Thursday, September 29, 2011


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DaDa Chen Jing, Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Shiga Lin Si Nga and others two nights ago attended the film LAN KWAI FONG (HEI OI YEH PO)'s celebration banquet.  Jeana earlier broke up with her boyfriend.  She said, "We separated to cool down.  Earlier the emotions were very complicated, now they are much better.  I have to turn sorrow into appetite.  I asked producer (Wilson) Chin Kwok Wai to cover my food and drinks for a month and keep celebrating."

Jeana hoped to win back "custody" of her dog.  Did he not agreed?  She said, "he may want to keep a strand of connection.  Right now sleeping alone is very dry.  Every night I have to drink more than half a bottle of red wine before I am able to sleep, like I am forced to knock myself out.  So I want to have my 'daughter' Gigi to keep me company."  She said that their break up was amicable.  She said, "I have been in the business for two years.  At first at the agency our relationship was OK.  This year after I gained my independence our pace was different.  I am running, he seems to be walking."  Did she feel her boyfriend was not progressing?  She said, "I am financially stable on my own.  If it's for money, I don't have to get into the business.  All I have to do is meeting someone rich.  Ultimately now I have to adjust my pace."  She admitted that the difference was in the pace of "making money".  Did she feel her boyfriend was lazy?  She said, "OK, he lives in the village.  Earlier when I stayed at the village for one night I thought I got lazy and had to jump back out again.  The village life is like a holiday."

Earlier Chen Jing was caught going to see Dior Cheng Yi Kin's concert in Macau and spent the night with Eddie Li Yu Yeung.  She stated that they were just friends.  DaDa said, "A friend outside the business invited both of us, he didn't ask me.  Originally I didn't know he would go."  She said that they met at work.  Did she feel he was pursuing her?  She said, "I don't sense it.  (Are you after him?)  Even less, I don't know about the future, right now we are good friends.  (Would you consider him?)  I won't know until the pursuit is on.  It isn't yet."  DaDa clarified that they did not spend the night together.

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