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Donnie Yen Chi Tan two days ago attended a certain hotel chain's celebration.  As for an action star, Chi Tan has gone all out in every film in recent years.  His tough guy image has been well known.  Chi Tan said about a Mainland media's nickname of him, "Risking life is my nature, and also my film production spirit.  I don't think I can change.  Even if I am a little older, I still risk my life in my movies."

Chi Tan revealed that he took two comedy roles in a row, EIGHTH HAPPINESS 2012 (BAK SING PO HEI) and PIK LIK SUN TAM (THUNDER COP).  His role in the Raymond Wong Pak Ming Lunar New Year film would be very different from his past characters.  He said, "First, I don't need to fight.  Second, the character's hair is very long but modern, not costume film long hair.  In the past few years I kept making costume films, played either a Grand Master or a heroic figure.  As an actor I want to try to see whether I can reign over some characters that I haven't played before."

In EIGHTH HAPPINESS 2012, Chi Tan and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu would have many scenes together.  Chi Tan said, "Everyone know Ng Kwan Yu is a comedy expert.  I feel I can make the sense of humor in comedy.  I truly look forward very much to the results of working with her."

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