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Wylie Chiu Shek Chi, Khloe Chu Chiu Hiu and Malaysian new comer Brandy Akiko (Lam Sze Chi) two nights ago attended their new film THE CASES premiere.  Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi's mother attended in support.  Chiu Shek Chi said that as a part of the film she of course had to dress up a little, she has taken all the safety precautions.  Did she ask her boyfriend to attend?  She said that she did not invite any friend because she heard that they did not have enough seats at the premiere.  Reportedly after meeting a wealthy boyfriend Chiu Shek Chi became a little rich wife and moved to Happy Valley.  Two nights ago she said, "I too want to clarify, the report said that I was learning about business from him.  I didn't.  I didn't move to Happy Valley, actually I have been living there since I started, since fifth grade.  I haven't been there for 12 years."

Chiu Shek Chi would like to spend more on film and television, now she is not studying business with anyone.  She only said that her relationship was in development.  Although they had mutual interests she was not in a hurry to date.  She also said that after breaking up with her boyfriend of four years earlier she originally had no suitor, but now she grew up and had more suitors.  She could take her time with her pick. 23 year old Lam Sze Chi is from Malaysia.  She said that THE CASES was her first film.  She would like the chance to work in Hong Kong.  She revealed that in July to August she will release her photo book that
was shot earlier in Sanya.  She said that it will be very sexy.  Earlier she has seen Hong Kong pseudo model photo books and this time he used pudding and banana for props to create a sexy and youthful effect.  She  said that she looked forward to it very much.

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