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Mrs. Chan will release limited supply of Leslie Cheung products due to fan demand

Gor Gor applies his own make up in Wing Shya's photo book
Leslie Cheung's 1:6 scale long hair concert costume figure
Wing Shya releases a photo book of Leslie Cheung
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Since completing a series of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing memorial events earlier, many counterfeit Gor Gor commemorative tee shirts could be found online. Gor Gor's manager Chan Suk Fun decided to take legal action to stop the sales. To take care of fan needs, Mrs. Chan decided to release the commemorative tee shirts, note books, pins and other official memorabilia anew.

In the past a variety of Gor Gor memorial events was accused of taking the chance to profit. Releasing the memorabilia again this time Mrs. Chan had a fear for any accusation. "We are just making the minimum amount, mainly we are doing it for fans. We have added new content and would only announce the details on facebook. We won't be making public sales." At the same time Mrs. Chan stated that from now on now public memorial event will be held for Gor Gor, but she denied that it was due to the negative news. "I wouldn't be afraid of others defaming me, at the same time I have the support of many friends and fans."

In addition, famous photographer Wing Shya (Ha Wing Hong) who has worked with Gor Gor many times earlier planned to release a Gor Gor memorial photo book, but due to pending lawsuits the dispute was not resolved until recently. The photo book will be released next month on Gor Gor's birthday on the 12th. Only 999 copies will be printed. He said, "The entire project took two years to plan, from 5,000 to 6,000 photos we selected over 100, all were from Gor Gor's films, photo books and concerts but have never been published before."

In one of the photo Gor Gor and Tony Leung Chiu Wai were working on HAPPY TOGETHER (CHUN GUONG JA SIT). Wing took the chance when they were waiting to take their marks. Only Gor Gor and Wai Jai sat in the car together. In another photo Gor Gor was painting his eyebrows. Wing said, "Although Gor Gor had his own make up artist, he liked to do it himself sometimes." Aside from the products above, a local toy company also will release Gor Gor's long hair concert scale 1:6 figure. All will be released on Gor Gor's birthday next month on the 12th.

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