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[2016.06.01] FOR THE WEEK ENDING MAY 28 2016

For the week starting May 28 2016

  Can : Yuet Leung Ha Kau Nei Dik Mun
  Leon Lai Ming

  Can : Guan Gein Chi
  JJ Lin (Lam Chun Kit)

  Can : Ying Hung
  Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun)

  Can : Bak Sing
  James Ng Yip Kwan

  Can : Joi Ya But Gein
  Stefanie Sun Yanzi

  Can : Fook But Ha Dik Woot Jeuk
  The Freshmen

  Can : Yuen Leung Ngor
  Andy Lau Tak Wa

  Can : Nui Sun
  Joyce Cheng Yun Yi

  Can : Chuen Fa Wu Dip
  Janice Vidal (Wai Lan)

  Can : Can: Yau Lei Seung
  Li Ronghao

  Can : Yut Seung Sau
  Phil Lam Yik Hong

  Can : Ngor Dik Dai Hok
  Jam Hsiao (Siu King Tung)

  Can : Lin Oi
  Jess Lee Kai Mei

  Can : Tung San Joi Hei
  Nanquan Mama

  Can : Ngor Seung
  Jason Zhang (Cheung Kit)


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Andy Lau Tak Wa is working on his new film SHOCK WAVE (CHAK DAN JUEN GA), which cost over 180 million yuan RMB. Also producer and investor, Wa Jai from casting, location scouting, screenplay and costume took care of everything. Earlier when they shot a parking lot explosion scene, for realism he used two giant cranes and a 12 hour road block!

Wa Jai last year invested in the Taiwan film OUR TIMES, which was a big hit with HK$ 600 million global box office. This year Wa Jai again invested in the new film SHOCK WAVE, which he also starred and produced. Its director was Herman Yau Lai To. Reportedly this time the production cost reached 180 million RMB RMB. From screenplay, casting to even location scouting, Wa Jai participated in. Wa Jai supposedly even personally selected lead actress Song Jia. They worked together on THE BODYGUARD (NGOR DIK DUT GUNG YEH YEH). This time Wa Jai will turn into a bomb defusing expert and will battle wits with the villain played by Mainland actor Jiang Wu.

SHOCK WAVE had many explosion, fight and gun fight scenes. Wa Jai revealed that they will shoot a Cross Harbor Tunnel explosion scene. Due to the traffic of the actual location, shooting on location was difficult. For realism they built a 1 to 1 scale tunnel for this explosion scene. Due to the intense production process, the production has never arranged for any media visit and kept everything confidential.

Earlier the film for a parking lot explosion shoot blocked off streets in Yuen Long for 12 hours, used two cranes and sealed off the entire parking lot. To keep the story and actor costumes from being unveiled, two blue tents were erected for make up rooms. Director Yau Lai To was already on the set at 6PM, for this explosion scene the team even arranged for buses, police vehicles and cars. Over 50 people were among the crew and police uniformed actors. Many pedestrians stopped to look on and needed the crew to maintain order.

During the shoot, reporters could only shoot from afar. Two loud explosions took place and raging fire ensued. Felix Wong Yat Wa appeared in a suit a glasses for the shoot in the blue tent. Lead and producer Wa Jai then appeared and chatted with director Yau Lai To. Later he even posed for photos with Ken Lo Wai Kwong and other actors. This scene went very smoothly and all the scenes were shot within the 12 hour road block!


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Ivana Wong Yuen Chi and Alex Fong Lik Sun starred in the comedy KIDNAP DING DING DON, which will open soon. This time will be Siu Fong and Ivana's first collaboration. On and off scene they set off a lot of spark. In the film Siu Fong and Ivana also had a dance number, but because Siu Fong was not much of a dancer, Ivana laughed first then taught. Finally she "hinted" to Siu Fong to lead his dance steps with his strong chest.

In addition, Siu Fong also had another scene in which Ivana kicked "Little Siu Fong". Ivana said, "This scene had to be shot by position, we had to be very careful. I didn't dare to injure him because it's very important. I would rather have bad takes and kick from very far, then inching closer and closer to avoid any accident."

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[2016.05.30] WU JING CANNOT SING

Wu Jing performs ONLY YOU in the new film
Lowell Lo attentively teaches Wu Jing singing techniques
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Action star Wu Jing in the new film CHINESE ODYSSEY 3 took over Law Kar Ying's role as the Venerable Tang Monk. Wu Jing was more than capable of handling the special effect scenes, but was stumped when he performed ONLY YOU in the recording studio!

In order to continue Law Kar Ying's classic, the team invited the film theme song's composer Lowell Lo Koon Ting to the studio to help the Venerable Tang Monk Wu Jing. With his fluent Cantonese Wu Jing before the recording was full of confidence and said that he had a knack for singing. Yet as soon as he opened his mouth the entire studio was shocked. He was so off key that he cracked up everyone. Lo Koon Ting said, "I didn't know that he was someone who couldn't sing at all!" Even when Wu Jing heard his own singing he could not help but bury his head in his head and laugh.

However Lo Koon Ting praised Wu Jing for injecting a lot of emotion into his singing and achieved a different flavor from Law Kar Ying's. The film aside from Wu Jing will also have Han Geng in Stephen Chow Sing Chi's role, while Tiffany Tang Yan will be in Athena Chu Yan's role.

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Gigi Leung Wing Kei's producer debut, the Lai Chun-Yu directed, Law Chung Him, Huang Cancan, Jerry Yan Yuhao starred romance SUMMER'S DESIRE earlier held a 12 city promotional tour that included universities in Tianjin, Guangzhou, and Chengdu. The team spent a month all over the nation for intimate interaction with university students. Him Jai who played the tyrannical chair Ou Chen was exploding with popularity as many fans asked for hugs. Him Jai first replied that he was married before hugging them.

Him Jai earlier in THE MONKEY KING 2 got bigger for his role of the Sand Monk. Yet for this Ou Chen character he immediately lost 30 pounds to look young and cool.

On this road trip, Him Jai's Mainland fan club followed and cheered him on. All the students fell under Him Jai's spell and immediately joined his fan club. As the trip went on, Him Jai's popularity climbed. Not only female fans said that his boyfriend index has exploded, even male fans told him, "Him Jai you are really handsome!" Fans all asked for hugs. Him Jai mischievously replied that he was already married, but he still gave hugs to fans.

Because the intimate scenes in the original novel was preserved in the film, when asked if his wife Tavia Yeung Yi knew Him Jai said that he did not need to prepare his wife for intimate scenes. "We both are actors, and believe in each other's choices. In addition we wouldn't choose movies that would make the other feel bad."

The host asked Him Jai which female lead in the film was prettier? Him Jai smartly answered, "Of course Yeung Yi is even prettier, I like Yeung Yi even more." The crowd cheered.

In addition, Him Jai on the stage played games with fans and said the line from the film, "Falling for you wasn't in my plan." The atmosphere instantly reached its peak, as fans immediately screamed, "Yeung Yi". Actually at every events some fans would ask him to sign autographs on his and Yeung Yi's wedding photos. He did not know whether to laugh or to cry, but he appreciated their love for them very much.

After the Beijing Film Festival press conference, Gigi again joined the tour at the Guangzhou stop. As soon as she appeared countless screams arose. As a first time producer, she said that the pressure was not too great. Because she had a strong team behind her, they shared a lot of the load. "In comparison to being an actor, the producer doesn't have to be in make up on the set. This probably is the biggest difference." Her primary job was meetings before the shoot with the team and providing her own opinions in areas like art and visuals. After the production began she would also go to the set to cheer everyone on. "I was a very busy producer, at the same time I had a lot of other jobs. Thank you team for being able to accommodate my schedule." Gigi admitted that being a producer was much tougher than being an actor. Every part of the film was under her management. Yet at the same time she learned a lot. She even joked, "Everyone was tired but maintained great mood. The set atmosphere was also very pleasant, perhaps because they had a producer beauty like me."

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Rachel Lee, Bonnie Law and Fennie Yuen

Louie Castro reveals that he often saw Bonnie Law at friendly gatherings
Reporters waited at the hospital after the news broke

Raymond Wong has been working with Bonnie Law since her first film HAPPY GHOST.  He finds the news of her death hard to believe
Bonnie Law's final Instagram post was with her godchildren
Bonnie Law in FOR YOUR HEART ONLY with Anna Bridgewater, Leslie Cheung and Rachel Lee
With short hair and Gigi Lai in UNITED WE STAND
Bonnie Law (right) in FRACTURED FOLLIES with Chow Yun Fat, Nina Li, Wong Chung and Joey Wang
Working with Maggie Cheung, Bonnie Law in HEARTBEAT 100 was paired with Lui Fong
Bonnie Law (right)'s first film HAPPY GHOST was with Lee Shan Shan, Raymond Wong and Rachel Lee
Bonnie Law is very convincing as the cute nurse
Emily Kwan, Bonnie Law, Amanda Lee, Karen Tong, Raymond Wong, Fennie Yuen at Wong's birthday party last month
Leila Chow regrets missing the chance to see Bonnie Law again
Lisa Ch'ng posts a photo with Bonnie Law
Bonnie Law's facebook profile was changed after her passing
Bonnie Law and friend Winnie attended the Leon Lai concert
Hacken Lee posts a photo from his TVB series with Bonnie Law, SUMMER OF 88
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Leila Chow says that Bonnie Law told her she rarely took diet drugs
Louie Castro said that he just saw Bonnie Law four days ago.  At the time she announced her successful weight loss
Bonnie Chu with June Chan and her husband
Reporters try to contact the morgue about Bonnie Law's arrangement but receive no reply
Tries singing for the first time

With Nina Li and Chow Yun Fat
May Lo, Fennie Yuen, Bonnie Law, Charine Chan and Rachel Lee formed HAPPY GIRLS
Fennie Yuen just saw Bonnie Law last month
Charine Chan caught up with Bonnie Law at Raymond Wong's birthday party
Eric Tsang tried to convince Bonnie Law to return with the TVB series NEVER DANCE ALONE, which she later regretted turning down
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The first generation "Happy Girls" member Bonnie Law Ming Chu (originally named Law Ho Yan) yesterday passed away from heart failure at age 47. Law Ming Chu's friends were surprised and saddened as they lamented the loss. Reportedly, Law Ming Chu yesterday morning suddenly became ill when he got up. Mother Law was frightened and sent her to the hospital, unfortunately she still could not be saved. Law Ming Chu recently made a comeback with an internet series. She was trying to lose weight, which was the suspected culprit.

Yesterday morning came the news of the first generation "Happy Girls" members Law Ming Chu's death. The media immediately called Law Ming Chu's benefactor Raymond Wong Pak Ming, who confirmed the news and said that Mama Law was already contacting her daughter's friends. He was very shocked because he just saw her ten days ago in Residence Bel-Air. At the time she was still very energetic and did not look any different.

Reportedly Law Ming Chu recently took an internet series and thus was actively losing weight. She lost over ten pounds and was suspected to have overdone it. In 2012 when Law Ming Chu appeared in public, she looked bloated due to severe endocrine disorders. After half a year of acupuncture and exercise, she gradually returned to form.

Law Ming Chu at the end of last month went with friends to watch Leon Lai Ming's 4D concert and happily chatted with friends in the VIP area. Law Ming Chu's final social network update was 4 days ago, when she posted a photo with her godchildren on instagram. "Happy dinner with my godson and goddaughter." Law looked great in the photo.

Clifton Ko Chi Sum in the 80s at Cinema City worked on a series of HAPPY GHOST films and made many young female stars like Law Ming Chu, Rachel Lee Lai Chun, Anna Bridgewater (Pak On Nei), May Lo (Law Mei Mei), Charine Chan Ka Ling and Fennie Yuen Kit Ying. He was reminded of how he met Law Ming Chu over 30 years ago. He said, "Her first film HAPPY GHOST was also my first film as a director. She got into the business as a last minute replacement. Her character originally went to (Joyce) Ni Shu-Chun. She worked for a day, then went to Japan with (Frankie) Chan Fun Kei for a movie. She did not give any notice and I had to immediately make a change because the movie had to make a summer release. Cinema City's public relation department had a female employee who said that her niece was pretty sharp. I immediately asked her to set up a meeting at the company. When I saw Law Ming Chu it was after midnight. At the time she was around 16, and she really was pretty sharp. She wasn't shy, had a lot to say and talked fast, she was right for the character. After half a hour of the meeting I decided to cast her." He even remembered that the last thing he said to Law Ming Chu was, "Aren't you sleepy? You still have so much to say in the middle of the night!" Ko Chi Sum also said that he and Law Ming Chu did not stay in touch but would occasionally run into each other at the airport.

Yuen Kit Ying was surprised and saddened to hear her friend Law Ming Chu's passing. She said that they last met at Wong Pak Ming's birthday party last month. "At the time Law Ming Chu looked great, very pretty. Everyone even tried to get together for a dinner next time. I don't know why it would be like this, it's quite regrettable! My condolences to her family."

Lee Lai Chun and Law Ming Chu met on the film HAPPY GHOST in 1982. Then they worked together again on the Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing starred romance FOR YOUR HEART ONLY (WAI NEI JUNG CHING). They have practically grown up with each other. Sister Chun replied, "She really was direct, my heart aches over the loss of a good friend!"

Law Ming Chu was the 80s Happy Girls members with Lee Lai Chun, Lam Shan Shan, Yuen Kit Ying, Law Mei Mei and Chan Ka Ling. Law Ming Chu's personality was exactly a "Happy Girl". Back then she rose to fame as a girl in uniform and stole everyone's hearts with her innocent and healthy image. At age 15 she was already famous. Among Law Ming Chu's past classic films, other than Wong Pak Ming's HAPPY GHOST and ISLE OF FANTASY she also worked with Cheung Kwok Wing on FOR YOUR HEART ONLY and FRACTURED FOLLIES with Chow Yun Fat and Joey Wang Cho Yin.

In 1988 Law Ming Chu went to study in Canada. In 1993 she graduated, returned to Hong Kong and worked in finance. Then she guest starred in the Andy Lau Tak Wa starred THE CONMAN (DOH HUP 1999) and THE CHEATERS (JING JEUNG). In recent years she would also often attend industry dinners.

Shi Nansun yesterday attended the Macau International Film Festival. The then Cinema City CEO Shi Nansun lamented that life was unexpected. She was saddened to hear the news. Looking back the girls were very afraid of her because she constantly lectured them. Shi Nansun said, "She really was Happy Girl, she had no selfish motive at all. She was always laughing, everything was written on her face. She was direct, she spoke what was on her mind!" She said that earlier when she had tea with Wong Pak Ming who discovered her she was brought up. She estimated that Wong Pak Ming was definitely very heartbroken. Shi Nansun said that she has not seen Law Ming Chu in a long time. "She was only 47, she has always been very lively, I am really saddened!"

Hacken Lee Hak Kun posted two photos from his television series with her, SUMMER OF 88 on facebook. "My first TVB series SUMMER OF 88 was with her. She played my sister. We also worked together on a single. At such a young age, it's truly regrettable! Friend, rest in peace!"

Hacken recalled, "Back then she was an innocent girl, taught me a lot about television. She was like an elder because she worked on movies before. I am very surprised and saddened to hear the news."

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Kiwi Yuen shares a scene with Sam Gor
Aden keeps on calling Kiwi Yuen pretty
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Former ATV artist Kiwi Yuen Kit Yi not only signed with TVB but earlier even stepped foot into the film industry as she starred in the film SI SIU JEH Z (MISS CORPSE Z). She stated that the film production was memorable. As a night club PR she and several "daughters" got along well. She even had a kiss scenes with the writer, director and star Sam Gor. "I never thought that at almost half a century, I could make such a cute movie. The most memorable of course was the kiss with Sam Gor. Actually over the years I haven't really made any kiss scene. This time I truly lived! The young actors were all very energetic, a 16 year old Hong Kong Australian Aden always called me pretty."

Kit Yi also thanked Sam Gor for inviting her to be the female lead. He invited a group of ATV behind the scene old friends to participate, which made her feel extra familiar.


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After THE BULLET VANISHES (SIU SUT DIK JI DAN), two Best Actors Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Sean Lau Ching Wan reunited for the film HEARTFALL ARISES (GAING SUM POR). The film will be released in August. The two lead actors will even attend the Shanghai International Film Festival in Juen with the team to promote the film.

Aside from the two leads, Mainland actress Tong Liya, Taiwan singer Mavis Fan will add the fray. The film was even shot on location in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Thailand and Hong Kong. The production spent almost 100 million to create a heart pounding crime film. Earlier the film released its latest production special, in which not only different scene productions were on display but also some of the production process. The most interesting was Lau Ching Wan during the shoot introduced himself by accident as "Ma Chun Wa" (his character name was Che Ka Wai, while Ting Fung's was Ma Chun), which cracked up the entire set. Ching Wan looked a little embarrassed and even ordered everyone not to spread it around.


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Alex Fong Lik Sun says that he got too sentimental in an earlier interview as he should not have talked about old flame Stephy Tang
(back) Michelle Hu, Tian Leixi, Xenia Chong, Samantha Ko, Sammi Cheung
(front) King Kong, Alex Fong Lik Sun, Zheng Kai, Chan Kwok Kwan, Lam Tsz Chung
Xenia Chong, Samantha Ko and Sammi Cheung put on their own bikini
Michelle Hu is obviously all natural and without any padding
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The film NAM SUN FUN LIN YING (MALE GOD TRAINING CAMP) yesterday shot on location on the Gold Coast beach. Hong Kong and Mainland "bust goddess" representatives appeared. However leads Alex Fong Lik Sun, Chan Kwok Kwan, Zheng Kai and King Kong were unfazed. Siu Fong claimed that he had enough self control. Speaking of Stephy Tang Lai Yun shedding tears in front of reporters over his lingering feelings, Siu Fong blamed himself. "Everything is my fault!"

Producer Wong Jing, director Lam Tsz Chung, actors Fong Lik Sun, Chan Kwok Kwan, Zheng Kai and King Kong, along with three bikini clad Hong Kong "bust goddess" representatives Samantha Ko Hoi Ning, Sammi Cheung Sau Man, Xenia Chong Shui Yi and Mainland "bust goddess" representatives Michelle Hu Yan, Tian Leixi and Xu Dongdong all appeared. Despite all the cleavage, several "male gods" remained undaunted.

Fong Lik Sun played a "gentle guy" who fell for "tough lady" Kitty Zhang Yuqi. Despite a big group of sexy ladies, he could not tell who was the sexiest. Ultimately to each its own and he had enough self control. Even if he looked it would be natural, when guys looked at girls it did not mean anything.

Earlier Siu Fong mentioned dreaming about former girlfriend Tang Lai Yun and broke down into tears, over which Tang Lai Yun later felt her heart ache. Siu Fong blamed himself. "Everything is my fault! I admit that interview originally was about Outstanding Youth and my former swimmer life, but when Sister Suk Mui asked I had no reason not to answer her. Fans also posted our photo and said how many days since we broke up. When I saw them my heart would ache too." Stephy knew that he still had feelings and shed tears in front of reporters. Siu Fong stressed that he was at fault, as he was always talking about the past. Thus he did not want to talk about it anymore.

Ko Hoi Ning, Cheung Sau Man and Chong Shui Yi wore their own swimsuits. They all took precaution against wardrobe malfunction. Yesterday when they appeared, many male beach goers were unwilling to go into the water and instead stared at them. Ko Hoi Ning said that the team had security to protect them, and passerbys were very normal.

Speaking of the Mainland actresses' outstanding figures, Cheung Sau Man said that she had a strong ego and was full of self confidence. Hu Yan, Tian Leixi and Xu Dongdong did not feel awkward in bikinis. They did not compare their figures either. King Kong joked that seeing Ko Hoi Ning and Cheung Sau Man together, he learned that there was always someone better.