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The 14th Asian Summer Film Festival earlier took place in Vic, near Barcelona, Spain. The film festival saluted Hong Kong martial art stars and selected the Kara Wai Ying Hung starred MY YOUNG AUNTIE and MRS. K. Sister Hung also with MRS. K and her years of continuous effort received the festival's honorary award Lucky Cat Honor Award.

This time the Asian Summer Film Festival was thoughtful with its selection. MY YOUNG AUNTIE was a 1981 action comedy that was Lau Ka Leung written, directed and starred. Wai Ying Hung was the lead actress and even won the 1st Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress; as for MRS. K, it was Ho Yuhang directed it and will officially open in Hong Kong this fall. It will be Wai Ying Hung's final martial art action film.

Recognized overseas again, Sister Hung happily said, "In recent years I rarely took martial art action films. Among all the action actors, I am very happy to still be able to be recognized by the jury and fans! This time with MRS. K I got to work with AT THE END OF DAYBREAK director Ho Yuhang for the third time and felt very right, because we understood each other very well and trusted each other very much. Although the process was tough, I was very pleased with MRS. K. I thought that it was a perfect 'end' to my action film life."

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