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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa who just started work on her new film, Pang Ho Cheung's MAN JU SA WA (MANJUSAKA). Two nights ago she and the production team shot inside a building on Star Street in Wan Chai. Chin Wa who was originally inside the house heard noises nearby and went to the balcony to take a look. In the story a suspected bomb was found near the home and the police investigated. Chin Wa played Eric Tsang Chi Wai's wife. Another Pang Ho Cheung favorite Shawn Yue Man Lok will guest star. Although it was not a special scene, many people looked on. Later the team had to shoot a water tossing scene. To keep onlookers from getting wet, the team asked people to leave.


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The 50th Golden Horse Award will take place in Taipei in November. The Golden Horse committee voted and decided that this year's Lifetime Achievement Award will go to Chen Chen. Chen Chen joined the film industry at age 16 as the only new comer that Lee Han-Hsiang's Grand Motion Pictures selected out of over 3,000 acting recruits. 1970 was her acting career peak. Chen Chen has been in the film industry for 50 years, just in time for the Golden Horse 50th anniversary.


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Andy Lau Tak Wa and Sammi Cheng Sau Man have worked together many times, Wa Jai in an interview even joked that he and Sammi should be husband and wife for three lifetimes, just not in this one. Thus in their next lives they will still be together. Wa Jai jokingly told Sammi, "In next life I will still be Lau Tak Wa, you still Cheng Sau Man. I definitely will find you!"

Wa Jai in his new film with Sammi BLIND DETECTIVE (MAN TAM) played the title role. In the film he had a short three second braille reading scene. Wa Jai truly put the effort into learning the 26 English letters and simple reading methods, thus he looked very convincing. He even said that BLIND DETECTIVE was the representative work of the 50 year old Lau Tak Wa! Wa Jai admitted that he secretly impersonated Johnnie To Kei Fung as the blue print. To Sir said that the character was very similar to his father's personality, later To Sir even asked Wa Jai why did he play the character so "mean". At the time Wa Jai only snickered inside.


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Mary Jean Reimer speaks to the media briefly as she leaves, saying that Master Lau Kar Leung belongs to Hong Kong

Lau Kar Leung's DRUNKEN MONKEY photo will be used at the funeral
The Hung Kuen motto will be the side couplet at Lau Kar Leung's funeral
Nat Chan reveals the establishment of a Lau Kar Leung film fund
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Grand Master of a Generation Lau Kar Leung passed away on June 25 at age 76. His widow Mary Jean Reimer (Yung Jing Jing) held back the pain of losing her husband to organize the funeral for Lau Kar Leung. Yesterday she with her older daughter Lau Man Yi met with Nat Chan Pak Cheung and others to discuss Lar Kar Leung's funeral arrangement, which has been scheduled for the services to begin on July 23th, the funeral on the 24th and the cremation at Po Lin Monastery on the 29th. Lau Kar Leung was a Hung Kuen disciple. His funeral alter and tombstone would be decorated with "Grand Master of a Generation" in the center and Hung Kuen motto as the sides couplet. Lau Kar Leung spent his lifetime to promote Chinese martial arts. After his death Yung Jing Jing will establish a "Lau Kar Leung film fund" to assist kung fu film professionals.

With a black Chinese dress, sunglasses and Buddhist beads, Yung Jing Jing yesterday with daughter Lau Man Yi, Master Lau's disciple Sin Kwok Lam went to the Hong Kong Film Award Association office to meet with Ah Lek, Shaw executive Wong Ka Hei, Society of Film Editors (Hong Kong), Hong Kong Film Arts Association, Ting Yu and others to discuss Master Lau Kar Leung's funeral arrangement. The meeting took place for half a hour.

After the meeting ended, Yung Jing Jing who declined to pose for photos or interviews hid in the conference room as Ah Lek spoke on her behalf; as Ah Lek was talking she grabbed her daughter Man Yi by the hand and took the opportunity to leave. Yung Jing Jing did not respond to any media question. When she descended the stairway, reporters almost tripped and fell. For the safety of the media, she said that she would speak at a safer location.

Yung Jing Jing's sunglasses still could not hide her sorrow and exhaustion. She said, "Thank you everyone for everyone's support of Master. Now film industry unions and the martial art world got together to do something for Master, I hope the reporter union would work together as well for everyone to make this event great together." Everyone was worried about her emotions. She said, "Thank you, I am much calmer, much better than the first day. (What about your daughters?) We are all much calmer because we have already accepted this. After acceptance we have to help Master with his affairs according to his wishes. Master belonged to Hong Kong, belonged to everyone. Together we will make this great."

Yung Jing Jing pointed out that Master Lau asked Ah Lek to be the chair, so Ah Lek would make the announcements. She said, "Please give me a little space, if anything happens I will speak up on facebook." Yung Jing Jing is a Buddhist, at age 11 she already took refuge. This time the funeral ceremony will also be taking refuge for Master Lau to officially become a Buddhist. Will she leave home for Master? She said, "Let's stop here for now, thank you everyone!"

Two days ago when Yung Jing Jing returned home, she wrote on facebook that two nights ago was the only night that she was able to sleep peacefully. Among the eight dukkha of life, she now experienced the pain of losing love and a loved one. She revealed that after her husband's passing she collapsed emotionally. Luckily Ling Wan Temple's top nun took her and her daughters into the nunnery, otherwise she did not know whether she would have done something silly. Master Lau aside from the Po Fook Hill niches also had a tablet spot in Ling Wan Temple. She asked people in lieu of sending flowers to make a donation to the Ling Wan Temple charity fund to assist with temple maintenance so it may benefit others further.

Ah Lek served as the funeral committee chair and revealed the funeral arrangement details. He said that yesterday he invited Mrs. Lau to the meeting to update her on the funeral arrangements and hear her wishes. As for the pallbearers, Mrs. Lau made suggestions but they have not been confirmed yet. He said that Mrs. Lau did not want too many floral arrangements, so everyone would instead donate to the temporarily named "Lau Kar Leung film fund" to help kung fu film professionals. Mrs. Lau will be responsible for the funeral costs. She will first make a deposit to the Performing Artist Guild, the remaining sum will also go to the fund.

Earlier Yung Jing Jing purchased 15 connecting niches in Po Fook Hill. Ah Lek said that Mrs. Lau wanted Master Lau's tombstone to have a film feel. The Hong Kong Film Arts Association will be responsible. The center plaque will say "Grand Master of A Generation" and the side couplet will be Hung Kuen motto. The photo may be Master Lau in action in the film DRUNKEN MONKEY (JUI MA LAU). The funeral altar will be decorated in the same manner, with white lotus and white rose decorations. Master Lau's son will lead the procession. He also said that the Film Archive will create a program for Master. At the altar Master's classic film footage will be shown as well.


One of So Hung Suen's wishes was to promote vegetarianism
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Veteran actress So Hung Suen passed away on June 12th due to diabetes related heart failure at age 62. Services begin this afternoon at the Universal Funeral Parlor and the funeral will take place tomorrow. Her remains will be transported to the Diamond Hill Crematorium for cremation. Today between 3:30PM and 4:30PM the family made special arrangements for the public to pay their respect.

Her husband Hui Sing Biu stated in the press release that in lieu for floral arrangements So Hung Suen and her family asked for donations to be made to the "elementary school of hope in Cambodia" construction fund.


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Carina Lau Ka Ling three nights ago praised her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai's short hairstyle as good looking and stated that she gave her heart to him for his birthday present. Two nights ago she shared a sweet photo with Wai Jai online. "The Sun meets the Moon..."


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Chin Siu Ho yesterday attended a formal wear shop opening with his ten year old son. Will Siu Ho ask his son to learn kung fu? He said, "I have a Muay Thai kick boxing gym and I brought my son there. However he wasn't interested in kung fu. Instead he likes dancing."

Speaking of Lau Kar Leung's passing, he said that he knew Master Lau during the Shaw days. They have worked together on two films. "The last time I saw Master Lau was a year and half ago. At the time he was very spirited. His passing truly was regrettable. In recent years many elders passed away and I am used to it." He said that he and Master Lau Kar Leung were not close, but during film productions he taught him a lot about filmmaking and life.

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Deep Ng
The ladies of THE MIDAS TOUCH would not mind daring performance with Tony Leung Chiu Wai
Karl Hui denies that BACHELOR AT WAR is fake
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The band Closer, BACHELORS AT WAR instructor "green demon" Karl Hui Ka Ho, artist Tyson and Emperor new comers Angela Hui Ching Wan, Alice Luo Shi, Christie Si Xuan, Zhuang Jiemeng, and Una Xie Jiayu yesterday promoted the Emperor Motion Picture THE MIDAS TOUCH (CHIU CUP GAING LEI YUN) in a shopping center and played games. The five actresses under the guidance of Karl Hui awkwardly paired clothing.

Closer member Deep Ng Ho Hong looked thinner. He revealed that he dropped from 182 to 156 pounds. "I don't have to be as fit as (Nick) Cheung Ka Fai, losing the fat is enough." He said that in the film he played a debt collector. "During the shoot I had bad takes all the time, once I had to kick a door in. Actually (Louis) Cheung Kai Chung was behind the door and got trapped."


Jimmy Wang laments the loss of an old friend
Linda Wong says her father will attend Lau Kar Leung's funeral
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Jimmy Wang Yu and Lau Kar Leung were friends. When he spoke about his friend Lau Kar Leung's passing in a Taiwan interview he lamented, "Lau Kar Leung deserves the most credit for Hong Kong martial art films. He knew how to use any weapon in his hand, he was an authentic Wong Fei Hung descendant!" Wang Yu rested for a while after his stroke. During his recovery he made the film SOUL, with Joseph Chang as his son. He revealed that he has not quit drinking because of the stroke. Earlier this year because he went home drunk, he fell down when he went to the bathroom and his arm was left with a very long scar. When he woke up in the morning he saw the blood stain in his sheets and realized that the injury was not light. If the wound cut deeper he was afraid that he would not be around. As for his daughter Linda Wong Hing Ping's return, Wang Yu said that he did not know. They have not had contact for awhile as they lived their own lives.

Two nights ago Wong Hing Ping attended a charity vegetarian banquet spoke about her father. She said that when her father found out about Lau Kar Leung's passing he was very sad. He was very upset that someone with such love and honor left. She said that she did not want her father to be exhausted from travel, but she knew that he definitely will fly back to Hong Kong to attend Lau Kar Leung's funeral. She said that Wang Yu was very healthy and would often return to Hong Kong to visit her grandmother.


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Carina Lau of course likes her husband's new hairstyle
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Carina Lau Ka Ling last night attended a charity event. Her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai turned 51 two days ago. She revealed that she notified Wai Jai early on that she would visit a group of friends to celebrate at home, so this time was not a surprise.

She did not revealed what she gave her husband. "I gave him my heart!" Ka Ling admitted that after years together gift giving was rather difficult, as she had to pay attention to Wai Jai's interest in life. Speaking of Wai Jai's new hairstyle, she asked everyone, "Doesn't he look handsome? He felt THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI) hair was maintained for so many years, I wanted to change to a new look. (Do you like it?) Of course I like it, he is OK with any hairstyle. This time he even received raves that he is younger. He has never grown up."

Did Wai Jai have any birthday wish? Ka Ling said it was still good health. Did he want to have a child? "No, (Natasha Na Ying is rushing you to have a baby?) Many people are rushing, many people use their own value to gauge others. Actually everyone's lifestyle is very different. Many friends have offered formulas of giving a child, I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. I thank them very much. (Have you tried them?) No, actually now science is so advanced."

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After 26 years of marriage, Lau Kar Leung's passing puts Mary Jean Reimer on the brink of collapse
Yung Jing Jing reveals that she purchases 15 spots in Po Fook Hill.  9 are for Lau Kar Leung.
Lau Kar Leung's family pray in the nunnery for his safe journey.  His younger daughter even  becomes vegetarian for him.
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"We will always love you, pass on in peace."

Lau Kar Leung and Mary Jean Reimer (Yung Jing Jing)'s love of 26 years as a couple cannot avoid life stages of aging, illness and death. When Lau Kar Leung passed away in the arms of his wife Yung Jing Jing, she nearly collapsed from the sorrow. She had to move away from her home to calm down with meditation in a nunnery. Yesterday was the third day since her husband's passing. She along with family and friends performed ceremonies at the Buddhist Temple. She recalled Lau Kar Leung's 30 minutes in life as a struggle with death until she said to her husband, "We will always love you, pass on in peace!" She watched Lau Kar Leung's heart monitor returned to zero as he completed the life of a martial art grand master of a generation.

Since Lau Kar Leung's passing, Yung Jing Jing asked Nat Chan Pak Cheung to be the funeral committee chair while she hid away in a nunnery to pray for her late husband. Yesterday was the first ceremony for Lau Kar Leung, as an abbot led in the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Sutra chant. Reporters attended as friends and respected Yung Jing Jing's wishes of no photos to pretend any disturbance.

At the ceremony older daughter Man Yi missed her father, held her mother and cried. The mother and daughters' crying embrace made people's heart ached. The chanting ceremony was over one hour long, Yung Jing Jing and her daughters were kneeling throughout. They were able to control their emotions but could not hold back sobs. The days after Master Lau passed, she brought the daughters to the nunnery and once had the impulse to stay there for the long run. For days they have been chanting in the morning with the abbot at the Temple, one of the abbots was the one who rushed to the hospital for Master Lau's last rite.

Yung Jing Jing recalled Lau Kar Leung's sudden condition deterioration. She said that her husband transferred from the Prince of Wales Hospital to the Union Hospital, she and their daughters also moved to the hospital to take care of him. At the time his pneumonia has worsen and the respirator was already useless. His will to live was strong and he would rather be intubated. On June 25 when he reached the final moment of his life, he was extubated and taken off other life support machine except the heart beat monitor. Yung Jing Jing sat on the bed and held Master Lau in her arms. Family and friends who were present each bid him farewell. At this time he could no longer speak, but his heart beats showed responses. Yung Jing Jing said, "When I said that a watch was being repaired and hasn't been picked up yet, his heart beat especially fast. He struggled for half a hour without a respirator. Sometimes when his heart beat slower it would suddenly pick up again. I felt that he was struggling. Finally I touched his chest and said that we would always love him and told me to pass on in peace. He then breathed his final breath. When I held him his body was very soft and fragrant. He was very peaceful." She personally cleaned Master Lau for the final time and even applied chap stick for him.

Speaking of buying a place for Master Lau's ashes early on, Yung Jing Jing said, "Only after seeing his condition deteriorating did I start to look for a spot for the ashes. Luckily with a friend's help I bought 15 connected spots in Po Fook Hill. I once suggested burial in Macau, but he declined. He would rather be cremated. I took photos of the spots to show him and he was very pleased. I planned to use 9 spots for him, with a couplet on the sides. The six spots on each side will be reserved for when his beloved required them."

Yung Jing Jing refused to reveal how much she spent. Reporters called Po Fook Hill to inquire about prices. The highest price for the center spots was 520,000, the estimate for 15 spots was HK$7.8 million.

Yung Jing Jing said, "Kar Leung and I talked about a lot of things, and we have seen through life and death. I asked if he wanted a low key funeral? He said it had to be appropriate. So I wanted to do this final thing well for him. Because he trusted Chan Pak Cheung, he helped. He and (Eric) Tsang Chi Wai have helped me the most. I wanted the funeral to have film and kung fu elements and to be positive."

Yung Jing Jing secretly arranged for his children with his former wife to meet with Lau Kar Leung. His only son saw his father off on his final journey. She said, "He had little contact with his children with his former wife, I asked Ka Wing to asked his brother if he wanted to see them and asked them to visit their father at the hospital. I knew that it was very important for children to see their father one last time. Since my daughters can see Papa, his former wife's children should be able to see their father; when Kar Leung left, his son was by his side. Actually we held no grudge, they respected me. Seeing each other again after so many years, we hug and comforted each other."

Yung Jing Jing missed Lau Kar Leung's romance. They liked to take wedding photos and had many around the home. They even had two weddings, they were rumored to have married in 1984. She said, "Actually we registered in Singapore in 1987, in 1990 we again went to the U.S. to register our marriage. Actually we wanted to register again in Hong Kong but we were denied. Each time we registered the marriage we meant to solidify our relationship. Lau Kar Leung was very romantic. On the day of his passing, the maid was missing. Actually she went downstairs to get flowers, as Kar Leung has asked long ago. He wanted to have two white roses on his pillow next to him when he passed!"

Did Master Lau have any last word for Yung Jing Jing? She said, "Of course we know what we wanted to say! I still know that he still loved me very much inside!"

Yesterday Yung Jing Jing posted on facebook, "Originally two butterflies in flight, now only one remain. Love is hard to leave and memories are hard to forget, only survivors know the pain." Lau Kar Leung and Yung Jing Jing's marriage caused quite a stir. Aside from their 30 year age difference, Lau Kar Leung also had a family at the time. He gave up everything in order to be with Yung Jing Jing. Back then Yung Jing Jing once said, in a previous life she was a canary that belonged to Lau Kar Leung, in this life she had to marry Lau Kar Leung to repay him.

Now Lau Kar Leung passed away, would Yung Jing Jing want to continue the relationship in the next life? She said, "I too thought about this question. The daughters said that in the next life they wanted to keep being Papa's family. I of course wanted to as well. Hopefully when he became someone in Heaven, we will meet again. However, remembering how painfully we loved in this lifetime, with 30 years difference we still ended up together. The abbots said that because we loved too deep in the previous life, in this life we would experience a lot. Perhaps next life it will still be this way, perhaps love will be even more tragic. Because I would rather Kar Leung reach Sukhavati I don't want him to be reincarnated. Our destiny should end with this life." When Yung Jing Jing emotionally collapsed she thought about staying in the nunnery for the long run. She said, "I know I still have a lot that I haven't done, if I stay here for the long run now the master of the temple may kick me out. No one knows what will happen in the future, in the end I may retire here."

Yung Jing Jing said that aside from Po Fook Hill, she also had tablet space for her husband at another temple. She even wanted to set up an altar at home. Different places would have ashes. She said, "Speaking of ashes, I feel the government is lacking in this aspect. Actually a person should be as much ash as an apple cardboard box, but when the family picks up the ashes it is just a small bag. The rest is treated like trash. How can an ancestor's ashes be handled this way? After I left the nunnery I still have to take care of this!"

Yung Jing Jing yesterday morning wrote on facebook, "I have to get up at 4:30AM for morning prayer, at 9AM I have to recite the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Sutra. In the nunnery the pain of memory is less but the desire to join the nunnery is increased. Everything comes and goes with fate." She even received that her younger daughter decided to become a vegetarian for her father for the rest of her life.


Nat Chan and Eric Tsang meet with the ten major Hong Kong film affiliated organizations
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Mary Jean Reimer (Yung Jing Jing) yesterday morning revealed on facebook that she has made contact with the Performing Artist Guild representative Eric Tsang Chi Wai and they will work together on Master Lau Kar Leung's funeral. Yesterday Chi Wai and Lau Kar Leung's funeral committee chair Nat Chan Pak Cheung met with the ten major Hong Kong film industry unions to discuss assistance for Yung Jing Jing.

Ah Lek said, "We have the support of the affiliated organizations, which meant that Brother Kar Leung has the deep respect of his colleagues. Now Yung Jing Jing is at the temple to pray for Brother Kar Leung and will not leave the temple until tomorrow (today). Then we will meet with everyone again. All of the funeral ceremonies, altar, program, details will be done according to her wishes." Ah Lek thanked Mona Fong Yat Wa for her complete assistance as she will provide Brother Kar Leung's Shaw film performance photos and short films. Because he and Chi Wai both had work that will take them away from Hong Kong, they will leave the matter in Ting Yu and Wong Ka Hei's hands.

How was Yung Jing Jing? Ah Lek said, "She is very cool, very strong, just that she has more trivial things for her to decide. (Would you contact Gordon Liu (Lau Ka Fai?)) I believe now isn't the right time to contact him. His own health isn't great. I believe he already knows about Brother Kar Leung's death, but I don't know how to get in touch with him." Was Chi Wai invited to participate in the 49 people chant group? He said that he found out a lot of information only from facebook, he had to wait until Yung Jing Jing left the temple to be able to answer. The funeral is temporarily scheduled for July 22 and 23 at the Universal Funeral Parlor. His ashes will be placed in Po Fook Hill. The funeral service will be Buddhist.


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Tony Leung Chiu Wai yesterday turned 51. His wife Carina Lau Ka Ling just after midnight wished him happy birthday online and posted a photo of Wai Jai sucking cream off his finger.

Wai Jai's official site posted his birthday photo. He got a short hair cut and posed in front of two birthday cakes.


Helen To and Chapman To
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Helen To Yu Fung's program interviews filmmakers and actors in a humorous manner. The first episode guest was Chapman To Man Jat. He shared his film world from playing small roles, winning Best Actor to becoming a director.

To Man Jat felt that his ISABELLA era was presumptuous. At the time he felt that film was the place where his talent was displayed and the tool that proved how amazing he was; now, film to him has already become work. He even described, "Actor and sex workers are very similar."


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The film BLIND DETECTIVE (MAN TAM) is director Johnnie To Kei Fung, Andy Lau Tak Wa and Sammi Cheng Sau Man's 10 year reunion. Wa Jai joked that To Kei Fung's personality was the character's blue print. "I completely cloned how he mercilessly yells at people." Wa Jai said that during the shoot To Kei Fung "sang after scolding at him". He said, "As soon as the production began I had to blindly run around in a forest. I had no action director or protective padding, I never stopped. With so many people on the set, I couldn't mess up. After 4 takes I said that my clothes were soak through and I had to change. After a 20 minute break I had to shoot a tree climbing scene. At the time I was suffering, I was out of breath. I didn't expect To Kei Fung to say 'you are old'. At the time I wanted to jump on him and hit him. In the end the scene was still cut. Later at the press conference he sang that my strength was on the decline." He joked that next time he would not work with To Kei Fung on an action film again.

Wa Jai complained that when they made RUNNING ON KARMA (DAI JET LO), To Kei Fung saw Li Bingbing perform a mid air stunt and took the chance to yell at him. "Even a girl can do it, yet you can't." Wa Jai joked, "Why would I dare to talk back? I am afraid of being embarrassed. From his movies everyone know how crazy he is."

To Kei Fung has not yelled at Sammi yet. "Maybe he knew that I was thick skinned. After yelling at me I would lose all my hair from the fright and become unable to act!" In the film still, Sammi displayed her three inch career line. She joked, "By chance the lighting was right, I of course had to show off. Normally I just keep it hidden, actually I have a 7 inch career line!"


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Andy Lau Tak Wa and Sammi Cheng Sau Man promoted their film BLIND DETECTIVE (MAN TAM) in Singapore and attracted over 3,000 people to a shopping center. The host asked Wa Jai about slapping Sammi hard in the film. Wa Jai joked, "Don't think that slapping her hard was a lot of fun, actually my heart ached very much." Sammi joked, "So in the end I returned a super slap to him, he told me to hit even harder. Otherwise if it wasn't hard enough we had to shoot it again, and he would have to slap me five more times!"


Donnie Yen would like an uniform style and prefer to work with Wilson Yip
Raymond Wong denies kicking out Wilson Yip for his son
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John Chong holds a press conference to clarify rumors and is working with Donnie Yen on his schedule
Wilson Yip admits suggesting for Edmond Wong to direct
Donnie Yen wants to work with the original team and objects to Edmond Wong directing
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Pegasus Motion Pictures CEO John Chong Ching yesterday called for a press conference to clarify the rumor that boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming making his son Edmond Wong Chi Wun the director of IP MAN 3 in place of Wilson Yip Wai Shun and upsetting Donnie Yen Chi Tan. Chong Ching said, "Yip Wai Shun didn't have time to make it and suggested for IP MAN screen writer Wong Chi Wun to direct. Yen Chi Tan indeed strongly objects. Actually Wong Chi Wun has to prepare for his September wedding and can't make it either."

Was Wong Chi Wun upset about this? Chong Ching said, "Although he wasn't too upset, the clarification is necessary. He for now has no plan to direct. Even when he directs, he may not make this type of film." Chong Ching said that IP MAN 3 will not start production this year but will definitely be made, because a contract was signed with Ip Chun and Ip Ching. The script has also already received Mainland film authority approval and will be shot in 3D. Chong Ching said, "Wong Pak Ming and the company's intention is to shoot with the original team. I am continuously working on the schedule with Yen Chi Tan. He hasn't asked for 50 million."

The film company called Yip wai Shun, who admitted that he suggested for Wong Chi Wun to direct. As for Yen Chi Tan's demand of performing only with him as the director, Yip wai Shun said, "I want to thank him for trusting me, only feeling secure with me." Did Yen Chi Tan stipulate in his contract that he had to direct? Yip Wai Shun said, "No! We are so close, my intention too is the original team would make the production more fun." Chong Ching added, "Our mutual understanding is the production with the original team, when Yip Wai Shun has time then it will start production."

Wong Pak Ming yesterday said that Yip Wai Shun had to work on another film so he suggested for Wong Chi Wun to direct out of goodwill. He was only the producer. "I didn't kick out Yip Wai Shun to support my son." He said that after working with Yen Chi Tan for years, a break up is impossible.

As for the rumor of Yen Chi Tan asking for 50 million, Wong Pak Ming denied. "No no no! Yen Chi Tan and I didn't talk about money, just the scheduling problem. The salary is more than 50 million? I never said that. Chong Ching already negotiated the salary last year, and I agree with this reasonable rate."


Even Eddie Peng's mother does not recognize him in the poster
Andy Tien in the ring
Nick Cheung runs with an oil barrel
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai and the 10 year old child star Crystal Lee earlier at the Shanghai International Film Festival with the film UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN) won Best Actor and Best Actress. The film promotion is officially released. In the film, Cheung Ka Fai and Eddie Peng Yu-Yen team up against Andy Tien (On Chi Kit) and other opponents. The hunky trio's fitness physique leaves nothing to the imagination, and the action scenes is intense with hardcore fights.

After his "big guy" physique was unveiled, Ka Fai who has been seen as "god" said, "Others in the ring fight for 5 minutes at most in one breath, when we fight we fight for several days. We have to tough it up even when we are exhausted. When we are free we have to make training and lifting. It absolutely is a physical challenge." Peng Yu-Yen admitted that many close up shots could not use doubles. They had to personally perform being taken down and locked up. He said, "Everyday the instructors punch and kick us, with 6 to 8 hours of training we become what we look like in the film. When my Mama saw the poster, she couldn't recognize me either."


Simon Yam is made up to look like the dead
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Simon Yam Tat Wa, Fruit Chan Gor and Lee Chi Ngai directed the film TALES FROM THE DARK (MAI LEI YEH) will be released on July 11th. Earlier Chan Gor's "Z.Y. Leung" footage spread like wildfire online. Brother Wa has always liked photography. He decided to personally shoot the 3 TALES FROM THE DARK posters. He even personally performed in one of them and had a pale dead make up look that was rather terrifying. He said, "The reason that pushed me into directing this film and writing this story is very simple, it is major complaint. Nowadays in Hong Kong, the distance between the middle class and the basic level is rapidly expanding. I play a lower class worker, so I live an inhuman life. I put on this dead person make up and coordinate with my twins from NIGHT AND FOG (TIN SHUI WAI DIK YEH YU MO) to rub my face from behind."

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Lau Kar Leung celebrated his wife's birthday last month at home
The nunnery is simply furnished
Yung Jing Jing made lemon vinegar that will not be 90 days due until July 4
Lau Ka Wing will be responsible for his late brother's funeral lion dance
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The martial art grand master of a generation Lau Kar Leung passed away. His widow Mary Jean Reimer (Yung Jing Jing) yesterday brought her two daughters to the nunnery for scripture chanting and to arrange for Master Lau's affairs. The funeral has been scheduled to take place at the end of July at the Universal Funeral Parlor. Lau Kar Leung battled cancer for 18 years to the very end with his toughness, but in recent years due to fluctuating conditions he rarely appeared in public.

Yesterday, Yung Jing Jing released a photo with Master Lau last month on her 49th birthday. At the time he still appeared to be in decent shape. Yung Jing Jing yesterday said, "I wasn't mentally prepared for this to happen!" The passing of Lau Kar Leung had a tremendous impact on Yung Jing Jing.

Yung Jing Jing yesterday went to the nunnery for meditation and today will make arrangements for the ceremony. Reporters yesterday got in touch with her. Has she already selected a photo for Master Lau? She said that Nat Chan Pak Cheung will be responsible for choosing a photo.

In the photo of Master Lau celebrating his wife's 49th birthday last month, he appeared to be in decent condition and was not as frail as imagined. Yung Jing Jing said, "Thus I never expected my husband would suddenly pass away." Yung Jing Jing will make arrangements for the chanting ceremony today, and again next Saturday and once every seven days until August 11.

Yung Jing Jing yesterday morning asked for help online. She wanted to contact Eric Tsang Chi Wai but he never replied, the reason was she was unable to find enough people for today's chanting and needed Chi Wai to get "reinforcement". Most of her friends were Christians. Yesterday afternoon, Yung Jing Jing on facebook told the media that she has already left her home and arrived at the nunnery so no one needed to wait near her home. Later she posted a photo with Lau Kar Leung from her birthday last month. Master Lau at the time appeared to be in decent condition, with a bandage on his hand perhaps due to the I-V. Yung Jing Jing wrote, "I never posted this photo online because I was afraid that everyone would see how poor he appeared. The balloon is still here, but he is not. With heartbreak and heartache, I can only rely on religion to temporarily ease my sorrow."

Yung Jing Jing on facebook posted details of Master Lau's funeral arrangements. The dates will be between July 23 or 24, Tsz Shan Monastery's Venerable Tsang Chit will decide. The location will be the Universal Funeral Parlor. The ceremony will be a mix of Chinese and Western ceremonies, as well as Chinese martial arts and Hong Kong film. Yung Jing Jing hoped that the funeral would shake off the upsetting and negative feeling of death, funeral hall and funeral services.

Although Ah Lek serves as the funeral committee chair, Yung Jing Jing still did everything herself. Because the body will be cremated, she was concerned with the coffin selection. Yung Jing Jing said that the traditional thick wood coffin left more wood ash and remains, she would like to find an environmentally friendly coffin. Master Lau agreed with that. If she could not find it in Hong Kong she would go elsewhere to look; some online suggested that "coffin within coffin" but she worried that the paper coffin would slip out. At the funeral a white "funeral lion dance" would take place. Yung Jing Jing at first wrote that Master Lau's disciple Sin Kwok Lam will be responsible for that, later it was changed to Master Lau's brother Lau Ka Wing.

Lau Kar Leung has been fighting cancer for years and has always been under Yung Jing Jing's care. Reportedly in the past decade she spent over HK$200,000 on cancer fighting medicine for her husband and bought a mansion in Guangzhou for him to rest in. She even gave him "super sports car" several times for him to flaunt with. Aside from money and material care, Yung Jing Jing attentively took care of her husband's health and coaxed him into the supposedly effective Budwig diet and personally made the cancer fighting lemon vinegar.