Saturday, July 22, 2023


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Mabel Cheung attends an anti cyber bullying event
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After 5 months without making a public appearance, Mabel Cheung attends a video competition award ceremony

Mabel Cheung and Golden Scene founder Winnie Tsang discuss cyberbullying

Aarif Rahman is unable to attend due to work and talks about the videos in a video
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Director Mabel Cheung Yuen Ting rarely made a public appearance since the film TO MY NINETEEN YEAR OLD SELF storm. Yesterday as the head judge she attended an anti cyberbullying video competition award ceremony. She did not speak to the media, cut shared her views on cyberbullying and the competition judging standards.

Cheung Yuen Ting said that the most important judging standard was for the content to be infectious, the method of expressing the story, the technique of the production, the acting of the actors, lighting and cinematography -- not a single one could be missing. Cheung Yuen Ting also said that many people actually unknowing became bullies. Sometimes they thought that they were standing up for themselves, upholding justice; in addition with the anonymity of the internet, comments would become more and more extreme. She said that with the freedom of speech in mind, cyberbullying would be very hard to prevent. Instead she suggested for the victims to not read the online comments in order to avoid breaking their hearts even more. Director Cheung even shared an example of a friend being bullies. "A friend of mine has been bullied online. I urged him against reading more (of the comments), but he didn't listen. He ended up having to see a psychiatrist and take anti depression medication and losing his hair. I know it is very hard for young people to stay offline, but those who were overly emotional should probably not read more online to avoid being affected."

Originally planning to attend the award ceremony, judge Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) due to work was unable to. He in a video said that his friends have also been cyberbullied, and the situation has become more severe and common. At the same time, Lee Chi Ting praised the work in competition had quality, made with heart and compassion. They proved that as long as good work came from the heart, no mater what method was used to produce it it would be able to affect others.

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