigi. Before her wedding he recommended street skewers to her, which led to food poisoning for a whole week for her. Gigi told Ronald that now she would not let her daughter eat anything randomly. Ronald that he would not dare. They looked back at when they were promoting their records in Taiwan, they were guests on Ng Kwan Yu's variety show. This would be the first movie they were in together and they had a very pleasant time.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022


For the week starting Saturday, JANUARY 22 2022 (Week 4)


  Can : Dai Yi Chi Go Bak
  Lil' Ashes

  Can : Gaing Long Man Chiu Wan Hing
  Gareth T.

  Can : Joi Hung Jung Jeh Yut Miu
  Terence Lam Ka Him

  Can : Ho Ho Dei Gor

  Can : Jo Hup


A facebook page claims that Radio Hong Kong executives inform its DJs the ten singers on the ban list

Anthony Wong Yiu Ming and Tats Lau's Tat Ming Pair is on the list

Denise Ho is on the rumored ban list

RubberBand says that the news is only an internet rumor.  They have no response and would only focus on their music
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Radio Hong Kong in July last year was discovered to rarely play MIRROR's songs. Since then Radio Hong Kong denied boycotting MIRROR and said that the station has always supported all singers. However, yesterday a facebook page revealed that Radio Hong Kong executives have orally issued a ten singer ban lists to its DJs. The list included Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, Denise Ho Wan Si, RubberBand, C AllStar, Tat Ming, Dear Jane, Charmaine Fong Ho Man, Serrini, Kay Tse On Kay and Alfred Hui Ting Hung.

Radio Hong Kong's communication and programming standard committee responded, "Radio Hong Kong has always supported domestic Chinese pop music development. Program hosts would from a professional angle choose songs that coordinate with the program to air."

A facebook page said that it received information that Radio Hong Kong executives gave an oral ban list of ten singers to its DJs. Aside from promoting nominated songs of its joint Hong Kong Gold Song Awards 2021/2022 in April with TVB, Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, Denise Ho Wan Si, RubberBand, C AllStar, Tat Ming, Dear Jane, Charmaine Fong Ho Man, Serrini, Kay Tse On Kay and Alfred Hui Ting Hung's songs have been banned.

An anonymous letter from a Radio Hong Kong DJ expressed feeling helpless after receiving the related "ban list". "It certainly would affect programming, because some top singers' songs are classic songs and have no political connection. They are suitable for program content, but now they cannot be played. Just from listening to a song, the same song can have different meanings."

Another Radio Hong Kong personnel said that the ban came from a certain Radio Hong Kong executive who was extremely powerful and a member of the "music planning committee". All songs in the Radio Hong Kong library would require his approval. Thus all songs that DJs would play would go through inspection. Program guest invitations would also require executive approval. Some of the guest lists have not been approved for over half a month, which upset many Radio Hong Kong DJs.

On the ban list, RubberBand said that the news was only an internet rumor so they had no response. They would continue to focus on their music. Their January 7th to 9th concerts with the Hong Kong Festival Orchestra have been postponed due to the pandemic, but they would still focus on preparing for the performance and look forward to everyone enjoying the show.

Pong Nan Yik Bong responded to the ban list on social media. "After not getting on the list I would have to evaluate myself." He also joked that he was waiting for the Golden Needle Award.


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Emperor singer Gladys Li Ching Kwan just finished her film AS IT BURNS (BAK JAU YU FUN). She really admired Stephy Tang Lai Yan for her highly difficult character. She also wanted to have romantic scenes with Jasper Liu. "I am OK with Taiwan hunks, he is more active than I imagine and super playful, very cute!" She pointed out that her past character were all stubborn, impulsive or intellectual youth, in the future she would play intellectual roles. "My idol is Kwai Lun-Mei, I really want to try her route. I am starting to get old, youth and energetic can't be used for too long." Musically, she revealed that she was in turbo speed with her song writing and joked that the deadline was the best inspiration.


Dayo Wong reveals that he lost his shirt on THE GRAND GRANDMASTER

Lin Minchen, Stephy Tang and Ivana Wong have a lot of fun from working together 
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Stephy Tang laments her premiere becomes a barbecue

Lin Minchen, Peter Chan, Ivana Wong, Louis Cheung and Stephy Tang
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Dayo Wong earlier appeared on Carol Cheng's radio program

Louis Cheung, Stephy Tang, Dayo Wong

Lin Minchen
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Dayo Wong Tze Wa, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Stephy Tang Lai Yan, Peter Chan Charm Man and others two nights ago promoted their Lunar New Year film TABLE FOR SIX (FAN HEI GUNG SUM) in Jordan. They wrote Lunar New Year banners together and wished for cinemas to open up again soon so Lunar New Year films would be able to be released. Tze Wa admitted that he was already used to the pandemic disturbing life, but he still had to live in the present. He even unveiled a new line "Even when lying flat, you have to stand up lying flat."

Speaking of pandemic's continuing spread, would it mess up the original plan? Tze Wa lamented that the play has already postponed, and the Lunar New Year film's Lunar 4th release remained unknown. His work plan of course has been messed up, but he was already used to it. Over the past few years everyone's ability to adjust has become much higher. He said, "Now we have to live in the present. Something the director reminded me of, 'to take one step at a time'. However even with one step at a time, there is a difference between taking it prettily or not. Now my line is, although lying flat now, you still have to stand up lying flat -- flat while you are still toughing it out."

Cheung Kai Chung said last year he had a Lunar New Year film release that was also delayed until the Lunar 7th due to the pandemic. Thus he said that he was experienced. Tze Wa joked, "Two years ago I had a Lunar New Year film that was released on the Lunar New Year's Day and closed on the Lunar 7th. Yours was released on the Lunar 7th last year. In other words this time our Lunar New Year probably won't open until the Lunar 14th. Haha!" Ah Chung hoped that cinemas would be able to open soon. Now they have more time, unable to pay Lunar New Year visits has become the norm. He said, "Without any film production during the New Year I would stay home and be with the children. Luckily in recent years I was able to be there for my daughter's growth. Now with online classes my nightmare is back again. I would have to go to class with her everyday online and look over her homework in the afternoon. My workload would greatly increase. Although I wouldn't have to go to work I would have to go to school, I would continue to go to K2."

Tze Wa earlier appeared on Carol Cheng Yui Ling's radio program. They became a classic series couple due to the television series WAR OF THE GENDERS. 22 years later they reunited due to work. Sister Do asked Tze Wa why did he not invest this time and be the boss? Tze Wa said, "Last time I was the boss on THE GRAND GRANDMASTER (MUK DOI JUNG SI), which had over HK$ 30 million at the box office but cost a lot of money. I lost a lot and realized that being the boss was truly foolish. So this time I was better off as an actor." Tze Wa even joked that this script rivaled Shakespeare and did not need any editing.

Tze Wa revealed that he would focus on his health on days without acting. Normlly he would see the doctor and exercise more. Sometimes at the doctor's office he even ran into Chow Yun Fat and thought it was incredible. Fat Gor enthusiastally taught him about running, and talked for ten minutes in the high traffic elevator lobby. Sister Do asked Tze Wa to tell Fat Gor the next time he would run into him, to invite Fat Gor to her program. Tze Wa said no problem, but he did not know when the next time would be.

Two nights ago Stephy Tang Lai Yan, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi and Lin Minchen promoted TABLE FOR SIX. Reporters followed Minchen's lead and called Tang Lai Yan "Sister Stephy". Stephy said, "It isn't too good for you guys to call me that, but when she does I feel very sweet and very loved." She praised Lin Minchen for working hard on her Cantonese. Minchen said that she spoke the most Cantonese in this film and learned a lot of Cantonese that she normally has not said. Earlier at the hotel she used English pinyin to practice. Would the film release postponement mess up her plan to return to Malaysia? She said, "No, because I still have other jobs in Hong Kong. I hope the movies would be able to be released before I return to Malaysia in March."

Stephy said that although the film release delay has not affected her work schedule, it messed up her mood. Because she has looked forward to the Lunar New Year film's release very much, the sudden stop certainly would affect her mood and audience appreciation schedules. In addition she had another film that was originally scheduled for a Valentine's Day release, but she believed that it would postpone its release as well. Stephy was asked about her love life in the new year. She instead asked, "I want to know too, I haven't gone (to a fortune teller). (Has romance not arrived yet?) For now I haven't discovered it. No one needs to panic, but I am not in a hurry."

Ivana also said that the pandemic messed up her work, as her earlier exhibition and musical were both affected. Would she return to music this year? She said, "I haven't left, I would continue to make music." As for parenthood, she said that for now it would not be in her plans.