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Eric Tsang, Liza Wang, Joyce Cheng, Jacky Cheung, Chan Suk Fun conducts a pistachio pouring ceremony to keep Fei Jeh's laughter going.
This year is the 5th anniversary of Lydia Shum's passing.  Fei Jeh's happy smile still remains in the hearts of many
Chan Suk Fun denies profiteering 20 million
Jacky Cheung feels Joyce Cheng can land on the Hong Kong Coliseum stage with her own abilities
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This year would be the 5th anniversary of Fei Jeh Lydia Shum Din Ha's passing. Friends decide to organize ALWAYS LOVE LYDIA memorial show on her birthday, June 1 to continue her happy image. Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Liza Wang Ming Chuen and Fei Jeh's god son Jacky Cheung Hok Yau yesterday appeared at the press conference in support. Joyce Cheng Yun Yi presented pistachios and environmentally friendly bags that were made from Fei Jeh's scraves to elders in appreciation.

Ah Jeh said, "Fei Jeh respected and enjoyed her job, never minding what character she would play. We already knew each other in 1996. In 1971 we formed 4 Golden Flowers, it's very hard to forget that Fei Jeh would speak for us like a big sister. She was very responsible." Chi Wai remembered the most how Fei Jeh excelled in creating atmosphere, speaking different people's impersonation of herself she could not hold back her laughter and like to wet herself. Chi Wai joked, "Hok Yau volunteered to dance. He is just like Jackie Chan, never willingly gives up the mic." Hok Yau planned to sing Fei Jeh's favorite songs. "I have to ask Fei Jeh at night what songs to sing, but I don't dare to say that I would be able to see her in my dream. I am afraid that she would yell at me."

6 production companies worked together on this event. One of the production units Chan Suk Fun earlier was accused of profiteering HK$20 million from the Miss You Much Leslie concert and merchandising. Ho Sau Shun also disagreed with a memorial concert for Fei Jeh and said that if anyone who profiteered from it would rot in notoriety. Chi Wai said, "Last time not everyone was clear on the matter, anyone who helped felt that they did it for Gor Gor. It was quite meaningful. What's in the past is in the past! To avoid any further gossip, this time stipulates that after expenses the proceeds will be donated to Caring for Children Foundation. Guests would have transportation expenses and I am willing to cover them."

Ah Jeh never discussed salary. She felt that this event was remembrance and respect for Fei Jeh. She said, "Perhaps Ho B isn't clear on the entire matter. If it can truly help Yun Yi, why not? I also believe that Mrs. Chan would profiteer." Hok Yau stressed that he had nothing to do with the troubles. He also did not feel that this time was not propping up Yun Yi at the Hong Kong Coliseum to fulfill Fei Jeh's dream. "Perhaps there is some misunderstanding, anyone who is in this business would understand, if you want to push someone to the Hong Kong Coliseum for a show, everyone have to rely on themselves."

Chan Suk Fun said that the report upset her. She said, "Ho B isn't clear on the entire matter. I definitely won't rot in notoriety because he definitely wasn't referring to me. Anyone who speculates would rot in infamy." She stressed that she did not profiteering 20 million. The memorial events were only fulfilling Gor Gor fans' wishes. She was the happiest about being able to thank everyone with Daffy Tong Hok Tak. "The events were already very perfect, they don't need others to add so many imperfections."

Cheng Yun Yi was busy with her mother's memorial show recently. She was very happy that Mama's friends would support the show financially and physically. She said, "This performance needs a lot of funding. Everyone put in money and effort to continue Mommy's spirit, I am very touched. I am a part of Mommy's memory, of course I have a part to play."

As for Ho Sau Shun's suspicion that someone took the opportunity to make money and thus objected to the memorial show, Yun Yi said, "He only has this response because he loves Mommy, perhaps Master Ho doesn't understand. Many friends put in a lot of money to make this show and risk the danger of severe losses. Master Ho knows I would be very nervous, but I indeed rather enjoy performing on the stage." Papa Adam Cheng Siu Chau due to work will not be able to attend. Yun Yi did not feel any regret. "It doesn't matter! I will wait until my concert to invite him. If he doesn't attend then I would be very heart broken!"

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