Friday, August 18, 2017


Joey Yung also attends the dinner with Liza Wang and Kenny Bee

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Anita Yuen happily poses with Jackie Chan and settles their grudge
Jackie Chan presents Anita Yuen with a ruler of the film
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Jackie Chan and Anita Yuen Wing Yi settled their 22 year long grudge. Len Len yesterday posted a photo with Jackie Chan. "The outside has always rumored that I was the female star who upset Big Brother Jackie Chan. Last night thanks to (Eric) Tsang Chi Wai's arrangement, I finally learned the truth. Thank you, Big Brother Jackie Chan for forgiving my past mistake. Actuallhy he already made some gifts for me a long time ago. I am truly very touched! Big Brother! Thank you! I would continue to be a good actress!"

Len Len revealed that she was the new female star that Jackie Chan criticized anonymously. Jackie Chan mentioned in an interview that he was upset at a female star's work attitude and "arrogance". Jackie Chan after working on the film with her wanted her to record two more lines but he could not find her. Jackie Chan was upset and even reported the matter to the Performing Artist Guild. Yuen Wing Yi worked with Jackie Chan on the film THUNDERBOLT (PIK LIK FOR) in 1995. Since then they never worked together again. This time Chi Wai arranged a dinner for Len Len and Jackie Chan to meet. 22 years later Jackie Chan's rage vanished. Two nights ago he even prepared a memorable gift for Len Len as he turned film into a ruler.

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