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Carina Lau Ka Ling recently worked on the Lunar New Year film FATHER VS. FATHER IN LAW (NGOR DIK CHING DIK NUI SAI). Despite the typhoon, the team still worked until 4AM -- right before the Storm Signal Number 8 was announced; yesterday after the Number 10 Signal was lowered, Ka Ling resumed work again and continued to work with Simon Yam Tat Wa and Michelle Wai Sze Nga on the major meet the parent scene.

Ka Ling two nights ago worked at night with Ivana Wong Yuen Chi and Bob Lam Sing Bun. She said that at the time the Storm Signal was only at 3, work would only stop at 8. Thus the team just kept shooting. The Observatory announced that around 5AM the Number 8 Signal would go up, so the team ended the shoot after 4AM. Ka Ling said, "Luckily it was an indoors shoot in a hotel. We never felt the strength of the storm. However after work on the way home I already felt the storm." Ka Ling said that in recent years when storms reached Hong Kong they felt like they would weaken. Instead sometimes the Black Rain Warning felt even more severe. Yet yesterday from the news and her friends' messages, the condition under the Storm Signal 10 was rather ridiculous. The police and the medical personnel had to stay on duty in the dangerous environment. ,br>
Yesterday after the typhoon left Hong Kong, Ka Ling went to work around dusk. Luckily the shoot was still indoors, but the scene was a major one as Ka Ling's adopted daughter Wai Sze Nga brought her boyfriend to meet her the mother in law to be. Ka Ling then learned that he was her former boyfriend Yam Tat Wa. Ka Ling said that the state of mind for this scene was rather special. She did not know how the director would want her to interpret it, but believed that she would have funny lines and the feeling of seeing things. She hoped to be able to achieve a comedic pace.

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