Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Yuri says she and the storage unit boss have no chance
Louis Cheung passes by and stops for a chat with Wilson Chin and Grace Wong
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Grace Wong Kwan Hing who will wed on July 11 earlier with Yuri Chan Yui Yui, Timmy Hung Tin Ming, Rachel Chau Ka Lei and Melrose Chan Mei Yi worked on the Ricky Fan Chun Fung and Wilson Chin Kwok Wai produced film JUI BAU GWAI MUK (BEYOND DRUNK BFF). Louis Cheung Kai Chung who just ate nearby came over to chat with Chin Kwok Wai.

Kwan Hing said that the film had many party scenes and felt just like a bachelorette party. After the wrap she will stop working to prepare for her wedding and rebuild healthy life habits. She will be in her university classmate's wedding party to pick up experience for her own wedding. Kwan Hing said that she did not deliberately lose weight, the production has been tough and she was not worried about not being able to "carry" the wedding gown. She also wanted her waist to be thinner to be closer her past character Thurman's great shape. She said that in college she was a much better drinker. How about her fiance? Kwan Hing said, "No way! After drinking a little he would be like he has food poisoning, he would be all red like a cherry! (You don't have to worry about him going out!) That's right! That's pretty good! Thank you Jesus for giving me such a good husband!"

Yui Yui revealed that she would be responsible for the sexy portion. As soon as she got drunk she would take off her clothes. She said, "I don't know why I would so easily take off my clothes, then fling it all around. In real life I definitely wouldn't be like this, after I get drunk I would fall asleep." In addition, earlier she was caught with a storage place boss. Yui Yui clarified that he was just a friend. They were talking about a storage sponsorship. They had no chance at all.

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