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Nanako Matsushima
Lok Jeh was like the subject of MONICA, as her position exceeded that of a maid
Leslie Cheung fell in love at first sight with Teresa Mo.  Soon after meeting her he already proposed to her with flowers.  If she agreed back then his life might have changed.
Anita Mui spent five hours to rehearse with an ailing Leslie Cheung in his room when they performed in Malaysia, an expression of loyalty and care.  She was a true friend.
Mr. Tong is the person Leslie Cheung loves the most aside from his mother.
Chan Suk Fun asks Leslie Cheung how much salary he wants.  He feels salary is unimportant as he needs to release songs.

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Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing has never fulfilled the director dream. Veteran screen writer Lam Kei To who worked with Gor Gor on the film BRIDE WITH WHITE HAIR (BAK FAT MOR NUI JUEN) two nights ago revealed on internet radio that Gor Gor was interested in making a romantic comedy in 2003 and even planned to invite Japanese star Nanako Matsushima to work together. He said, "I know that Gor Gor back then thought about working with a Japanese production company and getting Nanako to be the lead actress. In the film Gor Gor was someone who the entire world thought was gay. In Hong Kong he ran into Nanako and finally everyone was wrong as he developed a romantic love story with Nanako. He knew Gor Gor at the time already had a second draft, the preparation was smooth."

As for Gor Gor's other plan of directing the film version of THE YOUNG CONCUBINE (NGOR GA DIK NUI YUN) with Anita Mui Yim Fong as a co-director who would have been responsible for the acting directions, Lam Kei To said, "Although Ah Mui was sick at the time, Gor Gor often convinced her to fulfill the director dream."


Alan Tam and Leslie Cheung performed together before and said that they would have been good partners now
Leslie Cheung treated Karen Mok like a niece
Sandy Lam and Leung Tai
Kit Chan
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On a morning radio program, radio DJ Leung Tai interviewed several of Gor Gor's friends in the business like Alan Tam Wing Lun, Sandy Lam Yik Lin, and Karen Mok Man Wai.

Alan and Gor Gor were rivals back then, their fans even attacked each other in a blood feud. Alan on the program recalled when he and Gor Gor both chose pink suits to attend the Tokyo Music Festival. As Alan was trying to figure out a resolution, Gor Gor joked, "What is there to be afraid of! Just pretend we are Team Hong Kong!" Gor Gor was very gracious and shared a mutual admiration with Alan. Alan lamented that if Gor Gor was still alive, they now might be good partners.

Alan also revealed that a few weeks before Gor Gor's passing he invited him and Nat Chan Pak Cheung to his home. Alan recalled, "He invited us to his home for afternoon tea. He said at the time he was moving but had a lot of koi in his pool, he asked us what to do. Finally he gave the koi fishes to Ah Lek." Speaking of Ah Lek admitting on another program that he criticized Gor Gor publicly before and revealed that when he visited Gor Gor at home Gor Gor asked Ah Lek why he attacked him. Although Alan had no impression, Gor Gor's direct personality was thoroughly on display.

Close with Gor Gor, Mok Man Wai said that when Gor Gor participated in the RTV singing contest, she at age 8 presented flowers to him. She said, "I still remember that. At the time he wore a white suite and was really very handsome." When Karen joined the business and worked with Gor Gor on a movie, Karen told him. Gor Gor joked, "Then I am your uncle." Later she was a guest at Gor Gor's concert, sang a love song with Gor Gor and even kissed him for over 20 nights. Karen admitted that Gor Gor was very helpful to younger generations and treated her like a niece. Thus she still often thinks of Gor Gor. Lam Yik Lin described Gor Gor as someone who truly resembled an "older brother". He often lectured younger generations. She also praised his professionalism and treated people with sincerity.

Kit Chan Kit Ling who played mahjong with Cheung Kwok Wing said, "We used to play together all the time, even Tong Hok Tak. We also played mahjong together. we not only joked around but also chatted about personal stuff."

Chan Kit Ling also said that Gor Gor at the start of his career was both "immature" and "ambitious". Because their manager was Chan Suk Fun, they sang two songs together. Chan Kit Ling also revealed that Gor Gor taught her to sing. "Because back then English songs had a deep influence on me, my singing was rougher. However Gor Gor was very tender. When we recorded , he and I would talk about how to handle the love song." Chan Kit Ling also knew about Gor Gor's depression and felt that his passing had some advanced signs.


The Grasshoppers

Daffy Tong leaves yesterday with security

Lau Pui Kei, Pak Shuet Sin, Connie Chan, Mui Shuet Sin, Yee Chung Man
Deborah Li and her husband
Mrs. Albert Yeung
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Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Gor Gor became good friends after a movie.  

Anthony Wong Yiu Ming opens the show and even brings an empy chair for Gor Gor
Joey Yung performs HOT
Julian Cheung and Vivian Chow perform WHEN LOVE BECOMES THE PAST
Choi Yat Kit displays Gor Gor's image on his back
Hins Cheung brings back Gor Gor's 80s male/female performance

Cherie Chung remembers Gor Gor
Teresa Mo gets teary eyed as she remembers Gor Gor
Pak Shuet Sin, Lau Pui Kei, Connie Chan, Mui Shuet Sze gather to remember Gor Gor
So Sze Wong, Elaine Jin, Deborah Li and her husband are all Gor Gor fans
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To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the superstar of a generation Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's passing, Gor Gor's manager Chan Suk Fun starting last night began two nights of different format MISS YOU MUCH LESLIE events at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Last night friends who have worked with Gor Gor performed and remembered Leslie through music. Tony Leung Chiu Wai appeared on stage three time and conversed with his late friend. He even asked Gor Gor if he missed everyone. Jacky Cheung Hok Yau performed in shorts and sandals, he joked that no matter how he dressed he would not be as cool as Gor gor. Mrs. Chan also opened the mystery message and brought out Gor Gor "hoped to have a comfortable sleep".

The concert had around 20 performing artists. Gor Gor's beloved Daffy Tong Hok Tak chose to appear and support the event in a low key manner. The show opened with Chan Suk Fun's recording, telling the mystery message that Gor Gor once left her. She said, "At 6:43PM on April 1, 2003, a loud surprise shattered the hearts of many. At the time I was at the scene and had no idea what happened. Suddenly a voice told me, 'I finally can properly have a comfortable sleep'. I always kept that in my heart and told no one, until I heard this song (Cheung Hok Yau's FOR A FRIEND to Anita Mui Yim Fong), finally understood and said it. Relax! We understand, we know, you will always remain in your free space, we will always miss you!" Then Anthony Wong Yiu Ming appeared on the stage as well as an empty chair, as if left for Leslie.

Wong Yiu Ming performed LOVE OF GLASS. He said, "Gor Gor, 10 years ago you played a big joke on us. That day the entire city shattered; but your passing taught us to care about other people's pain. Although you have gone to such a far away place, everyone still miss you so closely." Then he sang the Gor Gor narrated THIS FAR, THAT CLOSE.

Gor Gor's good friend Tony Leung Chiu Wai appeared with the DAYS OF BEING WILD (AH FEI JING JUEN) theme song as background music. He appeared three times throughout the night, conversing with Gor Gor. At the end he even sang with all the performers WIND CONTINUES TO BLOW. Wai Jai said, "Gor Gor's dream was to become a director. Gor Gor is the director of tonight's concert. All the singers are the actors, and he claps the clapper board." Wai Jai quoted DAYS OF BIENG WILD, "If you want to remember you will always remember". He said, "I remember that you really like this line from DAYS OF BEING WILD. After this period, I finally understand. It also tells me that this life also has progressed, at this minute who is missed the most. Sometimes when I raise my head and stare at the sky, I would thinking about looking for the bird with legs." Wai Jai looked up and asked, "After 10 years, I really want to know, do you still miss us?" Then Gor Gor's concert video was aired. "I miss all of you the most."

Wai Jai said that after Gor Gor left, once he accidentally called his number and heard a familiar voice, "Please leave a message." Wai Jai continued, "I really wanted to say over the phone, let's start over." This was what Ho Bo Wing (Cheung Kwok Wing) also said in their film HAPPY TOGETHER (CHUN GUONG JA SIT) to Lai Yiu Fai (Leung Chiu Wai).

Peter Chan Ho Sun said in his video, "In a movie that we worked together on, he insisted on speaking a line until he thought it was perfect. It was 'Whether you are a man or a woman, I just know that I love you'." The crowd applauded. Hok Yau appeared in sandals and shorts. He said that his look respected Gor Gor the most because it was his favorite. Yet he definitely was not as cool as Gor Gor. Hins Cheung King Hin performed with a "male female mix" look. Remus Choi Yat Kit had Gor Gor's image on his back.

Vivian Chow Wai Man sang the song that Gor Gor wrote for her, IF YOU KNEW MY DIFFICULTY. She choked up as she said, "Maybe for Leslie writing this song was easy, to me it was an incomparable honor." Kelly Chen Wai Lam and Joey Yung Cho Yi sang Gor Gor's hot hits. Sheung Tin Ngor sang the theme song of her series with Gor Gor, ONCE UPON AN ORDINARY GIRL (NUNG BOON DOR CHING).

After the performance, Chan Suk Fun lamented with her eyes all red that the production was not perfect enough. However the stars comforted her and said that she already did very well. Gor Gor would definitely be very happy to receive this gift.

Last night many friends made videos about Gor Gor and made more understand Gor Gor's brilliance in the eyes of his friends. When Gor Gor's first love Teresa Mo Shun Kwan appeared on video, the crowd roared. When she remembered Gor Gor she was so emotional that she was teary eyed.

Mo Shun Kwan: Gor Gor and I both love Cantonese Opera. He once hired a band, our favorite was to perform Yam Pak. After Gor Gor's passing, every time I hear Cantonese Opera I would think of him.

So Sze Wong: A medium friend said that he dreamed of Gor Gor, asking him to tell his friends "stop being heart broken over me". Today I am dressed in pink because I want to say that life goes on, don't be heart broken anymore. Do you hear me? From now on only said Miss You Much Leslie!

Carina Lau Ka Ling: Every Lunar New Year I would receive peach blossom from Gor Gor. After Gor Gor passed, I continued to shop at the place that he introduced to me because I wanted to preserve that feeling of flower shopping with Gor Gor as a memory.

Tony Leung Ka Fai: I always said Gor Gor was petty as he would easily get mad at people. Yet he wouldn't be mad for more than 5 minutes. This was Cheung Kwok Wing.

Cherie Chung Chor Hung: When we made a movie overseas, when we were together Gor Gor would share a lot with me. Sometimes we would fight over the same thing when we shopped, but when he saw a suitable gift he would give it to me. He truly loved his friends. Gor Gor has always stressed "forever", which he has already achieved. He is a legendary superstar.

John Woo (Ng Yu Sum): Every time I heard PAST LOVE (song from A BETTER TOMORROW), I would have a very loving feeling. I will happily live my life!

Last night many show business guests attended, which confirmed Cheung Kwok Wing's luck with people. They included the elder Pak Shuet Sin, who arrived in the company of her disciples Connie Chan Bo Chu, Mui Shuet Sze and friends Lau Pui Kei, Chan Sin Chi and others. Lau Ka Ling, Deborah Li and her husband Moustache Kong, Shi Nansun, Cheung Man Yi, So Sze Wong, Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling), Alan Tang Kwong Wing's wife and daughter, Lee Lam Lam also attended. The event set up 18 tables for them. Viewers also received white candle lanterns, every corner of the venue were filled of shadows of Gor Gor.


Mainland fans visit Leslie Cheung's former home

Takako Tokiwa is unable to attend the memorial event in Japan due to work
Singapore fans
Patrick Kong
Anita Mui international fan club sends an arrangement on behalf of their idol
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A sea of flowers appear outside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Fans check out Gor Gor's costumes
This Mainland fan receives a lot of positive energy from Leslie Cheung's films and music
Every year Leslie Cheung fans would remember him at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Over 20 Japanese fans send a card to say that they will never forget Gor Gor
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Today is the 10th anniversary of Leslie Chueng Kwok Wing's passing, but fans still miss him no less. Opened two days ago, the MISS YOU MUCH LESLIE exhibition attracted many fans and visitors. They fought to take photos with Gor Gor's white 6 meter tall bust, but because they were so enthusiastic, in less than 24 hours the bust was already chipped in two places and scratched all over. Many Gor Gor fans were heart broken and urged everyone to stop damaging Gor Gor's bust.

The exhibition opened two days ago, the most eye catching was Gor Gor's 6 meter tall bust. The event did not set up any barrier so fans and visitors would be able to make close contact with it and take photos. Yet some people did not cherish it as yesterday the right shoulder were found two two chips and other places have been scratched. Fans worried that the bust will be even more scarred and hoped everyone would cherish it more. Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) yesterday visited. He said that he was a Gor Gor fan and thought that the bust looked very much like Gor Gor. At night he would rush home to watch Gor Gor's memorial concert.

Ten years ago on April 1, 2003, Gor Gor suddenly jumped from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Central and ended his brilliant life. Every year fans around the world would present flowers there to commemorate the anniversary. Yesterday afternoon outside the hotel was already a sea of flowers. Over 100 fans gathered with different floral arrangements as well as awards. One said "WE LOVE YOU" with flowers and "Love For You Never Changes" to express their love for Gor Gor.

A Mainland fan said that she was a "post Wing fan", liking him only after Gor Gor passed. She had depression herself. 3 years ago online she read information about Gor Gor, including his films and music, and brought a lot of positive energy to her. This time she was the happiest to see Gor Gor's beloved Tong Tong two days ago at the exhibition. He even waved to her, which was very touching for her.

A group also posted a poster to promote its group tour, taking Gor Gor fans to the Central and Western districts to visit places where Gor Gor left his foot print like music video locations for free. Anyone who was interested could meet at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel today at 2PM.