Monday, August 14, 2017


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Queenie Chu almost cries from her idol Lawrence Ng's praises
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Lawrence Ng Kai Wa, Milla Ching Chi Yu, Charmaine Li Sze Yan and Eddie Li Yu Yeung two nights ago attended the film DUET MING JUI HUNG (FATAL PURSUIT)'s wrap banquet. Playing a doctor in the film, Kai Wa jokingly suggested for a sequel to the film and changed the Chinese from Fatal Murderer Pursuit to Fatal Chest Pursuit and he could play a plastic surgeon. The co-stars made fun of Jason Wong Chun Fung's not so fluent Cantonese. When he introduced his character he suddenly broke out foul langauge, "Normally I appear for a several seconds then I X die." He later explained that because he did not know how to speak Cantonese too well, he added a few adjectives to sound more powerful.

Kai Wa said that his personality is different from before. When he was single before, he had to work with Ada Choi Siu Fun on three series before they officially chatted. Now that he is single again he of course has to be a little happier. Would that make him even more attractive to the opposite sex? He stated, "I have always been attractive, just now a child actor asked me how to be attractive. I said that an actor has to know how to flirt, with both men and women. As long as everyone like you you are successful." Kai Wa said that for this production he did not have to wear any skull cap and had air conditioning. It was not too rough, unlike last year when he had to wear a three piece suit for a fight scene in Hengdian in over 40 degree Celsius temperature. This time the only thrill was in one scene Lee Sze Yan had to chase him with a real fruit knife. They even had to fall into a bed. He suggested this scene and joked that he was the action director as well.

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