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The Wong Jing produced and written, Kam Ka Wai directed, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Jordan Chan Siu Chun and Philip Ng Won Lung starred latest installment in the "COLOUR OF" series COLOUR OF THE GAME (HAK BAK MAI GUNG) will open next month. In the film Siu Chun again played a Wise Guy, risking his life with brother Yam Tat Wa as they conducted dangerous assignments for their organization.

Married both on and off screen, Siu Chun in COLOUR for the organization and his brethren's safety even used his wife for bait to lure his target to appear. Siu Chun said, "The film world's Wise Guy has this image, honor above all as brothers and the society come first. However actually in the film I only use my woman for Brother Wa, the truth is he is frighteningly charming. With his high leadership abilities he makes me submit. I am able to drop everything so no matter what I have to help my boss Brother Wa with finishing the job. In real life though how can I possibly achieve that? Of course family comes first for me."

Yam Tat Wa in the film was saddened over Siu Chun's sacrifice of his wife in the film. "He actually sells out his family for me, sacrificing his wife. The process is exceptionally tragic. I believe that no man wants to run into anything like this, so experiencing this once in the film is enough." In addition, Siu Chun was used to playing Wise Guys in movies so this time was not too hard for me. Whenever he had to hold a gun and make a vicious expression he did them all in one take. The director was very pleased. Siu Chun said, "Maybe normally I give people the impression that I am a little mean, so the director wants me to intimidate people. Of course it isn't hard at all!"

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