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"Color Best Actress" Cantonese Film Star Chow Kwun Ling 

Chow Kwun Ling and Cheung Ying made the Hong Kong version of REAR WINDOW, BACKYARD ADVENTURES
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Known as "Color Best Actress", Cantonese film star Chow Kwun Ling was active in the 1950s and the 1960s. Later she eased out of show business and returned to the U.S. For decades news about Chow Kwun Ling was rare. Two days ago on facebook's "Hong Kong Cantonese Film Research Society" someone posted, "Ms. Chow Kwun Ling passed away." Uploaded was a post from September last year, the content of which mentioned the passing of Chow Kwun Ling -- a famous film star who made almost 200 films between 1946 and 1964. Reporters yesterday said that the person who called Chow Kwun Ling "Aunt Pat" and posted the news of her passing. While no reply was received, the post was deleted.

Cantonese film fans were saddened to learn of Chow Kwun Ling's passing. Some said that Chow Kwun Ling was a top star of the era, top three beauties of the Cantonese film era; Some mentioned that Chow Kwun Ling and Cheung Ying's 1955 Hong Kong version of BACKYARD ADVENTURES was the most classic. Chow Kwun Ling was born and raised in the U.S. Her big screen debut was Grandview Film Company's ETERNAL LOVE, a color production shot in the U.S. Thus she was dubbed "Color Best Actress"; she switched to work in Hong Kong and all of the films that were in black and white. Later Chan Kwun Ling and her husband Wong Chiu Mo operated a restaurant in San Francisco. When Ho Fei Fan went to perform in the U.S. they took care of him. Later Chow Kwun Ling and Ho Fei Fan were linked in gossip and finally Wong Chiu Mo filed for divorce.


Divorce rumors about Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy often surface
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Angelababy issued a statement through her office that they would take legal action against the rumor monger, demand an apology and compensation.

The former entertainment report issued an explanation that said that he was willing to apologize and asked Angelababy to ignore this poor reporter

Louis Koo and Angelababy went from forming a company to "marriage"

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy have been married for 6 years and have a son
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The Peter Lam Kin Ngok's Media Asia Group earlier announced that it would form a new company Cool Style with the Louis Koo Tin Lok founded One Cool Group, Angelababy's manager Kim Chou founded Style International and Stephen Fung Tak Lun's production company FMP. Perhaps due to this project, Baby suddenly was rumored to have married Koo Tin Lok. The informer even claimed that Koo Tin Lok earlier disappeared for three months because he and Baby were on a honeymoon overseas.

Baby revealed that her office issued a denial, stressing that "Any improper relationship between Ms. Yeung Wing and another person does not exist, the aforementioned untrue comments have already under the suspicion of severely damaging Ms. Yeung Wing's reputation." They severely criticized the rumor mongers for speculation of ill intend, and their lawyers would handle the matter. They have already completed the procedure and would prosecute. The informer after Baby's statement has already removed the video and even issued an apology to Baby.

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Vanessa Lam's husband, Vicky Lam and her two sons, Vanessa Lam, Howard Lam, Veronica Lam and her husband

Sam Hui performs THIS SONG IS FOR YOU in appreciation of Lam Kin Ming taking care of him over the years

Peter Lam sorrowfully says that he really misses his brother

William Hu and Renee Dai attends the memorial to bid farewell to godfather Lam Kin Ming

Timothy Fok and his son Eric Fok

Albert Yeung gives an eulogy and remembers his time with Lam Kin Ming

Nat Chan

Louis Koo sends a video to remember Lam Kin Ming
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Big Honor Entertainment's boss Dr. Lam Kin Ming passed away from Lymphoma on the 8th at age 84. His funeral already took place on the 19th in a low key matter. Yesterday a memorial was held at the Hong Kong Funeral Parlor for family and friends to remember this "Happy Young Master" one more time. Stars recorded eulogy videos, among them "Song God" Sam Hui Koon Kit performed in his video to bid "Young Master" farewell with a song.

Yesterday the hall was decorated elegantly and simply with orchids, chrysanthemums and baby's breath. The memorial's theme was "LAUGH AT THE SEA". Because "Young Master" in life hoped to bring joy to everyone, the event took place in a lighter atmosphere. At the memorial, "Young Master"'s four children Vanessa Lam Wai Shan, Vicky Lam Wai Kei, Veronica Lam Wai Ting and Howard Lam Hau Shun remembered their good Papa, then invited his friends like Albert Yeung Sau Sing, Timothy Fok Tsun Ting, Tommy Cheung Yu Yan and Alice Chiu Tsang Hok Wan to share details about Lam Kin Ming's life.

Family and friends who attended the memorial included Peter Lam Kin Ngok, Evelyn Lam King Yi (formerly Lam Oi Yi), Eleanor Lam Sum Yi, Lucas Lam Hau Lung and Lyann Lam Lei Yi, artists and celebrities like Nat Chan Pak Cheung, Alex Lam Tak Shun, Linda Wong Hing Ping, Anderson Junior, Alice Chiu Tsang Hok Wan, Cheng Yim Lai, the Eastern Long Lion football team, Albert Yeung Sau Sing and son Alex Yeung Ching Lung, Lawrence Yu Kam Kei, Tai Chi's Joey Tang, Gary Tong, Ho Lai Chuen, Tommy Cheung Yu Yan, Karene Mak Bui Yi, James Shing and wife Michelle Chua, Timonthy Fok Tsun Ting and son Eric Fok Kai Shan, Candy Cheung (Man Suet Yi), Suzan Guterres (So Shan), Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Fan Chun Fung, Suen King On and wife Money Lo Man Yi, Wu Fung and others. Once linked in gossip with Lam Kin Ming, Lily ho Tin Yee neither made an apperance nor send flowers.

"Song God" Sam Hui Koon Kit and some artists and celebrities were unable to attend the memorial but thoughtfully prepared videos to bid Young Master Lam a final farewell. They included Louis Koo Tin Lok, George Lam Chi Cheung, Raymond Wong Pak Ming, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Law Lan, Remus Choy Yat Chi, Mandy Wong Chi Man, Chin Kar Lok, Kitman Mak, Albert Au Shui Keung and others. The memorial in the end bid "Young Master" farewell with Hui Koon Kit's performance of THIS SONG IS FOR YOU.

Lam Kin Ming was great with people in life. Many artists and celebrities all sent flowers, which filled the entire hall and extended outside the doors. They were from artists like Andy Lau Tak Wa, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Leon Lai Ming, George Lam Chi Cheung, Sally Yeh (Yip Sin Man), Jackie Chan, Alan Tam Wing Lun, Priscilla Chan Wai Han, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Raymond Wong Pak Ming, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Adam Cheng Siu Chau, Vivian Chow Wai Man, Joe Ngai Chun, Lee Kwok Bo, Elaine Lok Yi Ling, Winnie Lau Siu Wai, Edmond So Chi Wai, Mr. and Mrs. Remus Choy Yat Chi, Calvin Choy Yat Kit, Linda Wong Hing Ping, Vivian Lai Shui Yan and others. The event also published a program that documented "Young Master's" life and ended with the James Wong Jim written lyrics to LAUGH AT THE SEA.

Around 4PM, family and friends from politics and business came to pay their respect. Firs came Yu Kam Kei, then came "Young Master's" half brother Peter Lam Kin Ngok. Reporters asked if he could say a few words. He said, "Can we do that later?" Would he miss him very much? He said, "Of course!" When asked whether his emotions have settled, he put his hands together without replying and thanked the media. He also stopped for the media to take photos.

Around 4:15PM, "Young Master's" eldest daughter Vanessa Lam Wai Shan and youngest daughter Veronica Lam Wai Ting came out to speak to the media. Lam Wai Shan was rather saddened, as soon as she opened her mouth she was already choked up. "First thank you friends in the media, so many of you have come to Papa's memorial under the pandemic. Papa's passing was very heartbreaking for us." She said that Papa was someone who would gladly perform charity work, contribute to the community, full positive energy. She got choked up as she said, "I hope everyone would always remember he was a happy Young Master!' Why would they keep Papa's funeral and memorial separate? Lam Wai Shan answered, "Because Papa has many friends, in addition the funeral has too many ceremonies and is hard to control. Due to the pandemic we want to divide the traffic flow, so we separate it into two events."

When asked whether Papa was already buried at the family cemetery? Lam Wai Shan said, "That's right!" She also revealed that they have completed many of Papa's wishes but did not want to talk about them one by one. As for Papa's business, would the sisters take care of it? She said that it would be maintained. Lam Wai Ting said, "I would keep entertainment, it would keep going. The company's artists wouldn't be too greatly affected. They will still keep working in Hong Kong and the Mainland." Speaking of their impression of the "Happy Young Master", Lam Wai Shan said, "He would be very happy over anything that was good for him, but he would still gladly accept anything that wasn't good for him."

In addition speaking of Sam's video to Papa, she said that normally they would dine with Sam. She never thought that he would sing a song for Papa. The program ended with lyrics from LAUGH AT THE SEA. She said that this song's lyrics would be very suitable for Papa's life, which was also the memorial's theme. The flowers at the hall was also shaped like waves. "Today's theme was LAUGH AT THE SEA, symbolizing looking at life with laughter. It was also the concept from us, his children." As for what they gave to Papa, she said that they gave a lot but did not want to go into details. The red heart shaped floral arrangement was made for Papa. The photo was selected because Papa really liked this photo. In it he looked like he ate himself fat, letting people know that he could really eat. She even revealed that Papa's children and grandchildren were all present at the funeral earlier. Yesterday they received 400 floral arrangement but they did not make any actual count of people there.

Lam Kin Ming's four children left at 7:40PM last night, before leaving they took a photo together at the lobby and thanked the media for their hard work.

William Hu (Wu Wai Hong) yesterday was the master of ceremony at the memorial. God daughter Renee Dai Mung Mung tearfully said that Lam Kin Ming had a video chat with her before passing. In the end she performed FRIENDS for her godfather, because she performed the song for her godfather before for his birthday. "At the time when he heard this song his reaction was more overwhelming, so I knew he heard it. I also know that Boss really liked to listen to music and songs, so I chose to dedicate it to him."

Wu Wai Hong said that he had a habit of using the name "Young Master" for charity donation. Mainly he felt that he had everything, but he might not have time to take care of even more people. Thus aside from donating money in his money, he would also take seniors to dinner on their birthdays. How would Big Honor Entertainment operate in the future? Mung Mung said that "Young Master" really liked this company, so it would continue on with Godfather's spirit. Wu Wai Hong said that earlier some colleagues promised to say a seat for "Young Master" at their concerts, feeling that he made many great contributions to the entertainment world.

Would they hold a memorial concert to remember the boss? Mung Mung said, "Of course we can, but it would depend how the pandemic turns out." Wu Wai Hong said that Hui Koo Kit yesterday shot a video to remember the boss, which was like a mini concert for him in advance. As for the boss's lessons in life, he said, "He had many, he told us to be happy in life, eat, drink and have fun, give back to the community." Mung Mung said, "He told me to be happier, more optimistic, not to be so stubborn, laugh it off, I would always remember him in my heart. I have too many unforgettable memories, because I have known Godfather since age 16. On and off screen he always supported me and treated me like his family. Whether professionally or personally he supported me in every decision." She also revealed that the last stage performance "Young Master" saw was his own company's production LET'S HUNT FOR A "TIGER" TONIGHT, he watched 4 out of the 6 shows. How was his health at the time? Mung Mung said, "He was always very optimistic, when I asked how he was, he would say, 'I am fine but you are not'. He was always very optimistic, very amazing."

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Media Asia group yesterday announced with One Cool group, Angelababy manager Kim Chou's Style International and the Stephen Fung Tak Lun founded production company FMP it would form Cool Style to operate and expand new entertainment business together. Angelababy would become Cool Style's strategic shareholder.

The Peter Lam Kin Ngok founded Media Asia Group and its subsidiary companies yesterday announced that with the Louis Koo Tin Lok founded One Cool Group, Angelababy manager Kim Chou's Style International and the Stephen Fung Tak Lun founded production company FMP it would create Cool Style to operate and expand new entertainment business ventures, cultivate new film and television stars, and march toward the enormous social media and electronic commerce short form video channel market together. As Cool Style's strategic shareholder Angelababy said that she gladly looked forward to joining the new company as its strategic shareholder. She said, "I look forward to even more new comers and new projects, let's go!"

Cool Style's operating area includes providing artist management and related businesses, cultivating new stars with ample resources and platforms, gathering new power to inject a new driving force into the industry; producing domestic films to cultivate and provide opportunities for new actors; in addition producing social media and electronic commerce short form video channels, with which to grasp the enormous short form video market opportunities, providing quality content and maintaining the company's long term development.

Media Asia spokesperson said that the group's future direction will mainly be actively cultivating new comers, actively innovate, and at the same time speed up the digital pace as it heads toward short form video, social media electronic commerce platforms. One Cool group's spokesperson also responded, "This collaboration between two companies will hopefully make even more different subject domestic films, and discover and cultivate even more new actors and directors with potential."

Director, actor and FMP founder Stephen Fung Tak Lun replied, "I am very happy to work with both companies. I hope to be able to help with elevating product quality in short form video production, and creatively able to make domestic work with international vision." Angelababy's manager and Style International founder Kim Chou happily said, "I am very happy and very honored to take part in this collaboration. This is a great promotion and transition, at the same time I am very much looking forward to future development."

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The pandemic has affected many industries, including the film industry. Cinemas have been closed three times. Lai Sun Group chair Peter Lam Kin Ngok's Intercontinental MCL cinema circuits however expanded its Tsim Sha Tsui business. MCL's parent company esun holding limited for HK$ 56 million purchased UA's K11 Musea cinema K11 Art House. It will take over operation on March 1st and become MCL's first IMAX cinema. The take over this time was rumored to be at HK$ 2 million monthly rent.

In addition, MCL also signed a contract with THE ONE to take over the currently operating Broadway Circuit in 2023 with HK$ 1 million monthly rent. With this expansion, MCL would have 18 screens at 2 Tsim Sha Tsui cinemas.

Lam Kin Ngok has always been very supportive of the film industry. Earlier, ten Hong Kong film companies teamed up to make the pandemic film JUNG SI YAU OI JOI GAK LEI. His company Media Asia was one of the participating companies. During the production, he even lent the Ocean Park Marriott Hotel as a key location for the film. Michael Hui Koon Man, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Cecilia So Lai Shan and others were present for the shoot there.


Nicholas Tse's villain has a Joker like darkness

Donnie Yen returns from the Early Republic to modern day explosive cop
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Villain Nicholas Tse has many gun fight and explosion scenes

Benny Chan treats the team to ice cream as Jeana Ho gets her only photo with him
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Famous Hong Kong director Benny Chan Muk Sing passed away in August last year. The final film that he directed and produced, RAGING FIRE (NO FOR), has been scheduled for a July 30th release. The film would feature Donnie Yen Chi Tan as an actor, a producer and an action director, starring with Nicholas Tse Ting and Qin Lan.

Emperor Motion Pictures yesterday released the trailer, in which the relationship between Chi Tan and Ting Fung's characters gradually became clear. All the physical combats, explosive gun fights, care chases and other action scenes that stimulated the sense were so intense that they left people breathless. The conflict between the two characters also became the focus. In the trailer, Chi Tan continued his explosive cop role from the extremely influential SPL and FLASH POINT, while Ting Fung returned not only to the big screen but also a villain role.

In the trailer was a face off between Chi Tan and Ting Fung in the interrogation room, the seemingly peaceful conversation made everyone look forward to this battle of the century even more!

Released with the trailer were two posters. Chi Tan rushed through a hail of bullets and exchanged fire with the Ting Fung led robbers. Director Chan Muk Sing's action film style has always been a style of its own and deeply loved by particularly action fans. Everyone through the film would properly remember Director Chan's lifelong contribution to the Hong Kong film industry spirit.

Co-star Jeana Ho Pui Yu praised Tse Ting Fung. "For one location scene in North Point, the team built a shack with air conditioning for us to rest in. However Eldest Brother (Tse Ting Fung) would always go out to practice his fighting. He is a very hard working and very determined actor. I am very fortunate to be able to work with him. He is a perfectionist and he really is very cool!" He even praised him for being as a gentleman. If the set did not have enough chairs, he would definitely offer his seat to women and would rather stand.

Speaking of working with Chan Muk Sing, Jeana said that her photo with him was the most memorable. "The finale was shot on a very hot day, the director arranged for two ice cream carts for us to eat all we want. The shoot was very tough that day, but we got such a good encouragement from the director. I even took my only photo with him. I really like this picture and I am very honored to be able to work with the director."


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The 45th Hong Kong International Film Festival yesterday announced that director Stanley Kwan Kam Peng will be this year's filmmaker in focus as the event will screen 13 of his films. He will also attend a forum on April 5th and share his film journey. Kwan Kam Peng has been in film for over 40 years, made many classic films including FULL MOON IN NEW YORK, ROUGE and CENTER STAGE, and won numerous awards on the international film scene.


Kaki Sham and Wiyona Yeung scare themselves with their own ghost make up

Sunny Lau (right) believes a dark comedy can be a Lunar New Year film as well
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Director Sunny Lau Yung's dark comedy ghost film SUGAR STREET STUDIO (TONG GAI JAI PIN CHONG) will open up the Lunar New Year. The poster was released yesterday with Wiyona Yeung Lau Ching and Kaki Sham's "ghostly" appearances. Yeung Lau Ching revealed that the team hired a Hollywood class special effect make up artist. Each time she would need several hours to prepare and often scared the crew into cursing. Kaki Sham also said that after make up he did not dare to look at any mirror as he did not want to scare himself. "I was very excited about my firs special effect make up, but after make up it was very inconvenient. Luckily everyone took care of me, feeding me water and food."

Director Lau Yung said that he was not afraid of releasing a "ghost film" for Lunar New Year because the film was full of comedy. With support from good friends he believed the audience would have fun. "The film has comedy actors (Eric) Kot Man Fai, (Matthew) Chow Hoi Kwong and (Bob) Lam Sing Bun. As soon as they appear they are full of comedy. In recent years few films are in this genre. The last one was already (Stephen) Chow Sing Chi's OUT OF THE DARK (WUI WON YEH). Actually Hong Kong people really like to watch this kind of movies, as they have domestic nostalgia."

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Clifton Ko, Raymond Wong, Michael Miu, Law Kar Ying, Yuen Siu Fai, Lee Lung, Ng Wing Hei and Lo Sai Cheung are the pallbearers.

Siu Chi Kwan carries her mother's photo to the hearse 
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Michael Miu calls Lee Heung Kam a kind elder

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Lee Heung Kam's god son Lok Wing Cheung and daughter Siu Chi Kwan 

Michael Miu has a lot of memories of Lee Heung Kam, calling her fun and funny

Tsang Chin Cheung and wife Meg Lam, Johnnie To

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Veteran artist Lee Heung Kam's funeral took place yesterday at the Universal Funeral Parlor. Sister Kam's daughter Siu Chi Kwan and her husband, other family members were on hand early for the event. Siu Chi Kwan politely greeted the media and entered the hall. The funeral services began around 11PM. Siu Chi Kwan carried her mother's photo to the hearse and the coffin was transported to the Cape Collinson Crematorium. Due to the pandemic no cleansing banquet was held. Instead each attending guest received lai see. Stars remembered Sister Kam, as Michael Miu Kiu Wai wished Sister Kam would catch up with old friends in Heaven, sing, perform and have a lot of fun.

Sister Kam had many friends in life. Johnnie To Kei Fung, Tsang Chin Cheung, Anderson Junior, Wong Ha Wai, Chow Chung Ling and others came to send Sister Kam on her final journey. Sister Kam's pallbearers were 8 friends Law Kar Ying, Yuen Siu Fai, Lee Lung, Michael Miu Kiu Wai, Clifton Ko Chi Sum, Raymond Wong Pak Ming, Ng Wing Hei and Lo Wing Cheung.

Miu Kiu Wai revealed that before he got into the business he already knew Sister Kam from television, praising her memorable performance as the West Palace concubine and the mean step mother. He said, "Actually she was drastically different in person than in her work. She was very kind, really loved younger generations and family. She also had no gossip, very worthy for us to learn from." He admitted that he had too many memories with Sister Kam. Aside from working together at TVB they also toured together. They even went on vacation in Montreal together. He wished that Sister Kam would meet her old friends in Heaven, have a lot of fun, keep singing Cantonese opera and performing concerts.

Raymond Wong Pak Ming said that he started working with Sister Kam since the 80s, since THE EIGHT HAPPINESS (BAK SING BO HEI) they would work together on Lunar New Year films. He praised Sister Kam for not putting on air. He said, "She was willing to do whatever she was asked to. I remember once we needed to be on the wire, she did it without another word. Later when I found out Sister Kam was sick, (Louis) Koo Tin Lok and I visited her until she started not being able to recognize people. My heart ached."

In addition, Sister Kam's funeral took place yesterday. Many in the industry two nights ago attended the memorial to bid Sister Kam farewell. Candice Chiu Hei Lok and her mother Leung Siu Ling attended. Later Chiu Hei Lok even posted her childhood photo to remember "Grandma Kam". In the photo, Sister Kam was combing Chiu Lok Hei's hair and treated her like her granddaughter. Chiu Hei Lok posted in English that "Grandma Kam" knew that when she was little she really liked the Chinese period costume look, had a costume made for her and even personally brought it to Australia for her. Everyday she would wear it and played costume characters, refusing to take it off even after hours of playing. This was also one of her happiest childhood memories. She also said to "Grandma Kam" again, "We will miss you, Farewell Grandma Kam!"

Giving an eulogy two nights ago at Sister Kam's memorial, Liza Wang Ming Chuen later posted a photo with Sister Kam, Sister Kam's daughter, Susanna Kwan Kuk Ying and others at 2015 gathering on social media as a final remembrance of Sister Kam.


Amy Fan displays the pocket money foreign fans have raised for Gordon Liu (lower), and stresses that Gordon Liu's nursing home stay has no financial isse
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The 65 year old martial art film star Gordon Liu (Lau Ka Fai) after a stroke in 2011 became less than mobile and speech impaired. With his wife fighting over his assets and former assistant embezzling his over HK$ 1 million in assets, he fell into a low point in life. Fortunately with the care of good friend Amy Fan Yik Man, who also fought for his assets on his behalf, Lau Ka Fai was able to accept recovery therapy at a nursing home. However recently Lau Ka Fai was again rumored to have financial problems and required fans to raise fund for him. Amy clarified the matter to the media and said that it was a misunderstanding. One of Lau Ka Fai's overseas fans sold a tee of his idol's image and would donate the proceeds to him for pocket money. It was not any fund raising event. Amy said, "The expenses of Brother Ka Fai's stay absolutely has no problem. No one needs to worry. I have taken care of him for 8 years. He is spending his recovery days very peacefully, often watching television. Nurses would keep him company and chat with him to keep him from getting bored. Lately he has been in great spirit and much fatter."

Lau Ka Fai earlier received a Lifetime Achievement Award in Copenhagen, Denmark for his contribution to performing art. Amy mentioned that due to the pandemic the award presentation ceremony was cancelled and the award would be shipped directly to Hong Kong. Since the nursing home temporarily halted visits, she gave the good news over video chat and Lau Ka Fai was very happy.


Cheung Jung worked with Bill Tung on a RTV series

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Former Vancouver Film and Television Artists Society president, veteran film and television star and artist Chang Tseng two days ago passed away at the Richmond Hospital at age 90. The Society described Uncle Chang Tseng as "righteous, passionate about the community, actively participated in the Film and Television Artists Society's charity events with all his heart and might. Friendly and humble, he was a rare elder who will be missed."

Chang Tseng (originally named Cheung Kiu Fu) was born in Beijing and once studied mechanical engineering at the Traffic University in Shanghai. He dropped out of school due to his father's illness, after coming to Hong Kong he joined the Great Wall film company in 1950. He took part in over 70 films, including the Mandarin film THUNDERSTORM, GONE WITH THE TIDE, THE PEERLESS BEAUTY, THE HEROIC BREED, and CHU YUAN. Chang Tseng also directed films and made documentary films.

Chang Tseng joined RTV in 1970, worked on the series CHAMELEON II, worked with Bill Tung Biu on TIGER HILL TRAIL. Later he even worked on ATV's STORM IN SHANGHAI, WHO'S THE WINNER and other series; In 1995 after making SECRET BATTLE OF THE MAJESTY he emigrated to Canada. Chang Tseng was active in the Vancouver Film and Television Artist Society and once served as the president. He also participated in foreign film and television productions. In 2013 he worked with Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King) on the Korean director directed FINAL RECIPE, and returned to Hong Kong for the foreign film 8 MINUTES AHEAD.

Stephen Au Kam Tong remembered Chang Tseng on social media. He said, "Chang Tseng was my mentor in show business. When I was little I loved to watch RTV series at home......even though he would always speak not so fluent Cantonese, viewers would only focus on his agile and vivid acting." Au Kam Tong enrolled in the "ATV training academy", where Chang Tseng taught the drama courses. Chang Tseng often said, "Resemble whatever is being shot", "Act on the stage, live off the stage". His goal was for the students to respect the performing arts.


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Lee Heung Kam was passionate about helping the younger generation and was held in a high esteem in the industry

Louisa Lee gets teary eyed during her interview

Margie Tsang and Felix Wong bid farewll to Lee Heung Kam

Michael Miu and Jaime Chik 

Siu Chi Kwan says that her mother had no regret in life

Law Kar Ying and Liza Wang respect Lee Heung Kam very much
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Lee Heung Kam's daughter Siu Chi Kwan 

Lee Heung Kam's god son Lok Wing Cheung is responsible for the video shown at the funeral

Law Kar Ying and Liza Wang have known Lee Heung Kam for years.  The latter even delivers the eulogy

Wu Fung, Law Lan, Lee Lam Lam and John Chiang

Tam Bing Man's daughter Tam Suk Ying bids farewell to Sister Kam

Lee Heung Kam publicly disowned brother Lee Shu Kai.  He sent flowers and Siu Chi Kwan says that she would welcome him to pay his respect to her

Louisa Lee last saw Lee Heung Kam years ago, by then she could no longer recognize her.  Wayne Lai says that Lee Heung Kam paid attention to details and took great care of people.

Sister Kam's family does not provide a funeral program but displays her photos, which showed that she was beautiful and ahead of her time in her youth.

The tribute includes photos of her with Chow Yun Fat and Leslie Cheung

Sister Kam's foot prints could be found in Cantonese Opera, Cantonese film, film and television, with her in photos with Nam Hung, Yam Kim Fai, Pak Suet Sin among others.

The family provides colorful masks for guests
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Sister Kam Lee Heung Kam (originally named Lee Shui Kam) passed away on the 4th at age 88. Her funeral and memorial took place yesterday at the Universal Funeral Parlor in Hung Hom. The memorial began last night at 7PM with Anderson Junior as the host. Liza Wang Ming Chuen and Yu Tsz Ming gave eulogies. Then daughter Siu Chi Kwan shared memories of Sister Kam's life, and a viewing took place for family and friends. The family would donate all monetary gifts to the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong (Bar Wo), so the final deed of Sister Kam's life was charity. Guests who came to pay their respect received a colorful mask that symbolized Sister Kam's exciting life and hopefully everyone's lives would be just as exciting! This morning at 11AM the funeral began, after which the remains would be transported to Cape Collinson Crematorium in Chan Wai. Sister Kam's pallbearers were Raymond Wong Pak Ming, Law Kar Ying, Yuen Siu Fai, Lee Lung, Michael Miu Kiu Wai, Clifton Ko Chi Sum, Ng Wing Hei and Lo Sai Cheung.

The hall was decorated with flowers from everywhere, and in simply yet elegant beign. In Sister Kam's photo she displayed a warm smile. At the center of the hall was a heart shaped floral arrangement with the banner "Forever Missed" overhead. On both sides and outside the doors were giant televisions, with Sister Kam's songs in the background as Sister Kam's past life photos were displayed. They included swimsuit photos, work photos, family photos and artist photos with Best Partner Tam Bing Man, Pak Suet Sin, Connie Chan Bo Chu, Chow Yun Fat, Sean Lau Ching Wan, Susanna Kwan Kuk Ying, Lydia Shum Din Ha, Wu Fung, Ray Lui Leung Wai, Deborah Li, Barbara Yung Mei Ling, Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing, Anita Mui Yim Fong, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Paula Tsui Siu Fung, Nancy Sit Ka Yin and Louis Koo Tin Lok.

As for family and friends who came to pay their respect, the guest book area had hand sanitizer as well as colorful masks with Sister Kam's image. Also cake and water were provided for the media. Sister Kam's godson Lok Wing Cheung (Ring) revealed that the special colorful mask was not only made to fight the pandemic but also symbolized Godmother's colorful life. He wished that everyone who came to send Godmother on her final journey would have lives as colorful as Godmother's. He also said that no funeral program was made, mainly because many Godmother's photos and footage were already online. Everyone would be able to remember her online. This was done according to the wishes of Sister Kam's family. Sister Kam's daughter Siu Chi Kwan around 3:45PM arrived with family and friends. She politely gave a nod to the waiting media. The hall opened for family and friends to pay their respect around 5PM. Patrick Tse Yin and Tam Bing Man's daughter Tam Suk Ying came to pay their respect very early on.

Yesterday celebrities who went to the funeral parlor included Helena Law Lan, Wu Fung, Chin Han, Ivy Ling Po, Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, Michael Miu Kiu Wai and Jaime Chik Mei Chun, Felix Wong Yat Wa, Margie Tsang Wa Sin, Louisa Lee Si Kei, Yu Tsz Ming, Sharon Kwok Sau Wan, Candice Chiu and her mother Leung Siu Ling, Liza Wang Ming Chuen and Law Kar Ying, Ting Yu, Franco Yuen Siu Fai and Tang Kung Pik, Maggie Chan Mei Kei and others.

Siu Chi Kwan and Lok Wing Cheung around 4PM came outside the hall to speak to the media. They said that Sister Kam did not have any religious belief in life, so the funeral did not have any special ceremony. Inside the hall was a large television that displayed Sister Kam's life photos. Lok Wing Cheung said that these photos were very valuable memories. Because Godmother had many friends inside and outside the industry, he hoped that this funeral would be as perfect as it could be. Siu Chi Kwan very calmly said, "Seeing the photos, I would be reminded of Mommy and her family's loving memories." Speaking of Sister Kam's final wish, Siu Chi Kwan said, "Mommy didn't have any, because Mommy had everything. She was very satisfied!" As for burial goods, she said that they included Mommy's favorite glasses, Mommy's red concert tour dress and red wrap. All were her favorites." Lok Wing Cheung added, "Godmother wore them very elegantly!"

Sister Kam had many god children, but Siu Chi Kwan said that due to the pandemic Man Chi Leung, Lui Leung Wai and Susanna Kwan Kuk Ying were not in Hong Kong. Even granddaughter April was overseas and unable to return to Hong Kong to pay her respect. Any monetary gift from family and friends would be donated to charity. Mommy started in Cantonese Opera, so the donation would be made to the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong (Bar Wo). "With the Lunar New Year on the way, it would be like giving laisee to a group of Bar Wo seniors for the New Year." When asked if Lee Shu Kai sent his condolences, Siu Chi Kwan said that he did not have her number but yesterday the flowers from him could be seen at the hall. She said, "The newspaper published it, he definitely knows. I also know that he has contact with my friends. I also told him, 'If you think of Mommy you should come'. Thus if he came to the hall today, I would still welcome him." However she admitted that they have not seen each other for years. Since Mommy announced on television that he was disowned they have not seen each other.

Because Sister Kam in life had great connection wiht people and was well respected, she had particularly many god children in the industry. Although due to the pandemic some family and friends were unable to pay their respect in person, yesterday the hall and outside the funeral parlor were filled with flowers from everywhere, including god son Alex Man Chi Leung, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Lui Leung Wai, Pak Suet Sin, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, Paula Tsui Siu Fung, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Leon Lai Ming, Michael Miu Kiu Wai, Adam Cheng Siu Chau, Sylvia Lai (Sum Sum), Betty Lai (Ban Ban), Kent Cheng Juk Si, Patrick Tse Yin, Louisa Lee Si Kei, Chor Yuen, Nam Hung, Alan Tam Wing Lun, George Lam Chi Cheung and Sally Yeh (Yip Sin Man), Mui Suet Sze, Helena Law Lan, John Chiang Dai Wai and Lee Lam Lam, Simon Yam Tat Wa and Qi Qi, Raymond Lam Fung, Nancy Sit Ka Yin, Tse Suet Sum, Philip Keung Ho Man, Damien Lau Chung Yan, Fala Chen, Bernice Liu Bik Yi, Ng Man Tat, Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, Margie Tsang Wa Sin, Sharon Kwok Sau Wan, Andrew Pong King Fung, Amy Chan Sau Man, Johnny Yip Chun Tong, Lai Suk Yin, Alex Fong Chung Shun and Mok Ho Yan, Tse Kwan Ho, Yu Ming, Ng See Yuen, Frankie Chan Fun Kei, Tony Au Ting Ping and Teresa Mo Shun Kwan, Mr. and Mrs. Gallen Lo Ka Leung, Yeung Yuk Mui, Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Yuen Siu Fai, Clifton Ko Chi Sum, Joyce Cheng Yun Yi, Friends of EYT, Lam Ka Shing charity fund, Barbara Yung Chinese fan club, Radio and Television Hong Kong, Yammie Nam Kit Ying fan club and her disowned brother Lee Shu Kai.

Around 5PM, Patrick Tse Yin arrived alone and stayed for half a hour. When he boarded his vehicle he tripped, fortunately he did not fall.

Lai Yiu Cheung worked on series with Sister Kam and went on an U.S. concert tour with her. He remembered that once he ran into Sister Kam at the TVB canteen. She fought to pay the bill, but stuff like this should be done by the younger generation as he felt that her attention to details were very rare. Acting wise, they did not have many scenes together. The last time he saw Sister Kam was very long time ago because Sister Kam did not come out for a long time. Yesterday he saw photos from Sister Kam's life inside the hall. Lai Yiu Cheung said, "They really make people miss her. Ultimately several generations of us all grew up watching Sister Kam's acting, from elders like her we learned the character of being human, ethics, how to treat people and things, Sister Kam was our role model."

Currently in Hong Kong Ivy Ling Po and Chin Han arrived together, they had quite a history with Sister Kam. Ling Po said, "Her daughter and son in law are our good friends. Her son in law played ball with us for several decades." As for her impression of Sister Kam, she said, "I saw her many years ago, she already was ailing but she still remembered us."

Lee Si Kei tearfully said tha she has not seen Sister Kam in years. Earlier when she visited her Sister Kam did not recognize her at all. "I keep saying to her, "Grandma is in the living room, Grandma is in the living room', but Sister Kam didn't know what I was saying. Only her eyes widened. I felt very sorry for her." Speaking of the recent re-run of MOONLIGHT RESONANCE, Sister Si Kei said that she would occasionally watch and remembered that at the time at work she would really want to see Sister Kam. She really cared about others and treated everyone very well. Whenever she had time she would have tea with people and could not be friendlier. Thus she really missed Sister Kam. Sister Si Kei said, "This is a very upsetting event, I should properly remember her!"

Law Lan, Wu Fung and god daughter Christine Fong Kwok Shan came to pay their respect together. Sister Law Lan said that she and Sister Kam have known each other for over 40 to 50 years, Sister Kam always took great care of her. The final time they saw each was two years ago at Sister Kam's home, but at the time Sister Kam already could not recognize her. Brother Sau said that he and Sister Kam have known each other for 60 years, worked together on countless films and series. "My impression of Ah Kam is she is very pretty, she also was a favorite with directors and producers because she was able to play hero or villain."

In addition, a 70 something Grandma Kwan brought her hand made offering to the hall to pay her respect to her idol. She said that she made the offering without any sleep or rest. She also said that she really liked Sister Kam's acting, feeling that she was capable to play both good and bad. Later workers due to the pandemic did not permit Grandma Kwan to enter the hall, the offering was only able to be placed outside the hall.

Wang Ming Chuen at the memorial event was responsible for giving an eulogy to Sister Kam. Ah Jeh and Law Kar Ying shared their experience of working with Sister Kam in their media interview. Ah Jeh said that Sister Kam was the "prodigal daughter" in her acting journey, from the Cantonese feature's "evil concubine" to changing her role on television. She praised Sister Kam as a multi-talented artist. "Sister Kam was very willing to help others, passionate too, took great care of everyone and younger generation. Everyone knew, she was cheap with herself and generous with others."

Brother Ka Ying has known Sister Kam since he was little and for several decades. Mainly his father and Sister Kam were good friends, often going on tour overseas. He said, "I am very lucky to be able to perform two Cantonese Opera songs with Sister Kam. Everyone can find them online to listen to." He also praised Sister Kam as a great person, very willing to help the Cantonese Opera world and never forgot where she came from. Speaking of Sister Kam's family donating all monetary gifts to the Chinese Artist Association of Hong Kong (Bar Wo), Ah Jeh said, "That's right, Sister Kam was very grateful to the Cantonese Opera world so she paid them back." As of her impression of Sister Kam, Brother Kar Ying pointed out that Sister Kam was a workaholic and would never give up any job because he heard from Sister Kam's daughter that her expense was enormous. Ah Jeh also said, "That's right, Sister Kam had to raise an entire family, take care of her parents and younger siblings."