Tuesday, April 30, 2013


courtesy of singtao.com

The Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Anita Yuen Wing Yi, Eric Tsang Chi Wai and Gillian Chung Yun Tung starred Emperor Motion Picture IP MAN THE FINAL FIGHT (IP MAN JUNG GIK YUT JIN) won the bronze prize at the Udine Far East Film Festival, another Hong Kong film to win such honor since AFTER THIS OUR EXILE (FU JI) in 2007.

Director Herman Yau Lai To and screen writer Lee Man personally accepted the award and even said that winning an award in Udine with a film that was Hong Kong nostalgia was truly rare. They hoped more foreign viewers will be able to recognize this film and even like Hong Kong film.

This film festival did not have any competition and thus had no jury. However the festival traditionally arranged for viewers to vote for films that they have watched on a scale of 5 points. Finally the 3 films with the highest average points win prizes. IP MAN THE FINAL FIGHT received 4.25 points and won the Bronze prize.

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