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Nick Cheung with years of action film experience would not force anything
Finally Ka Fai escapes unharmed.
Nick Cheung appears to be suffering inside the sinking car
Benny Chan's heart aches for a freezing Nick Cheung
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai recently worked on the Universe new film METAMORPHOSIS (SO DUK). Director Benny Chan Muk Sing asked more and more of him. Two days ago they even shot a scene in which Ka Fai was trapped inside a sinking vehicle. Some stills immediately were unveiled online. The water pressure forced Ka Fai's face against the glass. After successfully escaping his head was crushed in the gap of the door and he could suffocate for real at any moment. Many said that he was professional but urged him to be careful.

Ka Fai however could not be calmer. "I have made action scenes for years. If I feel I can't do it, I definitely wouldn't force anything. However the sea water was very cold, which was the most memorable. Chan Muk Sing was great. With my safety in mind he had a boat on stand by. The crew had underwater cameras and dove into the sea to capture the most convincing side. I thought the results were great."

Chan Muk Sing's heart ached for Ka Fai. "Maybe due to a storm, the temperature was very low. He was in the water for several hours and his teeth were chattering. Many crew members told me not to shoot for so long. I felt the danger there was even more serious than being trapped in the car. Actually I already accepted several takes. Ka Fai was the one who asked if he could try again. He really is very responsible and professional."

Ka Fai while busy with METAMORPHOSIS also took time to participate in his new film MMA (GIK JIN)'s post production voice work. Actually the film had a 10 minute trailer for the Cannes Film Festival to attract overseas buyers. Ka Fai and Aaron Kwok Fu Sing's film CONSPIRATORS (TUNG MAU) almost reached HK$10 million, no wonder Ka Fai happily said, "I am very satisfied with such a performance, thank you everyone for the respect and the support."

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