Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Jacky Cai plays a prostitute
Ken Low in the film tortures Jacky Cai
courtesy of on.cc

The Louis Koo Tin Lok starred film PARADOX (SAT POR LONG TAM LONG) headed for 500 million RMB in the Mainland. Aside from him personally performing his own stunts, Jacky Cai Jie who played the red light district prostitute also had a breakthrough performance as the Ken Low Wai Kwong played cop abused her all over.

During the shoot she was gagged with a belt as cigarette burnt her back. Cai Jie admitted that she was scarred. "Now I am a little scared when I see a cigarette butt!" To escalate the abuse Cai Jie received, the director added a scene to make it even more shocking. Cai Jie said, "Many friends after watching asked me how I felt, why did it have to be so realistic? I felt that to able to thoroughly express the character actually was a very lucky thing."

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