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Nat Chan consoles Wong Hung Sau
White Dragon King's daughter, Pet the Yellow Dragon King, sends Ah Lek on his way
Flowers fill the hall
Someone is always cleaning the Yam Nam Hall, where the White Dragon King will be buried.
Patrick Tse, Deborah Li and Nicholas Tse send a floral arrangement
Albert Yeung, his wife and sons send a floral arrangement
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Thailand's "White Dragon King" Chow Yam Nam passed away on the 17th and his funeral will take place tomorrow (September 1) at the White Dragon King Temple. Because the funeral date clashed with the Miss Hong Kong pageant, faithful believers of the White Dragon King for years Nat Chan Pak Cheung and Wong Hung Sau could only pay their respect early as they arrived in Thailand yesterday. Patrick Ts Yin, Deborah Li and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung's floral arrangements arrived as well. As soon as Sau Goo stepped into the hall she was heartbroken and shed tears, she even broke down in the arms of Madame. They stayed for one hour and left. Ah Lek recalled as early as the 80s Tian Tian Fishing Harbor days when he met the White Dragon King. At their first meting he already was advised to work with Alan Tam Wing Lun. After working together they indeed succeeded in everything!

Ah Lek said, "My relationship with the White Dragon King span several decades. After I learned of his passing I already wanted to pay my respect, but because of the Miss Hong Kong Pageant I could not make time. On the day of the funeral I had to work at the Miss Hong Kong Pageant and could not attend. Thus I came today to pay my respect." Ah Lek praised the White Dragon King as a sage, 90% of what he said was accurate. Years later aside from providing guidance to his road of life, he also helped him resolve difficulties and friends' health issue. Ah Lek recalled in the 90s he was wealthy, made several movies and had seats at two or three publicly traded companies, he thought he could retire; yet, the White Dragon King in 1994 told him to return to music.

Ah Lek said, "I never thought that the comeback to singing could lead to a 7 show Hong Kong Coliseum concert series. This wasn't superstition, just that life could have three or four choices. Master chose the road of singing for me! I was already singing at age 16, I never thought that over 20 years I would sing again and could actually perform shows." He pointed out after Master's advice, he had more confidence in doing anything. Has Sau Goo known the White Dragon for a long time? Ah Lek said, "Sau Goo trusted the Master. They had quite a connection. You can tell from how soon she no longer needed to work! The Master once advised us to learn to tolerate. Now the Master has passed, I have to properly think about my future direction." Will Eric Tsang Chi Wai come? Ah Lek said that he would not answer questions for others.

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