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At THE LYRICIST WANNABE premiere, ANSONBEAN sweetly talks about his girlfriend Jaime Cheung
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ANSONBEAN says that he and Jaime Cheung are very compatible and their communication very comfortable

Chung Suet Ying and Eric Kot
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ANSONBEAN (Chan Ngai Sun) earlier openly admitted to be dating girl group Beanies' member Jaime Cheung Tin Wing. Two nights ago he attended the new film THE LYRICIST WANNABE (TIN CHI L)'s premiere, also on hand were Chung Suet Ying, Eric Kot Man Fai and other stars.

ANSONBEAN said that originally he was to participate in the film as a guest star, but after editing he became the lead actor. Although in the film he and female lead Chung Suet Ying had romance, they did not have any intimate scene. He joked that he did not even have the chance to hold hands. "I am not disappointed because the role is bigger than I have expected. I was just a guest star, becoming the male lead later was quite a surprise." ANSONBEAN did not mind that getting only guest star pay for the lead, because the film shot on location at his alma mater. In addition he knew the director and the producer paid for the movie out of their own pockets, so the salary amount did not matter. The most important was to be able to support Hong Kong film. Would ANSONBEAN bring his girlfriend to the see the film? How did they start? He sweetly smiled and said, "We just started, she and I are very compatible, communication wise we are very comfortable. In addition she has been a great positive influence on me. I constantly see her hard at work on her own stuff, so mutual support is very important." Who courted who first? ANSONBEAN said, "We are friends in common so we already knew each other. I would say I pursued her, I took more initiative, but she might say that she pursued me." What attracted him to her? ANSONBEAN said in one breath, "She has an aura, pretty and talented, creative and smart, she is nice to people, and her personality is good too." Has he brought the "perfect girlfriend" home to meet his parents? He said, "Not ye, but the family has already asked me to. We are both busy now, but I would try to make the arrangement soon."

Ah Kot and Chung Suet Ying played father and daughter in the film. Chung Suet Ying was nominated for the Golden Horse Awards Best Actress with the film. Although she did not win, she most recently has been nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress. Ah Kot said that he picked this daughter. "Last year when I heard she was nominated for the Golden Horse Award, my reaction was 'Wow, no way'. Later after I watched the edited version I understood. She was very convincing in the school film. Already 29, she was able to play a not yet fully developed school girl." Chung Suet Ying was asked about her Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress confidence. She said, "I considered myself lucky to have the nomination, the chance to win would be 1/5." She pointed out that Ah Kot's image might be mischievous but on the set he was very serious and did not try to make her laugh. Ah Kot said, "On the set I am very serious. Because her character has big mood swings, I don't want to affect her performance."


Father to be Carlos Chan works with Fish Liew on their new film
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The Emperor Motion Picture JEUNG NGOR JEH YEUNG DIK OI CHING (LOVE LIKE MINE) would be Tam Wai Ching directed, Stanley Kwan Kam Peng and Catherine Kwan (Guoon Tung Yiu) produced, Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Fish Liew Chi Yu, Alice Lau Nga Lai, Polly Lau Yeuk Bo and Kate Yeung Kei starred. The film has been heating up in production. Earlier Emperor Group chief Dr. Albert Yeung Sau Sing personally visited the set to cheer on the team and brought treats to the team for a morale and unity boost! Just announced to be parents with Shiga Lin soon, Ka Lok's co-star commended him on becoming more stable, and having in depth understanding of the character.

As the title implied, JEUNG NGOR JEH YEUNG DIK CHING would be a movie about love, but what kind of love would the leads experience? With ample understanding of the script, Chan Ka Lok explained, "The normal love story that everyone understands should be meeting first, becoming fond of each other then developing into love. This film however doesn't experience any of these. Everyone is carrying a heavy burden inside, making this love very mysterious, difficult to decide between whether it exists or not and not the average person can have." Liew Chi Yu agreed, "This relationship is very difficult, you can say that it is love that isn't easy to get!"

In order to get into this unusual love, Ka Lok and Fish both made breakthrough in terms of their character's appearance. Ka Lok explained, "The director feels my appearance is too easy to be recognized and wants to make some changes to create an all new Chan Ka Lok, hoping that I would look more authentic. First I had to get a tan, a buzz cut, grow facial hair, lose weigh, and paint some freckles on my face. When I look at the mirror I too feel this isn't me! However, this look indeed has brought a lot of confidence to the performance as I try to shake off any past traces of myself!" On the other hand, Fish turned into a four eyed girl also with a very authentic and simple look -- drastically different from her usual style. Fish said, "Thanks to the costume design for helping me get into this character. Sometimes on the set the crew couldn't find me, because I am completely immersed into this location." Ka Lok even revealed, "Once we were working at a market, Fish really was able to immerse herself into the market. Even the neighbors couldn't recognize her!"

Ka Lok and Fish have played a couple in the television series TRADING FLOOR, and then continuously shared the set but not the scene on movies like READY O/R ROT (BUT YUT SING FUN 2). Years later they finally ran into each other again in JEUNG NGOR JEH YEUNG DIK OI CHING. Ka Lok humbly said, "Years ago when I met Fish, we would chat and have many interactions, but after that we have been busy with our own stuff. Seeing each other again, she has already become the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actress, have the recognition of many filmmakers. I am happy for her. I know her serious toward and her pursuit of acting, this time I hope to be able to properly learn from her." Along the same vain, years later Fish also felt that Ka Lok truly has grown up. She said, "Ka Lok has become stable, sometimes what he says would surprise me. He has thought even further than I have. His acting depth, character determination all came from his continuing studies in those areas. For several days at make up, I didn't dare to disturb him. You would feel this person was under a cloud of darkness." Ka Lok said, "I thought I could hide it myself, I never thought that it would still flow out."


Louis Koo changes the company's fengshui scheme for better luck

Louis Koo's movie BACK TO THE PAST would reportedly be released this year
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The Hong Kong film industry last year faced a lot of difficulties, especially its trend in the mainland market has shown more and more exhaustion. Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai earlier lamented bout the current film market. "The current film industry seems to have fallen into a very cold, very unstable climate. We have worked in film for our whole life, under this atmosphere we can only do our best. The current changes seem to be unprecedented." Another Best Actor Gordon Lam Ka Tung also said that starting a film production would not be easy, in the past some films did not perform as expected. Perhaps the industry would have to discuss with the government how to receive even more support. Even the friendly Best Actor Chow Yun Fat once said that his film ONE MORE CHANCE (BIT GIU NGOR "DOH SUN") would have a chance to be his last. Originally scheduled to start production early in the year, SHOCK WAVE 3 (CHAK DAN JUEN GA 3) has also postponed its production start to early next year. One could imagine how dangerous a situation the film industry is in.

Film company boss and actor Louis Koo Tin Lok saw the less than positive climate in the mainland for Hong Kong films retreated and rested. With many major films on hand, he chose not to make any move last year. Even the big company spring banquets of the past would reportedly not take part this year. However, always passionate about film and full of determination, how could he lay low for long? He cut expenses in order to go even further. Reportedly his science fiction costume film BACK TO THE PAST (CHUM CHUN GEI) would be released this year. Because this subject has been rarely seen in Hong Kong films in recent years, it would have hope to make a killing! In addition, a firm believer in metaphysics, he changed the fengshui scheme at the company door from "one horse eight dragon" to "three horses eight dragon" in hopes of strengthen his luck!

Recently caught praying at the Erawan Shrine in Thailand, he still remembered to do something for his colleagues. Seeing the Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) and Gordon Lam Ka Tung starred film ROB N ROLL (LUM SI GIP ONG) was in release in the mainland and Hong Kong, he shot a video to help promote the film recently. Currently overseas, he excitedly said that he would have to celebrate for the film. Sitting alone in a Chinese restaurant, he joked, "I just happened to watch ROB N ROLL with foreign friends, it's great! Now we are celebrating for him, celebrating by myself!" He then performed a "solo celebration" and thoroughly displayed his humorous side.

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Anson Lo visits 16 audience appreciation shows for THE MOON THIEVES 
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"Cult Leader" Anson Lo Hon Ting yesterday and director Steve Yuen Kim Wai visited 16 audience appreciation shows in one breath for their Emperor Motion Picture THE MOON THIEVES (DOH YUET JEH). They met and interacted with viewers and fans. He hoped that everyone would continue to promote the film. Fans in the audience enthusiastically asked Cult Leader questions.

When asked if the disciples had the chance to play kaito characters what kind of thieves would they be? Inspiration struck Cult Leader at once as he thought they could be the emergency medical team, because in foreign films action scenes would usually have injuries and someone would be responsible for medical treatment. He joked that they could baby the team and give pressure point massages. Fans screamed. In the film he was able to any lock he touched, would he remember the lock that would never be opened? He answered the lock with his and the disciple's names he left in N Seoul Tower while shooting MIRROR GO in Seoul.

Speaking of filial piety, Cult Leader said that half a year before his grandmother passed he just started in the business for a year. Grandma was in long term hospital care. After work he would visit her at the hospital, even when he was not able to visit everyday he would go every other day to bathe her, chat with her. However at the time her consciousness was already very weak, unable to respond. However he still would show her his childhood photos, when he brought up secondary school she would often ask whether he would date. He joked that each time he would answer Grandma, "Soon!" He could not help but get choked up. In addition Cult Leader also mentioned that he would read the disciples' messages while taking a bath, thus he would always go from 10 minutes to over 1 hour and got all wrinkly.


Maggie Cheung Ho Yi could be rarely seen on television in recent years, instead you might catch a shade of her in different movies.
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Maggie Cheung Ho Yee has been in film for many years but has never played a cop. She has rarely worked on action scenes either. This time in the Lunar New Year film ROB N ROLL (LUM SI GIP ONG) she played a cop who has never solved a big case for the first time. She said that she has always been very afraid of sudden loud noises, even when working on Early Republic series fire crackers would scare her. This time she got a push to overcame a long time obstacle. "At the beginning I never thought about making this movie, but I thought the script was special. In the past decade or so Hong Kong has never seen this type of cops and robbery subject. So I played the intermediary and made connections for investors. Later the director told me he had a female role that would be pretty fun, and would have scenes with (Aaron) Kwok Fu Sing, Yam Yin Chai (Richie Jen) and (Gordon) Lam Ka Tung. So I took it."

Cheung Ho Yee said that this time her performance was a complete breakthrough for her. She remembered the most that Temple Street had a road block for 7 days for the shoot. She even revealed that she asked the director whether she could avoid shooting a fire. "The director had a difficult look on his face and said no way, impossible. He told me to train in running. I would have a double, but even with the double, I would perform most the action scenes. For several days on Temple street, I thought I was going to die from running. The shoot constantly had bad takes. Although the shoot was rough, when the production wrapped I felt I was finally able to do it. I deeply understood the hardship of being an action actor."

Cheung Ho Yee in recently rarely had film and television work. She said that she would continue to work on screen and also hope to be a creator. "I want to make film and television work that would be able to touch the soul and bring everyone energy, so people in darkness would be able to see the light. I don't dare to say I want to become a light tower and guide everyone, I would be pleased with just being a little light bulb."


Michelle Wai is already grateful for the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress nomination

Nancy Sit
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Michelle Wai has offered to be the godmother of Carlos Chan's child, but he has not agreed.

Nancy Sit says that she and Lee Ying were very close during their RTV days
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Nancy Sit mistakes Michelle Wai for Shiga Lin and keeps congratulating her on her pregnancy,  which makes Michelle smack her belly to prove that she is not.
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Michelle Wai Sze Nga two days ago appeared on a Metro Radio interview. Nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress with the film READY O/R ROT (BUT YUT SING FUN 2), she admitted that her 16 years of persistence has not been wasted; she even said that while watching the live announcements when her co-star Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling) was nominated for Best Supporting Actress she was already moved to tears. Then when she learned that she was nominated for Best Actress she cried again. She pointed out that she would need to prepare her speech. "Over 16 years many people have helped me, I need to thank so many people. (Would you wear something super sexy?) Nothing to see, do I show my ribs? I don't mind being sexy, the most important is being pretty. Actually I would like the most to walk the red carpet with Sister Kam Yin Ling, perhaps I would coordinate with her a little." Speaking of her co-star and friend Carlos Chan Ka Lok would be a father soon, she said that she was happy for him and even offered to be the godmother. However Ka Lok has yet to agree. Speaking of her declaring that when Ka Lok would have a child, she would get married. Would she "pay the bill"? She mischievously said, "Kids say the darnest thing, actors can't be trusted. Not to mention that I never said which child Ka Lok would have when I would get married!" Then she changed the subject. She said that many people have confused her with Shiga Lin, which led to jokes galore. "Everyone please stop congratulating my Papa. Because of the constant confusion, every time K Lok's wife announced marriage and pregnancy, someone would congratulate my Papa." Nancy Sit Ka Yin just happened to return to the radio, mistook her for Shiga Lin and congratulated her. Wai Sze Nga awkwardly denied that and asked Sit Ka Yin to congratulate her on her Hong Kong Film Awards nomination.

Sister Ka Yin talked about her friend of many years Lee Ying, who earlier passed away after a fall at home. She said at first she could not believe it, but after communicating with many friends she finally was able to confirm the news. She remembered that they have worked together at RTV as early as their 20s and they were very close. Several years ago she even invited her to be a guest on her show CANTOPOP AT 50, later due to the pandemic they no longer saw each other. Hence when she heard the bad news she was very saddened; she even revealed that Sandra Lang (Sin To Lai) also suffered a fall recently. Sister Ka Yin pointed out that these accidents made her suddenly realized that as she grew older she had to be careful and not fall. She even stated that even when bathing she would not dare to close the door completely. She would leave a gap for someone to hear her in case she called for help. She even revealed that she would bathe very quickly, and her daughter has urged her to slow down and put safety first.

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[2024.02.28] FOR THE WEEK ENDING FEBRUARY 25 2024

For The week ending February 25 2024


    d. Yorgos Lanthimos
    Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, Willem Dafoe


    d. Matthew Vaughn
    Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell,
      Brian Cranston, Catherine O'Hara, Dua Lipa, Ariana DeBose
      John Cena, Samuel L. Jackson


    d. Jonathan Glazers
    Christian Friedel, Sandra Huller, Johann Karthau


    d. S.J. Clarkson
    Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced,
      Celeste O'Connor, Tahar Rahim, Mike Epps,
      Emma Roberts, Adam Scott


    d. Benjamin Renner, Guylo Homsy
    Illumination Animation
    Kumail Nanjiani, Tresi Gazal, Elizabeth Banks,
      Caspar Jennings, Isabela Merced, Danny DeVito, Carol Kane,
      Awkwafina, Keegan-Michael Key, David Mitchell


    d. Takashi Katagiri
    Japanese Animation
  Rating: IIA
  Length : 110 mins.
  Opening February 1 2024
  Trailer :

    In the era of fierce intelligence wars, all nations in the world are in turmoil. A top spy, working for Westalis and spying in Ostania, "Twilight" disguises as Loid Forger, undergoing a mission, namely Operation Strix. But in the midst of the operation, he is replaced by an incapable man?!

    At the same time, Eden College is organizing a cooking internship program the winner of which will be rewarded with a "stella star". In order to proceed with Operation Strix, and to prove to WISE that he is up to the task of keeping the peace of the world, Loid proposes to Anya to make a traditional Frigis dessert called "Meremere" to win the principal's heart! In order to confirm the authentic taste of the dessert, the Forgers decides to take a trip to Frigis. But before their departure, Yor witnesses Loid meeting with a mysterious woman. After that Yor becomes uneasy about the "fake relationship" with Loid...

    On the train, Anya finds a strange suitcase with a chocolate in it. When the owner of the suitcase suddenly returns, while in panic, Anya swallows the chocolate by mistake. It is found out later that the chocolate is hiding a top secret that could shatter the peace of the world!

    Unexpected things happen one after another, crisis after crisis, thrill after thrill ...!

    The fate of the world has once again been entrusted to the Forgers! investigation.


    d. Haruo Sotozaki
    Japanese Animation
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 104 mins.
  Opening February 22 2024

    "To the Hashira Training" will show Episode 11 from the Swordsmith Village Arc, featuring the conclusion to the fierce battle between Tanjiro and Upper Four, Hantengu, and Nezuko's triumph over the sun in theatres for the first time. It's followed by Episode 1 of the Hashira Training Arc, featuring the beginning of the training conducted by the Hashira in preparation for the forthcoming final battle against Muzan Kibutsuji, also being shown for the first time.


  Can : Doh Yuet Jeh
  Lit : Moon Thieves
    d. Steven Yuen Kim Wai
    Anson Lo Hon Ting, Edan Lui Cheuk On,
      Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Michael Ning (Bak Ji), Keung To,
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 110 mins.
  Opening February 9th 2024
  Trailer :

    Monsieur is a conman whose latest interest is in selling counterfeit watches. He is caught by a cold-blooded watch smuggler and forced to take part in a heist to steal three ultra-luxury watches in Tokyo. However, Monsieur notices that his fellow robbers all have their ulterior motives. With the entire team distrustful of each other, can the heist succeed?


  Can : Fan Hei Gung Sum 2
    d. Sunny Chan Wing Sun
    Stephy Tang Lai Yan, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi,
      Lin Minchen, Peter Chan Charm Man, Gardner Tse Kwan Ho,
      Jeffrey Ngai Chun Sun, Dee Ho Kai Wa, Wu Fung, Peter Lai Pei Tat,
      Ram Chiang Chi Kwong, Tony Wu Tsz Tung, Helena Law Lan,
      Michelle Yim (Mai Suet), Fish Liew Chi Yu,
      Jennifer Yu Heung Ying, Renci Yeung Sze Wing, Ling Man Lung,
      Locker Lam Ka Hei, Ng Wing Sze, Birdy Wong Ching Yan
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 133 mins.
  Opening Feburary 9 2024
  Trailer :

    Belief in our own blessings can bring us good fortune, but what is true fortune? Fortune and misfortune, love and hate, what is their ultimate definitions? One family, three couples, three weddings. After they decided to move on, what further challenges await them?

    Marriage isn't just about two individuals; it involves a whole family of aunts, uncles, and cousins. Sunny Chan, with his unique sense of humor, once again dives into the complex dynamics of modern society's men and women, families, and romance.


  Can : Lum Si Gip Ong
  Lit : Temporary Robbery Case
  AKA : Lum Si Hai Gip
  Lit : Temporary Armed Robbery
    d. Albert Mak Kai Kwong
    Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Gordon Lam Ka Tung,
      Maggie Cheung Ho Yi, Lam Suet, Lo Hoi Pang,
      Leung Chung Hang, Nina Paw Hee Ching, Michael Wong Man Tak,
      Paulyn Sun Kai Kwan, Mike Tsang Pei Tak, Calvert Fu Ka Tsun,
      Deon Cheung Chung Chi, John Chiang, Jr. (Chiang Cheuk Man),
      Ansonbean (Chan Ngai Sun), Kathy Wong Chung Yan,
      John Chiang Dai Wai, Nancy Wu Ting Yan,
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 98 mins.
  Opening January 19 2024 in mainland China
 Opening Februry 9 2024
  Trailer :
  Instagram :

    A ruthless bandit Mui launches a "blitzkrieg"; armed robbery, which happens to stir up the spirit of two perplexed middle-aged men named Fai and Timid who are about to acquire a gun for robbing too. The characters of the three are widely different but they share the same "luck" and goal. Upon their alliance with Mui's unique slogan "Don't hurt innocent and brothers, we're civilized and polite!" Finally, both Fai and Timid became the real gangsters and all three are hunted by Police all along their escape. Their ad-hoc and dramatic robbery has started a war with the Police pursuit.


For the week starting Saturday, February 24 2024 (Week 8)


  Can : Hung Sing Gei
  Eason Chan Yik Shun

  Can : Suet Ho Dik Mei Loi
  Winka Chan

  Jay Fung Won Him Featuring Marf Yau Yin Tung


  Can : Bau Bo Gup Gau Ji Nam
  The Hertz

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Every award is important to Zhao Liying

Will Or is one of the youth ambassadors this year
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The 17th Asian Film Awards would take place on March 10th at the West Kowloon Cultural District Xiqu Centre Theatre. TVB J2 would exclusively broadcast the event live. A group of Asian film industry elite would gather in Hong Kong and vie for various awards.

This year 35 films from 24 nations and regions were nominated in 16 categories. 4 nominated Hong Kong films included THE GOLDFINGER (GUM SAU JI), TIME STILL TURNS THE PAGES (NIN SIU YUT GEI), IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (BAK YUT JI HA), FLY ME TO THE MOON (DAN YUEN YUN CHEUNG GAU); Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Sean Wong Tsz Lok, Rachel Leung Yung Ting, Tse Wing Yan and director Cheuk Yik Him would compete respectively for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best New Actor, Best New Director and other awards. The jury president would be famous Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, the first time a Japanese director held the post in 17 years. This year's 4 youth ambassadors would be Will Or Wai Lam, Hio Miyazawa, Liu Kuan-Ting, and Mario Maurer.

Mainland star Zhao Liying would receive the 17th Asian Film Award AFA Next Generation Award. She would also attend the event in person to accept the award. Zhao Liying said, "Thank you Asian Film wards. Film has brought us a lot of time together. I look forward to be with everyone by the harbor of Hong Kong on March 10th. I am very grateful and value every award, the award would tell you your life hasn't been wasted in this period. People need encouragement, I am no exception."

Faced with fierce competition in the film industry, Zhao Liying felt that felt that in order to maintain the passion and the motivation for her show business career she must truly like what she was doing. She said, "At this level, I have already gotten a lot; but I still am able to persist because I truly like performing, cherish and relish it. It motivates me more than the external temptations. From the performance angle, every character is the most challenging. I very much enjoy challenging different types of character. An actor's performance somewhat resembles magic tricks, what the viewers watch is whether the end is exciting or not. We are responsible for how to perform the trick, and that process can preserve the mystery."

Speaking of her future plan or goal in her show business career, Zhao Liying said, "I have goals, but I wouldn't set an complete plan for myself because many good characters and good scripts come by chance and not by choice. When your experience, your performance has reached that level, many things would just happen. I too have always been changing and growing, at different levels what I care the most definitely aren't the same, I like this type of growth."


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The John Chiang Jr. (Chinag Cheuk Man) starred, father John Chiang Dai Wai guest starred Lunar New Year film ROB N ROLL (LUM SI GIP ONG) broke the HK$ 15 million mark at the box office. Two nights ago the father and son along with director Albert Mak Kai Kwong went to an audience appreciation show. Funnily the audience appreciation event turned into revealing secrets. John Gor who never swore was asked to use foul language in the film by the director, making his face turn red from using foul language on the big screen for the first time. The director revealed that John Gor asked for a water scene, which also took place on the coldest day in Hong Kong this winter when even the city was in single digit temperature. John Gor said that because he has been in film for decades, he has made 50 or 60 death scenes whether he was standing, sitting or sleeping. By chance he saw a puddle on the ground, he thought falling into it would make a a pretty splash.

John Gor and son John Chiang Jr. (Cheuk Man) in the interview first joked that this time the director made them act, because the director first asked Cheuk Man then asked him to guest star. He only agreed because of his son. Was he pleased with the box office? John Gor felt that it was a little short, so he hoped even more viewers would go to support the film. He praised that Hong Kong film truly was decent; and pointed out that he has already run to 6 audience appreciation events and he would continue. As for Cheuk Man's performance in the film, John Gor encouraged him, "I consider the performance OK, but still has room for improvement. His first time playing such an important character wasn't easy, the pressure was great; actually even experienced actors would have pressure each time when making a movie." John Gor said that he would gladly work with his son Cheuk Man more, but he felt that now was already the era of the young people. Speaking of his wife Maggie Li Lin Lin's return to film ALL SHALL BE WELL (CHUNG GUM YI HAU) also won an award and even became the second Hong Kong film in history to win the Berlin Film Festival Teddy Award Best Feature Film, John Gor said that his wife was very happy to be able to take place in the production and thought it was very rare because she was retired for over 30 years when she suddenly took this film. As for whether his wife in the future would still make movies, he would respect her decision. He too hoped that his wife would return, because this business had no retirement and the acting bug would always be there. Cheuk Man also said, "Of course I hope to have a chance to work with Mama, it would be a very valuable memory. I already want to cherish the time spent with my parents, if I have a movie it would be even more perfect."

Speaking of Lee Ying's sudden passing, John Gor revealed that while Lee Ying returned to Hong Kong before the Lunar New Year they met for dinner. At the time she was in great spirit. He never thought that she would suddenly fall. Seniors really can't fall, so he has been very careful. Cheuk Man said that Lee Ying watched him grow up, may she rest in peace.

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Lee Ying after the divorce took care of her family alone.  Her daughter Winnie Shum has competed in the Miss Hong Kong pageant

Gigi Wong (back second right) would occasionally hold gathering for the stars of the era, including Lee Ying 

Lee Ying was in a relationship for 7 years with Damien Lau
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Lee Ying was rather close with her daughter Winnie (left) and Vivian (right)

Lee Ying wed businessman Shum Hoi Kin in 1984, but the marriage only lasted 8 years

Damien Lau (left) and Lee Ying (center) were training class classmates and old flames, Gigi Wong (right) and Lee Ying were friends of half a century.  Both were saddened to hear the news

Sammi Cheng (right) recalls working with Lee Ying

Last year's film release TWELVE DAYS was Lee Ying's final film

Lee Ying started at RTV and worked with Alex Man on television series 
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Former RTV actress Lee Ying was retired for many years. Yesterday she was rumored to have passed away in Canada at age 70. Her friend in Vancouver Gigi Wong Suk Yee confirmed the news. Once in a 7 year relationship with Lee Ying, Damien Lau Chung Yan stayed in touch and never heard her mention any illness.

Lee Ying took part in the RTV training class and then joined the entertainment industry, starring many series and became the top actress at the station. Her classmates included Mary Hon Man Lei, Johnny Mak Tong Hung and Damien Lau Chung Yan. She and Lau Chung Yan once dated for 7 years. Yesterday when Lee Ying was rumored to have passed away in Canada, Lau Chung Yan had no idea. "We stayed in touch, but I haven't heard her talk about any illness." He said that he would have to ask around then quickly hung up.

Lee Ying's friend, Gigi Wong Suk Yee who is currently in Vancouver confirmed the news. She revealed that she was informed around 2PM yesterday afternoon. "At the time I was very shocked, the call from my brother's wife. She played mahjong with Lee Ying and was very close. She said that another artist Cheung Wai Yee was on the scene at the time. (How did Lee Ying pass away?) She fell several days ago, but didn't see a doctor. She told her friends that it was only a sprain, but when we asked to see her she said no. We asked her to come out and she was unwilling. A friend then cooked and put the food at her door. I just returned to Vancouver on the 18th and was set to see Lee Ying tomorrow. Yesterday when I called her she was still fine."

Wong Suk Yee said that yesterday morning a friend called Lee Ying but no one answered, so the friend went to visit in person and saw Lee Ying in bed. Lee Ying said that she did not feel well and was nauseous, with the left side of her face and the corner of her eye bruised, and her speech slurred, so the friend called an ambulance and contacted Cheung Wai Yee. When Cheung Wai Yee arrived, Lee Ying's eyes were reacting. After the emergency medical team arrived they began CPR, but after half a hour it was to no avail. Lee Ying's two daughters immediately booked flights to Vancouver from Hong Kong to take care of their mother's affair, and revealed that Lee Ying has always resided in Hong Kong. She only returned to Vancouver this Valentine's Day to perform for a children's hospital there next month. Wong Suk Yee also said that when Lee Ying was waiting to give birth she stayed at her place and joked that when their children grew up they would have to make the match. Wong Suk Yee admitted, "I originally wanted to wait for the family to make the announcement, but the matter has already spread to the Hong Kong friends circle. Since I was considered to have the first hand account, so I would be the one to tell it in order to keep the rumors from spreading wildly."

Lee Ying in 1984 quickly wed Shum Hoi Kin after several months of dating and emigrated to Canada, unfortunately after several years they ended up in divorce. Lee Ying took care of their two daughters alone. She has returned to Hong Kong to make television series but did not produced many. Her daughter Winnie Shum Wing Ting in 2004 took part in the Miss Hong Kong pageant and joined the business. In recent years she has become a flight attendant and eased out of the business. Lee Ying also guest starred in last year's film release TWELVE DAYS (12 YUT), playing the mother in law role at the wedding banquet.


Ray Yeung and the team pose with the Teddy Award

The Ray Yeung written and directed ALL SHALL BE WELL has become the second Hong Kong film in history to win the Berlin Film Festival's Teddy Award Best Feature Film

Maggie Li and Patra Au plays lesbians in ALL SHALL BE WELL
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The Ray Yeung Yiu Ho directed and directed movie about lesbians ALL SHALL BE WELL (CHUNG GUM YI HAU) has become the second Hong Kong film in history to win the Berlin Film Festival "Teddy Award" Best Feature Film. ALL SHALL BE WELL's leads Patra Au Ka Man and Maggie Li Lin Lin upon receiving the news could not be happier, especially Li Lin Lin because the film was her return to the big screen after many years. "When ALL SHALL BE WELL would be released in Hong Kong everyone please strongly support it!"

Yesterday the 74th Berlin Film Festival announced ALL SHALL BE WELL would receive the Teddy Award Best Feature Film. It would be 26 years since a Hong Kong film previously won the prize at the 48th Berlin Film Festival in 1998, with the Stanley Kwan Kam Peng directed HOLD YOU TIGHT (YUET FAI LOK YUET DOR LOK) .

ALL SHALL BE WELL would be the new film from the 2019 film SUK SUK's director Yeung Yiu Hoi. The story began with two lesbians' relationship, on one hand examining he subject from a new angle, on the other also hoping to explore the current "LGBTQ+" rights in Hong Kong. Yeung Yiu Hoi said on social media, "Super happy! We received the Teddy Award at the Berlin Film Festival! I want to thank the ALL SHALL BE WELL actors and team for making my dream come true!

Yeung Yiu Hoi then sentimentally said, "Since 2020 when the journey to create the ALL SHALL BE WELL screenplay began, it finally was able to hold its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival 4 years later. We are very honored to have the viewers and film critics' response with waves of good reviews, winning the Teddy Award is the bonus! ALL SHALL BE WELL will open in Hong Kong soon, I hope viewers would also like this movie. We cannot wait to bring ALL SHALL BE WELL back to Hong Kong! Last night was a journey of a dream come true, I hope to be able to share this joy from afar with Au Ka Man and other colleagues who are not present."

Au Ka Man yesterday was very happy when she received the news. "This morning when I got up I got the news from Director Yeung. I am very happy. Our team's effort has been recognized. When I saw the photo of the director with the Teddy Award and the team's celebration, I was very happy!" Maggie Li Lin Lin excitedly said, "First, I want to congratulate director Yeung Yu Hoi and everyone on ALL SHALL BE WELL. I benefit a lot from having the opportunity to take part in the performance. ALL SHALL BE WELL's Berlin Film Festival Teddy Award Best Feature Film is the best reward for the director and the entire team's collaborative effort. When ALL SHALL BE WELL would be released in Hong Kong, everyone please strongly support it!" The 75 year old Li Lin Lin has retired from on screen performance for many years. This time she returned for ALL SHALL BE WELL, her husband John Chiang Dai Wai made the connection; director Yeung Yiu Hoi through Chiang Dai Wai invited Li Lin Lin to perform.

Li Lin Lin recalled when she finished reading the script. She said that for years she has received offers to perform, but they were either mother or grandmother roles. This time the character had her own goal and will, a real character instead of just someone else's mother or grandmother. The character drew her to agree to perform.


Over 100 fans show their support for Edan Lui and urges him to show half the moon first

Charmaine Sheh appears at a Beijing event
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Edan Lui wants to save up more songs so he would not need to sing other people's songs at his own concert 
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Jer Lau, Edan Lui, and members of ERROR run into Charmaine Sheh while paying a New Year visit to Sandra Ng
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Edan Lui Cheuk On yesterday attended a cosmetic brand opening ceremony and drew over 100 fans to show their support. Edan revealed that lately he has been busy with dance training for MIRROR's new music video. "We got a foreign choreographer to choreograph and we had to dance very strongly, highly demanding physically." Earlier Edan said that if his film THE MOON THIEVES (DOH YUET JEH)'s box office would exceed HK$ 40 million he would show his "August 15th". Although the box office has already reached half the mark, fans urged him to pay up. Would he consider showing half first? Edan joked, "When did I say August 15th? Several days ago I posted an old I SWIM photo on social media, it happened to be shot on August 15th. People asked me if I treated that like paying up? They thought I would skip out on the debt, I am a responsible person. (Have you been working out in advance?) How? Let's wait and see, next time I wouldn't speak so casually."

Earlier Edan, Jer Lau Ying Ting and ERROR member Fatboy while paying a New Year visit to Sandra Ng Kwan Yu ran into Charmaine Sheh Si Man. He happily said, "At the time we even played mahjong together. She was super fun. I have been watching her television series since I was little. I never thought that I would have a chance to play mahjong with her. (Did her presence stun you?) She put on no air at all, she was super nice. We asked her for acting advice. She said that she has seen all of KING MAKER season one. (Did you talk about working together?) For now I don't dare to say. If the opportunity would present itself of course it would be great, being able to work with an actor with so much experience. I hope when (Sandra) Ng Kwan Yu would start production on a movie, I would have the chance to work with Ah Sheh."

Friday, February 23, 2024


Michael Ning says that Louis Cheung when making a movie would keep an eye on the big picture, not just his own role

Michael Ning and Louis Cheung work together on THE MOON THIEVES after 7 years

Louis Cheung is responsible for the fight and gun fight scenes in the film, the most memorable is getting slapped by Luna Shaw
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Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Michael Ning (Bak Ji) were classmates at the Academy of Performing Arts, privately they were as close as brothers. However they have rarely worked together on screen, 7 years after ZOMBIOLOGY: ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT (GUM MAN DA SONG SI) they reunited for the Lunar New Year film THE MOON THIEVES (DOH YUET JEH). Ah Chung felt that they both have grown in their performance, as they were full of chemistry. Bak Ji said that he was already used to Ah Chung slapping him in the film, because since they were little he has been his "human punching bag". Ah Chung joked that in the film he already "repaid the debt' as his face was swollen from Luna Shaw Mei Kwan's slap.

Ah Chung in the film was responsible for shooting and action scenes, Bak Ji was responsible for explosions. Even so, Ah Chung said, "They seemed dangerous but actually were very safe. Fight scenes weren't too numerous either, because my first movie with director Yuen Kim Wai I didn't even have a single line. I fought from when the workday started to the end, super rough, in comparison this time was super comfortable." Bak Ji said that explosion scenes had certain danger, but were also very exciting. "They felt very cool and very scary, the most memorable scene was explaining to Edan (Lui Cheuk On) and Anson Lo (Lo Hon Ting) how to blow up a safe. During the shoot, sparks from the lead fell onto the table top that was filled with firework and fire crackers and led to a series of explosions. I really was very scared, at the time everyone knew something was wrong. In particular Edan and I sat the closest to the flammable material, so before the director even yelled cut we have already scattered. After this time, I realized this type of dangerous scenes truly required a lot of care, because no one would care about you." Bak Ji from working with Ah Chung again felt that he has already reached a different level. He no longer just had his mind on his own acting but also on the whole picture. In the process he kept studying with the director and the actors, in order to make the movie even better. "My vision is rather narrow, not yet able to see the end. I would only think about how to do better, not to make any mistake."

Speaking of Ah Chung getting slapped by Shaw Mei Kwan, who played Anson Lo's mother, the pain could be felt even through the camera. Ah Chung said that Shaw Mei Kwan was his Academy of Performing Arts elder; no more needed to be said about working with experts, as soon as they took their marks they act. "I told her no need to hold back since I hope for one straight take, so each time we got it down with one take. However we shot from many angles. When I got home and looked at the mirror I thought I got fat from eating, but actually my face was swollen. The worst part was the character had to completely lack expression. After the first take I felt the force, the second take I still had to act as nothing happened. I couldn't dodge." As for Ah Chung slapping Bak Ji, Bak Ji said that before the production he already told Ah Chung to quickly slap once then it would be OK. "Because since we were little, Ah Chung has trained in kung fu, including Wing Chun and boxing. For all of them he has asked me to take a punch, and I have tried them all. I know how hard he hits, but after he hit he would always say it was very soft and tell me to 'eat' another one. He would end up punching ten or twenty times."

Shooting on location in Japan, Bak Ji said that he had a scene in the car ride around Tokyo with Ah Chung, Edan, Anson Lo. It felt very comfortable. Ah Chung joked, "You might be happy, I was like a chauffeur driving from morning to night. In the whole scene Bak Ji fell asleep, whatever the job was he could sleep for a day and get paid." Bak Ji joked that to be deeply asleep when the cameras rolled would be rather difficult. Speaking of their experience in Japan, they went to a public rest room to relieve themselves at an intersect, the design of which had almost no cover. Bak Ji joked, "It was really civilized, relying on mutual trust."

Ah Chung revealed that the funniest was when he kept his head lowered and ate breakfast in front of Keung To and Edan. Because every shot had to catch him keep eating noodles, he finally had 8 bowls. By the third one his stomach already hurt.