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Jiang Wen enjoys being "kidnapped" to promote in Cannes
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Jiang Wen reached Cannes and met with the Chinese media on May 19 at a hotel to promote LET THE BULLETS FLY. Jiang Wen piled on the compliments for guest star Feng Xiaogang. "Feng Xiaogang is very cocky and is also very charming. He gives people the impression that he could be doted on." As for the film's other big name Chow Yun Fat, Jiang Wen said, "he is never late and never leaves earlier. Sometimes he would even work overtime."

Jiang Wen said, "I asked Feng Xiaogang why don't you act, he told me, on the set I can stimulate everyone's potential. Feng Xiaogang is very cool, very charming. When he speaks he sounds a little evil and gives people the impression that he could be doted on." When a reporter asked, "Would he get lucky?" Jiang Wen replied, "I didn't think of that, but actually he could have." Earlier Jia Zhangke expressed that before the production started he was invited to play a role but the role later turned into a woman so he had to give up. Jiang Wen laughed, "Jia Zhangke doesn't want to change his sex. From now on if my movies would require him to perform, he may have to change his sex."

Earlier many rumors claimed that Chow Yun Fat on the set was always "acting like a big shot". Jiang Wen denied everything. "He is never late and never leaves earlier. sometimes he would even work overtime. In addition Fat Gor would help us with the take board and records of the scenes. He also got along very well with the young actors. I later asked Chow Yun Fat, why everyone thought he was so hard to deal with. I never expected what Fat Gor said to me, 'You aren't as hard to deal with as I imagined.'" Jiang Wen even revealed that Chow Yun Fat for this character even got a mouthful of gold teeth, "which I respected him a lot for."

Jiang Wen honestly said that he was not in charge of LET THE BULLETS FLY alone. "We often had many people around the monitor. Anyone can see what we were making. Sometimes when I was acting, Teacher Ge You, Teacher Chow Yun Fat would play the director for awhile. They also gave me a lot of opinions." A reporter asked whether he will work with a Taiwan director. Jiang Wen answered, "If Hou Hsiao-Hsien and Ang Lee approach me, I would go. Since they haven't, what am I going into the crowd for?"

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