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Shu Qi jokes that her acting is so great, she is afraid that working with Stephen Fung on screen would drag her down
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Andy Lau's doctor says that his voice is hoarse because he is getting old
Shu Qi, Andy Lau and Stephen Fung have a pleasant collaboration
Andy Lau receives a scar from messing around and has to rely on make up to cover it up
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Andy Lau Tak Wa was injured during a commercial shoot and hospitalized for months. Recently he recovered and officially resumed work as he promoted THE ADVENTURERS (HUP DOH LUEN MUN). Wa Jai actually said that he was nervous about coming in contact with the Hong Kong media again, but during the entire interview, Wa Jai, lead actress Shu Qi and director Stephen Fung Tak Lun were at ease and joked around as they filled the location with laughter. Speaking of the production, Fung Tak Lun admitted that he deliberately let Wa Jai bring his famous "Wa Dee" feeling back to the audience.

Reportedly early in THE ADVENTURERS' production, the lead actor was actually Feng Shaofeng. Yet he had an accident and Lau Tak Wa took over. Fung Tak Lun thanked Wa Jai for making adjustments to "help out". Even though the character was not tailored for Wa Jai, he made changes on the dialogues.

Speaking of reprising Wa Jai's past film scenes in the film. His urination scene next to Shu Qi was like A WORLD WITHOUT THIEVES, the prison release scene was like CASINO RAIDER (JI JUEN MO SEUNG), Fung Tak Lun admitted that for the motorcycle scene he indeed did add A MOMENT OF ROMANCE (TIN YEUK YAU CHING)'s Wa Dee feeling into it. Wa Jai said, "I even have to wear the tuxedo!" Shu Qi immediately complained, "Why didn't I wear the wedding gown?" Wa Jai explained, "Because you didn't sit behind me! Haha!" In the film the memorable to Wa Jai was the target practice with Jean Reno, because it had to be shot in one take and he had to use English dialogue. However the result was quite impressive.

Wa Jai admitted over a decade ago he already wanted to work with Fung Tak Lun, but he was never able to find an investor and the project was scrapped. He said that it might be fate, this time he gave up his summer vacation with is family for the shoot. Why did Fung Tak Lun not perform myself? He said, "No need, with Brother Wa here, what should I play?" In the film he felt that the Cannes car chase was the most difficult. Because at the time the film festival just ended, the police had to assist the shoot with road blocks. Over 100 people were used to control traffic flow in the streets and to keep other pedestrians out.

Shu Qi said that the Prague shoot, due to the beautiful people and scenery, was not difficult at all. However during the shoot she and the director's relationship changed, did she receive any special treatment? She said, "No, actually my own body had problems and reacted. My face was swollen so it was a little rough. During the shoot we were director and actor, on the set we couldn't talk about our relationship. I couldn't complain too much. I didn't want other people to feel I was deliberately arguing with him, like I was making stuff out to get out the rough stuff. So whatever he wanted me to do, I basically did." Outside she gave him all the respect? Shu Qi continued, "In one scene Chi Wai shot me, I had to play dead. Basically for other directors I probably wouldn't lie down myself. Mainly Brother Wa was telling behind me, please relax, I am behind you. So I gave him a huge benefit!" Fung Tak Lun looked at his wife and said, "Whatever she says!"

In the film Shu Qi had no intimate scene, only Wa Jai did. Fung Tak Lun said that it was not deliberate because the script was done long ago. Instead one morning he said to the cinematographer to make his wife look like she was 18. He said, "It can be done, I think!" Shu Qi pretended to be upset, "It's still two years older!" Wa Jai added in, "I benefit too!" Was it even easier to capture Shu Qi's beauty? She said, "At the time the condition of my face was very severe, he and the cinematographer were scratching their heads. The cinematographer everyday looked at my appearance at the start of the day and said, 'Oh, I need more light!'" Fung Tak Lun said that in the film she had a "X face" because of her swollen face. Shu Qi said that she wore glasses to one side to cover up the swelling. She had to rely on her eyes to act.

Would the couple work together again? As Fung Tak Lun was about to answer there was a chance, Shu Qi was shaking her head. He immediately yielded to his wife. Shu Qi said, "I feel at age 18 or 20 I should relax and enjoy myself!" In one scene Wa Jai and Eric Tsang Chi Wai rehearsed at the incinerator for "a hour". their passion for film and demand for themselves were so strict that such an environment felt like fresh air. Wa Jai answered, "I can't do anything, Chi Wai got into the business before I did. After changing the lines he grabbed the translator to run them through." Shu Qi joked, "As a newcomer, seeing how serious the two elders were I really admired their persistence!" Wa Jai also joked that he felt the same way.

Shu Qi in recent years reduced production, at most she would make a movie a year. Was it because her husband was taking care of her? "No need, I have always relied on myself!" Was she trying to her body ready for pregnancy? She said that was not it either. Mainly her allergy was unstable. When Fung Tak Lun was asked again whether he wanted to work with his wife again, he said, "Let's see if anything is suitable. It will also depend on time. In the short run I don't know." Wa Jai joked that they should write a script called ALLERGY, everyone then said Wa Jai should direct and they should star. Shu Qi immediately went "wow". Was she against working with her husband on screen? She took a shot at him. "No need. My acting is so great, I don't want him to drag me down!" Was she afraid of friction? "I am, ultimately we have different ideas. Men and women have different views about a scene. " Did they have friction this time? She said, "I said I was very nice, I have never been this nice before!"

Wa Jai just recovered his injury, would he perform his own stunt from now on? He said, "After the last X Ray, I found out that my sciatic nerve has some problems still. I have to train to see how much it recovers. However I feel that making action film now is more comfortable than before. Earlier while working on the elevating platform I was messing around, hit my head and got hurt. My thinking is if I can do it I would, if not that let it be." He also said he could handle everyday activities, but he would need further training for a three hour concert. "I used to train three days a week, in September I will train five days a week."

Wa Jai's voice lately has been a little hoarse. He said, "Earlier I just saw a doctor, who said that I was getting old. Haha. He upset me! Because speaking was that way but singing was fine, the doctor said that I got tired easier when I spoke. Maybe over the past half a year I exercised less. Actually it may be related to muscles and physical abilities. When it gets tired it would become hoarse. When I am in better shape it wouldn't get hoarse so easily."

Wa Jai stressed that it was not from medication because after his injury he did not use any. When he left the hospital and returned home he only took vitamin pills other than pain killers.

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