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French trendy accessory brand Agatha 35th anniversary tour yesterday stopped in Hong Kong. Guests included Janice Man Wing Shan. Janice revealed that in the middle of the month she will work with Janice Vidal (Wai Lan) on a new film. She would like to be able to get a little fatter and train herself wider up top. She said, "I kept my weight at 100 pound, but lately I lost around five pounds. I hoped to be able to return to my original weight. (Did Lai Ming ask you to gain weight?) No, I just want to look prettier." What role will she play? She only said that no matter the character, the personality and the era she had no contact with at all. As for daring scenes, she said, "What the character does is very daring, but since the company arranged it for me, I believe I can handle it." She said that now she and Wai Lan have begun to go over the script and research their characters. Will she ask Lai Ming for acting advice? She said that she will ask everyone and do her own homework as well. As for Chrissie Chau Sau Na's film industry entry, was she worried about comparison? She said, "Everyone has her own way, more new faces are good. (Would you mind working with her?) I would do whatever the company arranged for me. (Do you have your own idea?) The company and I have an understanding. The company knows my bottom line. As a model I never took swimwear show or swimwear appearance because my family and I are not mentally prepared. The company is very certain about that."


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The espionage film THE MESSAGE two nights ago held its premiere in Kowloon Bay. The cast including Huang Xiaoming, Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing, Zhang Hanyu and Alec Su Yau Peng along with Taiwan director Chen Kuo-Fu were in attendance. Michelle Wai (Si Nga) and Deep Ng Ho Hong were guests.

Hunks Huang Xiaoming and Su Yau Peng attracted many fans. Huang Xiaoming was the lead in the film and also in the center of the poster. Huang Xiaoming said, "In the entire story I had to handle five people. During the shoot I felt a lot of stress because this time I worked with two Best Actors and two Best Actresses." Huang Xiaoming confidently expressed that he felt he would have a chance to become Best Actor, but now he only hoped to play every character well. He also expressed that he was too busy with work to consider dating.

Reportedly Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) introduced Zhou Xun to Mainland rich kid Wang Shuo and they quickly moved in together. Lately Zhou Xun was rumored to be pregnant. Zhou Xun responded, "Now the media have their own way as they always write about artists like this. Every woman has anticipation. Anything that you want to ask has already been answered." Earlier Fong Cho Ming at a Beijing charity auction placed a 3.87 million RMB bid for a friend. Zhou Xun admitted that Cho Ming placed the bid for her friend to give to her. As for the friend, Zhou Xun admitted that he was her boyfriend Wong Shuo and even said that currently their relationship has been great.

Zhou Xun and Li Bingbing were rumored to be at odds, but two nights they held hands like sisters to attend the premiere. Bingbing explained that in the film industry men and women had romantic rumors while two women would have dispute rumors. Bingbing said, "Our collaboration was very pleasant. It wasn't just spark but firework. It was a match made in Heaven." When Li Bingbing stepped on the promotional sticker on stage, Zhou Xun got it off for her. They were as close as sisters. With her friend Zhou Xun in love, Bingbing honestly said that she too would like to find a boyfriend. She said, "Love depends on luck, when it comes it comes."

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Zhou Xun does not look pregnant.

Huang Xiaoming
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Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing
Alec Su Yau Peng, Zhang Hanyu, Huang Xiaoming
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The Huayi Brothers' near 100 million yuan 60th anniversary National Day Chinese espionage film THE MESSAGE will open in Hong Kong officially on October 15. The cast including Huang Xiaoming, Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing, Zhang Hanyu and Alec Su Yau Peng yesterday along with director Chen Kuo-Fu arrived in Hong Kong for a press conference at the W Hotel. The stars shared the difficulties of the production and gave an advanced toast for box office success. The event scheduled a question and answer segment but the questions were only limited to the film.

The lead actresses yesterday dressed up for the event. Zhou Xun was full of spirit when she discussed her performance. "The performance in the film was rather hard to take. Young people at the time suffered torture and abuse that were very hard to imagine. After the performance I also found the role very hard to leave. I have a lot of respect for these young people. The beautiful life that we live in now is completely due to their effort."

With daring performance in the film, Li Bingbing before the shoot was rumored to be at odds with Zhou Xun. Yet yesterday they attended the press conference like a pair of twins. They often whispered and chatted. They even held hands while posing for photos to demonstrate that their relationship was not as outside described. Zhou Xun's THE MESSAGE performance was extremely daring. Zhou Xun said, "I always suspected whether the events in the film were real. I took the initiative to ask the director for a comprehension of the story background." In one scene Zhou Xun was required to perform in the nude. She said, "At the time Huang Xiaoming removed my clothing and measured every inch of my body. The director never yelled cut until I was yelling with all my might, one with my character and felt the lost of feminine dignity. We mentally already had chemistry. Although we didn't rehearsed but the director let us perform freely. I at the time had concerns but I couldn't think too much. We could only try to do our best."

Huang Xiaoming played a Japanese soldier in the film. He received two pages of Japanese dialogue. In order to play the character well, he spent over a month to translate over 20 pages of lines and did a lot of homework. He said, "I would look at them in the car or on the plane." Huang Xiaoming played a big villain who needed to handle all of the enemies in the film. He said, "The director wanted me to play very strong so my look had to coordinate. I had to cut my hair and shave." Huang Xiaoming expressed that he was not worried that fans would dislike him because he played a villain. He said, "Being a bad man is even better. Now people aren't that silly and know how to differentiate that this is acting."


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Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon) yesterday worked on the set of the film YIT LAT LAT. They expressed that they knew each other for over ten years and now they finally have a chance to work on the big screen for the first time. Big S expressed that she and Ting Fung played a couple, but they did not have intimate scenes. She also expressed that before the shoot she saw a strong and slim Ting Fung. To avoid looking fatter than him on screen, she did not dare to eat two days before the shoot. In addition with her earlier illness she lost 2 kilograms.

Big S expressed that this time she made a lot of new attempts. Her look had an unprecedented handsomeness. Even people who knew her did not recognize her after three glances. Thus the director asked it to be kept confidential. In addition she also tried to deliver Cantonese lines, but she joked that even with the director's help she still felt they were very difficult. Some words she still could not read them.

Ting Fung only laughed off his wife Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi's rumored second pregnancy. He joked that if she was she would have been pregnant for five years. He immediately denied that she was really pregnant. As for having a baby he laughed, "I don't have the time!" He expressed that because he had a lot of work to do, but his wife did not complain. He expressed that he had the rare chance to perform at the Tiannanmen Square. Originally he wanted to bring his wife and parents to witness history but in the end his request was denied.


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Lau Ching Wan provided his voice to the animated film GARFIELD 3D and attended its charity premiere two nights ago. Lau Ching Wan expressed that he always liked to watch animation and thus particularly liked to do voice work. Yet sometimes when he did voice work for himself he felt strange because he usually thought his performance was poor. Ching Wan revealed that he will provide his voice in another animation. In October he will work on Johnnie To Kei Fung's new film DUET MING GUM (FATAL GOLD).


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Made for the 60th anniversary celebration of the People's Republic of China, THE FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC will be released on National Day Thursday. Its Hong Kong guest stars not only included Andy Lau Tak Wa, Leon Lai Ming, Jackie Chan and Tony Leung Ka Fai, Donnie Yen Chi Tan also played a cultural sector representation, Tian Han. Tian Han was the cultural department opera improvement bureau and art career management bureau chief, an enormous figure of the cultural world at the time. New China national anthem lyrics was Tian Han written. This time Chi Tan turned from martial art superstar to a literary figure of a generation. Later in the film he even participated in the New China planning process, host political negotiations, discussed and talked with other cultural representatives and also selected the national flag and national anthem designs.

Chi Tan expressed that playing a literary figure this time matched his image very well. He also rather enjoyed the cultured literary person look. The audience would also be able to know him outside of martial arts. Chi Tan pointed out that his martial art image was too well known and the audience was surprised to see him in a dramatic role. Actually he is a level 8 pianist and has interest in music. Playing the national anthem lyric writer in the film matched his personality very well.


Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Gouw Ian Iskander (Ng Kin To)
Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam)
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing yesterday with his AFTER THIS OUR EXILE (FU JI) son Gouw Ian Iskandar (Ng Kin Toh) appeared at the Peak's Madame Tussaud's to host the ASTRO BOY wax figure unveiling ceremony. They again provided their voices as father and son in the ASTRO BOY animation, but Ng Kin Toh was already much taller as now he reached Sing Sing's shoulder. Sing Sing said that Ng Kin To was grown but still very handsome. Sing Sing hoped to be able to work with Ng Kin Toh again but in the future they might have to play brothers. He also said that King Toh wanted to learn the moonwalk from him. Would he consider making him his disciple? He said that he would not need to since he already treated him like his son.

On the other hand, Sing Sing's rumored girlfriend Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) attended a hat exhibit. Earlier Lynn in Shanghai worked on the film IP MAN 2. Reportedly Zhang Ziyi in Tony Leung Chiu Wai's GRAND MASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI) will play Mrs. Ip man. Lynn expressed that she would like to work with Zhang Ziyi if the opportunity arose since Zhang worked hard and her acting was great. She was not afraid of comparison because each person had a different style.

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The cast of ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW (SHUI YUET SUN TAU) including Simon Yam Tat wa, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Lee Chi Ting, Chung Siu To and Choi Wing Yan yesterday along with director Alex Law Kai Yui and producer Mabel Cheung Yuen Ting returned to the soon to be demolished location Wing Lei Street, central. They originally planned to distribute mooncake to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival with the neighborhood in advance, but due to rain the neighborhood sent representatives to accept their good will. However child actor Chung Siu To still cut mooncakes for everyone on the spot. Playing a shoemaker in the film, Brother Wa personally made a red leather shoe for Kwan Yu, but due to the lack of time he only made one. The size and style of which were not to Kwan Yu's liking.

Rumored to be pregnant again, Kwan Yu yesterday appeared in a loose dress. Brother Wa kept touching her belly and congratulated her. Kwan Yu said that she would like it to be but her wish has not come true yet. Kwan Yu sat down and opened up her collar. Reporters reminded her to be careful with accidental exposure. She joked, "It's tied very tightly in there so there's no accident, but now without any accidental exposure or fighting it's hard to get the headline!" Kwan Yu had a wardrobe malfunction when she won Best Actress. Will she be willing if she will be able to win it again? Kwan Yu expressed that she will be willing and said that last time was just a close call.

Brother Wa not only personally made a shoe for Kwan Yu but also personally fit it for her. Unfortunately the size was incorrect and the style was not to her liking. Because he only had enough time to make one for Kwan Yu, Brother Wa immediately agreed to make a pair of high heels for her to attend the Golden Horse Awards in. Kwan Yu asked for peep toe and glittering gems. When Brother Wa personally put the shoe on her, Kwan Yu joked that she did not have the Cinderella and Prince Charming shoe fitting feel. Instead she felt very embarrassed to have someone she knew to touch her foot because her feet were very personal. She felt as though someone touched her chest. She also said, "In one scene Brother Wa had to give me a foot massage. Because the shoot took all day, not only was I getting touched but I also feared that my feet stank. Thus at the time I was so embarrassed that I felt like someone was touching my chest!" Was Brother Wa worried about Peter Chan Ho Sun coming after him? He joked, "Kwan Yu in the film is a great wife and mother who is very able to win over seniors. Seniors should like her too! (How did her feet feel?) Incredible. At first I thought she was a farmer, but actually her skin was soft and pretty. I truly wanted to become a foot massage shop owner!"

After years in film, Kwan Yu honestly said that people touched her chest many times. Just in GOLDEN CHICKEN, in which she played a prostitute, many extras have touched her. They included the young, the old and the mentally deficient. Some were cut from the released version. At the time she added padding. She said, "My feet didn't have padding and could truly be in contact. Thus it really was more embarrassing than people touching the chest."


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Tony Leung Chiu Wai earlier while training for the upcoming Wong Kar Wai new film production GRAND MASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI) injured his left hand. After two months his injury has gradually recovered. Earlier he returned to his martial art and physical training. Even Wing Tsun Master Leung Siu Hung who was responsible for training Wai Jing praised Wai Jai's ability to learn is very high. With his agility he will be able to start the production at any time.

He just returned to training, but Wai Jai earlier looked great and was agile when he practiced in front of the master and fellow students. He said, "Although during the injury I had to stop training, but I didn't give up on exercising or relax. I know kung fu can never have enough training, I didn't want to stop due to an injury. At least I maintained suitable amount of exercise. I too wanted to pick it back up sooner. Actually when I first practiced again I had some fear. Now when I practice I wear protective pad on the arm. Although it still hurts a little, the pain is already reduced to its lowest. Ultimately the protection is limited. I was lucky with this injury though because the injured area wasn't a hard to heal spot. I can make GRAND MASTER on time."

Wai Jai described the two month break as a long vacation. Although the doctor urged him to stop extraneous exercises and to rest for at least three months before complete recovery, he did not relax at all. After several weeks of rest he began to do some appropriate exercises to train his arm and leg muscles and agility. He also ran for one to two hours. To avoid contact with the injured area, Wai Jai ran with his arm tied up and fists clinched. A lot of times when Wai Jai ran on the streets, people asked him about his injury and told him to be careful. Everyone's concern and support greatly comforted him.


Zhou Xun
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THE MESSAGE team arrived in Hong Kong today. The all star line up included director Chen Kuo-Fu, actors Zhou Xun, Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, Alec Su Yau Peng, Zhang Hanyu appeared at the grand Hong Kong premiere.

Different from other actors, Huang Xiaoming not only played a role in the film but also sang the theme song and published a photo collection that he took. Huang Xiaoming took pictures on the set to relieve stress. He also revealed that most pictures were taken without permission and joked that he too became a paparazzo. He had over 1,000 photos from the set and captured everyone's most undetected expression. To commemorate this film's experience, Huang Xiaoming worked with a magazine to release a book. Because the actors were very close, everyone was rather relaxed with him behind the camera and thoroughly made faces. In the photos Zhou Xun made a variety of expressions for "photographer" Huang Xiaoming. Even Li Bingbing and Zhang Hanyu took the camera and took pictures of Huang Xiaoming, which also brought the pressure filled set extra cheer.

In one scene Zhou Xun bit Huang Xiaoming's ear. "We took two days to shoot that scene. I was bitten many times. Zhou Xun took great care of me and didn't truly apply force, but I didn't imagine that it would still hurt."

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Michael Wong Man Tak, Scarlett Pong Oi Lan, Louis Cheung Kai Chung and others yesterday attended an "anti drug" film press conference. Pong Oi Lan is the film's producer and organizer. She expressed that the Outstanding Youth Association applied for government funding for this film. The film will be divided into three segments with Wong Man Tak, Cheung Kai Chung and NIGHT AND FOG (TIN SHUI WAI DIK YEH YU MO) screen writer Cheung King Wai as the directors. Anna Yau Hoi Man will be one of the screen writers. Pong Oi Lan revealed that the film will start production in November and December. Currently actors and the crew are being recruited. The film will be released next April.

Cheung Kai Chung ran into Wong Man Tak at the press conference and praised his looked. "Standing next to him I am not as manly as him." Cheung Kai Chung expressed that this will be his first turn as a director. He expressed that he has never tried drugs. In the film his segment subject will be family. Will he ask his son to guest star? He said that his son was only two and he was afraid that he would not be able to control his son. Will Cheung Kai Chung approach Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu and Jill Vidal (Wai Si) for their perspective as children? He said, "I don't think that will be necessary, but I will visit children who have been in contact with drugs in the community for an understanding."

Wong Man Tak expressed that he already quitted smoking marijuana. He said that drug was very dangerous and could make people lose their lives. Will Wong Man Tak approach Kwan Chor Yiu and Wai Si to help with the promotion? He expressed that he could not make the decision without a script.


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The 57th Annual San Sebastian International Film Festival closed on the 26th. The Chinese director Lu Chuan directed war film about the Nanjing Massacre, CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH, won the film festival's highest honor Golden Shell For Best Film. It also won the Jury Prize for Best Cinematography.

This was the first film by a Chinese director to win the highest honor. Earlier, Zhang Yan with SHOWER and SUNFLOWER, Chen Kaige with TOGETHER, Xu Jinglei with LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN all won the Best Director prize at the film festival previously. CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH cost 80 million yuan RMB and took four years to complete. With black and white visuals it brought back the 1937 Japanese invasion of Nanjing and the subsequent massacre of prisoners of war and innocent civilians. The film's main plots are the Chinese people's resistance will and an ordinary Japanese soldier's spiritual struggle. From a new vision it displays the human defense of the dignity of life and redemption of belief.

Due to its documentary style production, the film's battle scenes, architecture, costumes, sound effects and others provided a strong sense of shock and realism. The film festival jury said that CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH took the format of China and Japan view change, from the details it returned to the daily life of Nanjing at war and showed humanity's instinct to survive and various struggle amid patriotism. CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH cinematographer Cao Yu also won the film festival cinematography prize.

The film's actor Fan Wei was working on a film in Haiban when director Lu Chuan called him with the good news at 2:30AM. Fan Wei sent a text message to the director, "Bullish! Emotional! Excited! Well done!" Another actor Jiang Yiyan also said, "Actually over these few months, Lu Chuan withstood great stress from everywhere. At one point he was depressed and passed through a dark period. Our hearts as actors ached for him. The film's prize is great news!"


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After the Yonfan directed PRINCE OF TEARS was announced to represent Hong Kong in next year's Oscar Best Foreign Film nomination competition, the Chen Kaige directed, Leon Lai Ming and Zhang Ziyi starred FOREVER ENTHRALLED was also confirmed to represent China. The Taiwan representative will be the Leon Dai Liren directed NO PUEDO VIVIR SIN TI.

According to Mainland media reports, the China film bureau already confirmed FOREVER ENTHRALLED. Producer Chen Hong expressed, "FOREVER ENTHRALLED's selection to be considered for Oscar Best Foreign Film nomination was quite a honor for us, but we will maintain a peaceful mindframe."

Currently the film's application has already been sent to Los Angeles. This will be Chen Kaige's third try for an Oscar nomination after FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE and THE PROMISE.

China Film Group's Fan Jianghua expressed that if the news came from the film bureau then it must be truly, but China Film Gorup so far has not received any notice. FOREVER ENTHRALLED's promotional director Huang Pin said that he just received the news. "I only found out this morning. Currently director Chen Kaige is planning a new film and cannot be contacted."


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The Shaw's Golden Anniversary film festival opening ceremony and the COME DRINK WITH ME Pok Oi charity screening took place two nights ago at the Kowloon Bay Cine Art. Attendees included Shaw stars Ti Lung, Susan Shaw Yam Yam, Kuk Fung and new generation actors Timmy Hung Tin Ming and Charmaine Li Si Yan. After the opening ceremony they enjoyed the high definition digitially remastered, Cheng Pei Pei starred classic COME DRINK WITH ME (DAI JUI HUP). Ti Lung expressed that now Shaw is releasing digital films, it can properly handle the previously poor areas anew. Old films actually are well worth collecting.

Chan Hung Lieh felt that old film's real weapon work was tougher but more realistic. Now movies have more gimmicks but also more entertaining. Back then Chan Hung Lieh and Cheng Pei Pei were rumored to be dating. Chan Hung Lieh honestly said that back then he pursued Cheng Pei Pei because she was pretty and tall. With quite a style of her own he definitely liked her a lot but his luck ran out. He joked that Pei Pei probably also liked him very much back then, but a lot depended on luck.


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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Dior Cheng Yi Kin after 11 years reunite in THE STORM WARRIORS (FUNG WON II). Yesterday they appeared together in Golden Harvest Shenzehn Cinemas for a grand press conference. Also in attendance was Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Tang Yan and directors the Pang Brothers. The lead actors exchanged praised for each other, saying that they seemed like they had preservatives and still looked young. Ah Sa's boyfriend Ronald Cheng Chung Kei although was accused of "scoping" ou other women while shooting BEAUTIFUL COOKING in Thailand, but Ah Sa was not only in great spirit but also supportive of her boyfriend. She said that eyes were made for looking.

Yesterday several dozen media outlets covered the event, which attracted half hundred onlookers. The cinemas also was decorated with THE STORM WARRIORS posters and costumes. During the press conference, a male fan suddenly rushed the stage and presented flowers to Ekin. Security immediately pulled him off and Ekin looked somewhat awkward. Later he realized that the man wanted to give the flowers to Tang Yan.

Ekin was very surprised. "What? But he gave them to me? (Will you return them to Tang Yan?) Whatever, I accepted it. I don't know." Ah Sa said, "That was hilarious, that person's hairstyle was very similar to Ekin's." Ekin said that the directors joked about making ACTOR ASSASSINATION later. Ah Sa also said that many viewers had hairstyles that resembled Ekin's. Ekin immediately said, "Which one? They resemble your father's hairstyle. With a little more perm they look like (Leo) Ku Kui Ke." Reporters joked whether he wanted to say Cheng Chung Kei, Ekin denied and said that he meant what he said.

Ekin and Ah Sa have worked together many times. Ah Sa pointed out that Ekin did not change over the years and jokingly asked Ekin what kind of preservatives he was taking. Ekin joked, "Kwok Fu Sing and I used the same one. He didn't change either. Co-stars (Simon) Yam Tat Wa and (Ken) Ho Ka King didn't change either." Ekin returned the favor and praised Ah Sa as prettier now and knowing how to dress.

Ah Sa was asked about Cheng Chung Kei's "scoping" while shooting BEAUTIFUL COOKING in Thailand. Ah Sa expressed that she returned from Taiwan and did not see the report yet. Will she ask Cheng Chung Kei? She said, "No need, I am 'scoping guys' everyday. (Do you trust him?) The eyes were made for looking. (Aren't you jealous?) It's very hard to tell people not to look. (Will you prohibit him from 'scoping girls'?) Looking is very normal."

Kwok Fu Sing praised this film's special effect as "special effect legend" that reached international level since the founding of Hong Kong. As for Ekin's claim that he seemed to have taken preservatives, Sing Sing said that his look did not change much but mainly his mentality changed. He actually was older and more mature. However, Sing Sing expressed that now he and Ekin are even more manly. He instead felt ten years ago his skin was too smooth. Ultimately a man in his forties, he did not mind having a few wrinkles. He felt it was rather manly. Tang Yan in Sing Sing had emotional scenes in the film. She honestly said that her character Chor Chor wanted to have a relationship with Sing Sing's Bo King Wan. On her first day at work she was already under his spell. Sing Sing for the film spent two weeks on weight training for his Kirin arms. After the shoot he spent another two weeks to return them to form.


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THE MESSAGE team recently flew to Beijing, Shanghai and other locations for premieres and met with the audience at the Beijing Film Academy. Beijing Film Academy graduates Huang Xiaoming and Wang Zhiwen brought their new film to their alma mater, which was quite peculiar. Huang Xiaoming's teacher also came to the premiere and after the screening said THE MESSAGE was Huang Xiaoming's elegant transformation, praising him on his "eye technique".

Huang Xiaoming in THE MESSAGE played the unpredictable Takeda. He did not have many lines and completely relied on his eyes to act. His outstanding performance drastically changed the audience's opinion of his acting. Beijing Film Academy profession Zheng Dongtian after a screening publicly reviewed Huang Xiaoming's performance. He said that in the film he expressed a sense of strangeness between him and the character, which was the most valuable.

In the film the Huang Xiaoming played Takeda conducted a strip search of the Li Bingbing played Li Ningyu. It was Li Bingbing's first nude performance. Yet Li Bingbing revealed that in the film she actually saw Huang Xiaoming in the buff and that he "showed more than me". She praised his figure and Huang Xiaoming returned the favor with "you too". The audience cracked up. Huang Xiaoming revealed that during the performance he buried a subtext of "Takeda liked Li Ningyu", thus they had a "nude" performance that provided fantasy to the audience. Yet finally the director gave up this method of expression and Huang Xiaoming's scene was finally cut.


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Elliot Ngok (Yueh Hua) and Chan Hung Lieh were once romantic rivals? Chan Hung Lieh said with confidence, "In chasing girls, I believe I won't lose to anyone. Ngok Wa and I back then were not as close as people imagined. Instead I got along the best with (Jimmy) WangYu."

Back then when they worked together on COME DRINK WITH ME (DAI JUI HUP) they were new comers along. Lead actress Cheng Pei Pei was a new comer as well. Naturally they became fond of each other. Ngok Wa was a stand up guy while Chan Hung Lieh was more on the fly. Cheng Pei Pei was stuck in the middle, which was rather dramatic. Later Wang Yu joined in and Cheng Pei Pei became the luckiest girl. Ngok Wa now was reluctant to discuss the past. Cheng Pei Pei also felt guilty about Ngok Wa and everything was in the past.

Now because COME DRINK WITH ME returned to the big screen, they were reminded of the golden days of yore. Chan Hung Lieh joked, "My golden age just started now! I look forward. Ngok Wa is too serious. He and Tien Ni are considered the ultimate couple."

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Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam

Stephanie Cheng Yung
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Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Elanne Kong
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Chrissie Chau, Wylie Chiu Shek Chi

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The 6th Annual Hong Kong Asian Film Festival will take place between October 15 to 30. The Pang Fat directed 7 TO ONE - PLAY BIG (GUAN YUN 7 SI) will be one of the closing films. Yesterday he led the cast including Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Wylie Chiu Shek Chi, Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam, Stephanie Cheng Yung and others to the press conference. The other closing film AT THE END OF DAYBREAK (SUM MOR) actors Wai Ying Hung and Tsui Tin Yau attended. When Siu Hung said that her character had a lot of "body language" she flubbed and said "body lotion", which cracked everyone up.

Earlier criticized Chau Sau Na's pictorial collection, Chiu Shek Chi yesterday ran into her. Although they graciously posed for the press they did not have any exchange. Lately planning her Japanese market invasion, Chau Sau Na was rumored to be the object of pursuit for Joey Yung Cho Yi's old flame who is teaching her Japanese. Yesterday she clarified that he is only her Japan manager and is not after her. She even joked, "I am pursuing him to teach me Japanese! He knows that I have zero knowledge of Japanese so since he is in Hong Kong he volunteers to help me. He isn't after me." He has also met her boyfriend so she does not need to tell her boyfriend in advance. She also talked with his girlfriend over the phone and she told her to work hard on her studies.

Earlier reportedly HOUSE OF 72 TENANTS (72 GA JO HAT) approached Chau Sau Na to play the Dik Na role, but she demanded HK$50,000 per scene and kept the film company at bay. She said, "Thank you for your support. I will also view this price as my goal. Yet right now I am just starting in the film industry, I don't have such a large appetite. It's as small as a strawberry. (Are you worried about the rumor will affect your film future?) No, later I will work on a horror film. I see this time like a promotion so I don't mind."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


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HuaYi's National Day release THE MESSAGE two nights ago held its global premiere in Tianjun. The ceremony format was with live narrative, video and original soundtrack film audio and video concert. Under the leadership of directors Chen Kuofu and Gao Qunshu, Zhou Xun, Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, Zhang Hanyu, Alec Su Yau Peng appeared. The concert's live orchestra played the film's score to bring a legendary story of sound, light and shadow to the audience. Huang Xiaoming was the opening singer and performed the theme song.

Differed from past film premieres, THE MESSAGE also had its unique format. With "music, video and star", it resembled a multimedia concert more. Aside from Huang Xiaoming's interview appearance, other actors introduced their own characters. Reportedly because the premiere was broadcast live on television, the directors would like every performer to lip sync in order to avoid any accident. Yet in order to perform more sincerely for the audience, Huang Xiaoming still confidently sang.

THE MESSAGE team in the upcoming half a month will promote in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Changsha, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Huayi Brothers chief Wang Zhonglei was very confident in the box office and estimated 300 million.


Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Gigi Leung Wing kei
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Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Gigi Leung Wing Kei and Mary Cheung yesterday attended a World Vision event and shared their earlier visits to poverty stricken countries like Ethiopia and Cambodia. Sammi will perform a concert series at the end of the year. Reportedly because she will only perform gospel songs and had friction with boss Peter Lam Kin Ngok. Sammi expressed that this report was without basis. Her concert will be loyal to past format and she will keep her religion and her career separate.

Sammi admitted that in coordination with the concert later she will release a gospel record and new book. She pointed out that two years ago the company already wanted to release a gospel record. She also thanked the boss for supporting her despite their different religions. She said that her relationship with the boss could not be better. Originally Sammi was to work with Andy Lau Tak Wa on the upcoming Lunar New Year film. Sammi explained that Wa Jai's marriage did not postpone the project. Mainly she wanted to concentrate on her concert and turned down the film. She would like to work with Wa Jai again next year.