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Zhang Xinyue in order to support her husband Raymond Lam has watched the same movie numerous times
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Philip Ng visits the radio station with his mother, who has just returned from the U.S.
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The Raymond Lam Fung starred film TWILIGHT OF THE WARRIORS: WALLED IN (GAU LUNG SING JAI JI WAI SING) has been so well received, even his wife Zhang Xinyue wanted to watch it again and again. She posted a photo with Lam Fung and friends at the movies on social media. The couple bought popcorn for their movie date, like lovers in a passionate relationship. She said with a smile, "I took Chan Lok Kwan to watch the movie for the third times and finally watched the Cantonese version. Every time I get a different feeling."

Playing the villain "Wong Gau" in the film, Philip Ng Won Lung's popularity has risen sharply. He recently accepted a radio interview and took his mother, who returned to Hong Kong from the United States, to visit the radio station. He was happy that the movie had a good response, revealing that he immigrated to the United States with his family at age 7. His father opened a martial arts school, and he was exposed to kung fu since he was a child. He truly studied kung fu in depth at the age of 13. "At the time a foreign child hit me right in the chest and knocked me down. Back then I felt that I have been training in kung fu for many years, why couldn't I fight? Actually the kung fu I learned in detail was relatively superficial, then I began to study Chinese martial arts in depth and use this technique to protect myself." He did not expect to pave the path to the opportunity of entering the industry as an action actor and director.

Ng Won Lung said that foreigners like to watch kung fu movies very much, and think that Jackie Chan is very stylish. When he was a child, he once fantasized about practicing kung fu on the silver screen one day. At that time he rented videos to watch at home, and he remembered that he watched the Jackie Chan starred DRUNKEN MASTER video until it was scratched. This movie had the deepest impact on him, "I kept thinking that if there was a chance to get punched by Jackie Chan in Hong Kong, it would be good."

Ng Won Lung has regarded Jackie Chan as his action movie idol, every time he made an action movie it must be real and hardcore. He revealed that while filming the TWILIGHT OF THE WARRIORS: WALLED IN chase scene with Raymond Lam Fung, he once injured his thigh, "I was running around in the alley of the Walled City and jumping over 3 stairs, when I landed I heard a 'pop'. It turned out that my thigh muscles were torn. I rested for a week. When I went back to shoot the fruit market chase scene with Lam Fung, I was injured again after filming all night." He and Lam Fung worked together for the first time and became good brothers, "Making this type of film is no different from fighting a battle, after experiencing the hard work together, as soon as the cameras stop rolling we really take care of each other and become comrades-in-arms."

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