Thursday, August 17, 2017


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Yu Chung, Grace Lam
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Grace Lam Nga Sze, Yu Chiu Chung Yu and Derek Wong Kin Tung yesterday attended a costume fitting for their new film (BAK BIN SUN TAM). Grace played a foolish cop who went undercover in an arms smuggling group. Her character had over 30 costumes, including cosplay and sexy ones. In addition she also had to perform a drifting stunt. Grace worried about injuries from the dangerous scene. As for the earlier "robbery" incident in Malaysia, she said that it has come to an end. In the future she will also go there again for work.

Yu in the film played Grace's sister, who also investigated the case. The former said that she has played an uniformed officer before. This time she even had to sit next to Grace during the drifting. Yu said that she did not have a license and felt that her fate was in her co-star's hand, thus she wanted the film company to increase her insurance policy. In addition, Yu also had to investigate the case in cosplay. "I leave the sexy ones to Grace. She is a goddess, I can play Gundam or a man." Yu in the film also had to silly. She said that in reality she looked smart but actually was very dumb. She often put the wrong school uniform on her child and has left the country with expired documents. Reporters joked that she did not look smart either. Yu helplessly laughed and said, "You see how smart I was in the first half of my life? I hope I can be in the second half of my life!"

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