Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Yuen Biao and Ryusei Imai generate cheers
William Shum invites Yuen Biao to promote in Japan
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Yuen Biao earlier went to Tokyo, Japan to attend a press conference for a new watch that commemorated the 45th anniversary of Bruce Lee's passing. Yuen Biao attended in a Chinese suit and even had an exchange with "mini Bruce Lee" Ryusei Imai. When they posed for a duel, Yuen Biao put his hand together and beg for mercy. Was this the first time Yuen Biao met Ryusei? He said that earlier he watched his video online. "I felt he definitely would become a success in the future, a Japanese successor in the martial art and kung fu world." Later, Yuen Biao performed with a wooden man, but when he started he realized that he was wearing a watch. He took it off in a hurry and continued the performance.

After over 20 years without a public appearance in Japan, Yuen Biao remained just as popular. Fans flocked to him for autographs and photos as soon as he got out of his vehicle. One fan even personally drew an artwork of his past characters. He came to work for 4 or 5 days, which reminded him of singing Japanese songs in Nippon Budokan when he was younger.

In addition, Yuen Biao revealed that he was busy with the Seven Little Fortunes movie preparation. "Because next year would be the 60th anniversary of the 'Seven Little Fortunes', actually at our 50th anniversary we already thought about making this movie to tell Hong Kong, China and even the world how we learned kung fu when we were little and how we overcame hardship. We would tell children not to give up, to have confidence and determination." Speaking of working with Bruce Lee when he was younger, he admitted that he was his idol. The chance of working with him was truly a honor. He continued, "The luckiest part about working with him was, first was standing next to him, and second was him kicking me into the air."

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