Friday, August 18, 2017


Ben Sir, Bianca Wu, Luk Ho Ming
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Ben Sir works with Donnie Yen on a school film
Ben Sir just recently celebrates his 50th birthday in Taiwan and guest stars in a few films.
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Benjamin Auyeung Wai Ho (Ben Sir) yesterday attended an event. He revealed that he just returned to Hong Kong from celebrating his 50th birthday in Taiwan. Friends prepared a surprise party for him. Ben Sir said, "My birthday wish is to improve myself." Speaking of taking movie roles recently, he said, "I guest starred in several movies. As for what I would take the lead, I am passive. Only do I play minor roles well would I have even more opportunities."

Ben Sir revealed that the upcoming release NEVER TOO LATE (OI CHING LO DAI SAU) played a lazy cop. Samantha Ko Hoi Ning did not slap him, but he was involved in a kidnapping. As for his recent post of a photo with Donnie Yen Chi Tan, he revealed, "Now I am working on a school film with Yen Chi Tan. Both Chi Tan and I are teachers. I won't need to fight, I only know that it will be a Hong Kong film. My part is pretty funny." Ben Sir said that his film work is slowing progressing. He hoped that the audience would like him more and more and he would have more and more supporters. He would gladly try different things, but he might not consider any nude or deranged characters.

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