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Sean Lau attends an audience appreciation event to thank the viewers


Francis Ng is said to have a strong desire to win in terms of handsomeness

Sean Lau says that Michael Chow cracks him up
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Sean Lau says that when Michael Chow tries not to laugh he looks very funny.  In addition he is very playful, so their collaborations have been very pleasant.

Cherry Ngan and Alan Yeung truly hope for the production of CRISIS NEGOTIATORS comedy version

Alan Yeung, Cherry Ngan, Michael Chow, Sean Lau and director Herman Yau attend the CRISIS NEGOTIATORS audience appreciation event

Sean Lau makes fun of Francis Ng for not being able to have anyone else out "chok" him
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Best Actor Sean Lau Ching Wan appeared in the theater yesterday to thank the audience. When mentioning he and Francis Ng Chun Yu were trading verbal jabs in and out of the film, Ching Wan revealed that Chun Yu was not afraid that others would be better in acting but would mind that others are more handsome than him.

Best Actors Sean Lau Ching Wan, Michael Chow Man Kit and Alan Yeung Wai Lun went to an audience appreciation event for their movie CRISIS NEGOTIATORS (TAM POON JUEN GA). The audience responded enthusiastically. Speaking of working with Chow Man Kit after 31 years, Ching Wan said that their collaboration was a very happy one back then. Chow Man Kit said, "We have been lost for many years, when we made THOU SHALT NOT SWEAR (CHUT YUET SUP SEI) Ching Wan was constantly laughing, saying that when he saw me trying to laugh he would laugh nonstop." Ching Wan said that although Michael was tall, he was very friendly. So he often "bullied" him. "I can't help but laugh when filming with him, very few people can cheer me up."

The reporter suggested that the two could make a comedy together next time, which both approved immediately. Ching Wan admitted, "I want to make comedy too, because I have been making serious movies for a very long time; and the world seems to be getting more and more serious. (Who would you want to work with?) With this team, to make a funny version of CRISIS NEGOTIATORS." Chow Man Kit also pointed out that seeing Ching Wan and Chun Yu converse on the set was also very funny. "They are like playing ping pong, their back and forth go very fast. They both are very smart." When Ching Wan heard this, he immediately said, "If we weren't close I wouldn't take jabs at him. Chun Yu is funny, he is the funniest. When you are better at acting than him, he doesn't mind; but don't you be more handsome and Chok than him. (Aren't you afraid of Chun Yu getting mad?) He wouldn't be mad at me. Earlier when we promoted in the mainland, someone asked if we could switch roles. I directly said of course, but Chun Yu might not be able to."

Speaking of the movie's box office reaching HK$ 11 million, both of them were very happy, Ching Wan said bluntly, "Actually, I don't think about how much the box office is, but many friends after watching it say it was OK. (Does your wife have any evaluation of you?) She says it's OK! (Did she praise Ng Chun Yu for performing even better?) No, but Chun Yu really has performed very well." He hoped that the film would perform even better.

As for Yeung Wai Lun's appearance in the film, which is allegedly similar to Terrance Lau Chun Him's character "Shun Yat" in the movie TWILIGHT OF THE WARRIORS: WALLED IN (GAU LUNG SING JAI JI WAI SING), he joked that everyone now calls him "Shun Yi": "I want to look handsome and stylish like him; I am already very pleased with just the hairstyle." He even revealed that he has always regarded Lau Ching Wan as a god. Speaking of Ching Wan wanting the original cast to make comedy, Yeung Wai Lun immediately raised his hand and agreed, "I really like to watch Ching Wan's comedy films, I have watched one of the classic movies many times." Alan said that he loved watching Ching Wan's FAT CHOI SPIRIT (LEK GOO LEK GOO SUN NIN CHOI). He even asked when would the production start and wanted to tell the director to hurry up and start.

Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling returned to Hong Kong from a mainland series production midwya. As long as her idol Ching Wan would attend audience appreciation events, she would return because each time she saw Ching Wan she would have a happy feeling. Speaking of Ching Wan suggesting for the original team to make a comedy version of CRISIS NEGOTIATORS, Ngan Cheuk Ling happily cheered and could not wait to take part. Even though she did not know how to be funny she wanted to give it a try. Her 1990's appearance in the film has been said to resemble Japanese star Noriko Sakai, she felt very honored. She said that Noriko Sakai was a classic goddess, so she was very happy to resemble a pretty girl.

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