Thursday, August 17, 2017


Alex Fong Lik Sun pleads with Samantha Ko, who slaps him 19 times
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The Alex Fong Lik Sun and Samantha Ko Hoi Ning starred new film yesterday released its trailer. In it Ko Ling on the streets of Causeway Bay slapped boyfriend Siu Fong 19 times while he was pleading on his knees. Referred to as "slave beast" Siu Fong said that everyone only saw the surface, not when he whipped Ko Ling and when she beg on her knees on glass. As he continued to talk about his "glorious history", Ko Ling called and all the arrogance disappeared. "Concert tickets? I am going to get them now!" The audience learned that he actually was "comforting himself".

Ko Ling said that the "beast taming" scene was very stressful. "The director asked for it to be realistic, I had to look like I was hitting Siu Fong very hard. However having to slap him so many times, I really was afraid that I would hurt him. So I was more nervous than enjoying it! Finally one time my finger nail scratched his noses! I really was super sorry!" While in the film she was an expert of slapping people, in real life she should be an expert among experts? She said that she has never slapped anyone in real life. "So during rehearsal I would crack up, but I know I would have no chance for a bad take . During the shoot I had to hypnotize myself to be in character, as I kept telling myself, 'I am a Sassy Girl' to be able to successfully finish this scene!"

Siu Fong said that the director's "slave beast" shoot was a "set up" and "excessive". He not only had to kneel on the streets of Causeway Bay but also being slapped in front of everyone. Speaking of being slapped, he said that he only felt "super awkward". Only after the shoot did he discover the scratches on his face.

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