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Raymond Wong not only has flowes and cake for his wife but also sings to her
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May 30th was Raymond Wong Pak Ming and his wife's 44th wedding anniversary. Wong Pak Ming that day had to work in Chongqing. Mrs. Wong not only did not mind but also went with her husband. Speaking of their 44 years of marriage, he pointed out that everyone had to trust each other. Speaking of the numerous temptations in show business, how did he resist them as a film company boss? He said, "Actually every industry has different temptations. The most important is how you face them." As for their most memorable moment, he admitted that when he learned that she had cancer it was really hard to take. The most memorable was fighting cancer with her. Luckily everything is now in the past.

On their 44th wedding anniversary, Wong Pak Ming and Janelle Sing Kwan had to work in Chongqing. He dedicated a song to his wife. Sing Kwan also sang I BELIEVE and LOVE ME. She said that the boss and his wife were very loving and she was very envious. Mrs. Wong also did not mind that her husband had to work because she was already used to her husband flying all over. She would gladly follow him too.

On this Chongqing trip, Wong Pak Ming hoped to develop Mainland cinema businesses. Chongqing was larger and was one of China's future development city in focus. He said, "This year we already have our first cinema in Hong Kong, so we want to see if we can develop a cinema business in the Mainland." Pegasus Motion Pictures earlier already revealed that it would invest HK$1 billion and work with an U.S. film company on a science fiction film. He revealed that aside from the upcoming release THE Z STORM (Z FUNG BO), even more high quality films will be on the way. They will include the Karena Ng Chin Yu starred romance WONG KA YUN and the Donnie Yen Chi Tan starred IP MAN 3.

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