Thursday, August 10, 2017


Nick Cheung invites Yuen Wah to perform
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Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai directed and starred for the third time in his film THE TROUGH (DAI AK CHO), the latest trailer of which made its debut. This time Ka Fai no longer tried to scare with a ghost film as he switched to a crime film. He even went to Japan, Shanghai and Thailand for location shoots. The film had a lot of gun fight and car chase scenes. The car chase explosion even required an over a week long Shanghai roadblock. Ka Fai insisted on performing his own stunts.

Ka Fai admitted that he hoped TASTE would be able to break through the traditional crime film framework. He also called in favors from Michael Miu Kiu Wai, Maggie Cheung Ho Yi and Louis Cheung Kai Chung to star. He even invited his SECRET OF THE HEART "dad" Paul Chun Pui to perform, giving the film a taste of "Hong Kong"!

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