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First Runner up Cecca Xu, Miss Hong Kong Denice Lam and Second runner up Joey Leung

Miss Hong Kong Denice Lam

First Runner Up: Cecca Xu

Second runner up: Joey Leung

 3 Reina Chan did not win despite being the favorite

Miss Hong Kong 2010 Toby Chan

Carina Leung, Miss Hong Kong 2021 Sabina Mendes de Assuncao, and Kristy Shaw admitted that they were reluctant for their term to end

Girl group After Class' Gigi Yim, Chantel Yiu and Windy Tsim were guest performers.  The other member Yumi Chung had to miss the event due to her domestic helper's positive test 

JW's dress kept going lower as she performed
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Toby Leung would consider wearing her Miss Hong Kong tiara at her future wedding

Denice Lam is the Golden Anniversary Miss Hong Kong
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Chrissy Chen covered her eye immediately after being hit by the confetti cannon

Chrissy Chen says that she was fine afterward

Guest performer Leon Lai performs his new song in front of a plane

Gigi Yim, Chantel Yiu and Windy Tsim as well as other STARS ACADEMY singers step onto the Hong Kong Coliseum stage for a big show experience

Past Miss Hong Kongs Sharon Luk, Veronica Shiu, Tracy Ip, Loletta Chu, Monica Chan, Ellen Wong, Sandy Lau gather to celebrate the pageant's 50th anniversary

Toby Leung won Miss Hong Kong ten years ago at the Hong Kong Coliseum.  Returning to the venue brought back a lot of memories for her
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Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2022's September 4th semi-final competition was cancelled, resulting in 19 candidates directly moving on to the finals. Last night they gave their all in competition at the Hong Kong Coliseum. The judges chose Wilson Lam Chun Yin's daughter Denice Lam as Miss Hong Kong. Both the first and second runner up were double prize winners, as first runner up Cecca Xu also won Miss International Goodwill Award and second runner up Joey Leung won Miss Photogenic as well; earlier winning Miss Friendship Sharon Ying did not make it into the top ten. Denice Lam was past TVB actor Lam Chun Yin's daughter and could be considered as second generation star. She worked as a model and after her victory she did not forget to show off to her father.

This year was the 50th anniversary of the Miss Hong Kong pageant and the event returned to the HK Coliseum. TVB with a high standard stage design and a variety of performance segments to support the pageant's grandeur in the entire evening. At the same time this year's theme also returned to the original concept of Miss Hong Kong as a goodwill ambassador of Hong Kong. All of the program's proceeds would be donated to the Community Chest.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Miss Hong Kong, TVB on the program scheduling put the focus on the necessity of chasing dreams in any era and used a three tiered team of 12 hosts, two years of STARS ACADEMY new stars performed JOURNEY OF CHASING DREAMS together, and a group of Wai Yin Association elders to share their beautiful memories and successful experience, as well as blessing to the newly crowned Miss Hong Kong. Last night 19 candidates wore evening gowns that many past Miss Hong Kongs wore 20 years before, aside from passing the torch the act also gave the impression that the candidates have always been in extreme standard shape. The event also chose past Miss Hong Kong's question and answer segment subjects for this year's candidate to answer agian, symbolizing that the Miss Hong Kong spirit that valued both beauty and intelligence would forever endure.

Guest performer Leon Lai Ming took a chartered flight for his appearance. When Lai Ming left the prop plane, he won endless cheer from the audience. When he performed his latest song A LIFETIME OF HAPPINESS, 19 candidates all appeared in a white, midriff baring "flight attendant" uniform as dancers. Originally the host said before hand that Lai Ming would announce the top ten, but after the performance Lai Ming turned around and left. In the end the hosts announced the results themselves. Successfully moving on were candidate 1 Astrid Xu, 2 Hebe Lam, 3 Reina Chan, 4 Cecca Xu, 5 Chrissy Chen, 8 Denice Lam, 9 Cherry Chan, 14 Joey Leung, 16 Catherine Ao, and 17 Janice Cheung. Before announcing the final ten, 4 Cecca Xu and 14 Joey Leung earlier won respectively the "International Goodwill award" and "Miss Photogenic". However after winning "Miss Friendship" earlier 13 Sharon Ying was unable to move on.

During the question and answer segment, 1 Astrid Xu was asked if a new holiday was to be added, what would be its theme? Because of her lacking Cantonese skills, she twice asked host Karl Ting Chi Long to repeat it in Cantonese and Mandarin and cracked up the crowd; when she suggested to add a heavenly food festival, Ting Chi Long also asked her to repeat the answer many times. However he did not want to return the favor whole heartedly, he joked that he thought she said nude food festival and again made the crowd laugh.

After two rounds of elimination, in the end 1 Astrid Xu, 4 Cecca Xu, 8 Denice Lam, 9 Cherry Chan and 14 Joey Leung successfully qualified for the top five. In the end 8 Denice Lam won the crown. In addition, after the show when the confetti cannons went off, it accidentally hit 5 Chrissy Chen who tested positive for the virus earlier. The crew immediately pulled her backstage.

Last night's results were normal, as outside speculation predicted. However the winners seemed to be surprised! Denice Lam at the moment the announcement was made with asked with suspicion, "Is it real?" When candidates around her and the host confirmed once again, she finally dared to take the first step to be crowned. Double prized first runner up Cecca Xu has been full of self confidence throughout. When the first runner up was announced she did not hide her pouting and forced out a smile; double prized second runner up Joey Leung started as a child star, once in the film INFERNAL AFFAIRS (MO GAN DOH) she played Tony Leung Chiu Wai's daughter. Later the fresh out of the oven Miss Hong Kong and runner ups were interviewed. Denice Lam stated that at first her father did not agree to her competing in the pageant. She said to her father through the camera, "You told me not to mess around, take a look at me, now I won!" Cecca Xu perhaps because her loss of composure on the stage (pouting) or inability to win said that she knew she had a lot of room for improvement in many areas.


Catherine Chau and Dior Cheng at an audience appreciation event
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Catherine Chau, Ekin Cheng and others have popcorn during the question and answer segment of their audience appreciation visit

Louis Cheung, Ivana Wong, director Sunny Chan and Peter Chan attend an audience appreciation event and hint that Dayo Wong may make a surprise appearance later

Dior Cheng Yi Kin (nicknamed E Mein) personally ran all over Hong Kong to promote LIFE MUST GO ON (SUM SIU SIP BEI KAU). He was super excited to lead the team of ten, asked viewers to support new actors and new directors. This time E Mein made the switch to comedy, the audience was also very receptive and encouraged him to make more comedy.

The new director Ying Chi Wan written and directed, Cheng Yi Kin and Catherine Chau Ka Yi starred, claimed to be the most slacker sport comedy in Hong Kong history LIFE MUST GO ON (SUM SIU SIM BEI KAU) will officially open on October 6th. Two days ago the film held its advanced screenings. Ekin led Ka Yi, the directors and co-stars Gladys Li Ching Kwan, Isabel Chan Hoi Ning, Chung Suet Ying, Cloud Wan Ho Ying, Feanne Wong Suk Man and others visited many cinemas and personally thanked the audience. The team of 11 thoroughly demonstrated their united spirit of sportsmanship.

E Mein, Ka Yi even surprised fans with autographed posters before making their entrance. When E Mein appeared, fans screamed the name of his hot blooded coach in the film, "Lau Sir". Worried about the film's word of mouth E Mein immediately asked viewers, "We are the most nervous about hearing everyone's response, first do you like this movie?" Fan immediately cheered passionately, "Lau Sir is very handsome! Make more comedy!" On the first day a fan who has already seen it twice responded with the dialogue in the film, "Wherever you fall is where you have to fall again!" E Mein replied to this passionate response, "This is what life is like!" He hoped that everyone would hold on to the spirit of the film, whenever they ran into difficulties or hopelessness in life, they would put an effort into taking their own journey!

During the audience appreciation event everyone was asked about the meaning of LIFE for them. E Mein admitted that in comparison to himself, he hoped even more for everyone to pay attention to some new forces in film. Lead actress Ka Yin like "Aunt Yeung" in the film was full of love, as she had nothing but praise for the new actors. "Actually the pink youth team's eight girls are very hard working and very obedient, don't let their mischievous side in the film scare you! As for whether anyone was performing as themselves that would be up to everyone to find out for themselves, ha! Ha!" Ka Yi then said that he would continue to take time to attend audience appreciation events everywhere.

In addition, the Dayo Wong Tze Wa starred TABLE FOR SIX (FAN HEI GUNG SUM) after over two weeks in release already passed HK$ 40 million at the box office two days ago. Director Sunny Chan Wing Sun along with Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi and Peter Chan Cham Man attended an audience appreciation event and hinted that Wong Tze Wa after completing his play's run could make an appearance at anytime and surprise the audience; Lin Minchen shot a video to thank the audience for their support and the team for their hard work.


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The Louis Koo Tin Lok produced and starred film WARRIORS OF FUTURE (MING YUT JIN GEI) after a month in release yesterday already passed HK$ 62 million and overtook ANITA for second place in the top ten Chinese language film box office in Hong Kong history. With the current momentum, WARRIORS OF FUTURE has hope to break the 2016 COLD WAR II (HONG JIN II)'s HK$ 66.82 million box office record and become the highest grossing Hong Kong Chinese language film champion.

Yesterday Koo Tin Lok posted on social media upon learning the good news. "I am truly very moved to receive this exciting news, thank you every viewers who has gone to the movies to support WARRIORS OF FUTURE. We will continue to battle shoulder to shoulder." WARRIORS OF FUTURE's official site also reported the good news. "Thank you to every viewer! You are the ones who made WARRIORS OF FUTURE officially rise to second place at the top ten Chinese language film box office in Hong Kong history! The box office broke through HK$ 62 million! Would everyone keep going with us?"


Nick Cheung works on a suspect capture scene and leads to many onlookers

A human wall was erected for Nick Cheung to prevent pedestrian photography
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Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai two nights ago shot a chase scene on the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui. Injuring his leg earlier, he still got an all out performance and ran back and forth on the streets several times. Because as the night grew later the number of pedestrians grew as well, the crew was very nervous and once erected a human wall to block off the production and prevent any scene being leaked.

Two nights ago around 8PM, Cheung Ka Fai appeared on the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui East to work on his film BAU LIT DIM (EXPLOSION POINT). Many extras gathered to play reporters. Ka Fai with blood on his face was in a street chase. He held the suspect in the film onto the ground and handcuffed him. They struggled during the process with a lot of action. Because of repeated shoots, Ka Fai needed to ran back and forth several times. As he was limping he seemed to be still ailing. The crew often handed him a mirror for him to fix his make up and "fake blood".

Best Actor's charm indeed was extraordinary. Many pedestrians after recognizing Cheung Ka Fai refused to leave. Some stood at the nearby taxi stand to watch the shoot. While watching the "free show" some pedestrians were about to raise their phones to take photos, but the crew immediately pointed at them to stop. As the night grew later the number of pedestrians grew as well, the crew later added more help and sent even more workers to erect a human wall to block any pedestrian from taking more photos and to prevent the scene being leaked. The crowd did not dwindle though, with the sudden onset of rain, the team finally was forced to temporarily halt production.


Chan Suk Fun is among one of the people who knew Leslie Cheung the best
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Chan Suk Fun talks about her past with Leslie Cheung with Che Suk Mui

Some claimed that Michael Lai saw Anita Mui's talent and gave her his card for a meeting, which Chan Suk Fun said was untrue
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Gold label manager Chan Suk Fun recently appeared on a Radio Hong Kong interview and revealed that she would hope a public memorial event for Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing (Gor Gor) for the last time.

Chan Suk Fun said that after the film ANITA's release, many friends asked whether what happened in the film was true. For example who between Gor Gor and Ah Mui started into the business first, thus when she went and watched the film. Mrs. Chan said, "Actually Gor Gor in 1977 participated in RTV's Asia singing contest, was the first runner up and got into the business. In 1981 he was also the first singer signed when Capital Artist record was established. Mui Yim Fong participated in New Talent in 1982. This incident inspired me. I have been in the business for almost 50 years, in order to prevent rumors from spreading I would have to document the history that I have witness for future confirmations and references. I know investors are very thoughtful. Although it was just a movie, viewers watched it like a story. However it would influence many in the future to consider it as fact, and it was not. I also hope to have a movie about Gor Gor, to truthfully tell his story. (Which actor would be the most convincing?) That's very hard, it really is very hard to have someone with his aura."

Mrs. Chan earlier expressed that she was planning a concert for the 20th anniversary of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing passing. She would also plan an exhibit, and other events like ordering commemorative origami cranes. She hoped the activities would make the fans' journey even richer, so they would bring ample memories back to their own places. Mrs. Chan even revealed that this would be the final public event she would organize. She said, "My new life goal now is to do meaningful things for interesting people."

Mrs. Chan was also once Roman Tam (Law Man)'s manager. She recently organized a memorial concert for him. Speaking of the day when Law Man passed in 2002, Mrs. Chan said that she was working in Wuhan at the time. The news made her lost control of her emotions. "In the brink of an eye it has been 20 years, after Law Man's two sisters mentioned it I decided to hold a memorial concert for him. Later I realized tht actually many people also hoped that (the concert) would happen, and luckily I was able to reserve the venue."

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Louis Koo unveils his onscreen "wife"
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Louis Koo hopes to cultivate even more film talent
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Louis Koo says that his One Cool film company has a 30 year film plan

WARRIORS OF FUTURE prequel animation unveils the exosuit squad female member

WARRIORS OF FUTURE opened on August 26th.  After almost one month in release, the film has reached fourth place at the top ten Hong Kong Chinese language film box office

The Louis Koo Tin Lok produced and starred film WARRIORS OF FUTURE (MING YUT JIN GEI) two days ago already passed the HK$ 61 million in the afternoon and reached fourth place among the top ten Chinese language film box office in Hong Kong. Two nights ago Goo Jai appeared at a Causeway Bay cinema, announced the company's 30 year science fiction plan and would start production on the Hong Kong team produced WARRIORS OF FUTURE prequel animation. His "wife" the exosuit team female member was also unveiled. Goo Jai also promised to make even more science fiction films, cultivate the next generation so they would be able to bring Hong Kong film all over the world once more.

Two nights ago Goo Jai attended a WARRIORS OF FUTURE special screening at a Causeway Bay cinema. After the screening Goo Jai appeared. He first thanked everyone for their support of the film. With WARRIORS passing HK$ 61 million at the box office, he hoped that WARRIORS would not only be able to reach the first place miracle, but also create even higher box office miracle. At the same time he urged that in the future he would need everyone's support even more. Goo Jai said, "When I was little Papa took me to see STAR WARS, I didn't get it at all. Back then there weren't too many special effects, only model and camera effects. However it was able to span 40 years, proving that science fiction films have affected people of different eras."

He also said that last week the director attended a computer special effect forum. Students said that they cried 3 times when they watched WARRIORS OF FUTURE. "They said when they took this course they originally were afraid that it would be futile, as many of their predecessors aren't in the business. Yet after watching the film they feel they still have a future. In the computer world there are only 0 and 1, choosing 0 would keep you in place forever. Choosing 1 and taking the first step, then they would have second, third step, even more possibilities. Hong Kong film isn't dead, it depends on how you choose. A world with choices would not be the same."

The end credit animation trailer "confidential footage" was shown. In it the "One Cool Animation Projection animation" and "prequel" could be seen. Aside from the film characters, a female character was added. The exosuit female member was unveiled, as well as a plant shaped Pandora. On the promotional footage was blurred out date of 2025 or 2026, revealing the film's planned release date.

Goo Jai also urged fan to watch to the end, and pay attention to the female exosuit warrior who was the wife of his character in the film. Having once joked that anyone who has seen WARRIORS OF FUTURE was his wife, Goo Jai responded when a female fan's joke of "Your wife is here already." He said, "No, the one in the movie." The audience after watching the around 40 seconds video applauded and cheered.

Goo Jai also announced the 30 year science fiction production plan of One Cool Film. He said that over the past 10 years step by step they achieved WARRIORS OF FUTURE. In the next 20 years, they would start production on the WARRIORS OF FUTURE animation prequel. This time they would challenge an all animated film, which would still used an all Hong Kong production team. Then they would make even more different subject science fiction films and put an effort into cultivating the next generation so they would again bring Hong Kong film all around the world. He said, "I am willing to take the first step, shoulder this responsibility and keep on going. In the future films would shrink their production time. Even crime films would have special effects. The most important is to have everyone's support, only then would I have the opportunity and the motivation to keep going."


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The Kathy Yuen (Tong Yee), Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Jeana Ho Pui Yu starred Emperor Motion Picture LOVE IS BLIND, HATE TOO (JI MING 24 SIU SI)'s release date due to the pandemic was postponed time and again. Finally it was delayed until two days ago when it was released on Mainland platform circuit and became an internet feature film. Tong Yee gave her all in the film, all bruised and scarred from the abuse scenes. During the shoot she even went into shock, even her onscreen husband Ng Cheuk Hei praised her professionalism. The film was Tong Yee's biggest breakthrough in her career, unfortunately it was not destined for a theatrical release.

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Teresa Mo and Tse Kwan Ho play a couple in martial crisis
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After two month hiatus from work, MIRROR would gradually return. Edan Lui Cheuk On and Anson Lo's first film together, HONG KONG FAMILY (GOR SI GOR JIK) would open in November. Its poster and teaser were unveiled yesterday. Playing father and son, Best Actor Gardner Tse Kwan Ho nd Edan in the trailer got into it on the street. Edan screamed out of rage, "Has he thought about it from my angle?" Then he screamed when he was alone in a rom. In another scene Anson Lo who played his friend yelled at him. "You are escaping from reality right now!" In the few scenes Edan had no stage fright in front of the Best Actor and his performance would be a pleasant surprise. The film was invited to participate in the Busan Film Festival. Director Eric Tsang Hing Won would fly there early next month to meet with the audience.


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Aaron Kwok earlier aggravated his old injury while working on a commercial.  At the event he appeared to be very lively
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing yesterday as the Environmental Protection Ambassador attended a chain restaurant plastic reduction event in Hung Hom and host the opening ceremony with popular cartoon character Baby Shark. Aaron saw his daughters' favorite Baby Shark could not help but hold its fin and give hearts. Kwok Fu Sing said that normally he would teach his daughters about environmental protection. In addition, he also revealed that he would plan to perform a Hong Kong Coliseum concert series next year.

In addition, Aaron also revealed that next month he would return to the Mainland for a movie, a meta universe love story that would be different from his past police, crime and legal subjects. For him it would be a new attempt. He would be paired with a Mainland actress but they would not have any intimate scene. As a father would he have any burden with making romantic scenes? Aaron said, "No baggage, it would depend on the story. As an actor I would focus on the (character) creative." He also would plan to perform at the Hong Kong Coliseum next year and revealed that the company has already begun preparation. He hoped that everyone next year would be able to resume their normal lives.


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Adam Pak Tin Nam yesterday attended an event. he revealed that he would head overseas for a new film. "The last time I took a plane was two years ago when I came from Australia. I was a little scared since I wasn't used to that feeling of leaving the ground, haha!" He said that he has not seen his parents in over 2 years. He would like to go to Australia and see his family the most.

Adam revealed that it would his first time flying overseas for a film. The film would feature male characters but he would not be able to reveal any detail yet. He also said that his earlier film LOVE SUDDENLY (FUT YIN SUM DONG) was his first attempt at a romantic comedy. "The feeling was very fresh, I didn't have to play a prisoner again, haha! I played a couple with (Chloe) So Ho Yi and had a kiss scene. My first film kiss went to her. (Was the lack of any fight scene more comfortable?) In it she still slapped me a few times, I still took a beating, haha!"