Thursday, May 31, 2012


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Deanie Ip Tak Han with A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) at the Chinese Film Media Award won her 7th Best Actress award.  She said that aside from Best Actress she also won Outstanding Chinese Award for a total of 9.  She said that this was the credit of many, not only on and off screen but also the real media promotion.  This performance was due to everyone's unity so she would not be pleased with herself.  Has she received more jobs?  She said, "No, everyone is looking for young girls and not old folks; I return to an ordinary life."  Ip Tak Han said that her concert next March is still in negotiation.

Ip Tak Han also told reporters that she has not seen Andy Lau Tak Wa's daughter.  Although she wanted to see the baby she understood Wa Jai and had to give him, his wife and daughter more private space.  She said that when the baby is fed the satisfactory smile was the cutest, but after 3 months this smile would not be seen again; thus she had to make an appointment with Wa Jai to see the baby.

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