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The 67th Venice Film Festival will open today. Emperor film DETECTIVE DEE AND THE MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME (DIK YUN KIT ji TUNG TIN DAI GOK) has become the only Chinese films in competition. No wonder the cast and the crew could not be more nervous about this "march". Lead actor Li Bingbing returned to Venice after ten years and spent two months for fitting in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

In May Fan Bingbing appeared in Cannes with a "dragon robe" and successfully attracted a lot of media attention. Li Bingbing decided not to let her shine alone and finally confirmed to work with famous Mainland designer Guo Pei to create three theme fashion for the red carpet and to promote China's spirit of "universal love and harmony". Bingbing also received a 10 million Montblanc jewelry sponsorship and security to accompany it. The insurance policy alone already exceeded 10 million.

Meanwhile Bingbing reportedly will be leaving her management company of ten years, Huayi Brothers, and DEE will be her last film with the company if negotiation failed. No wonder Huayi Brothers got nervous and asked DEE's promotion to focus on Bingbing to prove her "extraordinary position". As for the recently confirmed production HUAXIN REVOLUTION, Bingbing will participate as an executive producer. Inevitably people speculated that she will form her own company.

Before departing for Venice Bingbing appeared at the Peak to unveil her wax figure. The company spent six figures to transport the figure from Shanghai to Hong Kong. It will be on display for three months.


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Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) and Janice Man Wing Shan in FROZEN (WAI NEI JUNG CHING) were ordered to date. They not only had no fear for gossip but also said it was a lot of fun.

Lee Chi Ting stated that he has tried wax burning when he was younger, but since it has become illegal he never did it again. He never expected to be able to try it again for this film. He thought it was a lot of fun. Janice Man rarely burnt wax, but during the shoot she had more fun than Lee Chi Ting. Lee Chi Ting even urged Janice Man to be careful as people have been scarred from wax burning.

Lee Chi Ting in this scene also serenaded Janice Man with a guitar, but Janice Man ignored his romance and instead dragged him by the sea to dance to Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's hit MONICA. They had a lot of fun. This film finally wrapped near sunrise and they stated that they felt like they truly celebrated the Mid Autumn festival.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Jessica C.

Chrissie Chau Sau Na
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Sexy young models Jessica C. and Chrissie Chau Sau Na recently were rumored to be at odds due to a film. Earlier they played beach volleyball. JC looked vicious when she went for the spike, leaving Sister Na diving to make the save. Finally she even bruised her leg. Seemingly they were acting for real.

Sister Na and JC's pictorial collection battle was evenly matched. Recently when they made the film BEACH SPIKE (YIT LONG KAU OI JIN) they were also rumored to be at odds. Reportedly Sister Na teamed up with co-star Theresa Fu Wing to give JC the cold shoulder. In addition they played rivals in the film and had many competition scenes. On and off screen they were full of explosiveness.

Earlier they shot a volleyball scene on a Lautau Island beach. Sister Na showed off her figure and JC sounded the "alarm" in response. JC even teamed up with new comer Phoenix to pick on Sister Na.

On the set, JC after serving looked vicious and frequently displayed her strong spike, leaving Sister Na diving awkwardly to make the save. JC with repeat scores shook her head in glory, obviously feeling Sister Na's "rotten play". After a break, Sister Na immediately discussed with director Tony Tang the scenes. JC also studied a few tricks with the coach, obviously not wanting to fall behind.

After the break, Sister Na still did not show any sign of life. Her block or spike was no match for JC. She was even covered in sand from diving for saves numerous times. After that Sister Na suddenly had a look on her face, actually she bruised her right leg. Executive producer Charlie Wong immediately consoled her as the crew disinfected the wound. JC also set aside her "grudge" and cheered her on. In the end they even encouraged each other with a high five.

Was Sister Na moving their dispute on screen? She said, "The dispute is only in the movie. We even have to argue! However actually privately we talked and laughed."


Janice Man Wing Shan

Leon Lai Ming, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung
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Janice Vidal (Wai Lan), Araif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting), Janice Man Wing Shan
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Ti Lung, Janice Man

Leon Lai, Wilfred Lau

Janice Vidal, Araif Rahman, Janice Man
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FROZEN (WAI NEI JUNG CHING) yesterday held its outdoor premiere. Leon Lai Ming, Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting), Janice Man Wing Shan, Janice Vidal (Wai Lan), Ti Lung, Susan Shaw Yam Yam and director Derek Kwok Chi Kin attended. Leon left after speaking for three minutes on stage. However, the film arranged for Janice Man and Ti Lung to appear on a yacht. Janice Man's hands were tied with black cloth. Since her appearance was different, she immediately became the media focus. Lee Chi Ting who started the show performed NICHOLAS and went off key twice.

Leon said, "When I first started I was a film new comer too. At the time many reporter elders took great care of the younger generation. Hopefully everyone would see this movie as a Hong Kong people's movie. Let's see together whether it was made very sincerely." Leon spoke for three minutes then left. In addition yesterday was Susan Shaw Yam Yam's birthday, Wai Lan and Lee Chi Ting immediately sang the birthday song in celebration. The host revealed that Chan Sin Chi was also a birthday boy. Everyone then shared the joy together.

Janice Man was arranged to make a special appearance. She happily said, "I wanted to appear with a sketch, which felt fresher. In the film my on screen father Ti Lung objected to me dating Lee Chi Ting, so my hands were tied. (Did Leon arrange for the special appearance?) Yes, he treated everyone great. The entire team had a lot of fun working together. When I started I had a lot of stress, now I am much more at ease. During the period Leon gave me some acting advice and taught me a lot. I appreciated his help a lot." was Leon whose comments often baffled people easy to understand when he taught acting? She said, "I understood. When I ran into places of uncertainty I would directly ask. At the same time I had guidance from veterans Ti Lung and Shaw Yam Yam." The film's story traveled through time and space and did not lack 80's look. She had many scenes with Leon and also had a special effect scene of being frozen that was more special.

Currently working on BRUCE LEE MY BROTHER, Lee Chi Ting was asked whether due to his film work he did not have time to practice the song. He apologized for singing off key twice. "Really? I am so sorry. I was really into the singing and didn't know I was off key. Actually I had time to practice, maybe it had something to do with lacking sleep." He revealed that BRUCE LEE MY BROTHER will wrap in a week. He also suffered injuries during the shoot. He said, "Aside from many bad takes, I took a shot from a co-star and got a nosebleed. I also suffered a sprain, but it was no big deal."


Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Rainie Yang (Yeung Sing Lam)
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The Pang Brothers' first 3D camera shot and post production 3D ghost film CHILD'S EYE (TUNG NGAN) was invited to participate in a non competition portion of the Venice Film Festival. On September 2, director Oxide Pang Shun led the actresses Rainie Yang (Yeung Sing Lam) and Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam to Venice to attend the September 4 3D version global premiere.

Yeung Sing Lam and Elanne became good friends from their first collaboration. Love, friendship, work, nothing was off topic for them. Yeung Sing Lam even helped Elanne clean up her room while shooting in Thailand because she could not tolerate it anymore. Elanne also cooked for the first time for Yeung Sing Lam. Yeung Sing Lam said when she first met Elanne, she thought she was very cute girl who was very polite and quiet. However two or three days after work started, Elanne's true nature flowed out. She was a girl who was energetic like a guy. Their personalities were very close, as they both were girls who would not think too much and would not hesitate. Although they were in two different places, they maintained contact and cherished their connection very much.

Elanne stated that when Yeung Sing Lam came to her room, she could not help but fold her clothing and pick up after her. Thus she thought Yeung was quite lady. She also returned the favor and cooked for Yeung Sing Lam, as she told her, "The first time I cooked it was for Yeung Sing Lam." Yeung Sing Lam excitedly came to Elanne's room and was curious about what they were eating, but actually Elanne only put all the vegetable into a pot for a hot pot casserole. However they had a great time chatting. When the movie wrapped, they embraced each other and could not stop crying because they were willing to part.


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DETECTIVE DEE AND THE MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME (DIK YUN KIT ji TUNG TIN DAI GOK) was the only Chinese film to compete in this year's Venice Film Festival and will premiere there as well. Just the cost of the promotional trip was astronomical. Playing Wu Zetian, Carina Lau Ka Ling has decided to attend and appear on the red carpet with director Tsui Hark, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Li Bingbing and Deng Chao at the film festival.

After Ka Ling's Wu Zetian look was unveiled, the audience was in awe. Not only did viewers praise her professionalism but also said that her look was full of modern feel, dominating yet femininely gentle. Thus Huayi Brothers even transported Wu Zetian's Imperial Dragon robe to Venice for display so viewers from around the world could have a glimpse at how the costume that was priceless with the labor cost alone glitter. Reportedly, the director has always seen this dragon robe as a collectible item. The film company bought very heavy insurance on its transport to Venice to ensure that the director's treasure would not be damaged at all.

In addition, the team will organize a Tang Dynasty Dream event at Hotel Excelsior. The film's elegant and colorful Great Tang era will return in Venice and take the guest on a journey of time and space. The venue will erect Dee style secret symbol banner, with two unique Tang Dynasty symbol in dark black and deep red, to welcome guests.

The film also officially unveiled a new poster. This film poster's theme was the most important set "ghost city". On one hand it showed Wu Zetian's majesty and how she controlled the entire case behind the scene; on the other four leads held their own weapons on a boat as they prepared to head toward the dangers of ghost city.

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Jackie Chan's recent comment that supported the Filipino police angered the people of Hong Kong. Later he issued an statement to publicly apologize for the misunderstanding. After this storm, he returned to work as usual. In the upcoming film XINHAI REVOLUTION he will play revolution pioneer Huang Xing and direct; Li Bingbing will play Huang Xing's wife Xu Zonghan. They both will serve the the film's executive producer.

XINHAI REVOLUTION will have 63 complete characters, with the supporting characters over 70 stars will participate. Aside from Jackie Chan and Li Bingbing, Winston Chao will play Dr. Sun Yat-sen, Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) will play the Hubei military officer in the Wuchang Uprising and one of the 72 Huanghuagang martyrs, Zhang Zhenwu. This will be the first time he will perform in his father's film.


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Alan Tang Kwong Wing two nights ago with Ken Low Wai Kwong, Dave Wang Kit, Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Jackie Lui Chung Yin attended the Hong Kong Muay-Thai Association's 5th standing committee inauguration. The event's press release stated that Paul Wong Koon Chung, Athena Chu Yan, Chin Siu Ho, Chin Kar Lok would attend, but unfortunately they were unable to.

Low Wai Kwong just recently from Thailand from making the new film LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE (DUET MING GUM). Recently the Filipino gunman hostage murders have become the talk of the town. Kwong Jai said, "I don't know how many tears I have shed!" As for the criticism against the Filipino police performance, Kwong Jai was angry as he said, "I can get an ordinary stunt coordinator to lead a team of stunt people and be better than them." His former boss Jackie Chan's "Filipino police support" turned him into focus of attacks and subsequently apologized to settle public rage. Kwong Jai only said, "Is that right? We no longer have much contact." Speaking of whether Kwong Jai was able to get back 200,000 in retirement fund after leaving Jackie Chan's company, he declined to comment and stated that he wanted to talk about happy things. He stated that he was the most tense about his two sons, hoping that both would be able to go to school.

Kwong Jai as a single father admitted that he had some financial issues when he first left Jackie Chan's company. Luckily his friends knew how he was and now he already has many jobs. As for the earlier gossips with Jackie Chan, Kwong Jai quoted Stephen Chan Chi Wan. "The real can't be fake, the fake can't be real. Fact is fact." Kwong Jai stated that now he indeed is happier than before. "20 years ago I was very happy, now I am back I am very happy too. (Were the time with Jackie Chan unhappy?) Jackie Chan was often not in Hong Kong, maybe he has his own reason that others don't understand."


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Nick Cheung Ka Fai earlier with THE BEAST STALKER (JING YUN) at the Changchun Film Festival won Best Actor. Yesterday Ka Fai returned home. Winning his sixth Best Actor award with the film, Ka Fai honestly said that for now he would not increase his rate. Boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing would have to be asked about the rate increase and at the same time it would depend on the market reaction.

Ka Fai with BEAST won the Hong Kong Film Award, Golden Horse, Asia Pacific Film Festival, Excellent Chinese Film Award and Hong Kong Film Critic Society Best Actor. Along with Changchun Best Actor this time, Ka Fai has been crowned six times and broken all Hong Kong film industry record. Yesterday Ka Fai returned to Hong Kong. He could not hide his joy and kissed the award per reporters' request. Ka Fai looked excited. "Director (Dante) Lam Chiu Yin once urged me to call him right away once the results were announced. As soon as I got off stage I called the director. He was very happy. Because this time took place one every two years, the competition was accumulated over two years!" He said that this time the Changchun Best Actor was his first Mainland award with BEAST, thus he felt very excited.

Ka Fai said that the BEAST success not only proved that the film was recognized but also added confidence to the current release THE STOOL PIGEON (SIN YUN). He said, "Last year the award I won in Korea was a special mention prize, not a Best Actor award. Thus actually I only won six Best Actor. However the number isn't the issue. The recognition in every region is very exciting for me." Ka Fai felt honored that a Hong Kong film was able to win so many awards. He honestly said that he was not numb yet and joked that he was "shaking all over from the inside job". He said, "On stage my heart beat faster. Even though it didn't show on camera, my heart was a stormy sea." As for celebration, Ka Fai stated that last night he would watch THE STOOL PIGEON alone. "I know the film made 3 million over 3 days. Although originally I was a date with my wife to see it, I can't wait to see it first!"

Speaking of breaking all Hong Kong film industry record with his sixth Best Actor award, Ka Fai was happy. He said, "With six time Best Actor title always around, I don't want it to become a burden. Because I am me, I won't change a lot. It is just a beautiful memory!" Did he feel like he was floating on air? He said, "Do you think so? When I am risking my life I am like this too." As for a rate increase, Ka Fai immediately said to ask boss Yeung Sau Sing. He said, "This is market determined. If the market wants an increase then it happens. Market reaction is important!"


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The 10th China Changchun Film Festival closing ceremony and
award show took place two nights ago as the event presented 13 awards,
dual Best Actors and Best Actresses. THE BEAST STALKER (JING YUN)'s Nick
both won Best Actor; AT THE END OF DAYBREAK (SUM MOR)'s Wai Ying Hung and
MULAN's Vicki Zhao Wei both won Best Actress.

Liu Yifei two nights ago appeared with the new A CHINESE GHOST STORY (SIN YUN YAU WON) team at the award show. The team even held a press conference. She, director Wilson Yip Wai Shun, Yu Shaoqun, Wai Ying Hung and Louis Fan Siu Wong attended. "Yin Chet Hup" Louis Koo Tin Lok due to another injury was absent. That night Yip Wai Shun and cinematographer Arthur Wong Ngok Tai won Best Director and Best Cinematography, while the tree demon Siu Hung won Best Actress. They were well worth the 3 day production halt for the 300 people team.

According to Yip Wai Shun, the film has already completed all the shooting in the temple and most important scenes have been shot. The film will wrap in Shanghai in September and be locked in for a May Day release. Yu Shaoqun revealed that he will play a hero who saves a damsel in distress. Speaking of Koo Tin Lok's "stealing his love away", he joked, "Changchun truly is my lucky place. This time finally I don't have to fight with Koo Tin Lok. Of course I wish Big Brother Koo Tin Lok to get well soon and continue to fight with me to be this 'Little Three'." Reportedly the new version will turn the old version upside down and start all over, from an all new perspective it will look at and tell a romantic love story.

Koo Tin Lok on the eve of the award show injured his right leg during an action scene. Although after hospital examination his condition was not excessively severe, his right leg lost sensation once. To keep from impacting production progress, he still insisted on continuing the shoot. The film had many action scenes that were highly difficult, but Goo Jai insisted on personally performing many highly difficult stunt and against using a double. Thus he was injured twice in ten days.

In addition, Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam who attended her first Changchun Film Festival presented the Best Supporting Actress award. She praised Changchun's great air quality that felt very comfortable. She even turned into a fan and took pictures with elders. When Ka Fai and Siu Hung were announced to be the winners, she cheered excitedly for them. At the celebration, she did not forget to shake their hands to congratulate them and joked that she would like some of their luck to rub off on her. Next week she, Rainie Yang (Yeung Sing Lam) and Pang Shun will head to the Venice Film Festival for their 3D film CHILD'S EYE promotion.

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Shawn Yue Man Lok and Kitty Zhang Yuqi worked together for the first time on a romantic mystery thriller CURSE OF THE DESERTED (FONG CHUEN GUNG YU). They shot on location in Beijing in the dead of winter. Ah Lok toughed out the cold for months as they shot in the mountains. During the period they ran into supernatural events, but he joked, "I was more afraid of the cold and the exhaustion than ghost!"

CURSE's director Law Chi Leung directed KOMA (GAU MING) and INNER SENSES (YI DOH HUNG GAN). Ah Lok revealed that he took the role completely because of Director Law. "I saw INNER and really liked his production style. Working with new people you never know what the result will be like, the feeling is a lot of fun!"

The shoot in Beijing last Winter had Ah Lok begging for mercy. "We lived in the remote mountains, for over a month I stared at the same mountain, the same goat, and the same abandoned house! The weather was cold, even two pairs of wool pants were useless. The dry climate triggered reactions from my trachea and nose, sometimes I even had nosebleeds! When we had our rice boxes, the cold rice could be poked with chopsticks and picked up. Really people could go mad, everyday we counted down to the completion!"

Ah Lok toughed it out but felt that lead actress Zhang Yuqi was even more professional. "In one scene she had to jump down a well. The well went up to the chest. Since I didn't have to go in I tested the water temperature with my finger and the chill already went into my spine! She jumped in without complaining at all and got it done in one take!" Someone joked that they could warm up with intimate scenes. Ah Lok joked, "In the film we only had a peck, if we had to take off our clothes for the intimate scenes, wouldn't we be even colder?"

Aside from the cold, Ah Lok also ran into a supernatural event. "At first when we shot on location, the camera was out of order for no reason. After lighting incenses it was immediately fine! During the first few nights at the hotel, the door locked on its own. I told 'it', 'I came to make a movie and would be in this room for over a month, sorry for the trouble!' then I was fine again! I am used to seeing the strange and not be surprised. Actually I was more afraid of the cold and the exhaustion than the ghost!"

CURSE opened earlier in the Mainland, its box office put Ah Lok at ease. "I know that after 3 days in release it already accumulated 30 million in the Mainland box office. Subjects like CURSE have already had poor response in the Mainland. This performance was enough for me and the director."


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The 10th China Changchun Film Festival award ceremony took place last night at the Changchun Five Ring Stadium. Nick Cheung Ka Fai with the film THE BEAST STALKER (JING YUN) won his seventh Best Actor, which also went to BODYUGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (SUP YUET WAI SING)'s Wang Xueqi. Wai Ying Hung with AT THE END OF DAYBREAK (SUM MOR) along with MULAN's Vicki Zhao Wei both won Best Actress. Best Chinese Picture went to FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC, while Sandra Ng Kwan Yu with ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW (SHUI YUET SUN TAU) won Best Supporting Actress.

When Cheung Ka Fai accepted the award on stage, because of THE BEAST STALKER he received numerous Best Actor awards. This was his Best Actor in his motherland and made it even more meaningful. Ka Fai won Best Actors with THE BEAST STALKER at the Golden Horse award, Hong Kong Film Award, Asia Pacific Film Festival, Film Critic Society, Puchon
International Fantastic Film Festival, Chinese Film Award and last night's Changchun Film Festival.

The film AT THE END OF DAYBREAK has won Wai Ying Hung three Best Actress awards (Film Critic Society, Hong Kong Film Award, Changchun Film Festival) and two Best Supporting Actress awards. Yesterday Wai Ying Hung attended the award show in Changchun. The award was also her first Best Actress award in the Mainland.

Zhao Wei opened the award show as a guest performance and flew to the stage. She even won Best Actress with MULAN. Last night Zhao Wei thanked his "lover" for giving her a lot of love and dispelling rumors of marital issues.

Ng Kwan Yu was very happy that ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW received Mainland jury and audience recognition. This was also her first Mainland film award, which she thought was quite meaningful. Unfortunately she was unable to pick up the award in person. Later she hoped to be able to celebrate one more with the director, the producer, Brother Wa and their two on screen sons. Kwan Yu also denied that she personally confirmed her pregnancy in writing, insisting that it was her MR. AND MRS. INCREDIBLE character's experience.


Janice Vidal

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Solar Project 2010 Southern District music summit held a press conference yesterday. Performers included Janice Vidal (Wai Lan), William Chan Wai Ting, Ken Hung Cheuk Lap and HotCha attended. The concert takes place today. Major Hong Kong political parties today also
hold a mourning march for the Manila victims. Wai Lan was not concerned with anti-Filipino sentiments. She believed that the Lord will help everyone past this period of unhappiness.

William urged everyone to donate to and help the victims' families to continue with their lives and education so they would not have to withstand too much pressure. In the upcoming new film CHOOK GWAI DIK NUI YUN (OFF THE RAIL WOMEN) with Pat Ha Man Jik and Carrie Ng Ka Lai. William honestly said that he still has not gotten past the revealing performance. Although the director made this request he still had to wait and see. He said, "In the film I play a gigolo, but it isn't all about sex. I took it because I play two characters. I hope to challenge
myself." He also said that he would be prepared whether he will bare or not. Because he was tan all over except the rear, he would have to go to a tanning bed. He joked, "I can't selling my 'brother', 'brother' would wilt from exposure." Then he said if a rich wife made an offer he would transfer to his brother. He also wanted to know his price to see who else was on his level on the price chart.


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The Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Louis Koo Tin Lok starred costume comedy MR. AND MRS. INCREDIBLE (SUN KEI HUP NUI) was originally slated for a National Day release. Yesterday the film company suddenly announced that the film will be released in the Spring Festival slot. Producer Peter Chan Ho Sun said that the move was because he was picky, but his girlfriend, 45 year old Ng Kwan Yu wrote an "apology letter" in the voice of her film character "Fragrance Heroine" and revealed that the truth behind the film release delay was that she was "pregnant again". It was also the first time that she admitted her second pregnancy.

Chan Ho Sun said, "MR. AND MRS. INCREDIBLE is China's first 'superhero movie'. I wanted the film's special effects to be on par with Hollywood." On one hand Chan Ho Sun's explanation made sense, on the other hand Ng Kwan Yu dispelled it in a few words. She wrote an "apology
letter" to her fans and signed it with her character name, revealing that her pregnancy was the real reason. "I hesitated for half a day whether to tell Producer Long Hair. Before I can send the text message, he already is making a fuss with me. What is the big deal? Does the MR. AND
MRS. INCREDIBLE premiere have to be in the delivery room? He gave his glasses a push, ran his hand through his hair and decided, 'The movie won't be released for National Day, it's changed to the Spring Festival.'"


Guo Jingjing

Fan Bingbing
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Fan Bingbing

Guo Jingjing

Guo Jingjing, Fan Bingbing, Gucci executive Mimi Tang, Ethan Ruan, Joe Cheng
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Guo Jingjing, Fan Bingbing, Peter Ho Yun Tung
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Fan Bingbing, Olympic diving gold medalist Guo Jingjing, popular Taiwan idol Ethan Ruan (Yuen King Tin), Joe Cheng Yuen Cheung and international supermodel Lu Yin two nights ago attended the Gucci 2010 fall and winter fashion show in Beijing.

Reportedly Bingbing will participate in Korean director Kang Je-Gyu's war film MY WAY, which will start production in October. The story's background will be the World War II Normandy invasion when a Korean man after being recruited into the Japanese military then becoming a German fascist soldier. Bingbing will play a Chinese woman. When the Jang Dong-Gun played character was fighting in China, they helped each other through some hardships. Bingbing next month will go to Korea to discuss the collaboration with director Kang Je-Gyu. The film's other
lead actor will be Japanese star Joe Odagiri. The film will cost over 3 billion won and will shoot in Korea, China, Russia, France and other locations.


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Bonnie Xian (Sin Sik Lai), Michelle Wai (Si Nga)
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Bonnie Xian (Sin Sik Lai), Michelle Wai (Si Nga), Karson Lok Chun Wai and young models Ivy and Liz starred, Kenneth Bi (But Kwok Chi) directed film GIRL$ (NUI NUI) two nights ago held its premiere at the Mongkok Broadway cinema. JJ Jia (Ga Hiu Sun), Deep Ng Ho Hong, young
model Dada Chen Jing came in support. Sin Sik Lai, Si Ngai in the film played escort girls. Two nights ago they and Lok Chun Wai distributed ticket coupons and condoms and attracted a large group.

Sin Sik Lai expressed that the film had four or five sex scenes, after making them she had emotional issues. She was constantly unhappy. She said that she would not firmly say that she would not make this type of movies again, but she felt after this time her range has widen.
Speaking of GIRL$ being a category III film, was she worried that she would be typecast as a category III star? She said, "Hopefully no one would think that." Si Nga stated that she had a revealing scene in the film, but the hardest was having to use foul language. She said that after the shoot she had nightmares and did not dare to speak, as she felt a little like cutting herself off.

Dada came in support of her company's Liz and Ivy. She said that she was not too sexy and did not want to steal the show. Was she able to accept nude scenes? She said, "I don't know, I myself won't be completely nude. My rear isn't pretty. I think I have to be very thin before
considering. I am too fat, I don't want to reveal my weak spot."


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Earlier in the Philippines hostage case, eight people from Hong Kong tragically killed. While all of Hong Kong was sadden, the people are also upset at the Filipino police's rescue method. As an
international superstar and the Hong Kong travel ambassador Jackie Chan at this time stated, "Hong Kong people would not have hatred and are willing to extend a friendly hand to the Philippines." Immediately he has attracted blame from everywhere, citing that Jackie Chan cannot represent all of Hong Kong.

In order to settle the public outcry, Jackie Chan yesterday issued a statement to the media. He first offered his deepest condolences to the Hong Kong family of the victims. He explained that perhaps his statement was not clear enough that his U.S. assistant made it incomplete after translation and unable to express its original intent. He was willing to make his sincerest apology for the misunderstanding and displeasure that this incident has caused. He felt that this was a heartbreaking tragedy and sympathized with families that lost the ones who were the closest to them. He also wished a speedy recovery for those injured and said that he would not hate the Filipinos due to this tragedy, but felt that an investigation would be necessary into whether the tragedy was due to improper command from the Filipino police.

Jackie Chan's detailed statement was as below, "First, I have to offer my deepest condolences to the Hong Kong families of those killed in the Philippines. Perhaps I was not clear with what I said. After my U.S. assistant translated the content on Twitter the original intent was incomplete. I feel that when Hong Kong people visited the Philippines and were held hostage and killed, it was a heartbreaking tragedy. I am Chinese, 100% from Hong Kong, I feel sadden and hurt with the Hong Kong people who died in this tragedy and deeply sympathize with families that have lost those closest to them. I wish those injured will recover soon.

I only said, I will not hate the Filipinos due to this tragedy. Over 100,000 Filipinos work in Hong Kong, and many Hong Kong people work in the Philippines. If we hate each other, it will be very damaging to both Hong Kong and the Philippines.

As for whether the Filipino police's improper command caused this tragedy, this of course must be accounted for. We should leave this to experts in this area. If my incomplete thought earlier on the site caused everyone's misunderstanding and displeasure, I hereby express my sincerest
apology to everyone."


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Cissy Wang yesterday brought her children to a Disney musical event. Cissy Wang and her daughter graciously posed for pictures, but her two year old son was fussy and had to be admitted first with a friend. She said that her husband Donnie Yen Chi Tan was busy with a film
production and could not attend, but tomorrow they will head to the Venice Film Festival because his film LEGEND OF THE FIST THE RETURN OF CHEN ZHEN (JING MO FUNG WON CHEN ZHEN) was selected to be the opening film. She said, "I haven't seen Hubby's movie, but he said it was decent." She said that the 30th will be their seventh anniversary and they will spend it in Venice. Has she prepared a gift? She said that she will have to think about it. Will they have another child? She said they will not.

Earlier Yen Chi Tan was rumored to be making Raymond Wong Pak Ming's comedy JI KEUNG HEI SI 2011, Chi Tan's first official comedy. She said, "I have heard him mention it, Boss Wong did approach him." Did she feel Chi Tan had the comedy gene? She said that normally Chi Tan was pretty funny at home, but she did not know whether everyone would be able to accept it. Reportedly Chi Tan's salary has reached 15 million RMB for ten days, she said she did not know.


Fiona Sit Hoi Kei, Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming)
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The Barbara Wong Chun Chun directed, Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui produced, Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) and Fiona Sit Hoi Kei starred romance BREAK UP CLUB (FUN SAU SHUET OI NEI) will break out Hong Kong next month and participate in the 35th Toronto International Film Festival. The Toronto Film Festival was founded in 1976 and has already become one of the largest North American film festivals. In recent years winners of the Toronto Film Festival's highest honor "Viewer's Choice" almost always received an Oscar nomination.

The Toronto Film Festival will take place between September 9 and 19. BREAK UP CLUB will be screened September 11, 12 and 18. Other Chinese films taking part will include: LEGEND OF THE FIST THE RETURN OF CHEN ZHEN, AFTER SHOCK, and DETECTIVE DEE AND THE MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME. Director Wong Chun Chun and producer Cheng Tan Shui were excited about BREAK UP CLUB being a part of the Toronto Film Festival because the
film received international film industry recognition. This was also the first time that BREAK participated in an overseas international film festival. Wong Chun Chun and Cheng Tan Shui hoped that it will be able to participate in other festivals and show the world Hong Kong films.


Zhao Benshan plays the Erhu
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China's first farm theme film specialty prize "Golden Wheat award" took place on the 26th at the Changchun Stadium. The film LABOUR IN FLUX won two Golden Wheat award to become the big winner.

Reportedly, this event collected 98 nationally produced farm theme films and 18 national science and educational films, 21 excellent films among them qualified for the competition. China's first farm labor film LABOUR IN FLUX received the people's favorite film award. Actors Song Yuncheng and Yan Ni with outstanding performances in the films LABOUR IN FLUX and COW won the people's favorite actor and actress awards. The film BASIS FOR EVERYTHING: COURSE OF CHINA'S AGRICULTURAL MODERNIZATIONS DRIVE received the people's favorite science and educational film.

In addition, famous comedian Zhao Benshan became the film festival Golden Wheat award image ambassador and at the award ceremony received a honorary certificate from the Changchun mayor Cui Jie.

Friday, August 27, 2010


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Fiona Sit Hoi Kei, Pahko Chau, Liu Kai Chi and Tats Lau Yi Tat yesterday worked on the film SEUNG HOI OI TAN (SHANGHAI OUTER BUND). Sit Hoi Kei stated that she and Pakho played a couple. Yesterday was the final scene in which they laughed and cried. Did they have any intimate scene? She said, "No, because the film is about interpersonal relationships it has no lust." Would the Hong Kong tour hijacking tragedy in the Philippines made Fiona even sadder? She said yesterday before the production began, the director and the team held a moment of silence. Although it was after the all Hong Kong moment of silence at 8AM, everyone did their part.

Yesterday's scene was funeral. Did Uncle Chi receive laisee before the shoot? He stated that he did not need it as he treated it like a nap.


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REIGN OF ASSASSINS (GIM YU) was John Woo (Ng Yu Sum)'s first wuxia production. The film will premiere in Venice on September 3. The film cast included Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King), Jung Woo-Sung, Wang Xueqi, Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon) and Shawn Yue Man Lok. Earlier at the official site launch, the villain assassin leader Wang Xueqi revealed that he and Big S had an indecent mentor disciple relationship and passion scenes. Recently the film company unveiled stills from this scene. Wang Xueqi and Big S' passion scene was "direct stimulation".

Wang Xueqi's righteous image has always been well known. He has stated to the media that his weakness was love scene, kiss scene, not to mention bed scene. Yet this time in REIGN, he broke through his personal performance limit and played an indecent mentor disciple romance with Big S. Earlier Wang Xueqi stated that he had to make the passion scene very pretty and human. From the stills, this scene and the "pretty" that he talked about was more like Big S' description of "direct stimulation physical relationship". Big S who Wang Xueqi called "gentle assassin" took the initiative and lay on top of Wang Xueqi with a naked seduction. Wang Xueqi had to tightly embrace and retreat. Aside from passion he also had a secret that he could not reveal.

Speaking of this passion scene, Wang Xueqi explained, "The wheel king that I played did not dare to become involved in love. Since love brought him joy and pain, we did not have passion for the sake of passion. It was a progression of character personalities." During the shoot, he kept reminding him not have to other thought. Luckily the passion scene was still a partner scene. "Big S performed very well, she can make you relax and get into character."