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Louis Koo challenges a Mandarin song, much to the surprise of many
Hanna Chan plays Louis Koo's daughter
Wu Yue has a touching relationship with his Thai wife
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Louis Koo very naturally is able to grasp THE MOON REPRESENTS MY HEART since he grew up with the song
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The action film PARADOX (SAT POR LONG TAM LONG) will open on the 25th in Hong Kong. PARADOX used SPL and SPL 2's team with one after another close combat fights that challenged the audience's eyes. Director Wilson Yip Wai Shun also put a lot of thought into this story. In the film Louis Koo Tin Lok and daughter Hanna Chan, Wu Yue and his Thai wife not only had the audience grinding their teeth but also challenged their tolerance for fears. The song THE MOON REPRESENTS MY HEART motivated Wu Yue and at the same time moved Koo Tin Lok.

Once Gold Label music producer, the film's producer Paco Wong after the first cut invited them to sing. Paco said, "PARADOX's fight scenes are definitely exciting! Yet this time 'love' also tugs at the heart strings. After watching the film I really want Koo Tin Lok and Wu Yue to be able to personally perform and touch people's hearts."

The duo performed a duet of THE MOON REPRESENTS MY HEART, which was also a big bright spot in the film. The film company naturally invested heavily on the production. Famous Hong Kong musicians Walter Wong and Gary Chan worked on the song, as well as Koo Tin Lok's past record producer Chan Fai Yeung; Gary said, "The duet of Koo Tin Lok and Wu Yue coordinates the film. We want to have a contrast of the strong and the gentle with Wu Yue's more masculine voice and Koo Tin Lok's gentle performance. The song arrangement is tender and comfortable, with real string performance so the entire song has more dimensions and stands out more."

Due to work, Koo and Wu had to record in Hong Kong and Beijing separately. The first time singer for a film Wu Yue said, "In the film my wife due to her mother likes this song. When we run into trouble as a couple we would support and encourage each other with this song. It is our love theme song. It also affects Koo Tin Lok, so singing THE MOON REPRESENTS MY HEART is particularly suitable for the story. I truly never thought that Koo Tin Lok's singing would be very entertaining. I hope to have a chance to sing with him again because this song is recorded separately."

Koo Tin Lok due to his complete trust for the director and the producer went to the recording studio again. "When Paco suggested a duet for me and Wu Yue, I agreed very quickly. Because anyone who has seen the film would naturally understand the purpose of the song; I have heard this song since I was little, the recording naturally wasn't too hard. Very quickly I was already able to grasp it."

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