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Lee Sinjie calmly forgives Oxide Pang's affair but the future is unnown
Oxide Pang and Lee Sinjie's 12 year relationship has had good and bad times
Oxide Pang and Lee Sinjie's joint statement 
Lee Sinjie's family locks down their home and declines any interview
Liddy Li has been "diving" for days and not respond to the affair
Charlie Yeung, Valen Hsu, and Gigi Leung silently support Lee Sinjie
Oxide Pang has stated to Lee Sinjie that he has cut ties with Liddy Li
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Best Actress Angelica Lee Sinjie is faced with her husband Oxide Pang Shun's secret affair with pseudo model Liddy Li Yui Tung, as their originally happy family began to crack. Lee Sinjie finally broke 4 days of silence yesterday and issued a joint statement online with Pang Shun. She mentioned that currently she is very sad and even stated that she and Pang Shun will face it together. "The future is unknown, but we will peacefully listen to our hearts and keep going." Lee Sinjie because of deep love again accepted this man who has once saved her, hurt her and betrayed her. Pang Shun at night also issued a "cannot forgive my own mistake" statement, deeply feeling that his mistake was too much and he could not face his wife.

When the affair broke, Pang Shun immediately flew to Malaysia to apologize to Lee Sinjie. At first Lee Sinjie declined to see him after the severe impact, but for days Pang Shun refused to leave Lee Sinjie's residence half a step and again clearly admitted his guilt. He also cut ties with Lee Yui Tung and even guaranteed that he would never make the mistake again. He only wanted to keep the family whole. Although Lee Sinjie could not stand her husband's infidelity, but because she loved him too much. With friends and elders' guidance she agreed to be in a cooling period with him. The future will depend on whether they could continue on.

Lee Sinjie suggested a joint statement with Pang Shun to stop the continuing coverage outside and due to concerns that she would think irrationally from many friends who were unable to contact Lee Sinjie. After the explanation she would be able to truly calmly consider whether this marriage has any future. In the statement they wrote, "A 12 year relationship cannot be explain in a few words. We finally gradually learn that marriage is not just the union of a prince and a princess then a carefree happily ever after. We sat to face right and wrong, joy and pain, past and future......yes, right now I am definitely very sad, sad because I have love. If I don't have love perhaps it can be easily handled. Like many couples, many marriages run into setbacks and experience tests. I am very sorry to worry and upset people who love us, and I also thank you for giving us space and concern. We will face it together. The future is unknown, but we would peacefully listen to our hearts and continue on. Let time to tell us the answer. Grateful, Pang Shun, Lee Sinjie"

Lee Sinjie and director Pang Shun have been together for 12 years from falling in love to marriage. They wed in 2010. She even treated his daughter with his former wife Yun Yun as her own, playing the role of a gentle wife and kind mother in life. Yet after only 4 years, Pang Shun already had an affair. She chose to forgive this mainly to give her husband some dignity. They almost issued the joint statement at the same time online. The statement was mixed in both traditional and simplified characters. Lee Sinjie was used to simplified characters while Pang Shun used traditional. The press release was obviously from them both. However, Pang Shun did not mention any guilty to his wife and family. He did not outright say that he would end the affair either. Thus he faced outside criticism and felt that he was not sincere enough. Some even worried about how easily Lee Sinjie forgave her husband.

As everyone questioned Pang Shun for not apologizing at all, around 10PM last night he issued another statement. "In the afternoon statement, no one was able to find the word sorry and felt that I still did not feel guilty. Do you know how difficult it is to write or say that word? Only I feel that this mistake of mine cannot be forgiven with just sorry, because I was thoroughly wrong. The mistake that I have made also thoroughly hurt someone who has always given me a lot and gave heartaches and disappointments to many who love her. I truly accept the blame that everyone has for me, because this mistake of mine is not worth being forgiven for. Even I cannot forgive myself...sorry..."

When Pang Shun was caught with pseudo model Lee Yui Tung in an intimate setting on the 23rd, Lee Sinjie was celebrating her friend Charlie Yeung Choi Nei's birthday and chatted until late night. Reportedly Yeung Choi Nei, Gigi Leung Wing Kei and Valen Hsu (Hui Yu Wan) were worried about Lee Sinjing handling this alone, but they understood that they must give her calm to handle it. Thus they were only backing her up and agreed not to comment outside.

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