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Jessie Li never expects to win Best Actress with her first film
Patrick Tam guest stars and plays for laughs with Sing Sing
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A slim Harriet Yang and her boyfriend Dean Siu
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing earlier with the film PORT OF CALL (DAP HUET CHUM MUI) won the New York Asian Film Festival Star Asia honor. The film also won Best at the Bucheon International Fantastical Film Festival Best Feature of Bucheon, Best Actress for its new actors Jessie Li (Chun Xia) and Best Actor Special Mention for Michael Ning (Pak Chi). Chun Xia and Pak Chi two nights ago along with director Philip Yung Chi Kwong and other actors Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling), Harriet Yeung Sze Man and Jacky Cai Jie attended the celebration. Sing Sing was unable to attend due to work.

The fresh out of the oven Bucheon Best Actress Chun Xia admitted that she has never thought about winning an award with her first film. In the film she played an escort and had intimate scenes with Pak Chi and Don Li Yat Long. She even had a full frontal nude performance. She said, "At first I would feel embarrassed, but everyone was very professional. Later I didn't feel like that anymore." Did she have more film offers after the award? Chun Xiao admitted that they were in negotiation. In the film she had no scene with Sing Sing, but they ran into each other on the set. She praised Sing Sing for being a very nice guy. "You would think a Heavenly King would be standoffish and cold, but he would chat and joke around with others. He also knew how to take care of people. (Did he ask you for your number?) Of course not."

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